The Dealth of a service user caused by “Food Poisoning” in a residential attention place for grownup with Learning Disability

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Part A:


The Role of Multiagency:

Part B:




Part A:


A societal attention place in the UK which accommodates grownup with larning disablement has faced a nutrient poisoning incident of one of its service users. This has been a ground of concern to the attention givers every bit good as service users who think that the issue needs to be addressed by specialised societal attention professionals equipped to manage the scenario. In order to manage the wellness issues and adequately get by with user’s larning disablement, multi-agency intercession seemed necessary (, 2014 ) . Multi-agency working which can be defined as people coming from different organizational background to join forces and work out a common intent can turn out to be utile in work outing this issue. The service user needs particular attention along with the attention givers who besides needs attending and extra aid for larning disablement upset ( Pugh & A ; Duffy, 2010 ) . Since multi-agency can supply such wide scope of multi-disciplinary services, they can supply some strategic solution by happening the implicit in cause of the job. The bureau include collaborative attempt of ‘General Physician ( GP ) ’ , a group of specializers who can supply NHS services, ‘district nurses’ for organizing attention places and set uping for extra support, ‘Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) ’ who provide ordinance for the attention suppliers across England, ‘social workers’ who are important for supplying non-medical aid and ‘specialist alleviative attention team’ for nursing and extra psychological aid to supply holistic attention and aid to the patient and his milieus ( Dogra & A ; Leighton, 2009 ) .

The Role of Multiagency:

A squad of general doctor and primary health care squad play a important function in covering with the given issue. The cardinal duty of this squad is to supply medical attention to person who has fallen ailment at place and/or residential attention place. The primary wellness attention squad would consist a “general physician” , “district nurses” and “health visitors” . In the given scenario, the general doctor would enable the residential attention place to supply medicines to the patient ( Cheminais, 2009 ) .

The general doctor would be responsible for organizing with the territory nurses so that the medical attention could be provided to the patient at the residential place and do agreements for “hospice staff” so that they understand the demands of the patient and the residential place to supply a high quality of medical service. It has been identified that in such critical conditions, it is by and large good for the patient and the administration to acknowledge the patient in a wellness Centre to have a proper attention. However, in this instance survey, the patient has larning disablement. Therefore, medical attention demands to be provided to the patient at the residential place merely so that the concerned individual can pass on his troubles to the physician and the nurses. This elevates the importance of the primary wellness attention squad in covering with this state of affairs ( General Medical Council, 2015 ) .

The cardinal duty of the territory nurses is to organize and organize place attention activities particularly in this sort of state of affairs, where attention is provided to the patient at place and/or residential attention. Though the services vary depending on the countries, but it can include “Marie Curie Nurses” , “social service givers” and sisters who can easy see the patient at residential place and supply prepared repasts. The “Marie Curie Nurses” are responsible for supplying “one-to-one nursing care” and medical support at place, by and large for about nine hours a twenty-four hours. They besides provide wellness attention at really short notice particularly during a crisis state of affairs. In the given state of affairs, there is a medical exigency ( Teater & A ; Baldwin, 2012 ) .

At the same clip, the patient can non be admitted to a wellness attention due to his larning disablement. Therefore, in this crisis state of affairs, the territory nurses would play a important function apart from the general doctor ( GP ) , in footings of taking extreme attention of the patient. The territory nurses might set about a formal appraisal and/or “continuing healthcare appraisal ( CHC ) ” of the nursing required for the patient and the related demands after a item treatment with the patient and his household members. In the given scenario, the territory nurses would be required to set about the CHC merely in audience with the attention taker at the residential attention place since the patient has learning disablement so it is expected that he would non be able to pass on his troubles and demands decently. This appraisal would enable the nurses to make up one’s mind the extent of attention required to be provided to the patient ( NACCHO, 2015 )

In the current state of affairs, the “Specialist alleviative attention team” besides plays a important function. The squad aims to supply multidisciplinary medical attention, nursing attention and psychological intervention to the patients. This squad is responsible for alleviating any symptoms doing hurt to the patient and better the quality of the patient’s life. In the given scenario, it is non plenty to supply medical attention to the patient. As stated earlier, the patient is besides enduring from larning disablement. Therefore, it is indispensable to supply mental or psychological support in order to guarantee rapid recovery. It has been identified that psychological support plays a polar function in mending any sort of unwellness. Therefore, the “Specialist alleviative attention team” demonstrates the demand and importance of multiagency intercession in the given state of affairs ( NSPCC, 2011 ) .

In the given scenario, the “Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) ” besides plays a important function. The committee is responsible for modulating the operations of assorted attention suppliers across England, involved in supplying personal attention. It by and large includes “residential care” , “nursing homes” and “care agencies” . In this state of affairs, the CQC would be entitled to inspect the quality and safety of the attention service provided by the residential attention place. This is because offering hygienic nutrient to the service users is an built-in portion of the residential attention place operations. However, the incident of nutrient toxic condition poses a inquiry on the quality of nutrient provided by the residential place to its service users. Therefore, the function of CQC is really of import in the given scenario ( Care Quality Commission, 2015 ) .

