Chad Foster’s book Teenagers Preparing for the Real World. is a great motivational piece for teens and leaves a permanent feeling on the reader. In the chapter “Mr. Ten and Mr. President. ” Foster instills the importance of contacts and friendly relationship in a person’s life. His illustration of Mr. X shows childs that a friendly relationship formed in a person’s younger old ages can pay off greatly down the route. emotionally and even financially. He so tells the narrative of his father’s foremost experience in the work universe. where he met two work forces. had a brief friendly relationship for a few months. so moved.

Foster senior continued to match with these work forces for the following 30 old ages. ne’er even seeing each other. As it turns out. one of these work forces was President George Bush and Foster had the chance to run into him in individual. This narrative is important because it shows that everyone grows up to be person in the universe. and someday you merely might desire to be their contact. Overall. this is a really good set together chapter and rebelliously leaves an feeling on the reader.

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