Heathen Subjugation: Today ‘s Institutionalized Church does non work like or resemble the early EkklA“sia. It is non pure, it is non sanctified, it does non love Jesusi, and it ‘s leading is content every bit long as it ‘s power construction is maintained and the mammon flows. It is pagan by all comparative logical thinking. It does n’t even cognize who it is, with whom it identifies. It has non come out of it ‘s heathen subjection, at least for the most portion. This has been the consequence and effect of the Hellenization of the Church.

Historical Facts:

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For the first 15 old ages of Church history there were no Gentile trusters – Cornelius was the first. Christian religion was at origin a strictly Judaic phenomena.

As recorded by the Judaic historian Flavius Josephus ( 37/38-100 ) Christians were referred to as Ebionites and were considered a religious order of Judaism. As such, they lived among the Jews and, to the defeat of the Rulers and a menace to their authorization, a great many Jews had accepted Yeshua as Messiah.

Despite the Roman persecution of the Jews this religious order called the Nazarenes, both Jew and grafted in Gentile Messianic Believers did non dissociate themselves, but remain a subdivision of Judaism.

In 48 CE The council of Jerusalem was held ( Acts 15 ) . As a consequence, Gentile trusters were non required to be circumcised.

In 50 CE In Boroea, the Jews volitionally examined the Old Testament prognostications of the Messiah ( Acts 17.11 ) .

In 64 CE Herod ‘s temple in Jerusalem was completed.

In 66 CE Judaic rebellion began and war between the Romans and Jews ensued. Jerusalem was taken in 70 CE and destroyed, as was Herod ‘s temple.

After the devastation of the Temple in 70 CE persecution of the Jews became intense. Anyone unwilling to profess that the Roman emperor was God was similarly capable to sculpt danger.

Constantine – male parent of the modern Christian Empire: There are many sentiments refering Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, helper of the “ Church ” , but the undermentioned are historically true facts, he ;

Murdered his married woman Fausta by coercing her to inhale steam from boiling H2O ( decease by internal scalding ) .

Beheaded his eldest boy Crispius.

Murdered his two brother-in-laws.

Murdered his father-in-law.

Murdered his nephew.

All this after his specious transition to Christianity.

The worship of Mithra was foremost recognized by Emperor Aurelian and he instituted the cult of “ Sol Invictus ” ( the Invincible Sun ) . Emperor Diocletian besides a worshipper of Mithra, the Sun God, burned much of the Christian Bibles in 307 Cerium

As the Roman Emperor and Head of the Church, Constantine had coins minted with the Sun God Mithra on one side and his as Apollo on the other. On his coins were the lettering: “ Sol Invicto comiti ” which means, “ committed to the unbeatable Sun. ”

Constantine the Great. ( Caesar Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus ) – In Latin Constantine ‘s official imperial rubric was IMPERATOR CAESAR FLAVIVS CONSTANTINVS PIVS FELIX INVICTVS AVGVSTVS ( Imperator Caesar Flavius Constantine Augustus, the pious, the fortunate, the undefeated ) . After 312, he added MAXIMVS ( “ the greatest ” ) , and after 325 replaced ( “ undefeated ” ) with VICTOR, as invictus reminded of Sol Invictus, the Sun God.

Emperor Constantine legislated December 25th to be the official birthday of Jesus ( the twenty-four hours of the winter solstice – Mithra ‘s birthday ) . Sunday was the twenty-four hours set aside in the Mithra ( Roman ) cult as its official twenty-four hours to piece together to idolize its Sun-deity. On March 7th 321 CE Roman Emperor Constantine as the Roman “ Pontiff Maximus ” ( The “ Pontiff Maximus ” was the “ legal caput ” of all the faiths of the Roman imperium. ) legislated Sun-day as a twenty-four hours of remainder dedicated to the Greek and Roman Sun-god, Helios ( Mithra ) . Constantine worshiped “ Christos Helios ” which means “ Christ-The-True-Sun. ” The Roman Catholic Church venerates Sun-day as its Sabbath even today, and has handed it down to her girl – Protestant Christianity.

Law of CE 337: “ Christians shall non Judaize and be idle on Saturday [ in the original: “ sabbato ” – shall non be idle on the Sabbath ] , but shall work on that twenty-four hours ; but the Lord ‘s twenty-four hours they shall particularly honor, and as being Christians, shall, if possible, do no work on that twenty-four hours. If, nevertheless, they are found Judaizing, they shall be shut out [ “ bete noire ” , – excommunicated ] from Christ. ” Council of Laodicea, c. A.D. 337, Canon 29, quoted in C.J. Hefele, “ A History of the Councils of the Church, ” Vol.2, p.316. [ Note: Those who kept the New Testament pattern of Sabbath, Seder and Shema were labeled “ Judaizers ” . ]

— — — — — — — — — — — — — –

From “ The Catholic Universe Bulletin, ” August 14, 1942, p.4. “ The Church changed the observation of the Sabbath to Sunday by right of the Godhead, infallible authorization given to her by the laminitis, Jesus Christ. The Protestant claiming the Bible to be the lone usher of religion, has no warrant for detecting Sunday. In this affair the Seventh-Day Adventist is the lone consistent Protestant ” .

