A hero. a fabulous or legendary figure frequently of godly descent endowed with great strength or ability ( Merriam-Webster ) . There are two types of heroes. heroic poem heroes and modern heroes. Odysseus. one of the most celebrated heroic poem heroes of all time. will be compared to Mahatma Gandhi. a modern twenty-four hours hero. to see if there truly is a big spread dividing the two types. However. one thing is certain. modern heroes can be indistinguishable to epic heroes if they are larger than life. embody the ideals of their civilization. embark on a parlous journey. and possess super-human. outstanding features.

Epic heroes are ever larger than life ; nevertheless. modern twenty-four hours heroes can accomplish astonishing efforts excessively. Odysseus. an heroic poem hero. demonstrated this through the gods’ intervention with his personal businesss. Poseidon played a major function in strike harding Odysseus off class ( Applebee. 912 ) . Besides. he is so celebrated. that people all over Greece know him. For case. the Phaeacians sung about Odysseus’ victory in Troy to Odysseus merely a twosome of old ages after it happened ( Mythweb ) . Gandhi. my hero. achieved independency for his state utilizing merely nonviolent protest.

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This is shown by the “Salt March” . in which he embarked on a 240 stat mi March. protesting about the British salt revenue enhancement. which made it illegal to sell or bring forth salt. leting a complete British monopoly ( Thenagain ) . Besides. he has quotes that will populate on everlastingly. such as. “Where there is love there is life” . “You must be the alteration you wish to see in the world” . and. “An oculus for oculus merely ends up doing the whole universe blind” ( Proverbia ) . These quotation marks are some of the most used and perennial quotation marks of all clip.

In different ways. Odysseus and Gandhi are both larger than life. turn outing that heroic poem heroes and modern twenty-four hours heroes aren’t really different after all. Another feature of heroic poem heroes would be how they embody the ideals of their civilization. In “The Odyssey” . Odysseus warns Polyphemus. a elephantine. man-eating Cyclopss. that it would confront Zeus’ wrath if he doesn’t dainty him nicely ( Applebee. 902 ) . This shows us how the Greeks attention a batch about a healthy host-guest relationship and vice-versa. The latter is proven when Odysseus slaughters the suers who didn’t behave good at his palace in his absence ( Applebee. 955-960 ) .

Besides. holding their lives spared. the two shepherds were rewarded for staying loyal to Odysseus. turn outing that the Greeks admire those who are loyal ( Applebee. 947-948 ) . Gandhi. on the other manus. embodies the passive resistance of his civilization. Within a month of him merely garnering salt from a beach in Dandi. people all over India were doing salt illicitly. and more than 100. 000 were sent to gaol ; many fell victim to patrol force. but none retaliated or even defended themselves ( Herman. 99-101 ) . In fact. as the wise Mahatma one time said. “Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up” .

Gandhi besides embodies the unimportance of his people. In fact. a adult male have oning Gandhi’s image around his cervix considered Gandhi to be the exclusive cause of his recovery from palsy ( since he recovered after expressing the Mahatma’s name ) . Sing this. Gandhi said. “It is non I but God who made you whole. Now will you non compel me by taking my exposure off your neck” ( Fischer. 288-289 ) . This shows Gandhi doesn’t position himself as more than another mean adult male. an astonishing trait. Incarnating the values in 1s civilization is besides another shared facet between heroic poem heroes and modern twenty-four hours heroes. contracting the rift between the two sorts even more.

An heroic poem hero ever embarks on a long parlous journey. “The Odyssey” . depict Odysseus’ journey place in a really elaborate manner. Odysseus faces many dangers on the manner. including Polyphemus. a fierce. one-eyed giant. Circe. a delusory temptress. and two sea monsters. Scylla and Charybdis. Polyphemus was a large menace to Odysseus and his crew because he was traveling to devour all of them. stoping their journey ( Applebee. 906 ) . Besides. if Hermes. the courier God. didn’t warn Odysseus about Circe’s powers. he would be another smelly swine on her island ( Applebee. 920 ) .

