How to give gleefully to the Lord? This is a inquiry that is risen everyday in a new Christian ‘s life. This inquiry besides came up in my life a piece back with a few inquiries every bit good. In this book Dr. Franklin S. Jabini tells us how to make this and handles a few points we can travel through. This is besides the cardinal message of the book. There are 5 chief subjects in the book that Dr. Franklin is traveling to assist us with giving gleefully. These 5 subjects areaˆ¦

Misconceptions about giving

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Christian giving new wave be joyful, before we can make this joyfully we need to acquire rid of a few misconceptions.

1st The Bible does non learn us that 10 % is the per centum that we should give. In the Old Testament God ‘s people gave more than merely 10 %

2nd Giving is something which has to be done on a regular footing and must be portion of your Christian life.

3rd You can non be excessively hapless to give to God ( Luke 21: 2-4 )

Motivations for giving

When we give we have to make it with the right motivations in our Black Marias. There are four thins to assist us acquire motivated to give.

1st Gratefulness to God ( Gen 4:3-5 ) ( Gen 8:21 )

2nd Gratitude towards those who feed us spiritually ( Lev 27:30-32 )

3rd Love and compassion for the needy. ( Deut 15:10 )

4th A passion for the ministry of the Gospel to be advanced. ( Phil 4:16 )

Motivations for giving

1st God has given us an illustration of giving.

2nd God commands us to give

3rd Follow the illustration of reverent leaders like David ( 1 Chr 29:3-5 )

4th Giving has a positive religious consequence on our life.

Methods of giving

God wants us to give our first and our best, merely like Abel. Jesus does non desire leftovers. He wants the best and the first of everything you have.

Mercy of giving

When we give to the Lord, it will impact and enrich our religious life. Christians grow when they give and they learn to concentrate on Eden ( Mat 6:19-21 )

Giving is a privilege of Christians and a bid of the Lord.

This was merely a speedy debut of what is traveling to be discussed in the book. As we go on we will travel into more item of GIVING JOYFULLY TO THE LORD!

Jabini ‘s princible about giving

Jabini starts off his book in a really interesting manner. He foremost starts with how negative people is giving to the Lord and what belongs to Him. He states in His first chapter that people do n’t give with a joyful bosom if they do give at all. The ground for this is because the people think that the gifts we receive we give it back to the people but really we give it back to God. The leaders play a large function in giving gleefully to the Lord. If the fold of the church sees that the leaders of the church is giving so they will follow his good illustration. Just like David did with his people.

The inquiry came up. Why do Christians non give? The simple reply for this is because we think it is old testament and that is where it should remain.

It is of import for us to hold a clear apprehension of ownership before we discuss the topic of giving. We must merely retrieve that everything on the Earth is the Lords ‘

The Earth is the Lord ‘s ( Psm 24:1 )

The Ag and gold are the Lord ‘s ( Haggai 2:8 )

The animate beings and the birds ( Ps 50 ” 9-12 )

We belong to the Lord. ( Cornth 6:19-20, Rom 14:8 )

Praying is about giving thanks to the Lord for what we received from Him.God gave us an illustration. Mat 5:48 – God gave us His Son. When God gave us His Son to decease for our wickednesss. He gave the best. God wants us to give the best we have. We can all back up God ‘s work in different ways, by giving different type of gifts to the Lord ‘s work.

There is different methods to give toe the Lord.

A vow

A vow offering is an offering that is brought after the fulfillment of a vow or a supplication to God as a signifier of Thanksgiving.

Freewill offering

This offering was a self-generated congratulations signifier the bosom of the offeror, non because God gave him something he had requested. This is thanksgiving.

Heave offering

Both the freewill offering and the tithe could be seen as a heave offering. A part for a specific intent.

First fruits

The word refers specifically to the first merchandises of the grain and fruit. The first fruit of both worlds and animate beings belong to the Lord.

Peoples could give whatever they had. They could give money, but could besides give ‘in sort ‘ . Giving to the Lord out of the approvals that He gave us is an of import facet of our Christian lives. Giving money is our devotedness to the Lord and acknowledgment of His ownership of everything. When we give to the Lord:

We should give our best

We should give with the right attitude

We should give as an escape of our worship of God.

Giving should be an look of gratitude for our redemption.

Main of import subject for the whole book is that you must be an illustration so the remainder will follow you. The church has a duty to back up workers in the Gospel. If we want to give gleefully, we should give out of pure motivations and for the right intent.

