Tourism is a big growing sector in the planetary economic system. The industry plays a critical function in heightening a state ‘s trade public presentation. Many authoritiess have sought to better their competitory place with regard to the planetary touristry market.

Singapore has developed quickly in assorted societal and economic Fieldss over the last three decennaries. Tourism development is the fastest and most interesting facet of economic development in the state. Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) estimates that tourer reachings will make 17 million by 2015. The chief competitory advantage is due to Singapore ‘s geographical location that makes her a natural hub for travellers between Europe and Australia. With intense competition from neighbouring states such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, Singapore faces a formidable undertaking of accomplishing its mark by 2015.

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This research is designed to supply understanding on the selling of Singapore as a prime tourer finish ; the findings in this survey will supply betterment in explicating appropriate touristry selling schemes for Singapore.


Singapore travel and touristry is managed a authorities organic structure – Singapore Tourism Board. Harmonizing to STB, touristry industry contributes 3 % to Singapore ‘s GDP and generates more than S $ 12 billion in touristry grosss. The Singapore touristry board declares that Singapore stands out in so many ways from other states in the part. Singapore is known to the universe as an economic miracle. Today, it is one of the well – wheeled travellers ‘ favourite finishs, because it is able to equilibrate the modern and traditional civilization. It is the most widely distributed metropolis in south East Asia ( Kolb, 2006 ) .

Tourism is of import to the Singapore economic system. It spans across a broad scope of services sectors such as nutrient and drink, cordial reception, retail, exhibitions and conventions, humanistic disciplines and amusement, sail and conveyance. Jointly, touristry contributes 10 % straight and indirectly to Singapore ‘s GDP and histories for 7 % of the local work force.

Compared with other selected Asia Pacific finishs, Singapore has significantly larger portions of markets like Indonesia, India Australia, and Malaysia. Singapore ‘s portions of the Chinese and south Korean markets are likely to do farther additions. ( World Travel and Tourism Council, 2002 )

A crisp diminution in the visitant reachings was registered for the twelvemonth 2009. This diminution is likely to be the consequence of the planetary economic lag, every bit good as lifting rising prices and oil monetary values, which may hold impacted consumers ‘ discretional disbursement ( STB, 2009 ) . The diminution in visitant reachings in 2008 and 2009 reflects the disputing planetary economic environment and mentality for the touristry sector, which may go on into 2010.

A preliminary reappraisal of the literature is presented as above. In add-on, the literature reappraisal covers a reappraisal of important current Hagiographas and research in the field of touristry industry so as to obtain the position from analysts.


This research is designed to turn to the selling of Singapore as a prime tourer finish and to propose a selling model and to explicate appropriate touristry selling schemes for Singapore. In the recent old ages, touristry industry in Singapore has shown strong growing. The chief aims of this survey are as follows:

To look into the factors that affect finish selling in Singapore.

To place factors that contributes to the attractive force of tourers to Singapore.

To explicate effectual selling schemes to accomplish the nonsubjective set for 2015.


The cost of life is really high in Singapore. Like Singapore, states like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other states are besides pulling the tourers to their states. The cost of life is low when compared to Singapore in those states. Therefore this survey will include the undermentioned inquiries:

What is the planetary imaginativeness of Singapore as a tourer finish?

How to pull the tourers to Singapore?

How to increase their length of stay in Singapore?

What is the function of Singapore authorities in the development and organisation of the touristry industry?

What are the critical factors of finish selling success, their designation and integrating?


This undertaking will get down by presenting the touristry industry followed by literature reappraisal relevant to the undertaking. Primary and secondary informations will be used for the analysis of the touristry industry. The gathered primary and secondary informations will so be analyzed and evaluated with regard to current tendency in the industry. Research design can be thought of as the construction of research that holds all the elements in a research undertaking together. The undermentioned Figure shows how the research inquiries are organized. With the aid of the research inquiry Q1, the planetary imaginativeness of Singapore will be identified. Research inquiry Q2 helps us to cognize the factors that attract tourers to Singapore are identified. Research inquiry Q3 helps us to understand how to increase tourer length of stay in Singapore. In the same manner research inquiry Q4 concerned with what the authorities did for the development and organisation of the touristry industry to pull the tourer. Finally research inquiry Q5 helps to explicate the schemes by sing the critical factors of finish selling.


In order to place the forms of behaviours and penchants of the tourers, studies ( i.e. with a sample size of 50 ) were conducted with the tourers sing Singapore. The purpose of the sample frame is to stand for the bulk of the tourers, who are sing Singapore. Tourists were indiscriminately intercepted throughout Singapore from late December of 2009 through early January of 2010. Surveies were indiscriminately distributed at these three chief locations: the Singapore Changi Airport ( 46.7 % ) , the Sentosa ( 23.3 % ) and along the Orchard Road ( 30.0 % ) . The possible study respondents were filtered based on a series of introductory inquiries in order to set up that they were non-residents and they were at least immature grownups.

In add-on, the studies besides included inquiries refering the socio-economic profile of the tourers every bit good as inquiries about their travel behaviours and the finish images of the tourers.


By and large there are two methods of informations aggregation. One is quantitative and the other one is qualitative. Qualitative methods usually refer to information gathered from little group of mark audiences to understand their feelings and penetrations together ( Hall, 2000 ) . Techniques such as in-depth interviews, participant observation and group interviews are adopted. In other words, it is the survey of group of people taking to the apprehension of how community works. Qualitative method helps us to acquire the unfastened ended replies through interviews than yes or no responses. There is no demand to make statistical trials in this method since it is more personal. Qualitative methods are used to research the significance and to look into the issues which are hard to mensurate ( Chon, 2000 ) . In general, merely a little group of people are selected from big population therefore the generalisation can non be achieved. Question of objectiveness arises since the qualitative survey requires justification from the research worker. As such, many selling research executives choose quantitative attacks that focus on fact instead than subjective sentiments.

Quantitative informations by and large involve statistical analysis and in this method the information will be gathered from many members of the mark population that can be quantified and projected to stand for the mark population. These methods rely on numerical grounds to prove hypothesis. Here big figure of population would be surveyed to prove the significance of subject ( Brunt, 1997 ) . It is really easy to pull decision in this method with the aid of statistical analysis. Since big Numberss of population are surveyed there would be a greater grade of assurance when compared to qualitative methods. Finally informations are summarised and analysed with the aid of computing machine package. This method is more impersonal.

And in this research survey, quantitative techniques were the chief attack taken to beg informations from the field. The usage of quantitative informations ensured a balance between assorted variables and conceptualisation of the available statistical figures. However the acceptance of qualitative methods helped in increasing understand ability of the specific state of affairs as it largely involved non-numerical information such as experiences, sentiments, feelings and cognition of assorted respondents. Quantitative methods largely included numerical information such as figure of tourer reachings, the per centum of medical tourers, gross coevals, and cost comparings. The representative of the population will be under consideration since the sample is big. The clip required for this method is less when compared to qualitative method. There will be a grade of assurance.


The timetable for this research proposal is depicted in the undermentioned Table:


The concluding study undertaking will dwell of the undermentioned subdivisions:



Literature Review

Undertaking Aims

Research Questions

Research Design

Data Collection Methods

Data Analysis Methods



Conclusions & A ; Recommendations



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