In recent old ages. there has been a batch of advancement in the cognition country of undertaking direction ; nevertheless. many companies continue disregarding the techniques and tools that assist the behavior of undertakings. The undertaking planning stage is considered. by many bookmans. a important phase for the success completion of a undertaking. particularly when it comes to multi-project environments ; where directors and squad members participate in multiple. coincident undertakings. The chief aim of this undertaking is to utilize the many undertaking direction techniques and tools to be after a Fitness Festival to educate the Tampa Bay community about the benefits of fittingness and wellness while advancing the athletics of CrossFit.

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Each twelvemonth. the United Health Foundation and the American Public Health Association squad up to rank the wellness of America’s provinces. I was surprised to read that Florida was ranked figure 33. behind many provinces like Colorado ( ranked 8 ) . and Minnesota ( ranked 3 ) . How could a province named “The Sunshine State” be so low in the rankings? And how could I assist alter that? Three old ages ago. I was introduced to CrossFit. and since so. my ain wellness has changed radically. I stopped smoking. started to exert frequently. and while larning about nutrition changed the manner I eat. It non merely changed my life style. but I noticed it started to alter my household and friends every bit good. In educating people around me about the benefits of a healthy life style. they became motivated to seek it themselves.


The intent of this undertaking is to make Fitness Festival that can educate the community about the benefits of fittingness and wellness while advancing the athletics of CrossFit. “CrossFit combines aerophilic conditioning. Olympic weight-lifting. gymnastic exercises along with some other old-school preparation elements like kettlebell. rope ascent. tyre flipping and maul into day-to-day WODs ( exercise of the twenty-four hours ) ” ( Upton 2013 ) . By utilizing Project Management accomplishments. I will be able to “provide a vision of what the undertaking is to accomplish. pass on the vision to all involved. guarantee that everyone corsets focused on the vision. actuate all involved. every bit good as co-ordinate all undertakings necessary to finish the project” ( Kleim. 1998 ) .


“The first measure in the planning procedure was to place precisely what was to be delivered every bit good as the major elements of work” ( Heerkens. 2002 ) . The chief end of the undertaking was to educate the community about the benefits of a healthy life style. but we besides wanted to concentrate on advancing CrossFit. We know that CrossFit jocks are really competitory. so what a better manner to advance the athletics. but to make a friendly competition among Tampa Bay Crossfit jocks? All undertakings had to be completed under the blessing budget of $ 1000. DELIVERABLES

•Finalize Location of Event
•Develop Competition Workouts
•Plan Marketing Strategy
•Inventory of Equipment
•Obtain Sponsors and/ or Sellers
•Obtain committedness of Resources/ Volunteers


•Reserve competition location- January 18th 2014
•Create event circulars. web site and societal media- January 31st 2014
•Finalize workouts-February tenth 2014
•Confirm sellers and volunteers- February 17th 2014
•Organize swag bags- February 24th 2014
•Host Competition- March 1st 2014
Technical Requirement

•Location must suit the intended figure of jocks and witness
•There must be at least 1 justice for every squad viing
•Location must hold bathrooms
•All Athletes must subscribe a release signifier


•At least 15 jocks will subscribe up to vie
•Volunteers will non have pecuniary compensation
•Sponsors and sellers will pay an entry fee


•Sponsors and sellers will convey their ain collapsible shelter. tabular array and chairs
•DJ is responsible for all music equipment including a mike


Taylor Smith and Nicole Smith


The Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS ) is “developed by sub-diving a procedure. merchandise. undertaking. or service into its major work elements. so interrupting the major work elements into sub-elements” ( Stewart. 1995 ) . The WBS is the “skeleton and foundation of every undertaking and acts as the project’s major support mechanism” ( Dow. 2010 ) . I have found it to be utile in non merely undertakings. but besides in any brainstorming session. It helps team members “remember all major parts of work to be accomplished” ( Stewart. 1995 ) . Making a focal point helps form the squad and hence. assure that all major deliverables are recognized.

The WBS “graphically displays all the work points for the undertaking in a individual chart” ( Dow. 2010 ) . so it can be used as a helpful communicating tool. The WBS is besides used to cut down the “possibility of convergence. duplicate and redundancy of tasks” ( Stewart. 1995 ) . There is a batch of misconception that the WBS is an organisational chart or a agenda. PMs have to be really careful in explicating the map of the WBS as it does non hold a sequence and should non be used as the project’s agenda.