Health and safety inspector plays a critical function particularly in the instance of nutrient toxic condition in a residential attention place. Harmonizing to wellness and safety executive ( HSE ) web site, an accident reported in the website draws immediate attending and the wellness and safety inspectors normally provide speedy aid to any specific scenario ( HSE, 2014 ) . In the given issue, a thorough probe on nutrient that is provided in the residential attention place is perfectly necessary to happen out the possible grounds for nutrient toxic condition of the service user. The nutrient production and distribution procedure of the attention place should besides be inspected. Apart from this, the function of wellness and safety inspector besides includes supervising if any environmental causes are besides responsible for doing nutrient toxic condition. In add-on to this, wellness and safety forces besides identify if there is a public wellness concern that might originate in close hereafter which can present important menace to the attention place concern and guarantee the safety of everyone in the residential attention place (, 2014 ) .

The National Health Services of NHS in the UK has provided immense assortment of options for the residential attention place. NHS provides residential attention and regulates the nutrient services of local infirmaries and attention places. This is really relevant in the present instance as the administration besides oversee patient safety including supplying mental wellness services. NHS can help the patient pathologically and place if GP services is required for this instance. The function of NHS is critical in footings of helping the mental wellness patients through their ‘mental wellness helpline page’ where trained voluntaries will listen and react to the issue. The health professionals can use this every bit good as NHS’s ‘emergency and pressing attention unit’ which provides immediate aid by naming territory nurses to care for the patient and aid to better his state of affairs by supplying emotional support and counsel ( NHS, 2014 ) .

Multi-agency pattern plays a pertinent function in work outing complex clinical challenges. It is the collaborative attempt of different bureaus that have defined maps and run within a community to better the general well being of kids and their households. Literary beginnings identify multi-agency working as a ‘complex’ , ‘inter-disciplinary’ working that trades with issues sing instruction, wellness and societal service sectors ( Pugh & A ; Duffy, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Fox and Butler ( 2004 ) , multi-agency working has some benefits including – a holistic position in managing the economic and societal issues and being able to present services seamlessly with an improved quality targeted towards a specific group, such as, attention places, infirmaries etc. Multi-agency working besides involves broader community base in their work and involves intelligence bureaus, constabulary forces, societal workers, medical practicians and voluntary attention suppliers. Percy-Smith ( 2005 ) agrees with this position and provinces that one of the most efficient result of multi-agency pattern is their ability to work in partnership which eliminates work tensenesss and resolutenesss issues refering to governmental and institutional policy ( Davis & A ; Smith, 2012 ) .

However, certain barriers have besides been identified that can forestall multi-agency working from giving the best service. This is found in the country of ‘information sharing’ which includes holding many IT operational units. Multiple bureaus working under a shared informational system including several IT units can hold confidentiality issues doing misinterpretation among professionals. However, supplying preparation and development, effectual leading scheme and implementing ‘information sharing protocol’ can bring forth better work efficiency ( Gasper, 2010 ) .

Part B:


Food and H2O are indispensable for life. When person is unwell, they need to eat the right nutrient, in the right sums, at the right clip in order to acquire better. The people with larning disablements need more attention to be taken about their nutrient wonts. What if a service user of a residential attention place with larning disablements falls sick due to nutrient toxic condition? My assignment trades with such a instance where I as a pupil of wellness and attention, need to larn the stairss to cover with such a state of affairs.

Nutrition now-a-days set out to assist all members of the multi-disciplinary squad better understand the importance of good nutritionary attention, their function in supplying it and how they can better the attention provided in their ain scenes by join forcesing with co-workers. Campaign activity included a series of workshops, a national train the trainer programme and the development of resources which are now available.

Through this survey, it became clear to me that the jobs of nutrient and nutrition in a residential attention place are unrecognized and untreated. Particularly the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition identified that the hazard of nutrition among those enduring from mental wellness. Mental wellness and acquisition disablements services have specific jobs refering nutrition – clients are more likely to be nomadic, able to measure nutrient outside of service control and have troubles in understanding healthy nutritionary picks, which has resulted in nutrient toxic condition in instance of this patient holding larning disablements. Nutrition is hence frequently compromised. The lone manner to avoid such state of affairs is to execute a Nutritional showing, so that malnourish persons can be diagnosed and appropriate action can be taken. It is found with the aid of my survey that the National Institute for Clinical Excellence ( NICE ) counsel on Nutrition Support in Adults has already highlighted the fact that a nutritionary showing tool should be used routinely for people admitted to residential attention places.

Now, the cardinal aim of my survey is to convey out the function of multiagency working together on a instance of nutrient toxic condition of a handicapped individual shacking at a attention place. In most instances there is a collaborative engagement of a general doctor, a group of specializers supplying NHS service, territory nurses for co-ordination of the attention places and extra service provided by societal workers. Multiagency working together has proved to be a strong illustration of squad work to me. In my wellness attention survey, I have to take portion in quiet a good Numberss of assignments which is really good in my future calling, as these assignments brushes up my working accomplishments giving birth to new thoughts in me. Harmonizing to me multi-agency works as a “one stop” service which is less clip consuming and efficient in concentrating on the attention searcher and patients.


From this survey, it can be concluded that multi-agency plays a critical function in covering with critical medical state of affairss, such as, nutrient toxic condition of a individual shacking at a residential attention place with learning disablement. Multi-agency has several benefits of exerting a co-operative working environment under which aid of GPs, territory nurses, NHS advisers, and societal workers can supply aid to patients and attention searchers. In add-on to this, working as a squad is ever good and clip economy.


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