Discipline means staying by. or adhering to. certain regulations or norms of societal life. Discipline is what a individual imposes on himself taking it as his responsibility to God. to society. or to some other establishment. It remands a rigorous control over an individual’s rights and privilege. which if allowed swelling unbridled and unregulated may ensue in upset and lawlessness in societal and political life of a state. Discip¬line is critical to a successful life. Without discipline ground forces is reduced to a broken rabble. democracy degenerates into dictatorship and societal life becomes helter-skelter and lawless.

Nature provides the best illustration of subject in life. In nature all the planets move in their orbit ; the seasons change in conformity with a set order. twenty-four hours and dark follow each other at regular intervals. Man must take lessons from Nature. Our life should be punctuated with subject. Discipline is of premier importance in every domain of man’s life. In a household. members have to work as a cohesive squad under the charge of the ‘Pater families’ i. e. . the male parent or the bread-winner.

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But if the sense of subject is non instilled into the heads of the members. each traveling his ain manner in his ain mode. life in the household becomes a life snake pit. in our societal life. we are required to follow certain norms of behaviour and do a harmonious accommodation between our rights and responsibilities. Without this our societal life will go a muss and will shortly travel out of cogwheel. Even in little daily things like walking along the route. get oning a coach. purchasing a ticket from the counter or making. or acquiring a work done in a govern¬ment office. citizens must demo a sense of subject.

Discipline is the anchor of the political life of a state. If a political party is torn by internal rife or differences. or if it suffers from groupies or undiscipline. it can non commend any prestigiousness or followers of the common adult male. If a leader is undisciplined. he can non even dream of going a darling leader of the people. Discipline and democracy go manus in manus. Democracy necessitates a balance between rights and responsibilities. between ‘self-regarding actions’ and ‘other sing actions’ . But if in a democracy subject is missing. it will work like a fast running car without brakes.

It is bound to ensue in pandemonium. and be replaced by a absolutism or a totalitarian authorities Oklahoman or subsequently. Discipline is necessary both for the instructor and the pupils. A instructor is the leader of his charges ; He must possess and main¬tain an rational and moral subject of a high order. However learned and scholarly a instructor may be. but if in his personal life he leads an undisciplined life. he will ne’er be able to win and com¬mand the regard and obeisance of pupils. Similarly. merely a dedi¬cated and disciplined pupil can carve out a superb calling for himself and function the fatherland.

Wanton indulgence in undiscipline. work stoppages. presentations. drug-addiction. crushing up of instructors in scrutinies. molestation of misss. boycotting categories. withstanding the governments and contending pitched conflicts with the constabulary. which has become the curse of pupil life in free India of today are. in a manner. the negation of the-very subject and intent of the pupil life. Dis¬ciplined pupils are the pillars of a nation’s strength and with their strength of character they can raise a state to the great highs of advancement.

Some people entertain the erroneous belief that subject is a restraint on autonomy and self-realization. They are antipathetic to disciplined and they reach really aggressively whenever some limitations are im¬posed. This is non right. This type of freedom perverts into licence. We must recognize that subject entirely can guarantee all-around advancement and promotion of the state. In fact. subject is the basic rule behind the advancement and smooth working of an person and a state. It is indispensable for the saving of societal values. But subject should be inborn and self-imposed instead than externally imposed.

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