In this study of selling, the reader would be familiar with Rana Kish Company in Iran and its history every bit good. The following portion the reader will be understood about wellness touristry in touristry industry. In this selling program a new health bundle will be introduced for Persian people. The mark market is upper income group of Persian people in age of 40 and above who are seeking to be relaxed in topographic points far from any emphasis and any pollution or either in order to keep their wellness including organic structure or even mental by going to one of the island in Malaysia which called Penang. In add-on, the program will depict the SOWT analysis and selling scheme.

The challenge

As more people around the universe take an active involvement in their wellness, a travel section known as wellness touristry has evolved to make full client demands. Now, one should observe that wellness touristry is somewhat different with medical touristry. In order to non baffled between these two footings here there is a complete definition of medical touristry:

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However, as it was references earlier wellness touristry is a much broader construct and it improves the wellness and besides prevents unwellnesss. It seems indispensable that in this study the effort is on health which is one of the subdivided of wellness touristry. ( Figure1 ) In order to clear up the significance of health here is a perfect definition that we can mention to it through this study:

Wellness touristry is the amount of all the relationships and phenomena ensuing from a journey and abode by people whose chief motivation is to continue or advance their wellness. They stay in a specialised hotel which provides the appropriate professional cognize how and single attention. They require a comprehensive service bundle consisting physical fitness/beauty attention, healthy nutrition/ diet, relaxation/meditation and mental activity/ instruction.

Now that we knew the significance by medical touristry and wellness touristry we will discourse about the new bundle ( merchandise ) introduced by Rana Kish Co but it is rather of import to do clear our significance by bundle.

In fact, a bundle is “ A circuit arranged by a travel agent ; transit and nutrient and housing are all provided at an inclusive pric.

The bundle would corroborate to the end of wellness touristry that Rana Kish.CoA will concentrate on it. In fact, this company based on its understanding about the demand of costumiers who would wish to acquire rid of emphasis, all sorts of pollutions and besides those who would love to be relaxed besides sea on the beaches even for a piece is presenting a new and alone health bundle ( which in this study called Product ) in Iran.

It is noticeable to state that there are some factors which led this company to came up with this new bundle. First of all, Iran as a immense state with a population near to aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ one of the contaminated states particularly in the capital. Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz and Isfahan are all the most celebrated metropoliss with a immense population in Iran and there are tonss of edifices under bottleneck for many old ages in theses metropoliss every bit good as holding traffic jam which makes tonss of noises and pollutions. Furthermore, due to the deficiency of rain and H2O consequently most of the rivers and lakes have been dried. So, there are merely a few topographic points that have entree to rivers and of class it does n’t full make full the demand of all people in such immense state. Furthermore, developing and spread outing the metropoliss in the resent decennaries caused nil but deforestation. Therefore, it seems hard to happen topographic points to be relaxed for those who are willing to forestall their wellness or either maintains it. Finally, since Iran is an Muslim state it is impossible to hold sand, Sun, sea and massage and all local intervention at the same clip for all household members or friends who are interested to hold a remainder on the beach and be relaxed without any job and intervention. Hence, this company intended to pull such this group of people and answer their demand by supplying a wellness bundle to a resort on Penang, one of the beautiful and developed island in Malaysia where they can hold a good remainder on the white beaches under the shinny Sun and bask different types of massage under the professional trainers and physicians every bit good. In Oder word, this travel bureau is traveling to take this chance to carry through its undertaking to implement and take part in wellness and wellness touristry activities.

In this portion the company is seeking to do a perfect image of wellness touristry for readers. In fact, based on all gathered information by Rana Kish Co. the readers will be informed how a rider is traveling to be taken from Iran to Malaysia in the frame of wellness touristry within 7 darks and 8 yearss.

First of wholly, The Rana Kish CO. is traveling to publicize widely about this bundle because they believe that, this new bundle takes clip to will be understood by people every bit good as bureaus. In other words, it is quit let downing that travel bureaus in Iran do non set up different bundles and people are non cognizant of all bing travel bundles in the word.

