Shelter is one of the basic demands for Human existences. People spend much of their clip in their places. Therefore comfort and environmental conditions are of import facets of a house.

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However in modern-day India this ancient pattern is being termed as “ myth ” or “ supernatural ” by the bulk.Still this practise proves to be highly popular with modern-day clients, who insist on their house being built and designed as per vastu shastra.

This thesis deals with the relevancy of Vastu Shastra ‘s cardinal regulations of architecture which are based on now proven scientific facts to todays architectural and interior design patterns.

The purpose is to turn out that Vastu Shastra has a scientific background with a practical application and is non merely a superstitious notion.The intent is to unclutter the frights in the head of the people about the misconception of Vastu Shastra and its dogmas, the fright created by advisers by menaces of devastation, decease, disease and suffering life

Therefore, cognizing and using the regulations of Vastu Shastra would be highly good for any modern twenty-four hours Architect and/or Interior Designer in India.

The thesis contains four chapters.

The first chapter introduces Vastu Shastra and its regulations governed by the assorted elements of nature.This chapter discusses the history and the nowadays of Vastu shastra in India.

The 2nd chapter discusses the ‘occult ‘ facet of Vastu.It is an effort to ground out why people have an feeling of Vastu as a superstitious notion and to edify and promote the reader to analyze Vastu Sastra with an unfastened head and demystify its supernatural attire.

The 3rd chapter puts frontward assorted issues covering with environmental relevancy of Vastu Shastra ‘s regulations and their scientific backgrounds. It reveals two of import facets of the relevancy of solar energy and geomagnetic energy with Vastu.The first portion displays the vector analysis of the changing directional solar energy field as implored on stationary geomagnetic flux. The 2nd portion explains the correlativity between the motion of the sub atomic paticles and the electromagnetic flux.

The 4th chapter discusses an ideal Vastu layout and besides presents a instance survey of a modern-day undertaking with the application of vastu regulations and brief statements of the inmates corroborating their health in a Vastu based abode.

Chapter 1.Vastu Shastra in India

Vastu Shastra is an ancient edifice scientific discipline that governed the Indian architecture in the Vedic times. ‘Vastu ‘ agencies edifice and ‘Shastra ‘ means the scientific discipline so in kernel it is the “ edifice scientific discipline ” . It explains the footing of making infinites in regard to its surrounding.

Vastu Shastra originated around 3000 BC. It was foremost mentioned in the ancient Hindu Bibles like Rig Veda, Mahabharata etc.

In crude India, instruction, medicine, horoscopy, astrophysics, occultism, metaphysics and devoutness lived in obliging propinquity, their boundary lines superposing and one heightening the other. The regulations of Vaastu Shastra and environmental contemplations in residential edifices were established sing the cosmic influence of the Sun, air current way, magnetic field of the Earth and the impact of universe on the ‘Earth ‘ . House edifice design, including its internal and external environment, has customarily been the responsibility of the designers. Vastu Shastra Bibles were scribed in the olden yearss when architecture was basically for the swayers, the Lords and for the Godhead structures. The cardinal architectural Rules viz. climate, orientations, maps, planning, etc are now being overlooked by the designers and interior decorators. Particularly in India, the really fact of purchasing and having a house is considered as a mark of high category belonging to community and position in the society.

Sing environmental factors in edifices is every bit old as the architecture, the Vaastu and the ‘Vedic Era ‘ .

With the guidelines of Vastu Shastra the designers can plan edifices in such a manner that it will convey good wellness, wealth and peace to the inmates. ‘Man builds the metropolis so that the metropolis shall construct its inhabitants ‘ . ( — — – )

The approaching business of architecture has outcast the ‘Vaastu Vidya ‘ or the customary Indian wisdom of architecture. ‘Vaastu Shastra ‘ is every bit aged as cognition itself, but the practise of the ‘Vaastu Consultants ‘ is a reasonably new and modified, it addresses merely a portion of this scientific discipline. It is clip ‘Vaastu Shastra ‘ is made free of its cryptic pretense and exhibited as a rational and wise subdivision of cognition.

Vaastu Shastra is futhermore distinguished by the ‘Vaastu Pundits ‘ ( experts ) and is termed as ‘The Edifice Science ‘ ( deduction of the regulations of this scientific discipline while planing a edifice will assuredly convey peace and prosperity to its residents )

Vastu Shastra has been acknowledged as a scientific discipline derived from the survey of nature and the supernatural by the prehistoric Aryan ‘sages ‘ .

Vastu Shastra takes into history the influences of the Sun, T visible radiation and heat.It considers the impacts of Earth ‘s electromagnetic field, bio-chemical effects in a human organic structure, in order to take a healthy and comfortable life.

