The Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province is the local disposal bureau. Each state of Thailand has merely one provincial disposal organisation. The duty of the organisation is to administrate the full state in a mode which does non overlap with other organisations. Chief Executive Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province is my place. My duty is to promote local touristry industry. Tourism planning is the major undertaking.

Due to quickly increasing degrees of touristry to the Ampawa Floating Market in Samut Songkram Province, a assortment of jobs and negative alterations have come to impact the local community and environment. As a consequence, the Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province has become concerned about the impact of touristry in this country because it may hold a negative affect on touristry in the long term. Therefore, to continue traditional society and conserve the natural environment, sustainable touristry be aftering demands to be worked out. This sort of planning can non be effectual without a authorities bureau driving the procedure ( Inskeep, 1991 ) . The Ministry of Tourism and Sport is the major authorities bureau that plays a critical function in lending to tourism planning. In add-on, the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) and local associations are besides of import organisations to assist back up this touristry planning.

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In order to carry through sustainable touristry planning for the Ampawa Floating Market ; authorities bureaus, associations and local stakeholders need to join forces with and back up each other to implement the touristry program. The aims of Ampawa touristry be aftering shall concentrate on the saving of traditional society, preservation of natural resources and direction of the environment.

Background context:

Samut Songkram Province is a little state which is located near the centre of Thailand and consists of 3 territories and 36 sub-districts ( The Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province, 2010 ) . Ampawa is a territory of Samut Songkram Province which is blessed with a rich natural environment because it is connected with an extended Rhizophora mangle forest along the seashore. To make Ampawa, one merely has to go one and a half hours by auto from Bangkok. Mae Klong River is the chief river of Samut Songkram Province. There are about 300 canals crisscrossing the state, and these canals branch out from the Mae Klong River ( Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2010 ) . Therefore, this river nourishes the local communities.

The river and canals have been cardinal to the lives of the people populating in this country from ancient times until the present. Farming was the original business of Ampawa ‘s population. Many groves thrived at that place. In the yesteryear, Ampawa ‘s canals were the chief agencies by which the local people exchanged their green goods and other goods with each other. Thus, trading and transit went manus in manus in this topographic point ( Disatapundhu, 2009 ) .

Today, Ampawa is well-know as a topographic point of cultural touristry – both with domestic tourers and international tourers seeking an intimate position of traditional civilization, history and the closely knit society of the local people ( Disatapundhu, 2009 ) . As clip base on ballss by, more and more tourers are attracted to this topographic point. The negative impacts of touristry are going progressively apparent. These include such jobs as turning measures of solid waste in the canals ; eroding of the riversides from seller and tour boats ; ecological alterations to wildlife such as fire beetles because fire beetle watching boats interrupt the fire beetles at dark clip ; and the manner of life of the local community is altering because people tend to more focussed on concern alternatively of the agribusiness that they were engaged in the yesteryear.

The above-named jobs are considered to be exigency issues for which solutions need to be conceived and implemented through the coordination of touristry be aftering organisations every bit shortly as possible. The aim of planning is to cut down the happening of peculiar issues. Tourism planning and policy becomes a critical instrument for authorities organisations to utilize to command jobs ( McDonnell and Richard, 1987, Hall and Jenkins, 1995, Dredge and Jenkins, 2007 ) and protect local communities and their environment from hapless behaviour. The undermentioned issues are those which influenced the outgrowth of this touristry planning.

Impact on the natural environment and ecology

The increasing figure of tourers has a direct consequence on the overall natural environment. Tourists create solid waste in the locality of the chief drifting market country, and this waste detracts from the visual aspect of the canal. This is because there is no appropriate environmental direction policy in topographic point as a consequence of a deficiency of coaction between the local occupants, authorities bureaus and tourers.

The fire beetles watching tour bases as a high spot activity in which all tourers and visitants want to take part. It generates a batch of income for concern proprietors. This activity decidedly attracts big Numberss of tourers to go to Ampawa. This tourer activity is particularly profitable because the fire beetles exist of course and there is no demand to make difficult investing. This encourages tour boat operators to carry on more and more fire beetles watching trips to run into the ever-growing tourer demand, and the circuit boat operators fail to see the impact of this increasing activity on the firefly population.

This high degree of night-time tourer activity consequences in increased visible radiation and noise pollution. Not merely do camera flashes disturb the fire beetles that live in the trees, but the changeless flashing of cameras and noise from the tourers and tour boat engines bothers the people populating along the canals every bit good. To deter the noisy boats from conveying tourers to see fire beetles dark after dark, some occupants populating along the riverside decided to cut down the trees where the fire beetles live, without recognizing that by making so, they are destructing the natural ecology of the country.

So, non merely is the firefly population threatened by the perturbation of the noisy circuit boats full of camera-toting tourers, but they are besides threatened by local citizens taking the trees that they depend on for their home ground. The native fire beetle population in Ampawa has been in a steady province of diminution, but the circuit operators have still managed to maintain up their fire beetle observation Tourss by utilizing bogus fire beetles to pull tourers. The concluding impact of all this tour boat traffic is terrible riverbank eroding.