So, the directors decidedly know that they have to be patient and are non worry about passing money on advertizement. For case, the first advertizement will be put in some medical and touristry magazines in state. Besides, they are traveling to set some booklets in some nines where the people go to make Yoga every bit good as in swimming pools. Since, these topographic points are where the people go largely to be relaxed so it is predicted that these people tend to fall in in such this bundle.

Second, the company ‘s directors are traveling to set up a meeting in Tehran, the capital metropolis of Iran for those employees who are supposed to sell this bundle in bureaus. In fact, the purpose of this meeting is to do everything clear about the inside informations of the bundle and besides to react the likely inquiries made by them. In add-on, all the bureaus ‘ employees will be given a sample signifier of enrollment and will be understood the paperss and demands of going in this bundle.

In fact, as it was mentioned before in this bundle the company largely is traveling to see more about people who need to be relaxed for any possible grounds and those who would wish to keep their mental wellness merely by loosen uping and being far from any noise and pollutions. So, it seems rather of import for Rana Kish to hold some related medical information about such these people.

Hence, the employees will be asked to roll up the latest medical medical examination of riders and inquire them for any likely installations and subject them to the bureau before acquiring to their finish.

In other words, Rana Kish is traveling to set up a plan in which a physician who is besides co-operating with the company in the finish can look at the medical paperss sent by riders to form everything before geting them. For illustration, the type of nutrients for one rider who may be on exceptional diet ( oily, salty & A ; etcaˆ¦ ) and all necessary installations for him/her and the suited temperature of his/her room every bit good as the type of massage she/he needs to take. In this instance, the riders feel welcome even before geting and they are non worry about any incommodiousness made by their disablement or their ages. It is merely because they understand there are some people who are looking frontward to run into them and besides their wellnesss are of import for other people as good.

Third, as there is merely one flight by Iran Air on Thursday dark, the company is traveling to reserve a coach in the specific topographic point about in the centre of Tehran to take all the riders to the Imam Khomeini International Airport at the same clip with the professional circuit leader. The tour leader is traveling to assist all the riders in all the stairss such as acquiring their embarkation base on balls and attach toing them in the VIP salon and subsequently to pass through hall and eventually in the air plane. It is noticeable to state that the leader and besides the riders can acknowledge each by the prepared cabs by the company.

Then, after about 7 hours and 30 proceedingss flight riders are supposed to get to KLIA ( Kuala Lumpur International Air port ) at 7a.m on Friday. The hired coach would be at that place to take the riders straight to one of the celebrated tourer topographic point in Malaysia which called Cameron Highland Resort.

“ Cameron Highlands Resort features the 3rd health Centre of the award-winning Spa Village, with a broad scope of sophisticated interventions and mending therapies inspired by the renewing belongingss of tea. Each guest luxuriates in a signature tea bath before every intervention. Cameron Highlands Spa Village offers placid indoor and out-of-door intervention suites, tea bath suites and a fully-equipped secondary school.

The Spa Village construct has ever been to observe the curative civilization of the part in which it resides. Set in an emerald landscape of exuberant farming area and verdant jungle, Cameron Highlands finds its name and civilization in the alone blending of two clearly dissimilar societies: The Orang Asli or ‘original people ‘ , who were the first colonists of the Highlandss and the Colonial British innovators.

The Orang Asli possesses a huge organic structure of cognition non merely about workss, herbs and flowers that have the power to mend but besides about the whole ethos of populating harmoniously with nature. Today Cameron Highlands is still home to many tea plantations, being Malaysia ‘s largest tea-producing part.

The interventions at Spa Village Cameron Highlands characteristic mending therapies based on green goods from the environing jungle and ancient tea rites. This reliable blending of civilization and merchandise is what makes Spa Village Cameron Highlands such a unique and curative healing retreat.