“ Of class the Catholic Church claims that the alteration [ of the Sabbath to Sunday ] was her act… AND THE ACT IS A Mark of her ecclesiastical power. ” from the office of Cardinal Gibbons, through Chancellor H.F. Thomas, November 11, 1895.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — –

“ and ye shall interrupt down their communion tables, and elan in pieces their pillars, and burn their Asherim with fire ; and ye shall hew down the sculpted images of their Gods ; and ye shall destruct their name out of that topographic point. ” ( Deuteronomy 12:3 ) .

Asherah is known in Bible as the “ Queen of Heaven ” , and is called “ Artemis ” ( Diana in some interlingual renditions ) by the Ephesians in the book of Acts ( chapter 19 ) .The word “ Asherah ” is found at least 40 times in the TaNaKh ( old testament ) , and refers to a wooden object used in worship of a consort of BAAL, known by the name of ASHERAH.

Constantine brought his imperium together, “ universalizing ” ( Catholicizing ) the diverse spiritual traditions through particular “ Councils ” and official edicts. His imperium was a fractured disintegration of different spiritual systems, so he sought to contrive a faith that would appeal to everyone, and therefore bring social/religious peace. Sun-day was declared a twenty-four hours of remainder, which appeased the bulk, which were Pagan sun-worshipers. Easter ( Ishtar, Asherah ) was another familiar Pagan festival, which he blended with the Resurrection of Yeshua, Israel ‘s Messiah. Bringing together many faiths into one, he produced the first intercrossed system, a “ multi-headed ” animal. The assorted caputs of this animal are the many Pagan faiths brought together into one operation entity. Syncretism, Supersessionism, Replacement Theology, Covenant Theology ( makes a differentiation between the church and Israel in the New Testament ) and a familiar outgrowth ; Dispensational Theology are all related attempts to this “ cosmopolitan ” spiritual amalgamation.

This set the phase for what is good known in history as the: “ Dark Ages ” . In his book, “ A Woman Rides The Beast ” , Dave Hunt paints an historical position of the: “ Holy Roman Church ” . In this book, past and future come together as Dave Hunt carefully sifts through history, scriptural truth, and planetary events to show a chiseled portrayal of the adult female and her powerful topographic point in the Antichrist ‘s hereafter imperium. His in-depth survey of the philosophies, patterns, and history of the Catholic church includes a compelling expression at eight hints in Revelation 17 and 18 that provide obliging cogent evidence that the adult female who rides the animal is none other than the Roman Catholic Institution, and I say, her progeny.

Besides in his book Dave Hunts states: “ The leaders of the Reformation were certain that she represented the Roman Catholic Church in general and the Catholic Pope in peculiar. That belief nevertheless, has in recent old ages been viewed by most Protestants as provocative and take downing to a organic structure of fellow Christians with whom evangelicals had desired to work together in the undertaking of winning most of the universe for Jesus before the twelvemonth 2000. In fact, the topic of the adult female is by and large avoided today as excessively dissentious to discourse. ” This writer says, there is besides an turning away due to guilt by association!

The “ Christian Empire ” was one of the bloodiest, darkest, most nescient and most perverse periods of human history of all time known to humanity, overshadowing even the crud of past pervert heathen imperiums who prayed to rocks and copulated with animate beings. The 1000000s of people who were butchered and slaughtered for nil more than holding the incorrect idea, earned it the separating rubric “ The Dark Ages ” , and no 1 in their right head would desire to return to this historical, theological and political calamity. Which begs the inquiry, what “ head ” has possessed American evangelical spiritual leaders to throw-away their religious birth rights for such a bowl of rotted pottage?

October 17, 1517 began what is known as the Protestant Reformation. Out of which we have at least partly escaped from the Babylonian system of blended worship. The Reformation breathed new life into a Christianity that had grown corrupt with wealth and worldly power. It established the Bible as the exclusive authorization of Christian religion and pattern, taking the power of the CHURCH from that place. It reawakened an apprehension of redemption by grace through religion in Messiah entirely, independent of the mediation of the CHURCH and its sacraments. It put the Bible back into the custodies of the people so that they could hold entree to God ‘s particular disclosure for themselves. It reduced, to some grade, the gulf dividing clergy from temporalty.

It did non nevertheless, conveying the EkklA“sia back to the Root. Anti-semitism was still profoundly engraved in the Black Marias of the reformists. Martin Luther himself argued that the Jews were no longer the chosen people but “ the Satan ‘s people ” : he referred to them with violent, despicable language.ii three Luther advocated puting temples on fire, destructing Judaic prayer books, prohibiting rabbis from prophesying, prehending Jews ‘ belongings and money, and nailing up their places, so that these “ toxicant envenomed worms ” , as he called them, would be forced into labour or expelled “ for all clip ” .iv In Robert Michael’sv position, Luther ‘s words “ We are at mistake in non murdering them ” amounted to a countenance for murder.vi Adolf Hiltler used Martin Luther ‘s words as the justification for the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and slaying of about six million Hebrews by the Nazi government and its confederates.

The book ; “ The Messianic Church Arising! ” – Dr. Robert D. Heidler, frontward by Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, is an first-class beginning researching the Messianic Movement and goes into bosom twisting item of antisemitism throughout the ages, including the Reformation epoch.

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