Undertaking NETWORK

“The web diagram’s intent is to sequence and logically order all undertakings on a undertaking. It’s an organisation of the undertaking layout” ( Dow. 2010 ) . It allows for the PM to cognize what undertakings are being worked on. their continuance. when they should get down and when they should complete. along with any predecessors and replacements. Furthermore. the PM should place the project’s critical way in order to delegate the best squad members to those undertakings. as those undertakings are critical to keep “cost and agenda savings” ( Warburton. 2013 ) . CRITICAL PATH

The critical way will help with keeping control and maintaining the undertaking on agenda. “The critical way is derived by executing two uses of the schedule- a forward base on balls and a backward base on balls. The forward base on balls calculates the earliest times ( or day of the months ) that activities can get down and complete. The backward base on balls calculates the latest times ( or day of the months ) that activities can get down and finish” ( Heerkens. 2002 ) . “The critical way is the longest way and the shortest clip in which a undertaking can be completed” ( Warburton. 2013 ) . The critical way activities are the 1s the PM needs to pay most attending to as “one twenty-four hours of slippage in a critical way activity means one twenty-four hours of slippage in the overall project” .

Cost Estimate

I started my undertaking with a high level/ macro appraisal. I used my experience from a old In-House competition I planned as the footing for gauging the current competition event I am planning” . “While this method is less dearly-won than other techniques. in most instances it is besides less accurate” ( Hill. 2009 ) . Even though the terminal deliverable ( host a competition ) is the same. there are a batch of differences between In-house and a community competition. The range is much larger. the timeline is greater. a batch more resources are needed. etc. This is why a Bottoms-Up or Micro estimation is a better technique. This type of estimation is “used when the PM wants to better the estimation and history for hazard and appraisal uncertainty” ( Heldman. 2013 ) . Unfortunately. this technique is difficult to make in the beginning phase of the undertaking because there is non adequate information at that clip. The best clip to utilize this technique is after the PM finalizes the Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS ) . During this technique. the PM will gauge the cost of each activity in the WBS. “The cost and truth are driven by the size of the single work packages- smaller work bundles increase both cost and accuracy” ( Hill. 2009 ) .

“The computations used in the Program Evaluation and Review Technique ( PERT ) attack acknowledge the variableness built-in in each activity and applies rudimentary statistics in a manner that accommodates the variability” ( Heerkens. 2002 ) . PERT uses three estimations. “The most likely clip is the attempt to finish a undertaking under normal or sensible conditions. The most pessimistic clip is the attempt to finish a undertaking under the worst imaginable fortunes. The most optimistic is the attempt to finish a undertaking under the best or ideal circumstances” ( Kleim. 1998 ) . PERT CALCULATION

Estimated Cost = Optimistic Estimate + 4* ( most likely estimation ) + Pessimistic Estimate
$ 800 + 4* ( $ 1. 000 ) + ( $ 1. 500 ) = $ 1. 050


This undertaking is non expected to justify a net income. Its aim is to educate the community about wellness. nutrition and the athletics of CrossFit. Patrons. including dress shops. equipment shops. etc. will pay a fee of $ 250. 00 each. The financess will travel towards each athlete’s swag bag ( which will include a competition jersey ) . The fee will besides be used for the purchase of jerseies for voluntaries and Judgess. All Sellers. including vitamin shops. athleticss drinks. and any nutrient seller will pay a fee of $ 100. 00 each. The fee will be used for the selling of the competition which will include all vendors’ information and advertisement.


