No affair what an person ‘s faith, everyone wants their asleep loved 1s to go through on safely to the following life, whatever they may believe that to be. Every faith has a different position of the hereafter. That is what makes different faiths different and alone. Hindus and Christians seem to hold a pretty different position of decease, funerals, how to dispose of organic structures, and the hereafter.

Even though cremation was frowned upon in the early Christian church, more and more people are sing it acceptable. But, for the most portion, when person of the Christian religion dies they are buried. The ground cremation was non acceptable is because Christians believe the organic structure is a temple, and is hence sacred. Some besides believe that upon Jesus Christ ‘s 2nd returning, they dead will lift up out of their Gravess to fall in him in Heaven. These Christians believe that the dead are simply resting until their God ‘s 2nd return. Others believe that at the minute of decease, a psyche is either present with the Lord in Heaven or in snake pit and when Jesus Christ does return once more, they will hold new, canonized organic structures.

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At a Hindu funeral ceremonial, it is expected that the attendants wear white and frock instead casually. White is associated with spiritualty, truth, and pureness. Friend visit the household at the place of the asleep and can direct flowers along with their commiserations, but conveying nutrient to the household is non one of their imposts. There is normally an unfastened coffin ( evidently, the ceremonial takes topographic point before the cremation ) . The people carry oning the ceremonial would be the Hindu priest and the senior household members. Ten yearss after the funeral, another ceremonial is held to emancipate the psyche for its acclivity to Heaven. Guests are expected to convey fruit.

On the other terminal of the spectrum, Christians would usually have on dark, drab colourss to a funeral. This is merely to demo unhappiness and that a individual would be in a period of mourning. This pattern is n’t rather every bit common as it used to be. More and more people are get downing to have on brighter colourss to a funeral. Most of the clip, the service would be held either at a funeral place or a church. The service is by and large conducted by a Christian priest/preacher and sometimes friends or household members of the deceased are encouraged to state a few good words about the individual. Bringing nutrient and flowers to the sorrowing household are both Christian imposts. Unless the individual died in an unfortunate mode, the coffin would be unfastened. After the funeral service, attendants are encouraged to go to the household at the graveyard, unless it has been announced that the graveside service is in private for the household merely.

As stated before, Hindus believe that the psyche has no beginning and no terminal. They believe that after a individual dies, their psyche lives on and go person or something else. This all depends on the person ‘s karma, which are the effects of a individual ‘s actions that find his or her fate in the following embodiment.

Christians believe that right after decease, a individual has no 2nd opportunities. If they have accepted Christ and have lived the manner they should, so they will shack in Heaven with God. If non, they will be sent to hell to endure everlastingly.

Hindus and Christians have really different positions of decease. All the things mentioned here do n’t even do a dent in all the imposts and rites each faith has. No affair the religion, every faith has some imposts that deal with decease and everyone admirations about the hereafter, but no affair how hard they try to explicate how it will be, no 1 will truly cognize until it is their clip.

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