The intent of this essay is to explicate the intent of the jurisprudence and how it relates to the new compact of Christ. Paul wrote to the Galatians in response to the terrible crisis that erupt in the church. He wrote to support his call as an apostle, to rectify erroneous instructions of false instructors who insisted that that the non Judaic Christians had to obey the Judaic Law and traditional regulations in add-on to believing in Christ ( Gal1:6, 2:21 ) besides to talk for Gospel of redemption that comes by religion in Christ Jesus[ 1 ]. Therefore, this essay focuses on how Paul builds his instance, consistently rebuke the Judaizers and demonstrates that redemption is by God ‘s grace through religion in Christ Jesus, and non by maintaining the jurisprudence ( Gal 3:21-4:31 ) . Finally explain the relation between the Law and the new compact and its deduction of the Law on the moral clime of today.

Paul learned that false instructors were carrying his new converts in Galatia to abandon his instructions of redemption by religion but to accept the Mosaic Law as necessary demands for redemption and inclusion in the church. On hearing this, Paul argues that legal demands such as Circumcision, observation of Judaic festivals and nutrient Torahs under the old compact have nil to make with redemption in Christ Jesus under the new compact. He stated that no one base justified before God by detecting Mosaic rites ( Gal2:15-21 ) . But instead our religion in Christ Jesus put us in proper relationship with God and acquits us from wickedness. But what worried Paul most was the attitude of some members of the Galatians church who holding received the gift of the spirit when they believed Gospel of justification by religion but are now compromising by accepting the instructions of the Judaizer ( Gal1:6, 3:1 ) . But Hansen explains that the ground for this was that the Galatians were experiencing a loss of societal individuality because of their new found religion[ 2 ]. Already they had been excommunicated from the heathen temples and the Judaic temples. Therefore, they sought designation and family with the Judaizers who required from the Galatians an individuality peculiar to Judaic people ( Circumcision ) , and with the observation of the jurisprudence ( Gal2: 12-14, 4:10, 5: 2-3, 6: 12-13 ) .

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The word for Law in Hebrew is “ torah ” , in the Grecian linguistic communication it is referred to as “ nomos ” , which merely means instruction or way[ 3 ]. It was received by Moses at Mount Sinai after the state Israel was redeemed from bondage in Egypt ( Ex20:1-2 ) . It consists of the Pentateuch, and other related commandments of God for Israel. Through the jurisprudence Israel learnt how to populate righteously toward God and their neighbors. Hence it can be grouped into three classs: the moral law-dealings with regulations for sanctum life, the civil jurisprudence, covering with legal and societal system and the ceremonial jurisprudence, covering with all the rites of worship and sacrificial system ( Ex20:1-17 ) . Furthermore God introduced the Law to be a impermanent defender for his people, a shadow of his program toward redemption of all work forces. Therefore it was ne’er intended to be lasting but to fix them for the coming of Christ ( Gal 3:22-26 ) .

Purpose OF THE Law

Addition to the Promise

Paul reiterates that the new compact was a promise given to Abraham and his seed four hundred old ages before the Law was given. The jurisprudence hence can non alter the promise given to Abraham and his seed. Therefore to Paul the Law was an add-on to the promise, therefore it can non put aside the compact ( Rom5:20, Gal3:15-19 )[ 4 ]. Its intent is wholly different from that of the promise, because it was added to exposed human province of wickedness and the demand to trust on God ‘s clemency for redemption. Therefore the jurisprudence ceased to be with the coming of the promised seed to Abraham. That is Christ ( Gal3:16 ) .

Reveal Transgression

Another intent of the Law is that it reveals evildoing, specify what wickedness is and demo wickedness as the misdemeanor of God ‘s will. Therefore the Israelites were expected to obey the Law to the comprehensiveness which is non possible in order to prolong their relationship with God. Harmonizing to Matera the jurisprudence is non a agency of deserving redemption but of doing evildoers to be cognizant of their wickedness and the demand to trust on God ‘s grace for redemption[ 5 ]. Therefore it is non adequate to do us acceptable before God. It guards us from wickedness and gives us a criterion of behavior but still drives us to swear in Christ. That is why Paul said that redemption is earned by religion in Christ Jesus non by what we do.

A Impermanent Defender

Paul province that the jurisprudence was like a instructor or impermanent guardian put in charge to steer us until Christ came ( Gal 3:22-26 ) so that they that believed might be justified by religion[ 6 ]. It guards us from wickedness and gives us a criterion of behavior to cognize God ‘s will. Paul said that now that Jesus has come, the map of the jurisprudence has come to an terminal ( Gal 3:25 ) . Therefore, we no longer seek redemption through the old compact commissariats or obeisance to the jurisprudence and the sacrificial system of the mosaic compact. Redemption is now by new compacts proviso in Christ Jesus.

The Law as indicating us to Christ

The jurisprudence was given to take us to Christ that we might be justified by religion ( Gal 3:24 )[ 7 ]. Therefore, we no longer seek redemption by the old compact ‘s proviso, including obeisance to its Torahs and sacrificial system. Redemption now comes harmonizing to the new compact ‘s proviso by the decease of Jesus.