The placid atmosphere of the Spa Village in the exuberant milieus of the Highlandss will heighten the renewing interventions provided. Spa Village Cameron Highlands features 6 Treatment Rooms, 8 Tea Bath Tubs, 2 Outdoor Cabanas and a to the full equipt Gymnasium ” . ( beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

After, reassigning the riders to the Cameron Highland Resort, they will be entertained by cold or hot drinks and cookies. While the riders are holding their drinks they will be given the circuit path in inside informations so that one can fit him/herself with all groups member. Then, they will be sent to their suites as it is about noon to take a short remainder.

From the first twenty-four hours all the people have the chance of taking massage and traveling to spa under the advice of medical physician, taking walk through vegetable, fruit farms and beautiful flowers and tea plantation and besides playing golf. The riders would bask external respiration and staying in the green and unagitated environment and without any outstanding noise for 3 darks and 4 yearss.

Subsequently, they will travel to one of the beautiful island in Malaysia which called Penang for 3 darks

And 4 yearss by provided coach through utilizing Malayan first-class main roads and besides at the same clip basking the great and scenic green thenar oil trees on the manner and traversing the genuinely beautiful Penang Bridge along the leader and the medical physician.

“ Penang is one of the most popular tourer musca volitanss in Malaysia self-praise of a coastline which offers several first-class beaches graced by white shimmering littorals and emerald green waters.A It is today a metropolis that is international and vivacious nevertheless it combines its appeal signifier the yesteryear with the present. A truly Asia island it brings an chance to retrieve and loosen up on a beautiful beach resort within a metropolis environment.

Penang Island is found on the West of Peninsular Malaysia with legion hotels, universe category eating houses, beaches combined with a history that goes back to colonial yearss. Early Penang was a busy entry port, for tea and opium trade between India and China. Sir Francis Light in 1786 named it the ‘Pearl of the Orient ‘ . Penang combines by and present and it is still possible to go down its narrow lanes and bask sing colonial edifices. Cultures of Malay, Indian, and Chinese heritage tell the narrative of Penang ‘s heritage. “ ( surce: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

After geting and remaining in ParkRoyal Penang Resort the riders will be given the new path and they can bask the great position of the bluish sea from their suites. In Penang, they can be relax beside sea and bask the scenery and besides under the advice of the medical physician get massage and travel swimming and travel to Yoga categories available in the hotel. Furthermore, they will be taken to a trip up Penang Hill by funicular railroad to a tallness of 830 metres above sea degree, perfect for a dramatic bird’s-eye position of Georgtown. Furthermore, they will bask traveling through butterfly garden to see all the beauties of nature in one trip. And in the last twenty-four hours of trip in Penang which is on Thursday at 12:00 they have a flight to KLIA. After 50 proceedingss flight they will be entertained in the Pan Pacific hotel that is non more than 5 proceedingss walk from KLIA. In the hotel they can either rest till the undermentioned twenty-four hours ( Friday ) to flight to Iran or fall in to optional metropolis circuit to hold a speedy expression in Kuala Lumpur the capital metropolis of Malaysia. On Friday forenoon after taking breakfast at 8:40 they will be sent to the airdrome to travel back to Iran.

On the other manus, the company estimated that will seek to accomplish a gross revenues end of three million US dollars within a period of 3 old ages. During the first twelvemonth itself the travel bureau will accomplish the end of at least one million US dollars.

Situational Analysis

Rana Kish Co. ( with limited liability ) was established on 14 Dec. , 2004 on Kish Island in Iran. To inform readers about this company there are some basic information below.

Company ‘s Object: Performing all travel services ( touristry, adjustment, sale of ticket ) ( air, sea and land ) and set uping local and foreign Tourss, pilgrim’s journey trips by sea, land and air, obtaining visas, keeping local and foreign seminars, rendering consultancy in formalities and touristry personal businesss, supplying particular handling, adjustment, formality services, keeping preparation classs in the field of formalities, adjustment, touristry, nutrient and amusement.

Company ‘s Capital: As sum of $ 11,000.

Company ‘s Validity Term: As of enrollment day of the month for an limitless period.

Company ‘s Directors: Mr. Kazem Afshari as president of board of managers, Mrs. Akramal Sadat Miri Ashtiani as pull offing manager and Mr. Babak Pilehchiyan as frailty president of the board of managers, were elected for an limitless period.