Impact on socio-culture and local community

Since the start of rapid growing of touristry in Ampawa, there have been alterations to the traditional ways of the local community. The agribusiness which was the original business bit by bit declined among the local people. They replaced that with activities that focus on the touristry industry.

Most new installations have been based on the touristry construct. For case, the place stay concern has late become the most popular concern in this country. In the yesteryear, it was non common for local occupants to let tourers to remain overnight in their house for many grounds. But as touristry grew, so many tourers came to go in Ampawa, and they needed a topographic point to remain. So, the occupants saw it as a good chance to do money, and they decided to construct more adjustments for tourers and name them “ place stay ” to do tourers satisfied that they are remaining closely with the existent local civilization.

In fact that is non a existent place stay, it is merely adjustment for tourers. The big figure of place corsets caused several negative impacts sing land usage. Agricultural countries have been softly vanishing, and place stay concerns have taken their topographic point. Therefore, land usage is an of import issue that needs to be addressed through effectual touristry planning and policy.

Another impact of touristry on the socio-culture and local community is that many local people who once lived in wooden houses near the chief commercial zones of the Ampawa Floating Market have changed their places into eating houses or souvenir stores to pull tourers. This activity has accelerated the disappearing of the traditional manner of life in the locality of the market place.

Statement of demands:

The cardinal cause of jobs with the Ampawa tourer finish is overly rapid development without suited planning by direction organisations. As a consequence of the badness of these peculiar issues at the Ampawa Floating Market, the Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province has been forced to prioritise the creative activity of solutions to these jobs over other affairs. Therefore, efficient touristry planning is needed to heighten the quality of touristry ( Lang, 1986, Hall, 2000 ) at Ampawa in a manner which is sustainable.

Hall and McArtur ( 1998 ) argued that it is of import to manage touristry be aftering utilizing an synergistic or collaborative attack. It requires engagement between assorted organisations, diverse degrees of authorities bureaus, responsible parties and stakeholders ( Hall and McArthur, 1998 ) . To implement touristry planning in Ampawa, tight coaction between concerned involvement groups and the authorities is necessary. The following below shall depict the function of involvement groups and authorities:

An involvement group is defined as any organisation or association that makes a claim to the authorities either straight or indirectly so as to act upon the formation of public policy ( Matthews, 1980 ) . Harmonizing to Craik ( 1990 ) reference that the involvement groups claims because there is hazard occurs which should be shape by policy. The engagement of involvement groups is critical to effectual coaction ( Hall, 1999 ) . With respects to development planning for the Ampawa Floating Market, the chief involvement groups related to touristry development are the undermentioned: place stay operators, firefly watching circuit operators, sellers on paddle boats, eating houses and stores. Each of these involvement groups – either separately or as organisations, are of import to the successful execution of an docket in the public involvement.

Government plays a major function in act uponing the touristry industry – particularly in affairs of touristry planning ( Craik, 1990 ) . The Ampawa Floating Market is rather a new finish which is expected to bring forth income for the Thai touristry industry. As such, it has become a popular tourer finish, and a great sum of investing flowed in to construct place stay adjustments, eating houses and stores. However, much less investing was made into the saving of the traditional socio-culture and the environment ( Disatapundhu, 2009 ) . The jobs which exist autumn straight under authorities duty because they occurred as a consequence of unequal touristry planning. Most of the authorities budget refering the touristry industry is spent on touristry publicity and selling. Neglecting to do touristry be aftering sustainable is more important because it affects the viability of tourer finishs over the long term.

The aim of sustainable touristry is to minimise environmental and cultural harm which help maximise touristry industry in long-run growing ( Lane, 1994 ) .

“ Sustainable development has a primary aim of supplying permanent and unafraid supports which minimize resource depletion, environmental debasement, cultural break and societal instability ” ( Hall, 1999 )

Harmonizing to Koeman ( 2002 ) besides argue that sustainable touristry development means more than salvaging natural resources. Furthermore, it including, societal, communities, people manner of life, civilizations and economic system ( Koeman et al. , 2002 ) .

Therefore, the relationship between involvement groups and authorities bureaus are important of import to implement the policy procedure which taking to sustainable touristry development in public involvement ( Hall, 1999 ) . The development of Ampawa Floating Market can non be successful if it is done without the coaction of involvement groups with support from the authorities sector.

