Australia has been one of the successful states in the touristry field in the past decennary, but some distant countries need to be improved. In malice of the planetary economic system worsening for the first clip since World War II, the figure of international tourer reachings to Australia in 2009 equaled 2008 remains steady at 5.6 million, and there is besides an addition in visitor darks six per cent and visitant outgo by five per cent ( Australia Government Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism, 2009 ) . However, the spread of advantages come from touristry has been unsmooth ( Hohl & A ; Tisdell, 1995 ) . Some parts gain the benefits derived from touristry, for illustration, Melbourne and Sydney, whereas, most parts of the state are avoided by the flow of tourers, peculiarly the distant countries of cardinal and northern Australia ( Hohl & A ; Tisdell, 1995 ) . However, some finishs at the northern fringe of Queensland, such as the Cape York Peninsula ( CYP ) , do hold the possible to go a celebrated finish ( Hohl & A ; Tisdell, 1995 ) . Consequently, the authorities should develop the peripheral part to be a tourist finish.

In this study, the CYP is chosen to be a distant finish, which should be developed in a touristry conveyance system. This is because this peripheral country provides a broad diverseness of attractive forces and activities that could move as a accelerator to pull the figure of visitants to go to Australia. Furthermore, the figure of visitants going to the distant part has grown dramatically. Statistically, between 2003 and 2009, the figure of domestic tourer reachings to Cairns airdrome increased from 1 to 1.5 million ( Cairns Airport, 2009 ) . It implies that the visitants may go to the Cape York Peninsula because the Cairns airdrome is the nearest airdrome of the distant country, and besides they are more interested in sing the country. Additionally, the CYP is the last Australian boundary, which is located on the northernmost tip of Australia ( Tourism Queensland, 2010 ) . Based on its location, this peripheral part is alone and is capable of doing the powerful sense of escapade and accomplishment to the tourers when traveling to and seeing the top terminal of Australia. Harmonizing to Gee and Fayos-SolAA? ( 1997 ) , the feelings of the person are one of the chief factors in motive. When finishs can make the sense that people need, people will go to those finishs in order to run into their satisfaction ( Gee & A ; Fayos-SolAA? , 1997 ) . In conformity with these grounds, the CYP is the peripheral part, which should be developed in a touristry conveyance system in order to pull more tourers.

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Tourism attractive forces and activities

The Cape York Peninsula has a figure of possible attractive forces, but the most of import one is the tip of Australia. Harmonizing to Tourism Queensland ( 2003 ) , the first ground why tourers visit the CYP is that they would wish to see the top terminal of Australia or stand at the tip. The attractive force, which acts as a symbol of the part, makes tourers a great feeling of challenge from making the top of the state and accomplishment something that merely few people have. The activity when traveling to the tip is 4WD drive. It provides the 4WD experience and gives visitants the escapade experience, for illustration, when traversing the river or brook. As a effect, it can be mentioned that the tip should be recognised to be the first and most important attractive force of the part to pull more tourers to the finish.

The 2nd indispensable attractive force is the CYP itself. The finish gives the sense of farness, wilderness, privacy and isolation to travelers. In conformity with Tourism Queensland ( 2003 ) , tourists visit the CYP because of the singularity of the country. It can be assumed that these senses of the part could experience them far off from their usual life. Therefore, the CYP itself is able to pull visitants who would wish to hold a wholly different vacation experience and leave the busy metropolis life.

Ultimately, national Parkss are the 3rd possible attractive force of the CYP. In 2002, 77 % of travelers to Cape York visited national Parkss ( Tourism Queensland, 2003 ) . This kind of attractive force gives visitants non merely natural experience but besides enjoyment when going along the route to the tip of Australia. The cardinal national Parkss are the Lakefield National Park, the Mungkan Kandju National Park, and the Jardiene River National Park. There are legion activities, which are capable of doing visitants experience enjoy in these national Parkss, such as off-road drive, encampment, fishing at the beach, walking, birdwatching, cycling, and carnal screening. In short, the national Parkss have a capableness of pulling visitants.

