Bible tells us that when a adult male looks on a adult female to crave for her he has already committed criminal conversation in his bosom. If you are dressed in a manner that tempts a adult male to make this secret ( or non so secret ) wickedness, you are a participant in the wickedness. By the manner, some colza victims would non hold been raped if they had dressed decently. So can we truly say they were guiltless victims? ( Galofaro, 2010, “ Blame the victim ” )

I ‘m certain many of you are merely every bit aghast as Keisha was, but booklets like these are nil new. The designation of adult females as ‘prey ‘ , apt to be attacked on the footing of how they dress, or any behaviour for that affair, is a contemplation of sing adult females as belongings, the belief that adult females have bureau in determining their ain behaviour, non for themselves or their freedom but for the benefit of society. For centuries, we have blamed the victim and denied the maltreater any ego control and answerability for the action, which contributes to adult females ‘s subordination in society. Despite attempts to assist lasting colza victims receive justness, many people still believe adult females contribute to being raped by acting a certain manner or have oning telling apparels.

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An event like Keisha ‘s happens every twenty-four hours and many times in the name of God. It is from theistic philosophies that adult females are officially declared as unequal, low-level and inferior to adult male, allowing work forces the authorization to command them. As the foundation to the 3 major universe faiths, the Bible dictates the belief systems and values of 1000s of people and how they understand the universe. It is considered a moral codification and following its instructions is compulsory. Could the Bible ‘s expressed subjection of adult females be the ground Keisha was handed a booklet faulting her for work forces ‘s maltreatment of adult females? It ‘s hard to state but I want to inform you of why I consider faith to be the root of male domination and gender inequality. Understanding faith ‘s patriarchal texts and rites will give penetration into the systemic nature of force against adult females and victim blaming.


Marriage and household is a really big portion of our society and their saving is important to most faiths. It is considered to be a gift from God and should be treated as a sacred, womb-to-tomb bond between one adult male and one adult female. The Bible describes a codification in which matrimony has moral and societal deductions. Although matrimony is practiced otherwise today, the Bible imposes Torahs where the adult female is regarded as belongings to the hubby, marginalized as a mere object that must provide to the wants and demands of her hubby. Male domination is the footing of the spiritual establishment of matrimony and can be interpreted as warranting force against adult females:

“ Wifes be capable to your hubbies as you are to the Lord. For the hubby is the caput of the married woman merely as Christ is the caput of the church, the organic structure of which he is the Savior. Just as the church is capable to Christ, so besides wives ought to be, in everything, to their hubbies. ” ( Ephesians 5.22-24 NRSV )

In her article “ Religious Issues and Violence Against Women ” , Marie Fortune explains one ground for this misogynism: “ The Manichaean position of the mind-body split assigned the sexual or animal ego to adult females and provided justification for adult females ‘s subordination. ” ( Fortune, pp. 375 ) Religious philosophy views the unequal distribution of labour and the hierarchy in matrimony to be built-in and natural, asseverating “ adult female is the beginning of wickedness, and it is through her that we all die. ” ( Ecclesiasticus 25.24 ) These Torahs and instructions have created a witting and unconscious position of adult females that has continued for 1000s of old ages with annihilating effects. Why have we yet to come on from these ancient codifications? How are they act uponing our behaviours and commanding our idea, belief, and pattern? We no longer see adult females as belongings yet we still establish our morality codes around instructions that advocate male privilege as a manner of commanding what is truly theirs.

Since impotence and passiveness is ingrained in spiritual instructions, force against adult females is strongly tolerated and seldom challenged. Fortune asserts that the Bible alternatively is filled with “ narratives of adult females ‘s experience of force, but the moral instruction revolves around the misdemeanor of male belongings rights that her misdemeanor nowadayss. ” ( Fortune, pp. 382 ) As a consequence, adult females have experienced serious effects and have even been advised to go on opprobrious relationships because their ultimate responsibility is to continue the household. During an in-depth interview with a spiritual adult female who had been abused, Nash and Hesterberg found that she was frequently times told go forthing her hubby was against God ‘s will and it was her duty to alter him. She said by “ emulating a ‘sanctified woman’-her illustration would promote ‘godly ‘ behaviour within [ her hubby ] and terminal. . . the rhythm of maltreatment. ” ( Hesterberg et al. , 2009, pp.350 ) There have been many cases where spiritual leaders have advised against divorce and even made alibis back uping the male batterer ( Potter, pp. 267 ) Denying that the maltreater holds duty for his actions and explicitly victim faulting foliages adult females trapped with no 1 to turn to. If we ca n’t even swear our spiritual leaders, who can we swear?


Many surveies have been conducted sing spiritual adult females in opprobrious relationships and one commonalty between them was adult females ‘s trust on other people and denial of their ain ego bureau. Potter conducted a survey on black adult females ‘s usage of faith and spiritualty while in opprobrious relationships and found that adult females relied on their religion and idea freedom would come from opposition ( Potter, pp. 271 ) . Very seldom did they impute the cause of violent events to their domination seeking hubbies. God would alter their lives if it was in his will, otherwise it was the adult female ‘s mistake. One adult female in Potter ‘s survey even accredits her ability to get the better of dependence to God. It is this submissive relationship with God that may account for their inactive relationships with their hubbies. Rarely do they give themselves any power or any control over the state of affairss in their lives. They yield to God and later their hubbies and a failure to make so do them to fault themselves. Kylie, a adult female in Hesterberg and Nash ‘s survey, concluded she could bring around her opprobrious matrimony if she had relied on supplication more and did n’t interfere with God ‘s program to alter her hubby ( Hesterberg et al. , 2009, pp. 351 )

If faith taught that adult females were merely every bit active as work forces in relationships, had merely every bit much power in their lives, statistics of maltreatment would surely be different. Fortune mentions a society where “ adult females are respected, portion power every bit with work forces, and take part to the full in spiritual leading. ” They regard sexual force as “ unnatural, non portion of the created order or the nature of worlds, and non ordained by God as inevitable. ” ( Fortune, pp. 373 ) Womans are agents of their ain fate merely every bit much of work forces and antediluvian spiritual instruction has continually denied adult females the rights they deserve. This has set the tone for the manner work forces view adult females and adult females view themselves, making a changeless separation. Until we acknowledge these issues, the marginalisation of adult females will go on, they will go on to be disadvantaged and without freedom in its entireness. Violence against adult females has deep roots in history and I think patriarchal faiths and the rhetoric environing them is responsible for a big bulk of it. I ‘m inquiring you to halt faulting the victim and supply them strength and resources for get bying. If every individual is created in God ‘s image, so God would non accept a universe where people are considered weaker and powerless.

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