1. 1 Explain each of the countries of acquisition and development and how these are interdependent There are seven countries of acquisition and development set out by the EYFS. each are of import and interconnects there are three premier and four specific countries. The premier are the chief country of development from birth to 2 old ages and of import for firing children’s wonder and enthusiasm and assisting them to organize relationships.

The premier countries are: Personal. Social and emotional development

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Physical development
Communication and linguistic communication
The four specific countries regards and supports the premier countries from 2-5 old ages. but the premier are the foundation for successful acquisition.
The specific countries are: Literacy
Understanding the universe
Expressive humanistic disciplines and design

The EYFS acquisition and development ( Page226 in kids and immature people is workforce ) . Educational programme must affect activities and experiences for kids in the undermentioned facets: Aspects of personal. societal and emotional development involves assisting kids to develop a positive sense of themselves and others ; organizing positive relationship and develop regard for others ; to develop societal accomplishments and larn to pull off their feelings ; to understand appropriate behaviors in groups ; and to hold assurance in their abilities. Aspects of physical development involves supplying chances for immature kids to be active and synergistic ; and to develop their co-ordination control. and motion. Children must besides be aid to understand the importance of physical activity and to do healthy picks in relation to nutrient.

Aspects of communicating and linguistic communication development involves giving kids Opportunities to see a rich linguistic communication environment. to develop their assurance and accomplishments in showing themselves and to talk and listen in a scope of state of affairss. Aspects of literacy development involves promoting kids to associate sounds and letters and to get down to read and compose. Children must be given entree to a broad scope of reading stuffs. Aspects of mathematics development involves assisting kids to work out jobs and to believing logically. usage mundane linguistic communication to speak about size weight ; recognize create and describe forms ; explore features of objects and forms and steps.

Understanding the universe development involves assisting kids to derive an apprehension of the universe around them ; cognizing about similarities and differences between themselves and others. and among installations communities and tradition. recognize that a scope of engineering is used in topographic points such as places and schools. Expressive humanistic disciplines and design development involves increasing their involvement in creativeness. stand foring their ain thoughts. ideas and feelings through design and engineering. art. music. dance. function drama and narratives. The EYFS describes the seven countries of larning individually but it is of import to recognize their mutuality. This means that good quality activities will cover more than one country of development and pretermiting one country of development is likely to make troubles subsequently. ( e. g ) Personal. societal and emotional development is like a dainty throughout all country if this country is non good supported. kids will happen it difficult to concentrate. play alongside others or do advancement in other countries.

1. 2 Describe the documented results for kids that form portion of the relevant early old ages model. To be able to mensurate that each kid has the entree to a quality early old ages instruction irrespective of where they live. fortunes or household background the EYFS designed a series of results to document each country of larning. These are called the Early Learning Goals. this is marks for kids to run into throughout their early old ages and at the terminal of the response twelvemonth. These ends are of import as they form the edifice blocks for children’s ulterior instruction.

It is of import that practicians recognise that may of the Early Learning Goals are besides associated with children’s development and so while it is sensible to anticipate kids to run into them at the terminal of the response twelvemonth. they are non meant to be used as results in baby’s rooms or pre-school. It is besides deserving nil that some kids will for a assortment of grounds non run into all of the Early Learning Goals as they may hold specific wellness or larning troubles or because they are merely immature than their equals.

1. 3 Explain how the documented results are assessed and recorded

The intent and purpose of the EYFS is to assist immature kids achieve the five every kid affairs results.
There are four subjects that underpin all the counsel
A alone kid
Positive relationship
Enabling environments
Learning and development

This counsel support each child’s acquisition and development and aid practicians to back up children’s larning development. by closely fiting what they provide to child’s current demands. An ongoing formative appraisal is at the bosom of effectual early old ages pattern. In my scene we invariably observe our cardinal kids as they act and interact in their drama. We so program activities through these observations and things learnt from parents about what the chid do at place.

Using illustrations of the development columns “unique child” the observation is assess to see what the kid can make and what the following measure is to assist their development pathway. This recorded through observation sheets ( long-incident and planned ) besides hebdomadal planning. summational appraisal and monthly larning journal sheet given to parents to see what the kid does at place. This rhythm is continually throughout the child’s clip in the baby’s room and makes up their learning diary that goes with them to response.

2. 1 Use different beginnings to be after work for an single kid or group

While playing outside I notice that one of my cardinal kids had an involvement in roll uping Cocus and seting them in the dorsum of his auto.

2. 2 Engage efficaciously with kids to promote the child’s engagement and engagement in be aftering their ain acquisition and development activities. The ways in which ‘a kid engage with other. people and their environment – playing and researching. active acquisition and making and believing critically –underpin acquisition and development across all countries and back up the kid to stay an effectual and motivated scholar. From observation 2. 1 I planned an activity to assist child A to larn how to number by making a nature walle around the baby’s room to roll up Cocus. Counting them at the terminal to see how many each kid collected.

2. 3 Support the planning rhythm for kids larning and development. The EYFS is really clear. that observation must organize the footing of be aftering for single kids there are two specific legal demands in this regard which are found in public assistance demand associating to the administration of the scene. Suppliers must transport out sensitive experimental appraisals in order to be after to run into the children’s single demands. Suppliers must be after and supply experierices which are appropriate to each child’s phase of development as they progress towards the early acquisition ends. It is of import that plans reflects children’s involvements and demands. Observe and cod information. Record what you know and see about children’s strengths. involvement. capablenesss and civilizations. Question Analyse- Interpret and do significance of information collected and grounds documented. associate grounds to larning development.


Plan. Act and Do
Design acquisition experiences and larning environments.
Discuss acquisition and following stairss with children’s households and other professionals.
The planning rhythm is used to back up appraisals for larning which is designed to detect what kids know and understood. based on what they make. write draw. state and make.

3. 1 Explain how practicians promote children’s acquisition within the relevant early old ages model. The EYFS emphasise a personal attack to larning. this is because all kids develop at their ain rate and in different ways. In my scene we observe each kid and do observations so that we can see forms of the child’s involvements every bit good as to see how they are developing. This allows us to analyze whether the kid is within their age and phase of development. As such this enables us to be after suitably for the kid. seeing whether they are within the developmental tract. This allows us to work in partnership with parents giving them the chance to be apart of hebdomadal planning. appraisals and giving their input.

4. 2 Explain the importance of prosecuting with a kid to back up sustained shared thought. The importance of prosecuting with kids is that it enhances the child’s larning brush promoting. assisting them to larn new words extended conversations and helps kids to widen conversation to develop their ain thoughts. while chew the fating to them to advance their development. Sustained portion believing helps kids to make decisions and research constructs at a deeper degree.

During this period. kids are besides treating information more efficaciously and frequently do connexions with things that they have already learnt. This “joining up” of thoughts and constructs is highly valuable. Childs have to be highly interested in an activity or something that has occurred to sustained shared thought. We besides have to be ready to follow up on things that kids find absorbing or intergrading. Recognizing the potency for sustained shared thought is hence indispensable.

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