Conveyance system

( Using a map and any available visitant statistics )

3.1 Road Transportation

The chief conveyance system of the Cape York Peninsula relies on route transit. Harmonizing to the statistics, a high proportion of Australian visitants to the CYP, which accounts for over 80 % , used their ain auto or 4WD to make at that place ( Tourism Queensland, 2003 ) . Oversea tourers ( 36 % ) were much more likely than Australian travelers ( 3 % ) to utilised a hire auto ( Tourism Queensland, 2003 ) . The major route of the part is Peninsula Development Road ( Map 1 ) , which is from Cooktown to Weipa and 560 kilomertres long ( Cape York Peninsula Development, 2007 ) . This route is chiefly soil and crushed rock, and is unpassable during the moisture season. Furthermore, there are merely 35.8 kilometers sealed with the bulk of this being South of Palmer River ( Gutteridge Haskins & A ; Davey Pty Ltd. , 1995 ) . Not merely the Peninsula Development Road but besides the old Telegraph Track should to be developed. The old Telegraph Track is connected to the Peninsula Development Road and passes the Jardine River and so goes to the northmost tip of Cape York ( Map 1 ) . This route is besides uncertain and unsmooth. Consequently, Queensland Transport and local governments, who are responsible for building and keeping province controlled roads and local roads severally, should upgrade these roads in order to pull more visitants to see the CYP.

In add-on to these uncomfortable roads, there is a deficit of signage, maps and visitant information Centres ( VICs ) on the critical countries and roads, for illustration, the North of Weipa and in peculiar North of the Jardine River and along the old Telegraph Track ( Tourism Queensland, 2003 ) . The directorial and enlightening signage should be besides improved to chief sites and attractive forces. Harmonizing to Taylor, Nelson and Sofes ( 2001, as cited in Olsen, 2002 ) , giving the information is of import for the thrust tourer determination on taking a thrust trips and a deficiency of information is one of the important barriers act uponing on taking drive vacations. Therefore, cooperation between chief administrations, such as Queensland Transport, local governments, map suppliers and authorities bureaus, is the chief component to make an integrated information web and maintain signage, maps and VICs in order to do visitants make up one’s mind to take thrust vacations to the CYP.

Apart from the signage, there is a deficiency of installations such as public lavatories and telephone. The deficit of public lavatory comfortss and littering of lavatory paper throughout the finish are recognised to be negative by most visitants, even though they have a low outlook for public lavatory installations before sing the part ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) . Toilet comfortss in some countries, such as national Parkss, are besides found to be unequal because of hapless care ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) . In instance of public telephone installations, although public phones are provided at chief towns in the CYP, legion visitants have an experience of trouble when utilizing them because telephones require a phone card or coin-operated telephones are jammed with coins ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) . As a consequence, authorities bureaus should supply more public lavatories and keep them, and besides heighten public telephone handiness and care in order to run into tourist satisfaction.

3.2 Air Transportation

Airlines, which is in an country such as the CYP that has assorted east west river systems taking to the moisture season in a series of stray sector, are a critical manner of transit for touristry every bit good as local domestic and commercial transit. Importantly, if the moisture season traffic is to be grown and peak and trough form that is obvious in most of the Peninsula is to be decreased.

While there is a high-quality system of airdromes, non all of which are available for visitants, the agendas of air hoses are non utile for travelers to the CYP. Furthermore, air services are designed for fear and local rider demands, non for touring. For illustration, the tourer to Cooktown must ever returns to Cairns to go on to any other Peninsula finish if the visitant wishes to continue by air ( James & A ; Courtenary, 1995 ) . As a effect, direct flights, such as from Cooktown to other finishs by non returning to Cairns, should be organised by air hose administration.