Company ‘s History: This Company started to work by carry oning the first semi private inn on Kish Island for international pupils in unmarried man and maestro grade as good under the duty of Kish University.

After about one twelvemonth due to a good repute of this company and accomplishing some successes in acting of several seminars they were offered the 2nd inn every bit good as the first blast house for instructors and professors who were coming to Kish University to learn daily. At the same clip Rana Kish decided to spread out its activities into touristry services easy.

However, as a little and new company they had no pick but to present themselves step by measure. In add-on, they decided to go familiar with all failings and chances in touristry services on Kish Island by undergoing of duties of other large and celebrated travel bureaus who were directing riders to Kish. In fact, they arranged paths and took riders to all attractive forces.

Since, all the directors in this company had passed many different classs in touristry and even some of them every bit good as some employees had Tourism grades it was a great success to do happy all the bureaus and riders who were going on Kish. Hence, they achieved the first end which was being celebrated and obtaining a good repute in a little but one of the best tourer musca volitanss in Iran.

Not long after, they decided to co-operate with some bureaus in chief land of Iran in footings of domestic Tourss in different parts of state. So, after about 6 old ages working hard in touristry industry of Iran they performed the following program in order to spread out their activities.

In fact, based on their scheme it was the clip to work on surpassing groups of riders. In fact, in this article the reader will be informed about this thought in item.

Company ‘s Goal: As it is rather clear based on the Company ‘s object and company ‘s history, we can detect this company concerns more about touristry activities and they have been seeking to set more attempt on this.

In fact, this company has a concluding end which is introduce all the attractive forces and sight sings in Iran to all over the universe in order to increase the income and portion of touristry industry by coming tourers.

However, to acquire to this point this company has done tonss of activities and passed many stairss and still has to make. It is merely because the directors believe that the status in Iran in footings of civilization and attitude in non ready yet to accept and entertain foreign tourer. Hence, in this measure they choose Malaysia as one of the best good known tourer musca volitanss in the universe and besides one of the popular 1 in sense of entertain and regard to tourist. In fact, this company is intended to do people familiar with this great attitude indirectly and do them aware about all the strengths and benefits of coming tourer to one state.

Culture: As it was mentioned earlier it is rather interesting and fortunate that in this company the directors have graduated in touristry and passed so many different classs in this industry from the basic one which can be the “ etiquette ” boulder clay ” professional linguistic communication ” in touristry. Hence, it is non hard to think how the civilization in this company would be. In fact, the directors have tried their best to do happy and satisfied the employees every bit good as clients or riders.

In fact, they are cognizant that employees do non like to remain in the same place for a long clip and would be happy if they offer to go to in some categories related to their occupation to advance in their place in the company. So, all the employees in this company have been sent to different categories like etiquette in behaviour and amusement. In add-on, they have been asked to reassign all the thoughts and suggestions either from themselves or clients to the directors. Furthermore, the environment in this company has planned in such a manner that the riders and blasts to be relaxed and experience welcome by regard, to be secured, entertain, back uping them one time they have jobs and presenting them all the topographic points they would wish to travel and see candidly and honestly.

Company ‘s strengths and failings: Rana Kish Co. has been sing to cognize and analyses all the strengths every bit good as failings in order to happen and take chances every bit much as possible and besides to acquire rid of failings. Harmonizing to the brief history there are some strengths in this company. First of all, educated staffs in touristry industry who help the company to accomplish its end easier and sooner than the 1 who does non hold. Second, get down working in Malaysia as a Muslim and non really expensive state ( compare to currency of Iran ) an besides based on a good political relationship between these two states while working, there is this chance to present Iran as a Muslim and beautiful state to Malaysia people. Furthermore, Rana Kish was able to be success On Kish Island as a first phase and obtained a good repute at that topographic point. Furthermore, this company was the lone company on Kish Island who offered different bundles for different gustatory sensation and mark of going.

