St. Luke the Evangelist is besides known as Luke the Apostle. St. Luke the Evangelist ‘s feast twenty-four hours is October 18th. His name means the “ bringer of visible radiation ” ( Jones ) . He was born in Antioch, Syria ( Catholic Online ) . He was born with heathen Grecian parents, perchance into bondage ( Jones ) .

During St. Luke ‘s life, he met St. Paul the Apostle in Troas, Greece in the twelvemonth 51 A.D. ( Roberts ) . In Greece, St. Luke and St. Paul became friend, and preached the Gospel together. They traveled by boat and they became shipwrecked in Rome and had experienced other hazards together ( Jones ) . St. Luke may hold traveled with Paul for the intent of mending Paul ‘s hurts from when Paul was beaten/stoned or when Paul about drowned while prophesying all over Rome. St. Luke had ne’er abandoned St. Paul in his journey which includes St. Paul ‘s imprisonment and agonies. Paul wrote that Luke was the “ merely one ” with him ( St. Joseph Edition, 2 Tm 4:11 ) . St. Luke stayed with St. Paul until the terminal of his life ( Roberts ) .

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In the beginning of the Gospel of Luke the narrative of Jesus ‘ birth is told from Mary ‘s point of position. Mary had been peculiarly important to the Book of Luke. The Gospel of Luke showed Christ ‘s compassion towards evildoers and those who suffer. Unlike many Hagiographas of his twenty-four hours, which had been told from a Judaic position, St. Luke had emphasized the significance in Christ. St. Luke wrote about the adult females who had accompanied Jesus, those being Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. St. Luke besides included adult females who had used their ain ownerships to impart a manus to Jesus and his adherents. The Book of Luke chiefly promoted compassion for the less fortunate, hapless, unfortunate, and oppressed. In his authorship, he besides stressed the significance of prophesying to Gentiles. St. Luke ‘s Hagiographas were focused on compassion, kindness for the less fortunate, Jesus ‘ life, and the female position ( Roberts ) .

St. Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles which is the history of the early church ( Jones ) . In the Acts of the Apostles all the chapters are written in 3rd individual point of position, up until chapter 16, when the point of position alterations to the first individual. When St. Luke changed positions to the first individual, historiographers believe that is when St. Luke starts to attach to St. Paul. Later, of Acts of the Apostles the point of position alterations back to 3rd individual. Harmonizing to my beginnings, at this point in clip it is unknown if something important changed in St. Luke ‘s life that caused him to alter back to 3rd individual point of position. St. Luke was the lone Gentile to compose in the Gospel and his Hagiographas have been proven historically accurate ( Roberts ) .

He died in 74 A.D in Boeotia, Greece ( Catholic Online ) . No 1 knows how St. Luke died but, harmonizing to beginnings, he was martyred after the famine of St. Paul. Some other beginnings have stated that St. Luke had lived a long life, deceasing of natural causes at the age of 80 four, after settling in Greece and composing the Gospel Harmonizing to Luke and Acts of the Apostles ( Roberts ) .

There is small information about St. Luke ‘s miracles, but he was canonized ( Jones ) . I am diffident about when St. Luke was canonized. St. Luke had achieved much in his life-time. What he did of acknowledgment was for what was written in the Gospel Harmonizing to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. St. Luke besides was an Apostle of Jesus and had traveled with St. Paul was prophesying the Gospel in Greece ( Roberts ) . His travels with Paul were of import to his Hagiographas.

St. Luke ‘s battle was the risking of his life to assist St. Paul while prophesying. I can non associate to this battle because I have ne’er risked my life for any intent. I do n’t believe that I have the bravery to make what St. Luke had done, but I admire that St. Luke took attention of St. Paul over the old ages. I wish I had St. Luke ‘s accomplishment at authorship, his bravery, and his ability to mend. St. Luke was brave, strong, smart, and sort. I chose to compose about St. Luke because he is the frequenter saint of creative persons. I enjoy art and everything that goes with going an creative person. I would wish to pray to St. Luke to assist me go a better author and a better painter.

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