UK is presently undergoing economic crisis. There is a perceive instability with the current authorities due to the meeting of two parties with different political platform. With many big and little concerns shuting down and unemployment on the rise, will these greatly affect the service industry of UK and peculiarly the hotel industry? What will it take for a hotel like a 4 -star hotel to hold competitory advantage over its rivals?

In the past old ages, hotel industry is the fastest turning industry in the United Kingdom. It posted a multi-million dollar concern and still turning but in recent old ages survey shows that the approaching old ages will stand for a major challenge for the UK hotel industry. Last twelvemonth entirely most hotels recorded a dissatisfactory twelvemonth in relation to both tenancy and room outputs. Expert says that as the economic downswing continues to hit personal fundss, the slack over last twelvemonth period could last into this current twelvemonth. Many persons and companies at the minute are still believing that a large show of generousness or extravagancy is likely non allow in the current economic clime.

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Harmonizing to Alexandros Vassilikas of the metropolis ‘s association of hotelkeepers, hotels in the Athens part were enduring the worst so far from the economic crisis. He said 27,000 nightlong corsets were cancelled, cancellations were non merely “ striking May and June but besides endangering conferences in 2011, ” he warned.

However, in America harmonizing to a new canvass, most American households do non be after to allow the recession land their summer vacation programs and will pass about $ 1,000 per individual on travel. More than half of 2,000 grownups questioned in the American Express study said they planned to take a household trip, while 26 per centum were choosing for a twosomes getaway and 10 per centum intended to holiday with friends. “ The summer holiday and peculiarly, the household holiday is alive and good this twelvemonth, ” said Audrey Hendley of American Express Travel. “ Peoples are passionate about travel, and often we find that they would instead happen originative ways to cut down the cost of their trip instead than make without it wholly. ” About 90 per centum of people intend to remain in the United States during their vacation. About six per centum will head to the Caribbean, followed by five per centum traveling to Canada and four per centum going to Europe.

As touristry is still one of the taking industry in the UK and people are still passionate about going in malice of the current economic clime there is much hope in the hotel industry every bit long as the concern adheres to the demands of its clients. Domestic clients are besides one of the chief clients of any hotels in UK. The hotels serves as their locale for conference, preparation, concern meetings, little and large maps and merely holding their personal afternoon or dinner clip with friends and households.

While there is a clear convergence with touristry, the hotel industry consists of all those concern operations which provide for their clients any combination of the three nucleus services of nutrient, drink and adjustment. With this in position, the hotel ‘s eating house plays an of import portion in the hotel ‘s concern operations.

With tough competition within the hotel industry, how a hotel peculiarly a four star hotel can present core competency in order to pull consumer, maintain client trueness and enhance image acknowledgment in their eating house is a cardinal inquiry in this survey.

The survey aims to reply the undermentioned enquiries:

In the face of the current economic clime, how can a 4 star hotel in London menu in comparing to their rivals?

Aside from being located in one of the best topographic point in the metropolis, nutrient and services are those that client value a batch. How does the hotel ‘s eating house reference those demands?

As the hotel ‘s eating house is a concern based on client service, how does it pull off its staff to present first-class service?

What can direction make to make a squad that could work for the common ends and aims of the eating house?

In the concluding analysis the success of any client experience will be determined by the interaction between the client and the service supplier, how can direction keep this sort of relationship between the staff and the client?

Aim of the survey:

The undermentioned statements will function as the aims of the survey:

To depict the experiences clients had in the hotel ‘s eating house.

To place the preparation provided by the hotel ‘s eating house to achieve the criterion of service that they required.

To measure the demands and happen solutions to the grudges of the staff to make a more healthy working environment.

To stress the significance of holding a motivated staff to give first-class client service.

To measure the degree of client satisfaction among the clients that dined in the hotel ‘s eating house.

To place the selling scheme of the eating house to pull more clients and maintain client ‘s trueness.


Hotel ‘s eating house clients non merely purchase merchandises, but besides installations and services. A eating house purchases nutrient, which it prepares and cooks, it serves repasts to clients who consumes them on site. The undertaking for the eating house is to place the specific demand of the clients at any clip, to form the engineering and procedures to present the merchandises, installations and services so that client achieve their purposes in the eating house.

In order to construct up competitory advantage, the hotel ‘s eating house will be able to maintain up with the demands of a sorrowing market for the industry by leting clients to see goods and doing the industry service-based alternatively of price-based therefore edifice trade name image. It is of import that the service employed is besides superior in quality so client satisfaction may finally be attained.

Customer satisfaction serves that BASIC in which competitory advantage and restaurant public presentation may be measured. This accordingly yields client trueness due to common trust and consistent experience of satisfaction due to the impressive meeting of outlook every bit good as penchants.

Therefore the intent of this survey is so to measure whether the experience of the hotel ‘s eating house clients upon accessing the services of the eating houses in the hotel in London are good and satisfactory. Furthermore, this survey will be conducted for the intent of placing the eating house features that are satisfactory every bit good as those that need sweetening.

As the industry values people with a positive attitude towards clients, themselves and other employees and who strive to be the best at what they do. This survey will besides touch on how the direction gives accent for making a healthy working environment for their staff or if there is a demand for farther betterment in footings of staff motive. In add-on, this thesis will be conducted so as to assist the hotel ‘s eating house in placing the best attack to achieve the highest criterions of cordial reception and client service.


This survey offers great benefit for the service industry, peculiarly those in the hotel and eating house concern. This survey will assist them to happen out the tactics suited in order to better client service and better client trueness to derive competitory advantage. It will besides profit the employees since one time the survey identified their demands and happen methods that may consequences to their satisfaction, it may hike their morale and therefore be more client oriented. And in conclusion, clients will profit every bit good since all the betterments are geared towards supplying them with high-quality services. Furthermore, this survey will be utile in promoting other concerns to be customer-oriented continuously and in this present economic clime, to be on their toes ever and non to sit on their presumed glorifications.


This survey will utilize primary and secondary research. Primary research involves roll uping informations foremost manus. This can take many signifiers, the chief 1s being interview, questionnaires and observation. Secondary research involves roll uping informations which already exists. This includes utilizing information from studies, publications and company files.

Since the research worker is already familiar with the industry for the ground that she works in one of the hotel in London. The research will be done first manus since the resources are already at manus and instantly available. Surveies and questionnaires will be used in garnering informations to employees and clients.

The range of the qualitative information will merely be limited to the 4 star hotel in London where the research worker works because of the clip restriction that was imposed in completing the survey. Nevertheless, the result would be more enlightening since the research worker get to interact with the employees and clients on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. Meanwhile, a figure of respondents will be set both male and female, and they will be surveyed so that indispensable informations needed for this survey will be acquired. The participants will be surveyed by administrating questionnaires.

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