Christianity is a comparatively immature faith, merely holding been around for about 2000 old ages. There are several denominations of Christianity in the West ; the chief two are Catholicism and Protestantism. When speaking about Christianity, most of the clip people forget that it has stemmed from Judaism and there is a strong historical relationship between the two faiths.

Christianity grew out of the instructions of Judaism after the decease and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus tried to alter Judaism as it was at the clip which was a really extremist thing to make. A batch of Judaic people did non like this and most Jews did non believe that Jesus was the christ. So most Jews chose non to follow him, and turned against him The people who chose to believe him nevertheless, began to state the word of Jesus Christ to the states and since so the Christian religion has spread across the universe with a simple message ; “ For God so loved the universe, that he gave his lone boy so that whoever believes him should non die but have ageless life ” . ( John 3:16 ) . One twenty-four hours as the crowds were garnering, Jesus went up the versant with his adherents and sat down to learn them ( Mathew 5 ) . They heard Jesus ‘ ‘Sermon on the Mount ‘ as a ‘new ‘ compact with God, as opposed to the ‘old ‘ compact that Moses made with God.

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Even though there was this immense split between the two faiths, there are still a batch of similarities that we see between them. One chief similarity that we see between the two faiths is the Torah, or in Christianity it is known as the Old Testament. These Bibles are made up of the five books of Moses ; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. These books are alleged the ‘five books of Moses ‘ as they were given to Moses, one of the establishing male parents of Judaism, on Mount Sinai by God. Included in these books are 613 Torahs or commandments that Jews abide by every twenty-four hours. However, this is where we see a major split between the two faiths. Most Christian ‘s merely observe the ‘Ten Commandments ‘ that are included in the 613. These ‘Ten Commandments ‘ include things such as “ thou shalt non slaying ” ( Exodus 20 ) and “ thou shall non hold any other Supreme beings before me ” ( Exodus 20 ) . However, it must be noted that there are some Christians that have embraced the life style of a Jew.

A record of one of the earliest clangs is recorded in a book of the New Testament called the Acts of the Apostles ( Acts 14 ) . A inquiry came approximately in the church as to whether Gentile trusters in Jesus would be required to follow some Judaic observations such as Circumcision or the dietetic demands, before being accepted as Christians. The church leaders ruled that they would non hold to detect the full Judaic jurisprudence, merely certain patterns. As a consequence of the opinion on this issue, and the big – graduated table missional attempts of the Apostle Paul to the heathens, the cultural construction of the first century church began to alter quickly from a Judaic bulk to a Gentile bulk.

There are a batch of Judaic traditions that have non filtered through to Christianity. One of these is the usage of tefillins or Tefillin. Tefillin are two little black boxes which contain the word of God, that are attached to black straps. Judaic work forces tie one box to their caput and one to their weaker arm each weekday forenoon. Tefillin are commanded in the Torah and remind Hebrews of their relationship with God. However, Christians do non experience bound to make this. Equally long as they follow and believe the word of God, to them this is sufficient. ( Related aliens 2005 )

One observation that shines through to Christianity from Judaism is the ‘Day of Atonement ‘ or ‘Yom Kippur ‘ . The cardinal subjects of ‘Yom Kippur ‘ are atonement and penitence for wickednesss. Jews would traditionally fast for 25 hours and prosecute in intensive supplication. Centuries ago, to atone for their wickednesss, Jews would happen a ‘scapegoat ‘ . This term refers to a caprine animal that all of the Jews in a community would exhibit around the town so that each individual could project their wickednesss upon this caprine animal ( Lev 16: 20-22 ) . They would so direct the caprine animal out into the wilderness and their wickednesss would so be taken off. In the Christian sense, the ‘Day of Atonement ‘ is a twenty-four hours of rapprochement. This twenty-four hours is rather different from the traditional Judaic twenty-four hours but have the same footing. The Christian ‘Day of Atonement ‘ reminds Christians of the forfeit God made for them, giving up his lone boy, the Lamb of God. Some less god-fearing Christians may state that every bit Jesus Christ died upon the cross to liberate us of wickedness, why so do we experience the demand to atone for our wickednesss on an one-year footing? Some feel that Jesus Christ was used like the ‘scapegoat ‘ in Judaism and Christians cast their wickednesss upon him so that they would be taken off.

