Christians have ever insisted that there was something different and particular about Jesus which sets him apart from us. There is something about Jesus ‘ individual which makes Him of import. Let me try to explicate everything about Jesus and the glorious hope of the truster.

1. Why do we necessitate to support the philosophy of Christ ‘s virgin birth? Which three major philosophies are at interest? I would wish to state that we need to support the individual of Christ, His virgin birth and redemption, because the construct and the birth of Jesus Christ are supernatural events beyond human concluding. This means that our redemption can non come through us as worlds, but merely through God. Jesus, God ‘s Son, had to be free from the iniquitous nature passed on by Adam, although He did non come from Adam ( Grudem 1994:24 ) . We know that Jesus is both human and Godhead. Because Jesus lived as a adult male, we know that He understands everything a normal human being experienced. Jesus has been where we are now ( Grudem 1994:25-26 ) . Jesus grew in wisdom and had to larn like all other kids ( Grudem 1994:26-27 ) . Jesus was born of a adult female, He was human but as the Son of God. He was born without any hint of human wickedness ( Grudem 1994:28-29 ) .

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2. Explain why Jesus ‘ full humanity is critical to our religion by depicting how His salvaging work depends on His human nature. The Son of God became the Son of Man. Through His obeisance to God as a human being, Christ presented an offering to God which compensated for wickedness. Through His agony, He paid the debt of wickedness and through His licking of decease, He saved us from decease. Jesus Christ is the go-between between God and humanity. It was impossible for us to go up to God, so God chose to fall to us. We were ab initio placed on the Earth to govern, but because we fell into wickedness, Jesus Christ had to take over as swayer of the Earth. Jesus is one symbol of a human being that went through agony and still persevered. We should follow His illustration and be strong and brave in everything we do. When Jesus ascended to heaven His organic structure was perfect and one twenty-four hours ours will besides be perfect ( Douglas 1962:629-631 ) .

3. List three doctrinal significances of Jesus ‘ Resurrection and mention a Bible that teaches each one. Jesus ‘s Resurrection insures our Regeneration – We can bask our new life in Christ because we are united with Him in His decease and Resurrection. Our iniquitous nature died with Him. “ Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into decease, that merely as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorification of the Father, even so we besides should walk in newness of life ” ( Romans 6:4, LASB ) ( Grudem 1994:94 ) .

Jesus ‘s Resurrection insures our Justification – Not merely has God declared us non guilty ; He has drawn us near to Himself. Alternatively of being enemies, we have become His friend. “ Therefore, holding been justified by religion, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ ” ( Romans 5:1, LASB ) ( McGrath 1997:84-85 ) .

Jesus ‘s Resurrection insures that we will have perfect Resurrection organic structures as good – When we are resurrected, God will give us a transformed, ageless organic structure suited to our new ageless life. “ And so it is written, “ The first adult male Adam became a life being. ” The last Adam became a vitalizing spirit. ”

4. Why is Christ ‘s Ascension of import? List at least three grounds, giving Biblical support for each. Jesus said that He was traveling to heaven to fix a topographic point of me and you, so that one twenty-four hours we can follow Him. “ In my Father ‘s house are many sign of the zodiacs ; if it were non so, I would hold told you. I go to fix a topographic point for you ” ( John 14:2, LASB ) ( Grudem 1994:96-97 ) .

Jesus Christ ‘s work is finished, so He is seated at the right manus of God until He comes back. God will retrieve our wickednesss no more. “ But this Man, after He had offered one forfeit for wickednesss everlastingly, sat down at the right manus of God, from that clip waiting till His enemies are made His footrest ” ( Hebrews 10:12-13, LASB ) Grudem 1994:98-99 ) .

Jesus is waiting until His enemies are submissive, and will return as the concluding act in bringing us to go up with Him to heaven. “ And therefore the secrets of his bosom are revealed ; and so, falling down on his face, he will idolize God and study that God is genuinely among you ” ( 1 Corinthians 15:25, LASB ) ( Grudem 1994:99-100 ) .

