Footwear International is a transnational maker and seller of footwear with 83 companies in 70 states with one of these locations is in Bangladesh. where John Carlson is the pull offing manager. Bangladesh has had a disruptive history in the twentieth century and over 85 % of the population is Moslem ( Thomas. 2003 ) . An article in the Meillat. a newspaper with pro Libyan penchants. made mention to the design of the innersole of a sandal included the Arabic spelling of the word “Allah” and since this design was on the innersole of the sandal and following to the pes it is a mark of great discourtesy to Moslems.

The article besides stated Footwear International was owned and operated by a Judaic household and was linked in the shots of people in Palestine by Jews. This incident seemed to be intensifying quickly as young person groups began naming for presentations against Footwear. a attorney had filed charges under the condemnable codification that forbade deliberate and malicious Acts of the Apostless intended to shock feelings of any category by dissing its faith or spiritual trusters. To do affairs worse the premier curate had voiced his concerns in the affair every bit good.

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Public sentiment towards Footwear International has now turned negative due to the erroneous claims published in the Melliat. The newspaper had stated that Footwear was under Jewish ownership which is untrue as the household that owned Footwear International was Christian. The design on the innersole of the sandal was based on Chinese temple bells that the interior decorator had purchased and was approved by her supervisor who was Moslem ( Thomas. 2003 ) . Numerous other people had seen the new logo during the design procedure and no 1 had made expostulations in respects to this logo either.

How this logo incensed the Moslem community and more significantly how should Footwear International and particularly John Carlson handle the allege claims against the company? It appears that Footwear International has two options: one option is non to make anything and hope the job will travel off or the 2nd option is to turn to the state of affairs and decide the struggle. The first option of non making anything is non a really a good determination to do by Footwear International.

The job will non travel off but will go on to turn until Footwear International ceases all operations in Bangladesh and with that the loss of gross. Timing is the key in the 2nd option and is more complicated as there are several major hurdlings that John Carlson must turn to in a short period of clip. It was indicated that two young person groups were be aftering on showing against Footwear International. The first obstruction Carlson must be concerned with is for the safety of all his employees and their households particularly the four other directors that were named in statement.

He may wish to sequester the directors and their households in a safe location to protect them from the demonstrators. Carlson might bespeak excess security personal from the corporate central office to guarantee their safety. Religion and civilization are really sensitive topics to people of any state and due to the fact the resistance newspaper had printed false information about Footwear International. Carlson must utilize all types of media to put the record heterosexual.

Carlson will necessitate to explicate that Footwear International is owned and operated by persons who are Christians and non Judaic as the newspaper article had stated. Carlson must capitalise on the company’s presence in the state that began in the 1930’s. the first fabrication works constructed in 1962. in 1971 the pull offing manager was a freedom combatant. in 1985 Footwear International went public and two old ages subsequently spearheaded the largest private sector foreign investing in the state and employees over 1800 Bangladesh people in 81 shops and bureaus ( Thomas. 2003 ) .

Carlson must be really sincere as he communicates to the different media mercantile establishments on how the design used was based on Chinese temple bells and that the interior decorator who created this logo is Muslim every bit good. I believe Carlson must compare the design logo to the Arabic spelling of Allah and stress that the design logo was non intended to pique anyone of the Muslim society. Footwear International must reexamine the processs they use in the design procedure and new policies should be implemented traveling frontward so this type of state of affairs will non happen once more.

It is of import for Carlson to acknowledge this error and I think he must do a bold move and announces the callback of these sandals. this may be a dearly-won determination. nevertheless it will the demo the people he is sincere in seeking to rectify the job. Carlson must besides be concerned with the legal actions that a local attorney has filed against him and if by opportunity the attorney does non revoke these charges it may be necessary for him to seek legal aid from the corporate central office.

Footwear International executives should utilize any agencies available to open up duologue with the premier curate in hopes of him abjuring his comments. If the premier curate addresses the state of affairs and reprint a statement back uping Footwear International efforts to rectify the state of affairs this would likely coerce the attorney in dropping the charges. If I was in Carlson’s topographic point I would run into this state of affairs caput on and use all resources at my disposable to rectify this honorable error. Mistakes happen and it is how we fix these errors that people judge our unity by.

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