The two faiths have highly similar positions when it comes to moralss. In the instance of Abortion, Judaism does non prohibit it, but does non let a adult female to hold one ‘on demand ‘ . Abortion would merely be allowed after judging the state of affairs and confer withing with a Rabbi. One state of affairs in which a adult female would be permitted to hold an abortion would be if the Mother ‘s life was being put at hazard by go oning with the gestation ( bbc faith ) . It says in the Mishnah ; “ Whoever destroys one life is as if he destroyed a whole universe, and whoever preserves a life is as if he preserved the whole universe ” ( Sanhedrin 4:5 )

Christianity ‘s attack is that, as it says in the commandments ‘Thou shalt non kill ‘ . However, there has to be some kind of challenge to this jurisprudence. The church of England ‘s regulating organic structure, the General Synod said this ; “ The Church of England combines strong resistance to Abortion with acknowledgment that there can be – purely limited – conditions under which it may be morally preferred to any available option ” ( bbc faith ) . This is one instance in which the two faiths show that they believe in the same thing, the holiness of human life and have the same moral and spiritual rules.

In the instance of homosexualism, both faiths would hold that this is incorrect as it is against God ‘s manner. Both of these faiths have a strong ideal that worlds should pro create, as it says in Genesis ‘Go Forth and multiply ‘ ( Gen 1:28 ) . This would non be possible in a homosexual relationship and so can non be the manner of God. It says, in the Bibles that both faiths follow ‘A adult male shall non lie with a adult male as he would with a adult female ‘ ( Lev 18:22 ) . This is portion of the Noachide Torahs and so hence applies to both Gentiles and Jews.

Although Christianity has its roots in Judaism, there is a batch of tenseness between the faiths. It seems as though Christianity has been slightly ‘against ‘ Hebraism and there are legion times through history that we see this animus. Many Christians feel that Jews killed Jesus. Jews were the topic of anti – Semitism from some Christians because Jews were viewed as immorality and responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

One awful instance that we see of Anti – Semitism against the Jews by Christians is the blood libel of 1144 ( Zionism-Israel ) . This was the allegation that Jews used the blood of slain Christian kids for ritual intents, peculiarly for fixing matzo for Passover. Ultimately the libel was turned against Hebrews by Christians, frequently by the suggestion of the local clergy, with ensuing executings, slaughters and ejections in countless topographic points throughout Europe over a period of about a thousand old ages. The libels and their tests, with their legal disbursals and mulcts, besides led to the fiscal ruin of legion Judaic communities.

Another hideous instance of anti- Semitism through the ages is the Crusades. The Crusades were a clip when the Catholic Church launched a series of nine holy wars from 1906 – 1272. The intent of these wars was to process to the holy land of Palestine and emancipate it from Muslim ‘infidels ‘ . Along the manner, the Reformers massacred all ‘infidels ‘ in their way who refused to be baptized on the topographic point to Christianity. Thousands of Jews were massacred in Germany and France ( Catholic instruction ) .

One of the greatest calamities to go on to the Judaic religion was the holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic slaying of about six million Jews, people from different cultural backgrounds and anyone who did n’t suit in with Hitler ‘s ‘Arian ‘ government. It has been said that Adolf Hitler was himself a Christian and this is the ground why people believe that Christianity is to fault for the Holocaust. Although, it could perchance be true that Hitler was a Christian, this was his ain reading of the faith and non the positions of Christianity as a whole. It would be just to state that Christianity does non bear a historical duty for the Holocaust, but because of the Anti- Semitism it promoted, Christianity bears a moral duty for the back uping functions or inactivity of the Christian population during The Shoah, and for the general deadness and silence of the Christian churches.

So, how far is Christianity based on Judaism and how far does it differ radically.

Overall, to reason, I would state that based upon the grounds we are presented with, Christianity is mostly based upon Judaism. They portion the same ascendants and the same ethical/moral instructions. They even portion a set of Bibles. However, when you step outside of the roots of both faiths, they do differ radically and it would be easy to bury that Christianity stemmed from Judaism, when we see them together in the twenty-first century.

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