Advanced survey in neuro-science has proved that the Sun, the Moon, Planets which are the Cosmic counter-parts, have a one-to-one relevancy to the assorted fragments of the human encephalon.

Hence, the Vedic expression for the orientation of the home towards the E to accomplish the benefits of the forenoon Sun and a perfect house, a square with a cental unfastened infinite to avoid the scorching afternoon Sun.

Assorted complaints like insomnia, intellectual paralysis, high blood pressure, etc experienced mending in Thursday past 15 old ages with the aid of Environmental energy much before it was acclaimed by the bookmans of today through the survey of ‘Matsya ‘ , ‘Mansara’and many more heroic poems and were recognised and acknowledged as scientific discipline for illustration the military scientific discipline ‘Dhanur-Vidya ‘

The profession of the interior decorator or the designer is perfectly mistaken with the function of the astrologist.

Traditionally the Indian Architecture was acknowledged as alone and was non capable to be analysed by the western illustrations.

The cardinal regulations of Vastu Shastra are based on two of import facets

1.The five natural elements sky, air, fire, H2O and Earth and

2. The eight central waies North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, South West.

Cardinal constructs of Vastu Shastra

The whole existence is made up of the five basic elements sky, air, fire, H2O and Earth. Harmonizing to Vastu Shastra a perfect balance of these elements can heighten the life conditions.

1.The Five elements of the Nature

The scientific discipline of Vastu Shastra considers the universe to be comprised of five basic elements termed as ‘Panch Mahabhoota ‘

Vastu Pundits ( experts ) believed Presence of Life on Earth is a consequence of the balance of these five elements which are present on Earth.which is now proven by the modern universe scientists. ( BBC, OPEN SCIENCE.,2010 Final Frontier [ online ] .The unfastened university.Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 01 August 2010 )

Following are the five basic elements of the nature.

BHUMI ( EARTH ) – The place of Earth, is 3rd in order from the Sun. Presence of electromagnetism makes it a big magnet in the infinite with the North Pole and the South Pole as centres of attraction.Every life and Non – life being on Earth is influenced by its magnetic field and Gravitational pull.

JALA ( Water ) -Water is in a liquid signifier and is represented by rain, ocean, sea, and river.It signifiers a part of every vegetation and fauna.Haemoglobin in combination with O signifiers blood which runs in our organic structures.

VAYU ( Air ) – Air is considered as the foundation of life and is a supreme beginning of life. The comfort value of human existences is straight dependent on the balanced humidness, temperature, force per unit area, flow and the composing of the air and its contents.

AGNI ( Fire ) -Fire is symbolised by visible radiation and heat which forms an indispensable portion of twenty-four hours and dark, climatic conditions, radiation, eagerness, energy and energy

AKASHA ( Space ) – The infinite or the sky shelters all the elements of nature.It is the primary music director of all the beginnings of energy for illustration visible radiation, sound, societal energies viz. emotional and psychological and cognitive energies viz. intuition and mind.

There is an unobserved relationship amongst all the above five elements. Therefore assorted human conditions can be improved by sing the effectivity of these five basic natural forces while planing the buildings.The function of Vastu Shastra is to unite these elements of nature and equilibrate them with the adult male and the affair. Taking advantage of the gifts bestowed by the nature to do a pleasant life and working conditions thereby advancing religious wellbeing and heightening healthand wealth taking to prosperity and happy life

The eight central waies

Vastu takes into consideration the eight possible waies after analyzing and analyzing the four coordinal and angular waies.

coordinal directions- North, South, East and West

angular waies – North East, NorthWest, SouthEast, SouthWest

In Vastu surveies these waies are established with the aid of a tool called the Vastu compass which is a magnetic compass. The edifice site is first analysed with this tool and subsequently inscribed on the layout to get down the procedure of planing taking in consideration the Vastu rules.

Vastu affirms that it helps one to tune with nature and deduce its free benefits by honoring the five basic elements and the eight central waies.

Chapter 2: The Occult facet of Vastu

There are three of import factors that influence the misconception of Vastu Shastra.

1.Personal Motivations of the advisers

Human head has ever been intrigued by the Occult and the supernatural. In a batch of instances the beliefs and religions of common people have been wrongly used and abused. It is hence of import to understand when and where should one pull the line.This fright of being a victim to such immoral patterns by some Vastu advisers who do non understand the topic but panic people for their advantage has created an disbelief of Vastu Shastra in India.

The intent of this chapter is to unclutter the frights in the head of the people about the misconception of Vastushastra and its dogmas, the fright created by advisers by menaces of devastation, decease, disease and suffering life.

