I grew up in a state whose native linguistic communication is non English. So. gratuitous to state. the move from my native state to the United States has been hard chiefly because of the communicating barriers I had to postulate with. However. while English might non hold been my first linguistic communication. I grew up larning the linguistic communication however. In my place. we had entree to English shows which I was invariably exposed to at a really immature age. This is the ground why I learned English without much witting attempt. The linguistic communication acquisition was taking topographic point at the sub-conscious degree.

Lu ( 2 ) said that in the acquisition of unwritten linguistic communication. “young kids are active agents” . invariably doing sense of the inputs that they get from their milieus in manner that is meaningful to them. From these significances. kids so create their ain sense of linguistic communication regulations. invariably polishing and redefining these regulations through active battle and communicating with the more competent linguistic communication users in their immediate environment. ( Lu 3 ) I realize that the changeless exposure to the English linguistic communication at a immature age is the ground why I grew up cognizing how to utilize it.

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There was ne’er a witting attempt on my portion to utilize or larn English. because it was already ingrained in my individual. While the people in my family are non adept in the linguistic communication. there was an attempt to cognize it. possibly in readying for our migration to the US. I had entree to English books which strengthened my phonological and print consciousness of the English alphabet. This happened side by side while I was larning my female parent linguistic communication every bit good and while my parents and older siblings were seeking to larn English as good.

As a kid with a installation for the English linguistic communication. I was capable to an surplus of attending that I would non hold received otherwise. had I merely talk our native lingua and nil else. There is a prestigiousness attached to the English linguistic communication that makes people in my state take a 2nd expression and listen closely to what I have to state. Such is the high stature of the English linguistic communication in my state that most people associate it with richness and genteelness. The state of affairs changed one time my household made the move to the United States.

If you are multi-lingual. you are regarded as cultural. particularly if your pronunciation has a really thick and recognizable speech pattern. You will be capable to pigeonholing. and in some instances. be even regarded as 2nd category citizens. While I am non stating that everyone will respond negatively to your speech pattern or your usage of your female parent linguistic communication. it is a world that there are some people who regard that with some sum of superciliousness. It is non needfully a bad thing. merely a natural portion of human nature.

Because linguistic communication is one cardinal facet of civilization. it is hence merely natural that we become defined or identified by our native linguistic communication. Troubles can originate if we are non fluid in the standard linguistic communication being used in a peculiar topographic point. In such instances. when we do non cognize the standard linguistic communication. we are instantly labeled as “foreigners” . or non born native to that topographic point. While to some people this may non count. the truth is that there are people who will take this against you. If there is any field that multilingualism is ever an advantage. in the United States or elsewhere. and that is in the universe of concern.

This is particularly true in the age of globalism. where most concern have international operations as good. Bing multilingual means that I will be able to pass on with my co-workers at work. and at the same clip be able to pass on with a client or provider who speaks my native linguistic communication. Actually. upon deeper contemplation of my experiences. I have come to the decision that people do non respond to your multilingualism every bit much as they are responding to the speech pattern or how you speak the English linguistic communication.

The more impersonal your speech pattern or the better your “American twang” . the better people regard you. And this is true irrespective or what topographic point you are in. What we speak and how we speak. reflects our history as an person. How we speak makes a statement about who we are as a individual and a step of who we could be. Knowing how to talk in a 2nd linguistic communication will non be of much value if you can non be understood because of how you say it. Pronunciation can be a barrier in communicating. so being able to state words right is important.

The good intelligence is that one time. you are fluid in English. the procedure of neutralizing the speech pattern will come of course particularly in a natural English environment. After all is said and done. there is great satisfaction in non merely being fluent in a 2nd linguistic communication. but besides being able to state it decently and clearly. And this is what I am concentrating on: working on eloquence and pronunciation at the same clip. In an epoch of globalisation where English is the linguistic communication of trade. the ability to pass on in the English linguistic communication is a definite advantage.

However with that being said. the value of the female parent lingua should ne’er be forgotten. The regard that we have for our ain cultural heritage renders us with our ain alone individualities. And in an epoch of globalisation. where everything is being homogenized we need to hang on to that individuality or stand to lose ourselves.

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