‘Salome’ and ‘Hitcher’ both use a first individual character and with that. give us insight into their feelings and the subject of force throughout both verse forms.

In ‘Salome’ . Duffy’s character uses a casual tone with no compunction when picturing her actions. which is besides present in ‘Hitcher’ excessively. Salome had ‘done it before’ and will ‘doubtless make it again’ but is unmindful of the reverberations of what she has merely stated. She is a promiscuous character and is incognizant of what she has done until the last stanza. whereas the storyteller in ‘Hitcher’ is to the full witting of his actions. He ‘lets him have it’ and is proud of his actions and his ability to non sheer while assailing the hitchhiker. His conversational mode represents that he sees it as an entertaining narrative and how he is unaffected by his actions.

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Near to the decision of ‘Salome’ she decides to clean up her act. becomes repentant of how she has behaved. In comparing. Hitcher merely drives off from the organic structure and is nescient as to his destiny ; he does non care if he’s alive ; he merely ‘lets him out’ . His insouciant description of how the organic structure bouncinesss and disappears inquiries his mental stableness and his ownership of a scruples. Salome besides defends herself. depicting the adult male as a ‘beater or biter’ . proposing that she reacted in self-defense although she could besides be mentioning to herself. The plosive ‘b’ besides portrays the force involved with those words.

At the terminal of ‘Hitcher’ . the reasoning pair is sarcastic and dry. seeing as the intended receiver is no longer with him. He recalls believing ‘Stitch that’ as if the hitchhiker got what he deserved. To him. it’s a gag. Similarly. Salome provinces ‘ain’t life a bitch’ . which is besides dry. as the individual she is talking to is dead. She doesn’t attention ; he could be any old Simon Andrew or John.

Hitcher’s mention to the conditions is normal. which shows how his behavior hasn’t impacted him ; the slaying was the therapy for his choler as his mentality is now pleasant. The fact that he and the hitchhiker were of the same age wasn’t of peculiar effect to him. they both had the same chances. yet immensely different waies. The reference of this shows how he can check at and given minute. and his attending for the inconsequential. Salome’s therapy for her katzenjammer was her maid’s ‘innocent clatter’ . so unlike Hitcher’s methods. The fact that Salome calls her amah ‘innocent’ shows how naive and ignorant she is about Salome. She’s Salome’s face-to-face. The rhythmic repeat of the ‘er’ sound emulates the sound of her footfalls which soothes Salome after her dark on the ‘batter’ . This shows the force which ensued last dark and all the aggression. every bit good as inverting the female stereotype or passivity.

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