1st male monarchs 19:1-21 explains how God restores the fallen and how God gave bravery to Elijah who was frustrated. Elijah gets deep into the wilderness following Jezebels menace after he put Baal Prophetss to decease[ 1 ]. She thought so much on how she supported the priests. The fact that they died in custodies of Elijah during the competition at Mt Carmel which was conducted to turn out to the Hebrewss that Yahweh was the true life God and that Baal worship was false escalated her rage.

That is when Jezebel sent a courier to Elijah vowing to make to him what he had done to the Baal priests. When Elijah saw this he was so demoralized, hence he rose and ran so for the safety of his life. He went to Beersheba and prayed to God that He take his life[ 2 ]. Elijah secluded himself even more beyond the metropolis of Beersheba.

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Elijah was a mighty adult male of supplication, mightily plenty such that he could halt both the rain and the dew for the long he would desire and mighty adequate to command them through his supplication, hence he now prayed to God that he may decease. Indeed, the supplication was non answered for Elijah for his mission was non yet accomplished. And in the terminal Elijah wan non even to decease but went directly to heaven.

Elijah had seemed to believe that what had happened during the competition in Mt Carmel would alter Ahab and Jezebel, and besides the leading of Israel in general, therefore, he had forgotten that Israelites rejected God despite the grounds they had about the true Yahweh. So he sat under a retem tree and wanted to decease but God had more approvals in shop for him, he was to hold the most fantastic disclosure of God on Mt Horeb and from so on he ne’er had a weak bosom once more. He blamed himself for the failure of his mission although he was a evildoer same manner as the remainder of his ascendants.

God ‘s ministry to the despairing Elijah was to travel on and carry through Gods bid so as he lay and slept under the broom tree an angel of the Godhead touched him and said to him “ arise and eat ”[ 3 ]. Then he looked, and at that place beside him was bread baked on coals, and a gallon of H2O, he ate the nutrient drank the H2O and fell asleep once more. The angel appeared to him for the 2nd clip and one time once more told Elijah to wake up and eat for the journey he was about to take was excessively long. He woke up Ate and drank and he went in the strength of that nutrient 40 yearss and 40 darks every bit far as Horeb, the mountain of God[ 4 ]. This was clemency of God extended to Elijah, he needed remainder and refilling and God gave him rest under the tree and provided marvelous nutrient God allowed the prophesier clip to retrieve from his religious depression excessively.

God let Elijah mend himself by traveling to a cave to pass the dark, the Lord came to him and asked what mission he had there and Elijah answered, “ I have been really avid for the LORD God of hosts ; for the kids of Israel have forsaken Your compact, torn down Your communion tables, and killed Your Prophetss with the blade. I entirely am left ; and they seek to take my life. ”[ 5 ]

God so revealed Himself to Elijah commanding him to travel out to the mountain, and stand before Him, that is, the Godhead. The Godhead appeared to him, accompanied by a great strong air current interrupting the stones into pieces before the Lord, after which an temblor followed, but the Lord was non at that place in all ; and after the temblor a fire, but the Lord was non in the fire ; and after the fire a little voice[ 6 ].

God ordered Elijah travel, return on his manner and anoint Hazael as male monarch of Syria and farther anoint Jehu the boy of Shaphat of Abel and Meholah the prophesier in your topographic point. It will go on that those who will get away the wrath of Hazael will be killed by Jehu and who will get away the wrath of Jehu will be killed by Elisha.I have reserved seven thousand Hebrewss who have non worshipped the Baal Gods, and it is so that Elijah departed and did as God had instructed.

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Elijah is seen as a fearful prophesier following Jezebels menace to kill him after the Baal Prophetss are killed and the Gods destroyed. Jezebel becomes annoyed and attempts to revenge what Elijah had done by killing him ; this shows how Satan had entered Jezebel act uponing her. Elijah reacted by running off to the wilderness and found himself doubting GodA and he gets really afraid for he does non cognize what to make. Elijah ne’er stopped until he got to the boundary line of Samaria and he went every bit far as south to the desert region.A Coming to rest under a broom tree he prays a stupid supplication and asks God to allow him decease. it is normal for human nature to experience vulnerable when they have succeeded and Elijah was traveling through this at this point. He ends so low and prays that he may decease but God declines his supplication. Here God demonstrates His fidelity particularly when we are afraid as seen in this instance.

God ‘s proviso for Elijah is seen when he sends an angel to convey nutrient and H2O to care for his physical demands. This nutrient was heavenly sent and proved so by supplying Elijah with complete nutriment which lasted him 40 yearss and 40 darks in the wilderess.he went on due south to Sinai coming to Mt Horeb.[ 7 ]A This is the same topographic point that God appeared to Moses in a combustion shrub, besides Moses led the Israelites here after their flight from Egypt and it was the same topographic point that God gave Israel the Law.

Moses and Elijah: were the two greatest Prophetss of the Old Testament[ 8 ]. But they ne’er felt great during their clip for each one went through turns of depression. They both came to a point when they felt like entire failures. When they were brought to this mountain they each found strength to travel on with their several journey.

Elijah so goes to the cave of disheartenment which all of us can place with and so decides to demo himself to Elijah by traveling to a mountain top and HE talks to him in a soft voice. Here God shows that Elijah should swear him for He is caring He calls for us to come to Him and He will offer a topographic point to rest[ 9 ]. Elijah complains to God, and so he is promised to win during his mission. Elijah was wrongA to hold in head that he is lonely since the Godhead is at that place for him.A Alongside him, A there are other leftovers of seven thousand people who did non idolize Baal.A On the event of Israel devastation, these would therefore be protected by God.

Elijah so proceeds to anoint Elisha as his replacement who happened to come from a rich household. Despite this, his will was to go forth behind all this wealth to function the Godhead. Elijah found a comrade in Elisha hence could non walk entirely once more.

From the construction of 1 Kings 19 it is clearly ascertained how God renewed and encouraged a self-destructive Elijah. First he gives him divine nutriment from particular nutrient and H2O and a promise of a successful trip. This makes it possible for Elijah to make Horeb the mountain of God. Still Elijah is in uncertainty and frustrated although he has renewed strength wants more reassurance from God.

God informs Elijah that the Godhead programs and intents do non depend merely on him, and he is instructed to retrace his stairss, return to ministry, and execute specific undertakings on God ‘s behalf[ 10 ]. This narrative comes to an terminal with a renewed Elijah naming and developing Elisha to be his helper who will transport on his ministry after he departs.

A modern-day illustration will be a senior individual naming a immature individual and mentoring him or her in assorted subjects for leading like in concern, faculty members or even the church. We would non construe such an action as a responsibility of the individual but as acknowledgment of how of import it is to steer and foster the following coevals of leaders. The most of import lesson to Elijah is that through his return to ministry and naming Elisha he continues to play a important function in transporting frontward Gods intents.

Christians are largely discouraged as they face difficult times in life. However, we should respond and hold the same religion in God as Elijah did, bearing in head that he is our savior and there is no manner he can allow us to fall into problems. Implying this religion, Christians would confront all challenges and troubles in life with great power is through Christians faith that they can carry through the will of God, therefore Christians should understand that God is ever naming us back to him to swear and hold faith in him.

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