The truth is that the original Vastu book is lost and all modern available text are merely digest, this has made Vastu a victim of unscrupulous reading.

2.Mythological Narratives

Furthermore the nomenclature used by the ancient bookmans while explicating the scientific Torahs of Vastu Shastra besides gaves rise to the superstitious facet of its apprehension.

In the ancient times, the ‘Vedas ‘ , or the cognition, was limited to a peculiar dramatis personae of people, which is why it was hard for a common individual to understand the rules of this scientific discipline, if explained in a scientific manner.

The wise 1s used the nomenclature which was easy for the common adult male to understand so for illustration, when the bookmans had to state that by building a window in a peculiar way, one can do the most of the early forenoon Sun beams, they would instead state that by puting the window in a peculiar way the divinity of that way will bless them with good wellness and prosperity.

Consequently Vastu in India is treated as a spiritual responsibility more than art of building, which leads to the misinterpretation of its constructs.

The job starts when Vastu Shastra is mixed up with spiritual rituals.The wisemen of pasts infused faith in Vastu so that people will implement it and rehearse it in the fright of the supernatural but today it has been been misjudged and wrongly accused in the name of faith and occultism. Indian mythology Tells narratives of the divinity of Foundation ‘Vastu Purusha ‘ .

The narratives in the Vedas besides have a of import function to play in the misconception of Vastu Shastra.There is an Absorbing narrative about the “ Vastu Purusha ” in the Matsya Purana. Harmonizing to the Vedas, Vaastu Purusha is omnipresent in all the secret plan irrelevant to its size. It lays on the secret plan with its caput down and his organic structure folded in a curious manner in order to cover the length and the breadth of the secret plan.

During his conflict with the devils, Lord shiva got tired and started sudating excessively much and out of his beads of perspiration a cruel looking hungry adult male was born who began to do repentance to pacify the deity.Lord shibah eventually was pleased with him and granted him his want to be the strongest and largest being on Earth.He so stood between the Earth and the heavens.Terrified by this fan the divinities and the devils together pinned him down to the Earth. Feel foring his province Lord Shiva blessed him and made him the God of Vastu and called him the Vastu Purusha. Since so it is believed that the being is present in every secret plan with the divinities and the devils geting and governing different places on his organic structure.

Peoples listen and believe in such narratives and overlook the scientific discipline of Vastu.They do non examine into the inside informations of Vastu scientific discipline and term it as a ‘myth ‘ . Furthermore since the cognition of Vastu was passed down from coevals to coevals, it has been modified and more and more narratives are weaved around it to do it sound more fabulous.

However ancient Indian bookmans were great mathematicians and besides had the cognition of geology this is shown in the following chapter, which explains the rational and practical facet of Vastu.

3.Contemporary Phase of Vastu in India

Today new flats and flats in freshly constructed edifices are rejected if they are non built harmonizing to the Vastu constructs. Infact if your edifice is designed with the aid of a Vastu Consultant so it becomes a USP to sell the Flats in certain parts of India! Amusingly some purchasers come with a Vastu Consultant to look into if it suits their personal demands before doing the determination of purchasing the house of their dreams.

This forces the builders to use Vastu advisers without look intoing the deepness of your cognition and utilize them as an added ticket to sell their Flatss who inturn mislead the clients into purchasing the flats.

Chapter 3 Environmental relevancy and scientific attack to Vastu.

In this chapter I will seek to define the traditional narratives in footings of basic Torahs, logic and attack of atom natural philosophies, biochemistry and energy kineticss. For correlating the significance of waies and forces in Vastu the undermentioned subjects are really important: flow

charachteristics of solar energy, geomagnetic, flux, thermic fluctuations.

Part 1.Solar radiation and its effects

Whenever a construction is created it is exposed to the effects of the suns radiations. In tropical states the south side suffers harsh heat while the north side remains in the shadow country this consequences in the formation of thermocouple in the infinite and around the house. In the tropical states South, South East and Southwest suffer searing heat while the North.North E and Northwest remain in the cool shadow subdivision. It can be summarised that perturbation is created due to the high instability in the natural order of the geometric flux lines, ( flux is defined as the sum of electromagnetic energy that flows through a unit country per unit clip ) organizing nodes at the intersection of the flux lines.These nodes are points of deformed energy potential.Such disruptions trap the bomber atomic atoms going along the flux lines.These atoms start vibrating under specific conditions and off risky micro degree radiation. These emanations have a inclination of working against the being of life signifiers. Vastu-purush-mandal represents this phenomenon as ‘Yama ‘ ( Lord of Death ) .