Regular commuter flights linking to other finishs within the CYP operate from airports such as in Weipa and Cooktown ( Gutteridge Haskins & A ; Davey Pty Ltd. , 1995 ) . There is a restriction of trading hours. For case, Weipa airdrome, which is little and located at the tip of Cape York, is merely opened from 1pm to 2pm on Monday to Saturday, and between 5pm and 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ( Qantas Airways Limited, 2010b ) . Hardy ( 2003 ) suggested that service quality must be systematically high for the continuance of the journey and the handiness of merchandise including trading times and entree for visitants must be considered in order to run into visitor satisfaction. Although it may non be profitable for concern afflicted with terrible seasonality to transport on with gap in the low season, opening hours must be suited for the degree and demands of visitants ( Hardy, 2003 ) . Therefore, opening times of the airdromes in the CPY should be changed to be appropriate for the travellersaa‚¬a„? degree and demands in order to accomplish tourer satisfaction.

In add-on, air hoses offer a limited figure of visitant seats, charter and regular tourer flights from Cairns to over parts of the CYP ( James & A ; Courtenary, 1995 ) . For illustration, Qantas air hose provides merely few flights a twenty-four hours from Cairns to Weipa and from Weipa to Cairns ( Qantas Airways Limited, 2010a ) . As a consequence, the air hose administration should be increased the flight figure in order to pull more visitants and run into their satisfaction.

3.3 Sea Transportation

In the touristry industry, sea transit of the CYP relies on the sail market. Soon, it has a small benefit to touristry in the CYP. Most vass of any size cruising in the finish halt at Cairns and do non venture into the CYP ports or anchorages ( James & A ; Courtenary, 1995 ) .

The obstructions of cruising the CYP is that there are few ports, which are capable of suiting the present cruising, and besides few locations, which are able to supply attractive forces to riders of sail ships ( James & A ; Courtenary, 1995 ) . Hence, the authorities should tie in with local governments and administrations in the touristry industry to set up more ports, set up the attractive forces and advance the sail path.

Possible Market

The possible market for route transit in the CYP can be visitants going by autos ( self-drive ) , who are 45-64 old ages of age, grownup twosome, domestic, travel from Queensland and Far North Queensland, and take a trip of two hebdomads or less. Harmonizing to the statistics in 2002, the bulk of visitants to CYP travelled as portion of an grownup twosome ( 38 % ) and a group of friends/relatives ( 26 % ) ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) . The cardinal age group of visitants to the CYP is 45 to 64 old ages, and visitants are from Queensland and Far North Queensland, which accounts for 32 % and 22 % severally ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) . Furthermore, 61 % of visitants spent two hebdomads or less in the CYP ( Queensland Tourism, 2003 ) .

For air transit in the part, the possible market can be visitants going by air hoses, who are 25-44 old ages of age, grownup individual, domestic, and take an path of 3-5 yearss. This is because this group of visitants has a capableness of paying a flight ticket and would wish to take a short vacation interruption. Therefore, they would wish to salvage a clip for the journey by taking an aeroplane.

Apart from the possible market for route and sea conveyance, the possible market for sea conveyance can be visitants who travel by sail, are over 65 old ages old, twosome, domestic, and take a trip of 8 yearss or over. The travelers have an ability of buying a luxury trip, have a clip to pass for a long vacation and prefer to hold a restful clip on sails.

Volume and location of growing

In footings of route substructure, upgrading the Peninsula Development Road in 25 kilometers in Laura and constructing a span traversing a brook such as Melsonby and Ruths will about be 21 million. Additionally, set uping new VIC and bettering signage in CYP will be about 200,000. Hence, the sum of route substructure development is around 21.2 million. It is estimated that this betterment could pull more 100,000 tourers to the CYP and could derive 50 million from their travel next twelvemonth after keeping.

In contrast with the development of installations at the airdrome such as track, lavatories, going and reaching terminuss, and public telephone will be an estimated 30 million. Approximately, it could actuate more 40,000 visitants to the part, and there could be an addition in the sum of gross, which accounts for 20 million, in the undermentioned twelvemonth after the development.