The undermentioned below are the demand issues which need the collaborative from involvement groups and authorities bureaus to develop Ampawa touristry ;

Supply cardinal information centre,

Install the proper environmental direction system,

Restrict the figure of trip of fire beetle watching tour operation,

Restrict the scope of place stay enlargement,

Preserve traditional manner of life and,

Generate consciousness of Ampawa territory value into tourers and local community

Scope of the proposed program:

The Thai Government uses policy instruments as a tool to help the accomplishment of touristry aims. The chief aim of this proposal is excessively encouraging the sustainable development of the Ampawa Floating Market. Harmonizing to Bridgman and Davis ( 2004 ) , there are four types of policy instruments: 1 ) Advocacy, 2 ) Money, 3 ) Government action, and 4 ) Laws ( Bridgman and Davis, 2004 ) . In this program, suggest the usage of these four types of instruments as follows:

Using protagonism instruments to educate the local community and tourers about long-run negative impacts on the environment of the Ampawa Floating Market and the ecology in its locality if the local community and tourers do non alter their behaviour. I recommend administering information about transporting out environmental direction in ways that everyone can make. The mode to educate local community and tourers is by puting up a cardinal information centre. This centre would organize between local information centres and museums where tourers and local society could larn about the local historical value of Ampawa. It would besides help them to derive a better apprehension of why it is necessary to continue the environment and the traditional civilization. This could bring forth consciousness and actuate constructive thought. This information centre would be established at the entryway of Ampawa Floating Market, so that tourers would necessitate to come in it before traveling through the market.

Using pecuniary instruments: The budget from the authorities is an of import agencies of carry oning environmental direction. To develop the Ampawa Floating Market for touristry in a manner which is sustainable, appropriate environmental direction systems are needed. The range of my program is as follows: 1 ) a sewerage intervention system needs to be installed to better and keep the H2O quality in the canals. 2 ) A waste direction system should be set up with separate rubbish tins in the Ampawa public countries. To guarantee conformity with the waste direction system, there can be punishments or mulcts which function as pecuniary instruments to deter people from littering in the public countries. Such a policy may assist to cut down the fake pas of people which have a negative consequence on the Ampawa country ‘s natural environment. Such a mark might read: Littering in this installation is capable to a maximal mulct of THB500. In add-on, for concerns which cooperate with the local authorities, there could be a revenue enhancement discount.

Government action: The engagement of authorities action makes touristry planning and policy stronger. In this portion, I suggest a focal point on fire beetles watching circuit operators. There should be rigorous bounds on the figure of tourers who are allowed in to watch fire beetles – for illustration, non over 50 individuals per dark. The fire beetle watching circuit operators which do non hold current boat circuit licences would non be permitted to run. Furthermore, I suggest that the accredited circuit operators must follow the regulations that the authorities sets up as follows: 1 ) Tours can run merely between the hours of 7:30 PM to 8.30 PM. 2 ) The size of the circuit boat must be no longer than 2 metres nor wider than 1 metre, and it must non be powered by an engine. Restricting the size of the circuit boats helps to protect the riversides against eroding. Besides, by forbiding the usage of motorised boats, waterway and noise pollution caused by gasoline and the boat engines themselves can be eliminated.

Using legal instruments: In this portion, I suggest statute law to restrict the scope of place stay enlargement, size of concerns and land usage. As for ordinance of place stay adjustments, houses that are used as place stay adjustment to service tourers should merely be made from wood, and should non be more than two narratives tall. In add-on, investing statute law helps to command the rate of enlargement. Furthermore, tourer zones and concern zones should be established to protect against aggressive enlargement into natural home ground.

“ The partly industrialised nature of touristry means that touristry, like the environment, should be regarded as a meta-problem which represent extremely interconnected planning and policy ‘messes ‘ ” ( Ackoff, 1974 ) .

Proposed procedure:

The followers shows the stairss toward implementing a touristry program for the Ampawa Floating Market which is based on the Policy Cycle Theory by Dredge and Jenkins ( 2007 ) .

Measure 1: Identify the issues by roll uping the pressing jobs bing in the Ampawa country. This measure requires the cooperation of local associations and local community members to assist place the jobs.

Measure 2: Analyze the issues to find what the chief factors are doing negative impact in the Ampawa country.

Measure 3: Identify the policy solutions and instruments by analyzing old instances that are related or similar to this job, and see what policy solutions and instruments had been effectual in covering with those state of affairss.

Measure 4: Consultation: Consult with specializers who have extended experience and proved track-records in planning and policy direction. They could give good advice about what would be utile for this program. For illustration, I suggest the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning.

Measure 5: Choose the preferable options which are most appropriate for accomplishing the program objectives.

Measure 6: Execution: Government sectors must implement ordinances. All the involvement groups and tourers who are affected should stay by the ordinances that are established through the touristry planning and policy-making.

Measure 7: Measure the policy solutions to guarantee that the policy solutions are effectual. Identify the elements of policy solutions which are missing or are in demand of accommodation.

To sum up, the coaction of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Provincial Administration Organization of Samut Songkram Province, local associations such as Ampawa District Head and Port Authority Office, stakeholders, the private sector and local community organisations are each of import histrions to guarantee the successful execution of sustainable development of the Ampawa Floating Market in a mode which is in the greatest public involvement. Flexible execution of policy will ease collaborative solutions to widen the harmonious use of the limited and delicate resources in Ampawa District ( Selin and Chavez, 1995 ) .

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