“Risk direction is a proactive effort to acknowledge what can travel incorrect and to be after ahead” ( Warburton 2013 ) . Hazard coverage is the act of informing squad directors and senior direction of those hazards. RISKSCONSEQUENCES

Not adequate jocks will subscribe upPotential cancellation of undertaking Judges/ voluntaries don’t show up on competition dayDelay and over-allocation of resources Athlete does non subscribe a release and gets hurt during competitionLiability to the Sponsor Property harm caused by heavy equipment Cost non in budget


The earned value construct consists of analyzing the yesteryear. nowadays. and future in order to find the terminal point. IDBaseline EstimateSpent to DateCost to Complete Revised ForecastUnder ( Over )

1 $ 1. 000 $ 200 $ 600 $ 800 $ 200
1. 2 $ 200 $ 200 $ 0 $ 200 $ 0
1. 3 $ 100 $ 0 $ 100 $ 100 $ 0
1. 4 $ 100 $ 150 $ 0 $ 150 ( $ 50 )
1. 5 $ 80 $ 95 $ 0 $ 95 ( $ 15 )
TOTAL $ 1480 $ 645 $ 700 $ 1. 345 $ 135

*** Local companies donated money towards the undertaking in return for advertizement. which covered some costs within the planned budget*** RECOMMENDATIONS/ LESSONS LEARNED

Even though I understood that the undertaking range was one of the most of import paperss. I did non “invest an appropriate sum of clip to to the full understand all facets of the project” ( Heerkens. 2002 ) . That caused a batch of otiose clip on my portion. as I struggled keeping the timeline and managing over-allocation of resources. During the WBS exercising. I was clueless on what to make. so I kept concentrating on “how” to present a undertaking and ended up blowing a batch of my team’s clip. After understanding the intent of the exercising. I was able to concentrate on “what” work was needed to be performed and non “how” to make it. The PM needs to do certain every squad member understands the constructs of what each “exercise” is. Many SMEs. stakeholders. etc. are non familiar with project direction accomplishments. When I was working on the web diagram. I realized I made the incorrect premise on the continuance of some undertakings. and had to set those times in order to run into the deadline.

That created even more force per unit area on the. already “stretched thin” resources. I besides had to unite some undertakings in order to simplify the diagram. The one time detached undertakings of committedness from Athletes. Sponsors. and Sellers are now combined and have the same continuance clip. After larning the importance of holding the best people assigned to critical activities. I had to switch the assignments of resources and add other voluntaries to assist with the be aftering stage of the undertaking. Besides. I could hold done a better occupation acknowledging alterations in the critical way through the on-going agenda updates. If non done. the “PM could really good spend clip. money. and resources contending fires that don’t needfully affair ( i. e. non in the critical way ) ” . ( Heerkens. 2002 ) . Understanding the cost estimation is highly of import as it will drive the undertaking. It took me a long clip to understand the construct in relation to my undertaking. as resources were voluntaries ( non paid ) and a batch of the budget came from fees paid by sellers and patrons.

In hindsight. I would hold preferred picking a different type of project- 1 that I could clearly explicate each cost. The biggest defeat and biggest lessons learned came from MS Project. Not being familiar with the application ; I struggled finishing that assignment. I learned the tool is first-class and hope to utilize in the close hereafter ; nevertheless. the PM should non try to assure to present something without holding a basic cognition of the procedure or tool being used. I had planned to run the agenda based on a 7 day/ hebdomad work agenda ; nevertheless. could non calculate out how to accurately alter it in MS Project. so I had to invariably pull strings the undertakings and continuance to seek to suit the timeline. I hope to run the same exercisings and use the same tools during the following CrossFit completion I get involved in. I am funny to see how I go about it and see the difference in consequences.


Dow. W. ( 2010 ) Project Management Communications Bible. John Wiley & A ; Sons. 2010. Heldman. K. ( 2013 ) . PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide. John Wiley & A ; Sons. 2013 Heerkens. G. ( 2002 ) Project Management. McGraw-Hill Companies. Inc. . 2002 Hill. G. ( 2009 ) . The Complete Project Management Methodology and Toolkit. CRC Press. 2009. Kleim. R. and Ludin. I. ( 1998 ) Project Management Practitioner’s Handbook. AMACOM Books. 1998. Stewart. D. and Wyskida. R. ( 1995 ) Cost Estimator’s Reference Manual. John Wiley & A ; Sons. 1995. Upton. J. ( 2013. May 10 ) . The CrossFit Craze: 5 Reasons You Need to Get In on It. [ Blog station ] . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. huffingtonpost. com/julie-upton/crossfit_b_3240705. html Warburton. R. and Kanabar. V. ( 2013 ) . The Art and Science of Project Management. RW Press. 2013.

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