Da Vinci CodeA ( A engA : A The Da Vinci CodeA ) is aA crimeA thrillerA by American writerA Dan BrownA publishedA 2003rdA year.A The narrative follows the renownedA HarvardA ” symbology ” A Robert LangdonA andA Sophie NeveuA , while look intoing a slaying inA Paris’A LouvreA , uncovering wing battle betweenA Sionskog priorijaA andA Opus DeiA as possible about the fact thatA JesusA had a kid withA Mary MagdaleneA .

Edition of the novel prompted a big public involvement in the fable ofA the Holy GrailA and the function of Mary Magdalene inA the historyA of ChristianityA .A Many ChristianA denominationsA have condemned the book as an onslaught on theA Roman Catholic ChurchA , while others have criticized the historical and scientific inaccuracies.

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The book became a worldwide best seller with over 80 million transcripts sold to theA 2009thA twelvemonth, A [ 1 ] A and has been translated into 44 linguistic communications.

The secret plan of the book begins to slay Jacques Saunierea ( Grand MasterA Sionskog prioryA ) , curatorA of the ParisA Museum ofA LouvreA , which kills a member of the sectA Opus DeiA , albinoA SilasA ( who works for a individual known as a instructor ) , looking for information about the location of points that will take him toA the Holy GrailA .A Specifically, Sauniere was Grand Master Sionskog priory.A He says he has already agreed a prevarication, believe that Silas, and he is wounded and goes.A Meanwhile, in Paris guestA AmericanA symbology from Harvard, Robert LangdonA , who helps patrol captainA edentulous FacheuA explain the slaying, because of the reference of his name in Sauniereovoj message.A In the interim, thereA Sophie NeveuA , granddaughter Sauniereova, which is converted to the inspector, and Langdon warned that it plans to convey to Fache.A Alone, Sophie explained to him that Sauniereova message is really intended for her.A The message besides contains a series of anagrams and conundrums, which Langdon and Sophie managed to decipher.A Once you find a image of the key that Sauniere was concealing, managed to lead on the constabulary and flight from the museum.A Fache reveal their ruse, and no success seeking to halt them.

On the other side of Silas, the direction goes false atA the Church of Saint-SulpiceA and there looking for what he wanted, but shortly realizes he was tricked.A The secret of the Holy Grail was lost because he killed 4 people who merely knew the location of points he needed.

Meanwhile, Robert and Sophie decipher the mystifier and detect the key to this is the cardinal safe bank inA ZurichA , where to start.A The keeper let them, called the constabulary and inform the bank director.A Andre Vernet.A Vernet them personally greeted and allows them to come in into the safe, but besides aid during the flight because he was a good friend Sauniereov.A Robert and Sophie are coming from the foreman, but I do non cognize the entree code.A Soon it turns out that the entree codification 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21, which corresponds to the first eight Numberss, A the Fibonacci seriesA .A In the vault areA kripteksA , the device dials in which the papyrus.A To open it requires a password.A With kripetks got the conundrum with which to open it.A Since the constabulary had already entered the bank, Vernet manages to smuggle them out of the bank in the armoured truck.A Over clip, Vernet hear false information to Robert and Sophie are responsible for the deceases of 4 people, and they eventually decide to give up to police.A Fortunately, they manage to get the better of it and steal the truck.A Robert and Sophie go to see Robert’sA EnglishA friend, SirA Leigh TeabingA .A Teabing was invalid, but it is considered the greatest expert on the inquiry of the Holy Grail in the world.A He hides them on his farm, and they tell a narrative about the Holy Grail and the secret ofA Mary MagdaleneA .A The constabulary shortly located, but Teabing guarantee their flight.

BishopA Manuel AringarosaA travels toA ParisA to Silas took over the point you are looking for.A Five months ago, theA VaticanA informed him that they want to get rid of the support of Opus Dei.Shortly after that, called it a cryptic instructor, a adult male who promised to assist him turn up the Holy Grail, and so do it the most powerful adult male in the world.A Aringarosa was his protege , Master Silas recommended, and this gave him waies to the Holy Grail.A Silas, who is alsoA flagelantA , shortly gets a call Maestro who tells him that all is non lost, and that is the key to the Holy Grail in Teabingovoj home.A Silas Teabingovu traveling into a house and assailing household members.

Teabing, Sophie and Robert succeeded him onesposobitii adhere him as a hostage.A At this point, at their farm foraies by police.A Roberta board Teabing, Sophie, Silas and Remy to his pantryman in a private plane and transported them toA LondonA .A The plane solve the mystifier and unfastened kripetks, but know that inside there is another 1 with another zagonekom.A Soon discover that the following mystifier is associated with a church, where they go and how to decide it.A Remy and Silas remained in the auto, Remy and Silas released shortly, both waies to the church, take kripteks and Teabing as hostage.A Then detect how and Remy work for the Master.A Robert and Sophie flight and travel to the library, where manage to happen the key to the puzzle.A The determination, which refers to “ the knight as he buried Papa ” is mentioning toA Alexander PopeA ( “ Pope ” ) andA Isaac NewtonA ( “ Knight ” ) , takes them toA Westminster AbbeyA where he is concealing a last resort.

