Eschatology is derived from two Grecian words Eschato significance last and dazed intending the survey of ( Hopfe and Woodward 1 ) . It is portion of divinity, doctrine and futurogy concerned with what are believed to be the concluding events in history or the ultimate fate of humanity ( terminal of the universe ) . It is largely concerned with the last four things: Death, judgement, heaven and hell

Christian eschatology understands the survey as it is revealed in the Bible, which is the primary beginning of all Christian eschatology surveies. It is concerned with the hereafter, get downing with decease and the personal judgement that follows decease of an person and is followed by the finish of Eden or hell..

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Eschatology besides concerns itself with events said to go on at the terminal of this age: the return of Jesus, Resurrection of the dead, the ecstasy and the trial. Following this things are the millenary or thousand old ages of peace, interpreted both literally and symbolically.

It besides concerns itself with the terminal of the universe and events associated with it, for illustration the last judgement, the ostracism of Death, Hades and Satan and his followings thrown to the lake of fire and creative activity of a new Eden and Earth.

Life after decease

The first eschatology event is decease. Harmonizing to Christian eschatology, belief in life after the decease of the organic structure normally includes belief in an intermediate province between decease and Resurrection of the organic structure ( Hopfe and Woodward 5 ) .

The Resurrection and the ecstasy

Harmonizing to Mark R. Woodward, the philosophy of the Resurrection predates Christianity epoch, although the philosophy comes to the head in the New Testament. There is an evident mention in the book of occupation where occupation says that his Jesus lives and that he will stand at the latter twenty-four hours upon the Earth, though the worms destruct his organic structure, yet in his flesh he would see the Godhead. Prophet Daniel besides wrote that many of those who sleep in the dust will wake up, some to ageless life and some to dishonor and everlasting disdain. This belief was besides common among the Jews in the New Testament clip & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s i.e rise of Lazarus from the Dead.

The Resurrection organic structure

Harmonizing to the bible, the resurrected organic structure will be different from those of a human being. In the Resurrection, no 1 will get married but will be like the angels of God in Eden. Therefore, the resurrected organic structure is a supernatural organic structure, which does non hold the demands of the natural organic structure.


It is concerned with the Jewish christ, hereafter and the resurgence of the Dead. The Judaic christ refers to a human leader, physically descended from the Davidic line that will govern and unify the people of Israel and usher in the messianic age. In contrast to Christian belief, the Jewish christ is non considered to be godly nor is he considered to be Jesus Christ.

Harmonizing to Mark R. Woodward the rubric christ was given to person of high place of aristocracy and illustriousness i.e. Cohen ha-messiah significance High priest. Most of the demands refering the christ, what he will make and what will be done during his reign are located within the book of Isaiah ( in the Tanakh ( Hebrew bible ) although they are besides mentioned in other Prophetss as good ( Hopfe and Woodward 8 ) .

Islamic eschatology

It is chiefly concerned with the last judgement. Like other Abrahamic faith Islam teaches bodily Resurrection of the dead, the fulfilment of a Godhead program for creative activity and the judgement of the psyche. The righteous are rewarded with the pleasances of Eden while the unrighteous are punished in snake pit. It besides emphasizes the inevitableness of Resurrection, judgement and the ageless division of the righteous and the wicked.


Moslems believe that God will keep every human, Muslim or non-Muslim, accountable for his or her workss at a preordained clip unknown to adult male. The archangel israfil will sound a horn directing out a & A ; acirc ; ˆ?blast of truth & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ . Traditions say Muhammad will be the first to be brought back to life.

Harmonizing to Islamic position, Jesus boy of marry was a prophesier and a massager of God. It is believed Jesus was non crucified, alternatively raised bodily. They besides believe that Jesus will physically return to earth and Aid mahidi. Harmonizing to some religious orders of Shiah Muslim, the mahidi will fall. He will interrupt the cross, kill the swine and stop all wars therefore showing a new epoch of peace.

Hindu eschatology

It is linked with the vaishnavite tradition to the figure of the ten percent and last embodiment of Vishnu before the age draws to a stopping point and Shiva dissolves and Brahma regenerates the existence. Most Hindi acknowledges that we are populating in the saltwort yuga, the last four periods that make up the current age. Each period has seen a consecutive devolution in the moral order and characters of human existences.

However, Hindu construct of clip, like those found in other none western traditions, is cyclical in that one age may stop but another will ever get down. The rhythm of birth, growing, decease, decay and reclamation at the single degree finds its reverberation in the cosmic order of all things, yet affected by the vagaries of the coming and traveling of godly intercessions in the vaishnavite belief.

Zoroastrian eschatology

Harmonizing to Mark R. Woodward, it is a philosophy of a concluding redevelopment of the existence, when immorality will be destroyed and everything else will be so in perfect integrity with Ahura mazda. The doctrinal promises are ; good will predominate over evil, creative activity was ab initio good but was corrupted by immorality, the universe will be restored to the flawlessness it had at the clip of creative activity and the redemption of an single depends on the amount of ideas, words and workss, and there could be no intercession, whether compassionate or freakish ( Hopfe and Woodward 23 ) . Therefore, each human bears the duty for the destiny of his ain psyche and at the same time portions in the duty for the destiny of the universe.

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