On the other manus, there are some failings in this company. First, get down working in Malaysia for a long clip needs some conditions. For case it seems they need to hold an office, coachs, employees and some relationships with some topographic points and some people. Besides that, due to the latest boycotts of Iran in the universe it is predicted that Malayan people do non hold a good background about Persian people. Besides, this company will hold the job of reassigning money to Malaysia due to the boycott and it makes a serious trouble for Rana Kish to pay hard currency to hotel and whoever is making a occupation for them. Apart from all these trouble, Persian people do non hold any information about health touristry and it takes clip and more money to publicize and inform people about this sort of tour bundle. Furthermore, the company is cognizant that, get down working in a foreign state and taking exceptional people ( wellness tourers ) would be a small spot hard for a first clip even for a short clip because they do non hold a experience of managing a circuit in other state.

The health and clients satisfaction is one of the primary and of import concerns of Rana Kish Co, which will offer travel to comparatively undisturbed countries. It means this company manages to take this group of people to a peaceable topographic points where has non been affected by alterations that have happened in other topographic points. The company is cognizant that most of the clients of this bundle have some jobs in their organic structures and need to more consideration during the flight, hostelling every bit good as intervention so the bureau and its forces aimed to set more attempts to increase their attending to clients. The travel bureau and its director will try to place a resort with a certain capacity and will guarantee that its bundles will non transcend that capacity.

The mark market is upper income group of Persian people in age of 40 and above who would wish to be relaxed, have a remainder far from any distressing noises, to be safe every bit good as those who are looking for a manner to maintain and forestall their wellness and besides those who would wish to keep their organic structures and even mental wellness by a short trip to Malaysia. This group of people would be interested to remain in the resorts that are about ever located in stupefying natural environments or in the trendiest metropolis territories and would be willing to bask a vacation in natural milieus such that nature is non harmed. The strengths of this bundle are that there is a new found consciousness of demand for healthy life styles every bit good as Willingness of patients to go for attention. The strong points would include Tourism affecting travel to countries of natural or ecological involvement, typically under the counsel of a naturalist, for the intent of loosen uping via detecting wildlife and larning about the environment. The failings of these bundles may be that the travellers will non acquire the comfort during the about 8 hr winging and besides about little graduated table of operations in wellness ( due chiefly to size of populations ) limits scope of services available on the some countries such as islands. Furthermore, medical insurance portability.

The merchandising points will be:

Making one feel happy, healthier, fitter and more relaxed.

On the other manus there are several benefit for host state such as foreign

exchange, a decrease in the demand for public resources, consumer additions, and

better direction. Addition of environmental & A ; cultural cognition

Our confederates will be:

The bundle would be offered at a price reduction to those companies or travel bureaus who are connected to wellness and travel at an attractive price reduction. These organisations would include

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The travel bureaus strengths prevarication in its forces, that is touristry educated, who will be good acquainted with the home ground they will be sing. The confederates of the bureau in Malaysia will be its 2nd most of import strength. Knowledge of wellness touristry will stay its strong suit.

The failings include, a deficiency of experience. The substructure like ain coachs and launches. Finally, the deficiency of particular dealingss with any air hoses is a failing.

Opportunities: There is increasing consciousness of wellness touristry and its gross revenues is increasing at the rate of 50 % per annum.

Menaces: some new companies should be visual aspect that are offering limited but attractive wellness touristry bundles that could present strong competition.

Market Cleavage:

The travel bureau will be sectioning the market on the footing of age, income and the willingness of wellness and health of travellers. The bureau will choose group people from capital of Iran ( Tehran ) who have high income and are care about their wellness and are in the age group of 40 and supra. The ground for aiming this age group and consciousness section is that it is in this section that the age group above 40 normally look for relax and safe travel and willing to hold merriment and health. In add-on, harmonizing to the intelligence and some statistic, approximative 20 % of Tehran populations have high income and more than 70 % of them are above 40 old ages old.

. Alternate Selling Schemes

To aim the high disbursement 30 – 40 old ages age group.