During this clip, Master Silas sent to the central office of Opus Dei in London, where he welcomed the constabulary, and that it kills.A Teacher toxicants Remy and I went to the abbey with kripteksom.A When he realizes that Robert and Sophie at that place, leave them a message that has Teabing and takes them into a trap.A Robert and Sophie eventually confronted with the Master, face to face, you discover that the instructor really Leigh Teabing, and that the whole narrative was fake.A Teabing so pointed a gun at them and coercing them to work out the riddle.A Robert manages to work out it, but at that minute comes, which the constabulary coming to Teabing.

Silas come to the centre of Opus Dei ( which is besides sent ) , but at that place welcome the constabulary and Bishop Aringarosa.A On the despair shooting at constabulary, but by opportunity early bishops.A Bishop drove to the infirmary, and he survives, while Silas was wounded died in a park.

Robert and Sophie travel toA ScotlandA because it suggests at that place trace.A Then the secrets of the Holy Grail eventually resolved.A As Teabing said, the Holy Grail is non an object but a individual, a descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and Sophie Neveu is a portion of that line of descent, that is a distant descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.A Sophie decides to remain in Scotland with the freshly grandma and brother, and Langdon returns to Paris, by the Commissioner gets apology Fachea, and eventually, in the concluding scene, he realizes that theA SangrealA ( the grave of Mary Magdalene ) , for which the Church struggled for many old ages, and by the Crusaders sought inA JerusalemA , is really below the surface of the Louvre in Paris.

The secret of the sanctum grail

The character SirA Leigh TeabingA in the novel explains the secret of the Holy Grail, get downing with the averment that the figure depicted withA Jesus’A right manus inA LeonardovojA Last Supper, A Mary MagdaleneA , non theA apostle JohnA .A Further explains that Mary Magdalene was really Jesus Christ ‘s married woman and that, during his crucifixion, was pregnant with his child.A Teabing explains that the droppingA of the chaliceA ( which is thought to be actuallyA the Holy GrailA ) was knowing, and that Leonardo knew that Mary Magdalene is really the Holy Grail and the line of descent of Jesus as narrated in the signifier of a child.A Teabing thesis argues that the place of the organic structure of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which form the missive “ V ” , the symbol of the sacred feminine.A The skip of the apostle John explained by the fact that the John referred to as a ” adherent whom Jesus loved ” A , which is codification for Mary Magdalene.A Teabing besides stressed that the colour of their apparels merely the opposite: The nazarene has a ruddy adventitia and bluish cloak, and John / Mary has a bluish adventitia and ruddy plaA?tA?to may typify the two halves of their matrimony.

As the novel explains the secrets of the Holy Grail, which keeps theA Priory of SionA are the undermentioned:

The Holy GrailA isA the chaliceA , but a adult female namedA Mary MagdaleneA , which therefore carries the line of descent of Jesus ( the blood ) .

Old FrenchA term for the Holy Grail, A San grealA , is really a punA Sang RealA , intending “ royal blood ” .

Grail relics consist of paperss that testify to descendants, every bit good as from the really castanetss of Mary Magdalene.

These relics hid theA Priory of SionA in a secret crypt, perchance under the foundations ofA Rosslyn ChapelA .

The church is the truth about Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ concealed more than 2000 years.A That is the truth concealed for fright of the sacred feminine, which would convey into inquiry the primacy of the Apostles ChurchA of St. PeterA .A In add-on to turn outing that Jesus was merely human, non divine.

Mary MagdaleneA was of baronial blood ( via theA Benjamin tribeA ) and the married woman of Jesus ( a descendent ofA the folk of DavidA ) .A The fact that she wasA a prostituteA fabricirala the Church itself to conceal the existent nature of their relationship.A At the clip of the crucifixion, was pregnant.A After the crucifixion, he fled toA GaulA , where she provides helpA JewsA inA MarseillesA .A Mary Magdalene gave birth to a girl namedA SaraA .A Lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene became theA FrankishA Merovingian dynastyA .

The secret of the being of subdivisions was recorded in the paperss that theA CrusadersA discovered after the conquestA of JerusalemA 1099thA year.A Priory of SionA and theA Order Templar knightsA were formed to guard this secret.

Harmonizing to the novel, the enigma of the Holy Grail is associated with Leonardo ‘s work as follows:

Leonardo district attorney Vinci was a Grand MasterA Sionskog priorijaA and therefore knew the secret.A The secret is really revealed in his frescoA The Last SupperA , where he did non demo any actualcupA .A The individual sitting to the right Jesus was non a adult male but a adult female, his wifeA Mary MagdaleneA .A Many subsequently playback is non enabled until theA 1954thA when the Restoration of the district attorney Vinci created the original book, placing features of the female signifier of John / Mary.

AndrogynyA Mona LisaA is really a symbol that represents a universe brotherhood of adult male and adult female, or matrimony of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.A Such an association of work forces and adult females for many old ages was a menace to the established power of the Church.A I have the image name is really an anagram of the name “ Amon L’Isa ” , which is a mention toA AmonA andA IsisA , the “ male parent ” and “ female parent ” inA Egyptian mythologyA .

In add-on to Brown and the other authors have speculated on the possible paternity of Jesus.

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