The thermic instability is the chief cause in making obstructions in smooth energy flow through and around the edifice. The comprehensive remedial steps available in vastu shastra attempt to equalize the thermic difference and supply harmonious and blissful conditions for the inhabitant.

The wise work forces of the past understood this and tried to deduce a solution to countervail the perturbation in the south way by the undermentioned steps.

1. Thick heavy wall on the south side

2. Blocking of the gaps in the south side

3. Avoiding any inclines towards the South

4.Orienting the house in such a mode that more unfastened infinites are available in the North and East waies

5. By Planting some trees in the South for availing of humid ambiance.

7.Raising of pedestal and compound tallness in the south way.

If adhered to these regulations one can seek to make equalize the thermic derived functions and create harmonious and balanced life conditions within the construction.

Part 2.Directions and Deities

The four chief waies viz. North, South, East and West represent watercourses of positive and negative energies.These waies act as either the beginning or the sink for energies. Hence the orientation and alliance of these forces are prearranged in their zones of impact.

Whereas the sub waies vis-a-vis North East, South East, North West and South West represent zones of meeting of two different ( positive and negative ) energy watercourses which are at right angles to each other. Any perturbation in the flow of these energies triggers turbulency in the flow of the energy which is aligned to the primary way.

The Vastu Pundits combined the positive North and east waies with the negative South and West to find the effects of the bomber.

These waies were so associated with places of the divinities depending on the consequences of the effects of the energies.

North East – + + – abode of God

North west – + – desirable way

SouthEast – + – Not desirable way

South West – – abode of Demon

Part 3.Scientific Approach to Vastu.

Below we will analyze several illustrations which strongly stand for the fact that Vastu Shastra is based on solid scientific grounds and can be good to the human race.

The undermentioned Vastu Shastra regulations can be easy misunderstood without a rational account.

Rule 1. ‘Each way has a Presiding divinity.Since Wealth God regulations the North and the Sun God Aditya regulations East way, the window gaps of the house and besides the arrangement of the H2O armored combat vehicle should be in the North East way to welcome the Godhead, who will so be pleased and will bless you with the healthy and comfortable life ‘

The scientific account to the above statement is as follows.

The Sun rises in the East and therefore the Sun ‘s beams emit more light and less heat.Sun beams in the forenoon are a rich beginning of vitamin ‘D ‘ , which are A critical constituent in formation of healthy bone. Water is disinfected by UV beams, as the familial stuff is altered in bacteriums, viruses, and Protozoa, which destroys the harmful microorganisms illustration E. Coli. ( Hwaa irfan,2001 ) . If UV exposure is dozed carefully, it has protective effects against malignant neoplastic disease ( Severn,2001 p.1 ) . Assorted diseases are cured utilizing the UV radiations, for illustration rachitiss, psoriasis, eczema and icterus.

So when 1 has openings in their house towards the East way, it allows the early forenoon Sun beams to come in the house and these are the extremist violet beams which when penetrate in the house and confer their benefits maintaining the inmates healthy and fit. A healthy and fit individual can believe and work more expeditiously taking to a higher earning and a comfortable life. Now if the gaps are created in the opposite way, so it could be damaging to the wellness, as the afternoon beams are the infra ruddy beams, which are strong and harmful.

Rule 2.The beds should be placed in such a manner so as the caput of the individual should be in the south way. As the divinity of decease resides in the South, so one should non confront this way while kiping, as it invites decease.

The account to the above statement can be found in the Earth magnetic attraction. The Earth ‘s magnetic field tallies from South Pole to north pole, so if you sleep in the same manner so you are aligned with the magnetic flow.Now surveies show that Human caput and North are both positive poles ( Ritu 1999 ) due to which they repel each other hence it is favorable to kip with the caput in the South for a sound slumber. Sleep upset leads to a batch of wellness jobs. This clearly proves that by adhering to the Vastu rules, one can do the most out of the nature ‘s gifts to human sort.

Chapter 4.Contemporary Indian Architecture and Design

Part 1.Ideal Vastu House

In India a place is non merely a shelter for human existences, it is called as ‘Manushyalaya’which means ‘human temple’.As per Vastu both house and temple are sacred infinites so a house should be designed with the same construct as the temple.

A house design with an “ unfastened courtyard system ” was a national form of India before the debut of the western constructs. The agreement of the reinforced infinites is the footing of making a religious environment needed for the well being and prosperity. Figure — – shows an ideal layout of a absolutely square constructing with a overlying modular Vastu grid of 9 ten 9 organizing 81 squares meant for a household. The centre infinite ‘Brahmasthan ‘ is supposed to be the atomic energy field which should be unbuilt and kept unfastened to the sky to link with the outer infinite ‘Akasha ‘ . The cardinal courtyard is non for the life aim it can be used for cultural and spiritual rites. The following row of squares next to the Centre infinite are to be used for a paseo and the corner squares are to used for the particular suites.