The Lord tells us that if we give with a righteous and thankful bosom He will bless is. We must non give to acquire blessing out of it but to bless person else. Jesus said: ” It is more blest to give than to have. ” God can keep back approvals from us, when we do non give Him His rightful topographic point in our lives and when we take away what belongs to Him. God promises to bless His people when they give him all their tithes. If God ‘s people give God what belongs to Him, He will bless them. If we give to the Lord in His manner, we should besides pull off His money in His manner. There are certain people who handles the money of the Lord. In some churches they are known as deacons. The church should cognize them as people who are filled with the Spirit and with wisdom. No affair how trustworthy a individual is, he should non pull off the Lord ‘s money entirely. In 2 Corh 8, Paul speaks about how he handles God ‘s money. This is an of import attitude. We should ne’er give the church ground to surmise that the Lord ‘s money is non being managed decently. If we want to get down giving gleefully, so we have to pull off our fundss decently. Some Christians do non be after their fundss. By giving to the Lord, we recognize Him as the most of import Person in our life and the Owner of everything we have. After we have given to the Lord our tithe. We shouldaˆ¦

take attention of our household ‘s, taking attention of our household should hold a high topographic point on our docket. This is a God-given duty towards us.

Salvage our money, We have to believe about the hereafter.

Never spend what you do n’t hold, Plan your disbursals good.

It is of import to be after. We will so cognize precisely what we can afford and what we can non afford.

Money and ownerships are God approvals to us. We may utilize them for our ain good and for God ‘s glorification. As Christians we are to work to gain our life. So that we can supply for our household, parents and salvage money for our kids and for future demands. To drive place His point, Jesus told the fable of the rich sap The point of the fable is this: instead than hive awaying up ownerships for ourselves, we ought to utilize our wealth to function God ( “ be rich toward God ” ) . Our human fright when we hear this rule is that we may non hold our ain demands met in the hereafter. Aware of this fright, Jesus teaches us non to worry about our stuff demands because, if we put God and His land foremost, He will take attention of them ( Matthew 6:25-34 ) .

My churches learning about giving.

My church set a good illustration about giving Joy to the full to the Lord. There are really good illustrations of peoples and administrations that give money and as I read in the book about giving gleefully I can really see the betterment we have made from where we were until now. Our church has 7 administrations built into our church where each member of the church can acquire involved in. One of the options that you can acquire involved in is by giving that specific administrations some contributions. There is other ways that you can acquire involved every bit good. Like we have a kids church with the name of FOX ( Focus on Xrist ) , We sometimes acquire some of the older people that makes for us fudge and koeksisters to sell to give us some kind of income. Then there is a few adult female that is coming to assist us in our merriment hebdomad at church. They will do nutrient for the kids that is traveling to go to the merriment hebdomad. The merriment hebdomad we thought of because off the long holiday from the association football universe cup. The kids church personal came up with an thought to take the childs for a hebdomad and maintain them busy with the word of God on their degree. This whole operation is a signifier of giving gleefully to the Lord. We are giving up our clip and energy and money, it is non merely money we can offer, to distributing the Good News into the childs of today because they are our hereafter of tomorrow.

Second the church besides supports a curate in Rundu financially. We have different curates from all over the universe that we support. A long clip ago when the church was non financially good off, the fold open up the supporting of the curate to the Communion. There was an chance created for all the people to acquire involved in the church and back up some of the curates financially.

All this was a good illustration for me in what I have read in the book.

My strong belief about giving.

I must acknowledge before I read the book I did non give my tithe of any sort of worship to God for stating thank you for everything He did for me. When I had a occupation I gave my tithe but with the incorrect purposes. I merely gave it because everyone else was making it and to be blessed more. To better myself. After I have read this book on how to give Gleefully to the Lord, my life took a dramatic alteration. I got a occupation once more where I can really work with my custodies, I love working with my custodies, and we get paid hebdomadally. I know it is non much, but we have to get down little someplace and when I am ready God will give me more. I can state proudly now that on Sunday ( 20th June ) I gave more than my tithe and I was happy making it because I know it was for thanking God for what He did for me already. I did non make it to acquire more approval. I did it for the right grounds. I besides think if the young person see me giving my just portion they will follow in my footfalls because I could see that non everyone gave their tithe of their pocket money. We will take it step by measure.


The book is set out magnificently. It start with a Christian non desiring to give and the transmutations you go through until you give with a joyfully bosom. I have learned a batch from it and will make my best to be the best illustration for the remainder of humanity on HOW WONDERFUL GOD REALLY IS.

Last idea: Give thanks with a thankful bosom. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He has given Jesus Christ His boy.

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