5. Draw and briefly explain a diagram sum uping the procedure of penitence. Matthew 21:28-30, LASB is one of the best ways to exemplify penitence. “ But what do you believe? A adult male had two boies, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, travel work today in my vinery. ‘ He answered and said, ‘I will non, ‘ but afterwards he regretted it and went. Then he came to the 2nd and said likewise, And he answered and said, ‘I go, sir, ‘ but he did non travel. ”


God ‘s Word tells me about my wickedness, this causes me to be regretful because I fear His ageless wrath and power. I am regretful that I wronged Him and that I caused Jesus Christ to decease for me. This leads to repentance and redemption.

6. Explain the relationship between religion and works every bit described in James 2:14-27. We can state that true religion transforms the manner we think, behave and conduct ourselves. If our lives remain unchanged, we do non believe the truth we claim to believe. We can decidedly non gain our redemption by functioning and obeying God, but these actions show that our committedness to God is existent. Works entirely are non utility for, but it is instead a verification of our religion in Jesus Christ. James says that Abraham was declared righteous because of what he did. True faith ever consequences in plants, but plants do non warrant us. Faith brings us redemption ( McGrath 1997:291-292 ) .

7. What are the consequences of regeneration? First we must retrieve that regeneration is a religious birth so that a religious alteration can take topographic point in our lives. If we are born once more, the first thing that will alter is our Black Marias. The minute you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour the Holy Spirit will come and corroborate this in your bosom. Jesus Christ alterations us from the interior out. This new birth alterations our heads and attitudes. Your old nature will be replaced with a new life from God. Your name is written in the Book of Life and you have ageless life. Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness and all the other virtuousnesss ( fruit of the Spirit ) should so go portion of your life ( Williams 1990:159-168 ) .

8. Compare and contrast positional sanctification, progressive sanctification, and prospective sanctification.

Positional Sanctification ( Holiness ) takes topographic point instantly at redemption, even if you can non see it or experience it. Your unrecorded is at that place and so made sanctum for the Lord while Personal Sanctification ( Holiness ) is an on-going procedure. To be converted does non intend that the whole procedure Michigan at that place, no, the Holy Spirit will invariably work through and in your unrecorded. On the other manus Prospective Sanctification ( Holiness ) will go on when Jesus Christ comes to take us with Him to infinity. There will be no wickedness in our ideas, words and workss ( Smith and Lessing 2006:16-17 ) .

What is the chief dogma of the philosophy of full sanctification? Why is it an unequal position ( cite Bible to back up your grounds ) ? Entire sanctification ( being absolutely holy ) belief that we as Christians can carry through complete sanctity here on Earth and because Jesus Christ died for us on the cross our wickednesss will go less and less until we are free from the Acts of the Apostless of wickedness. The Bible describes being wholly sanctified in a different manner. “ Beloved, now we are kids of God ; and it has non yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is ” ( 1 John 3:2 ) . This means that this procedure of sanctification will non be complete until we see Christ face to face ( after our decease ) ( Grudem 1994:200-204 ) .

10. Erickson ( 1998:1010 ) summarises the glorious hope of the truster by naming four things we can look frontward to in infinity. What are they? We will be resurrected with glorious organic structures like the organic structure of Jesus Christ now has in heaven. We have the “ first fruits ” , the first down payment of the Holy Spirit as a warrant of our Resurrection life. Be assured that, holding begun a life with Jesus Christ, we have power to travel on until the judgement twenty-four hours. God will divide the trusters from the disbelievers and we must depend wholly on God. We will one twenty-four hours see God face to face. We do non cognize the replies now, but one twenty-four hours we will. One twenty-four hours all creative activity will be liberated and transformed ( Erickson 1998:249-253 ) .


Jesus Christ is to be understood as God ‘s salvaging gift to humanity. From His birth to His Ascension we see His redemptional work. All of this, He did for us, whether we accept this benefits or non, the burden lies with us.

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