This twelvemonth this organisation has elected to raise a memorial to honour the fallen military heroes of Jacksonville. Florida. Some demographics of this big metropolis are its’ multigenerational and diverse cultural population. varied socioeconomic span. and of class. the big military representation. both active responsibility. retired. veterans. and their households. The location of Jacksonville in nor’-east Florida is a great way station topographic point for tourers doing their manner to Orlando or Tampa and the fieldfares on their journey to southern Florida for the winter. The location of the memorial should be centralized and near a major main road. perchance Interstate 95 between Interstate 10 and Interstate 295 South. Jacksonville. Florida is a military town and rich in its military history. Harmonizing to United States Census Bureau QuickFacts ( Jacksonville. 2008-2012 ) about 81. 000 veterans live here. This figure represents 10. 5 % of the entire Jacksonville population.

When including Orange Park and Jacksonville Beach to these Numberss the veterans’ entire figure additions to about 85. 000. This figure is non brooding of the household members environing the veterans. The QuickFacts sheet goes on to province that the mean family in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Beach. and Orange Park. is about 2. 50 individuals. The figure of persons populating in the greater Jacksonville. Florida country straight related to the military member adds another 127. 500 people for a sum of 170. 000 ( QuickFacts Orange Park. QuickFacts Jacksonville Beach & A ; QuickFacts Jacksonville. 2008-2012 ) .

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We will desire to take a cardinal location for the memorial as Jacksonville. Florida has the greatest land mass in the Continental United States with 885 square stat mis ( Insider’s Guide to Jacksonville. Florida. 2014 ) . By centralising the location we can pull as many of Jacksonville’s occupants to see the memorial. We must besides take into consideration the easiness of entree to the memorial for out of province visitants. If the location is excessively complicated to acquire to many people will non see the site.

The memorial site will besides hold a visitor/gift store with smaller images of the Fallen Heroes Monument for sale. along with military memorabilia of the two naval military installings. Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport. and Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island Command along with military collectibles. The assorted National Guards outfits along with the Coast Guard will be represented every bit good. The gift shop will be maintain and staffed by Naval Air Station Jacksonville and returns will assist with the care of the memorial. We will construct the shop as portion of the memorial site. The City of Jacksonville has donated the land in the name of the local fallen heroes. The undertaking hopes to capture national attending with its advanced design and handiness of military collectibles. We want non merely the Jacksonville. Florida occupants to take pride in this memorial but the State of Florida and our state.

Fund-raising will be accomplished by making out to local military and seasoned organisations. The Veterans of Foreign War. American Legion. Student Veterans of America. and American Veterans are all onboard to assist with fundraising events like auto washes. cook-outs. and big pace gross revenues. We have besides partnered with the local bike nines in Jacksonville. Florida who have scheduled several Saturday drives throughout the province. Historically the rockerss nines have donated big amounts of money to events such as ours. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Fire Department are besides roll uping contributions to assist defray the entire cost of the memorial. Naval Station Mayport and Naval Air Station Jacksonville will hold golf tourneies to back up the edifice of the memorial. Grants from the City of Jacksonville and from the State of Florida have been pledged. There will be a website having the future memorial and contributions can be accepted at that place every bit good.

Military forces come from all ages. racial ethnicities. socioeconomic degrees. and spiritual backgrounds ; it is a just appraisal to foretell that the visitants to the memorial will be of the same diverseness. The selling way will be of one from pride in our nations’ military work forces and adult females. the good work they do the universe over. and the forfeits they have given. The local community is to the full committed to the undertaking and is apparent by the big figure of private subscribers.


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