2. To aim the luxury seeking concern category tourer.

Selling Scheme

Health and wellness touristry worldwide is estimated to be deserving US $ 40 billion a twelvemonth

and is turning at a rate of 30 % per annum, faster than touristry as a whole. The sum

figure of wellness and health tourers is estimated as 20~30 million per annum.

Health and wellness touristry market may be divided into three sections: I ) health

and watering place ; two ) medical touristry, and ; three ) nursing and aged attention.

The turning focal point on wellness and wellbeing has led to wellness and spa touristry

get downing to emerge as a thriving section in the 1990s across Europe, Asia, and

North America. The decennary was marked by significant investing in new resort and

hotel watering place and the renovation and ascent of bing watering place installations. Finish

watering place and medical watering place are the two classs most widely associated with wellness

and health programmes. These types of installations offer visitors the chance to

‘take the Waterss ‘ of watering places know for their wellness and health belongingss, medical

services, fitness programmes and resort comfortss.

Mueller and Kaufmann ( 2000 ) have defined wellness touristry as the amount of all the relationships and phenomena ensuing from a journey and abode by people whose chief motivation is to continue or advance their wellness. They stay in a specialised hotel which provides the appropriate professional know-how and single attention. Furthermore they require a comprehensive service bundle including physical fittingness ( physical exercisings ) /beauty attention, healthy nutrition/diet, relaxation/meditation and mental activity/education.

The selling of services dependent much on mutuality of Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources. The differences between touristry selling and other services are,

( 1 ) principal merchandises provided by recreation/tourism concerns are recreational experiences and cordial reception,

( 2 ) Alternatively of traveling merchandise to the client, the client must go to the merchandise ( area/community ) ,

( 3 ) Travel is a important part of the clip and money spent in association with recreational and touristry experiences,

( 4 ) is a major factor in people ‘s determinations on whether or non to see your concern or community. Beginning: Lovelock et Al, Services Selling

The bundle will aim the group people from capital of Iran ( Tehran ) who have high income and are care about their wellness and are in the age group of 40 and supra. The ground for aiming this age group and consciousness section is that it is in this section that the age group above 40 normally look for relax and safe travel and willing to hold merriment and health. In add-on, harmonizing to the intelligence and some statistic, approximative 20 % of Tehran populations have high income and more than 70 % of them are above 40 old ages old. Further, the placement of the bundle will do it really attractive to the evry travellers, as the pricing will be commensurate with the scheme of sensible pricing. The topographic point of distribution will be the location and web of travel agents mentioned above who specialize in travel bureaus and a company web site. Promotion shall be through dad ups in different site popular in the mark section.

The emblem would hold a beach with some tree in it and the full bundle would be e-mailed about three months before the summer and New Year ( Noroze ) holidays. The chief disbursals will associate to going costs and the embarkation costs.

Good word of mouth reappraisals would be the key to winning and the barriers to success would be flop trips. There can be a figure of grounds for flop trips, unexpected disbursals ; disease or even natural catastrophe can spell havoc for such trips. The degree of work that is got by word of oral cavity can mensurate the success.

Short and Long term projections

We expect that the company will accomplish its mark of $ 1 million by manner of gross revenues and this is expected to convey in net incomes of about $ 22,000. This is likely to increase to gross revenues of 3 million and a gross revenues border of 30 % in the 3rd twelvemonth. At this degree the company is likely to stabilise.

7. Decision

The most of import map of the circuit directors will be local coaction in Malaysia with their staff.. A cardinal component of an Wellness Tour is healthy life styles every bit good as Willingness of patients to go for attention. This may be making via comprehensive scope of services, from massage and Ayurvedic therapy to yoga and outdoor diversion installations. The end of this bundle is to direct traveller invitees home experiencing happier, healthier, fitter and more relaxed. Everything is contained within the wellness watering place resort, leting invitees to loosen up and concentrate on themselves.

financess that are available with the bureau.

fiscal aims.

profile of the boosters or the staff available with them & A ; thought of their nucleus competences.

inside informations installations or webs available with the boosters.

The internationalisation procedure of Wellness Tourism


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