About every faith in the universe has a narrative about the “Great Flood” which destroys the Earth. and each teaches its followings a different narrative about this catastrophe. While the Babylonians have the narrative of Utnapishtim from the Epic of Gilgamesh. the Judeo Christians have Noah from the Bible. Both work forces save a few people and many animate beings. In these narratives. Noah and Utnapishtim seem to hold similar state of affairss. but a farther analysis shows how genuinely different the two narratives are. The boats in each narrative are exceptionally different.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh. Utnapishtim’s boat was six narratives high. had nine flats in each narrative. had a level underside. and was one hundred and twenty cubits high every bit good as broad ( par 5-6 ) . Utnapishtim covered the interior of his boat with bitumen. and covered the exterior of it with pitch ( par 6 ) . Noah’s Ark was made of cypress wood. and was coated in pitch on the interior and out ( 6:14 ) . It was three hundred cubits long. 50 cubits broad. and 30 cubits high ( 6:15 ) . It had three decks. a door. and a roof ( 6:16 ) .

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The Lord shut Noah in the Ark with his household and the animate beings. and Utnapishtim shut himself in when the inundation Waterss came ( 7:16 ; par 9 ) . Each narrative Tells of a storm. but there are conflicting differences in each one. The storm in Utnapishtim’s narrative lasted for six yearss and six darks ( par 14 ) . On the 7th twenty-four hours. the rain stopped and the Waterss receded ( par 14 ) . They stayed in the boat for at least another hebdomad before they decided the land had dried plenty ( par 16 ) . The storm in Noah’s narrative lasted for 40 yearss and 40 darks ( 7:17 ) .

The inundations were on the Earth for a hundred and 50 yearss ( 7:24 ) . Noah. his household. and the animate beings stayed on the Ark for three hundred and ninety two yearss ( 7:6. 8:14 ) . Utnapishtim stayed on the boat until the Corvus corax did non come back. and Noah stayed on the Ark until God told him to come out ( par 16 ; 8:15-16 ) . Noah and Utnapishtim each sent out birds to allow them cognize when they could go forth the boat. but sent out different 1s in different parts of their narratives. When the Waterss started to withdraw. Utnapishtim sent out a dove foremost. and she came back happening no topographic point to rest ( par 16 ) .

He so sent out a sup. which besides returned ( par 16 ) . The 3rd bird he sent out was a Corvus corax. and she did non return. for she had found a topographic point to rest ( par 16 ) . The first bird Noah sent out was a Corvus corax ( 8:7 ) . He sent out the dove following. but she returned with no topographic point to rest ( 8:8-9 ) . He waited for a hebdomad and sent the dove out once more. and she brought back an olive subdivision ( 8:10-11 ) . He waited yet another hebdomad and sent her out once more. but this clip. she did non return ( 8:12 ) . In each narrative. the birds that let them cognize the H2O is gone are different.

Noah and Utnapishtim seem to last similar state of affairss in each narrative. but they are a far call from each other. Each of their boats is built in different dimensions. are made from varied sorts of stuffs. and structured otherwise. The storms in each narrative lasted for miscellaneous periods of clip. and they were inside the boats for different lengths of clip as good. They both sent out different birds for assorted grounds in their narratives. Each narrative clangs with the other in legion typical ways.

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