Redemption by Faith non by Work

The word redemption in Grecian agencies rescue and it is received by religion in Christ Jesus[ 8 ]. The manner of redemption in the Old Testament is different from that of the New. In the Old Testament redemption and a right relationship with God came through religion expressed by obeisance to the jurisprudence and its sacrificial system ( Gal3:12 ) ; moreover failure to maintain the jurisprudence resulted in being under God ‘s opinion ( Gal3:10 ) for no 1 is justified before God by detecting the Law. But in the New Testament, redemption which is by religion was instituted by Jesus which he bestowed on those who responds to the message of the Gospel by religion[ 9 ]. It comes as a gift of God ‘s grace, which we appropriate by our response of religion. Paul demonstrates the high quality of redemption by grace through religion in Christ over the effort to derive redemption through obeisance to the jurisprudence in Gal 2:21. He said that if righteousness can be gained by detecting the jurisprudence so Christ died for nil.

Justification by Faith

Paul states that no 1 is justified before God by detecting the jurisprudence ( Gal 2:16-17, 3:11 ) . The word, to warrant in Grecian agencies to be righteous in God ‘s sight or made righteous or to put or set right ( Rm2:13 )[ 10 ]. Therefore no 1 can set himself right with God by maintaining to the jurisprudence absolutely or by executing good plants. Being put right with God happens through salvation that came by Christ Jesus ( Ro3:24 ) . No 1 is justified who has non being redeemed by Jesus from wickedness and its power.


In the new compact, Christ is revealed as the perfect forfeit ( Heb9:26 ; 10:5-10 ) , who paid the full punishment for our wickednesss ( Ro3:25-26, Gal3:13, Ro5:6-11 ; 2Co5:18-19, 1Pe1:18-19 ) . Believers redeemed by Christ are now free from all the expletives of the jurisprudence brought by wickedness. Once, we were in bondage and a slave to the jurisprudence, and its decease punishment[ 11 ]. Now, Christ has freed us from all these things being made a expletive from us. He made expiation for us because whatever was offered as the expiation for wickedness was considered as bearing the penalty due to transgress. Therefore, if wickedness, illness, diseases, decease, hurting and all the effects of wickedness were portion of the expletive and consequence of it, they are all atoned for and removed from us by Jesus at his decease ( Gal3:13-14 ) .

Sons non Slaves

Paul besides shows that those who are in Christ Jesus are His boies and non slaves. The jurisprudence was given merely to the kids of Israel. But the new compact in Christ was gentile inclusive. Paul states that there is no Jews or Greek, slave nor free, male nor female but instead, we are all one in Jesus[ 12 ]. He said if you belong to Christ you are Abraham ‘s seed, and inheritors harmonizing to the promise ( Gal 3:28-29 ) . Paul removes all racial, cultural or sexual favoritism with respect to one ‘s religious relationship with Christ.

Walk in the Spirit non by Law

Paul province that no affair how good the Law is it can non present from wickedness ( Rm7:15-20 ) . But the spirit set us free from the expletive of the jurisprudence and provides power to get the better of the desires of the flesh. Through religion in Christ, trusters receive the Holy Spirit and all his approvals, including the gift of ageless life. However, anyone who relies on the Law to derive redemption does non have the spirit and life, for mere jurisprudence can non leave life[ 13 ]. Paul declares in the last two chapters of Galatians that Christ lives in us by the Spirit and reproduces his life in us. That is why trusters are expected to trust upon the work of the Spirit of God to reproduce in us the life of Christ ( Gal 3:2-14, 14 ; 4:6 ) .

Dead to the Law

Paul in Gal 2:19, Rom 4:4 provinces that we no longer look to the Old Testament jurisprudence and forfeits for redemption and credence from God. We have been separated from the old compact of the jurisprudence and united with Jesus[ 14 ]. We have being crucified with Christ on the cross therefore we are dead to the jurisprudence as a agency of redemption and now alive through Christ our God.


False Doctrines

Today we see a batch of false instructors like the Judaizer who sought to enforce their imposts and patterns upon the people. They bring in civilization and imposts into the church which have no root in the bible as a demand for redemption and church inclusion[ 15 ]. Forgeting that imposts and cultural differences are nil compared to what God has done in Christ which is adequate for full rank into the church.

Liberty non License to Sin

When Jesus came he terminated the Mosaic Law conveying an ends to its regulation. Believers now live by grace non by the regulation of jurisprudence. The new autonomy we now have in Christ Jesus harmonizing to Paul does non give us license to indulge in wickedness[ 16 ]. It surely did non give us right to make anything we like, or move anyhow. Therefore we must non mistreat our freedom but to function one another with love.

Religion of Works

It is hence of involvement today that every individual faith known to adult male is a faith of works-except the gospel Jesus Christ[ 17 ]. Islam says that a adult male must pray five times a twenty-four hours, give alms and fast on the month of Ramadan and obey the bids of Allah[ 18 ]. Modern humanitarianism says redemption is by service to mankind[ 19 ]. Unitarianism says that adult male is saved by holding good character[ 20 ]. In all these instances, redemption is said to be achieved by something we have to make. But the good intelligence of the new compact is that we do n’t necessitate to make anything. Christ Jesus had paid the monetary value to liberate us all from the bondage of wickedness and decease. This he did by casting his blood and given his life for us.


The jurisprudence was given to Israel as a gracious proviso to teach Israel in righteousness and to maintain them separated from the heathen ‘s universe as God ‘s holy people. But, it was a usher station for cognizing how to love God and a shadow to the new compact. Today, we are non under the Mosaic Law but under the jurisprudence of Christ. Therefore, all trusters have been crucified with Christ on the cross. We are dead to the jurisprudence and alive through Christ our God ( Gal 2:20-21 ) .

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