In add-on to the betterment of the route and airdrome substructure, making a new port for the sea conveyance of the part could be good for the CYP. The new port constitution will be about 50 million. The figure of travelers could raise about 30,000 visitants to the country. The touristry reception of the part in the undermentioned twelvemonth after making a new port could about turn 15 million.

Schemes to develop conveyance entree

In order to increase the touristry gross, the authorities should subsidize the betterment of the Peninsula Development Road, the signage care and the constitution of a new VIC. This is because the bulk of visitants travel within the CYP by autos and upgrading the route can do them experience easy to entree to and within the part. This connects to the visitorsaa‚¬a„? length of stay and the tourer outgo. When they go to the finish and satisfy, they will pass a batch of money on the finish, for illustration, nutrient and drink, attractive forces, activities and adjustments. Furthermore, travelers will reiterate trial if they meet their satisfaction on the finish. In other words, the support in developing the route is valuable because the gross returning to the country is much higher than the investing. In comparing with giving the subsidy the airdrome development and the new port edifice, both infrastructures cost much higher than the route sweetening. Even though the betterment of air and sea substructure can pull more visitants to the part, it is non good for the short term because their cost is high and the part will lose in investing. However, it may be utile for the country in the long term to increase the touristry gross and the figure of visitants. Consequently, the authorities should back up the route development at first in order to turn the regional and province gross, and so subsidize the betterment of air and sea transit after holding adequate money to put.

In route development position, the authorities should recognize that many visitants who have been to the CYP are protective of the part and would prefer it to continue its isolation and basic tourer supplying. Travelers are attracted by the singularity of the country, and the sense of challenge and escapade that the part nowadayss. Although the troubles are sometimes proposed as unappealing, being capable of get the better ofing these troubles is perceived as a persuading chance. Furthermore, some constituents such as hapless roads and hard brook traversing are accepted in general because they prevent the crowds of visitants, and therefore many travelers would prefer these elements remain unchanged. It will be important to guarantee that any sweetening in the CYP does non decrease the alone entreaty of the part and ensures long term environmental sustainability.


The Cape York Peninsula, which is located on the northernmost tip of Australia, is a peripheral country that should be developed in a touristry conveyance system by the Australian authorities. The CYP offers a broad scope of attractive forces and activities that could move as a motivation to pull the figure of visitants to go to the state. The most important attractive force of the part is the tip of Australia. Visitors would wish to see the top terminal of the state and base at the tip. Second, the CYP itself gives the sense of singularity, escapade and challenge to visitants. Another attractive force is national Parkss, which provide natural experience and enjoyment to tourers when going along the route to the tip of Australia.

The conveyance system of the CYP comprises of route, air and sea transit. The bulk of the conveyance system relies on the route transit. The major route of the country is the Peninsula Development Road, which connected with the old Telegraph Track to the tip of the state. Both of these roads are uncertain, unsmooth and unpassable during the moisture season. There is besides a deficiency of signage, maps, VICs and installations such as public lavatories and telephones. In the air conveyance, air hose agenda are non utile for tourers and air services are planned for fear and domestic riders, non for touring. Furthermore, the trading hours of airdromes in the CYP and the figure of traveller seats, charter and regular visitant flights provided by air hoses from Cairns to over parts of the part are besides limited. For the sea transit, sail is the chief market of the sea conveyance in the CYP. Most ships cruising in the country halt at Cairns and make non travel to the CYP ports. The figure of ports, which can suit the present cruising, and the attractive forces are besides limited.

The most of import possible market trusting on the route transit can be visitants going by autos ( self-drive ) , who are 45-64 old ages of age, grownup twosome, domestic, travel from Queensland and Far North Queensland, and take a trip of two hebdomads or less. This is because the growing volume and location of route substructure is higher than the air and sea substructure. Therefore, the authorities should give the subsidy to the development of the Peninsula Development Road, the signage care and the edifice of a new VIC in order to turn the touristry gross. Importantly, the authorities should guarantee that any betterment in the CYP does non take away from the alone entreaty of the part while at the same clip guaranting long term environmental sustainability.


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