Last. when Circe didn’t warned Odysseus Odysseus that he has to lose six work forces in order non to acquire sucked into Charybdis. a vortex. Odysseus may hold ne’er returned ( Applebee. 930-931 ) . Gandhi has gone on a long journey excessively. the journey to give his state independency. Gandhi began to believe of ways for his voice to be heard. but non to ache anyone. He instantly had followings that joined him in his inactive protests. Gandhi’s protests didn’t ever go every bit planned. In fact. he was imprisoned on legion occasions. including the old ages 1922. 1930. 1933. and 1942.

Merely because he was in gaol didn’t mean he would halt contending for his rights. One of Gandhi’s most celebrated protests was the Salt March from March 12 to April 5. 1930. Gandhi and 1000s of Indians marched 400 kilometres to bring forth their ain salt. This was a major statement because any money spent on salt that was bought in India went to Britain. After his March. 1000s of people were jailed. but were subsequently freed when Gandhi and Lord Irwin negotiated a trade. Finally in 1947. India declared independency from Britain ( Myhero ) ( Thenagain ) .

Both Gandhi and Odysseus embarked on long. parlous journeys. turn outing to us one time once more that a modern twenty-four hours hero can hold similar experiences with an heroic poem hero. One trait Odysseus shared with Gandhi is leading. Odysseus shows his leading skills infinite times in “The Odyssey” . One of the times it was most evident was when he saved his work forces from being trapped on the isle of the Lotus-eaters ; “All hands aboard: ” said Odysseus. “come. clear the beach and no one gustatory sensation the Lotus. or you lose your hope of home” ( Applebee. 898 ) .

Another scene where Odysseus’ leading accomplishments radiance is when he goes back to deliver his work forces from Circe’s hall. “Eurylocus Tells Odysseus what has happened and implore his captain to sail away from Circe’s island. Against Eurylocus’ advice. nevertheless. Odysseus rushes to salvage his work forces from the enchantress” ( Applebee. 920 ) . Gandhi’s leading accomplishments were the exclusive ground for India’s independency. On March 12. 1930. Gandhi and 78 male “activists of truth and resolution” ( satyagrahis ) started their 23-day-long journey.

To each small town they passed. Gandhi gave a address. and more work forces joined the March each clip ( Thenagain ) . This shows Gandhi was able to take one of the most influential nonviolent protests India has of all time seen with easiness. utilizing his speech production accomplishments to cheer the shy into fall ining the opposition. It was he. Mahatma Gandhi. who led the Salt March. That March began a series of protests that resulted in the shutting of many British stores and Millss ( Thenagain ) . and finally the independency of India.

Leadership accomplishments are yet another facet that forms the close resemblance of the two heroic types. heroic poem and modern. Bravery. the authoritative heroic quality. is what separates heroes from mean work forces. Odysseus and Gandhi. both being heroes. make non miss this quality. but alternatively it thrives and prospers within their psyches. Odysseus exhibits his courage on infinite occasions ; one of them being when he worked up the bravery to inquire the elephantine Cyclopss Polyphemus. after seeing the petrifying animal for the first clip. to handle them good. lest it face the wrath of the Gods. …as is custom to honour aliens.

We would bid you. great Sir. hold a attention for the gods’ courtesy ; Zeus will revenge the unoffending guest” ( Applebee. 902 ) . Gandhi has besides shown ample sums of courage during his journey ; an astonishing effort demoing this being when he started picking bantam balls of salt in Dandi after his March ( ) . an illegal act. This simple action. this minor offense. this is the pebble that started the rockslide. the little discourtesy which caused India to be free. Heros. these brave existences cause great things. no affair what type they are.

Heros. by definition. people noted for efforts of bravery or aristocracy of intent. particularly one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life ( Thefreedictionary ) . are classified into two types. Is at that place a huge difference between these two types. heroic poem and modern? The reply is that it is plausible for a modern hero to be thought of as an heroic poem hero if he/she has specifying. typical traits. is larger than life. goes on some kind of unsafe trip. and personifies the values of his/her civilization.

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