Following are the waies with the divinity that presides them and the particular suites to be built severally.

Direction Deity presiding the way Suggested suites

North East Dharma ( God of righteousness ) Prayer room

North Kubera ( God of wealth ) Life room

North West Vayu ( God of air current ) Guest Bedroom, Toilet

East Indra ( God of Gods ) Bathroom

West Varuna ( God of H2O ) Childrens sleeping room

South Yama ( God of Death ) Shop room

South East Agni ( God of Fire ) Kitchen and dining room

South West Niruthi ( Goddess of devils ) Master sleeping room

Part 2.Case survey of a modern-day Vastu House

Vastu House By Khosla Associates in Bangalore, India

24 July 2010, 09:18:05 | noreply @ ( Aji Avarachan )

The infinite planning in this house was designed in harmoniousness with the Vastu orientation and arrangement construct called Vastu Purusha Mandala.To design within a determined preset stiff locations specified as per Vastu yet to get at a visually arresting and aesthetic architecture was the biggest challenge of this undertaking. Rising lazily from the North East which was the lowest point to South East which was the highest point of the house, it was built on soft split degrees.

The trees in the unfastened courtyard are attractively weaved in its additive horizontal and cantilevered roof.The monolithic stretch of glass blur the spacial boundaries between enclosed infinite of the house and the unfastened infinite of the garden

As one strolls down the unfastened life infinites one can see a sense of eternity, These infinites are divided with skiding bifold doors and certain infinites do non hold any barrier at all. hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

All the chief countries were positioned as per Vastu Shastra. The Maestro sleeping room is located in the Earth Zone ( SW ) , the location of the kitchen is in the fire zone ( SE ) and in the zone of H2O and air ( N and NE ) was placed the swimming pool.The chief door was in the North East and the Childrens sleeping room was in the West.Even the the place the stairway, the orientation of the bed, survey tabular array and closet and place in the bathroom toilets were designed in conformity of Vastu rules and the flow of the energy. hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The location of this house is strategically placed near a busy street, a little inhouse office for the Master of the house is positioned near the chief road.The entryway to the office is covered by the canopy of some old trees one makes a manner paving through them. These trees act as a ocular barrier to the hotfooting traffic on the chief route. hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The black stairss which are carved from a local granite leads one from the broad life room into the courtyard which is unfastened to flip, perched in the Centre are some cosmetic trees.The roof is cladded with local manglore tiles. The support for the roof are manus carved rock columns which are advanced and functional and carry the burden of the roof through the diagonal steel prances. Taking advantage of the beautiful clime the dining tabular array is placed in a semi-outdoor infinite

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The first floor which is accessed through a wooden stairway has a big siiting country with a fittingness centre. The bathroom has immense glass Windowss with tonss of natural visible radiation taking to a monolithic walk in cupboard. There is an interesting merger of luxury and Vastu exposed concrete ceiling with unsmooth rock stairss and tribunal crushed rock with polished concrete floors contrast good with all right teak furniture, itlaian marble and silk and satin trappingss. The park looks interesting with the lap pool on side and on the other side a big unsmooth cut log organizing an out-of-door dining tabular array to dine under the sunglassess of the elephantine banian tree!

This is a authoritative illustration to demo that a house built with Vastu regulations does non curtail the creativeness of a interior decorator alternatively presents a challenge to accomplish the a religious ambiance within a concrete beauty!


To sum up the statement of this thesis, “ Vastushastra has fascinated some and annoyed others but it has intrigued everybody ” Architect Bharat Gandhi.

The first chapter explains the the Torahs of Indian architecture and clarifies its cardinal concepts.The 2nd chapter explains the misconception of terming Vastu an supernatural by rational and scientific method.The 3rd chapter throws light on the metaphysical facet of Vastu Shastra The 4th chapter explains an ideal Vastu layout with the aid of a instance survey.

The edifice scientific discipline has its presence all over the universe in different signifiers and they all have their ain principles.From Vitruvius theory to feng shui to Vastu shastra all the scientific disciplines from different portion of the universe but have the same message.The chief intent of edifice scientific discipline is to put down some guidelines for the designers to plan edifice in harmoniousness with the nature and taking advantage of the prevalent natural gifts of sunshine, air current, cosmic energy to do a home ground which is good to the inmates and do their life happy and comfortable.

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