Theology – is the philosophy of spiritual tenet and concluded in the model of their philosophical thought, designed to protect these basic tenet. Theology is a composite of subjects involved in the survey, sketching, principle and defence philosophy of God, his activities in the universe and its revelationA every bit good as the related philosophies of moral norms and signifiers of worship. Theology must be distinguished from spiritual surveies and doctrine of faith.

Harmonizing to Sam Thomas ( 2010 ) , a figure of well-known colleges and universities in the U.S. were founded specifically to develop Christian clergy, such as Harvard, Georgetown, Boston, Yale and Princeton universities.

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In the universe of divinity is treated as a human-centered subject on a par with the doctrine ( for illustration, in Oxford there is specialisation in doctrine and divinity ) .Some universities have traditionally included among the 10 best schools in the universe of natural scientific discipline ( Harvard, Princeton ) have sections and confer grades in divinity. A figure of well-known scientists, discoverers, philosophers, historiographers, authors, politicians and even the histrions of modern times had a theological instruction, for illustration: Ralph Waldo Emerson ( 1803-1882 ) , Gregor Mendel ( 1822-1884A ) Edwin Abbott ( 1838-1926 ) , Henry James ( 1843-1916 ) , Martin Luther King Jr. ( 1929 -A 1968 ) , Rudolf Zimek ( 1954 – ) , etc.

The word “ bible ” – has the Grecian origin.A In the linguistic communication of the ancient Greeks, “ Byblos ” meant – “ books ” .A Today we call this word a specific book, dwelling of several 10s of single spiritual plants. Externally, the Bible is a book which embraces more than a 1000 pages… It consists of two parts: the Old Testament and New Testament.

The first portion of the Bible – Old Testament – contains 39 canonical books written at different times by different work forces of the interval from 1521 to 397 BC. The 2nd portion of the Scriptures – the New Testament – contains 27 canonical books written adherents and apostles of Jesus Christ.

Harmonizing to Mano Singham ( 2008 ) , books of the Bible divided into chapters and verses.A Adopted today the division was introduced by Bishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton ( died 1228 ) .A In 1214 he divided into chapters Latin Vulgate text, and this division was moved to the Hebrew and Greek texts

Presently, there are three ancient manuscript Bible: in Vatican, kept in Rome ( IV century AD ) ; in Sinai, which is located in Oxford, before it belonged to Russia and kept in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg ( IV century AD ) and in Alexandria, in the British Museum ( V century AD ) .

The Bible is simple and accessible, and so deep that sometimes inexplicable for the most extremely educated minds.A This is apprehensible – after all to compose the Bible, God drew a broad assortment of people both on the societal position and instruction: the celebrated male monarchs David and Solomon, from the immature Jeremiah dictated his prognostications to his secretary Baruch, before go throughing the higher schools of Egypt and has huge experience, Moses, from simple fishermen and Matthew, Peter and John, who subsequently became adherents of Jesus Christ, to the scientist and philosopher, physician Luke from the metropolis of Tarsus, Saul, andA after the Apostle Paul.A They were all instruments in the custodies of the Lord to give peace a important informant and disclosure of God – the Bible.A One of them God spoke personally to others – through particular disclosure, the 3rd inspired by the Holy Spirit.A All this does non affect a simple mechanical nature of a public presentation or a sort of command.

Possibly the authors of sacred books themselves could non explicate their inspiration.A For them, composing was every bit natural as to animate the Evangelist to preach.A It ‘s non a sense of inspiration, but in its impact.A ” Behold, I will set my words in your oral cavity ” .A

Despite the diverseness of human characters and heads, an tremendous sum of clip in which the Bible was written ( over 1600 old ages ) , different ways of reassigning the Lord holy work forces of its content – in all the Scriptures remains the completeness and integrity: one portion confirm and complement the other, explicating more clearlyA significance set out the truth.A Some people may reason: “ It is non true in the Bible 100s of contradictions ” . It is a argument question.A And now we can merely state that the apparent ( fanciful ) incompatibilities occur sometimes due to inaccurate interlingual renditions of the Bible from the original ( there are, nevertheless, a little portion ) .A Often, the same contradiction is non in the text of the Bible, and in people ‘s minds.A Because of the restrictions of human head is a misinterpretation of scriptural linguistic communication and deformation of the historical background, common sense is rejected.A Peoples do non desire to prosecute in research, looking for all kinds of hints to the naive, inexperient, wetting agents, who knows the Bibles, contradictions appear.

Harmonizing to Todd Bentley ( 2005 ) , the word revivalist comes from the Greek and means giver of good news.A This is used to mention to the four Gospels in the New Testament and the revivalists are besides the writers of the four Gospels, traditionally known as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The mission of evangelization, started with Jesus himself, and the fulfilment of this was his ground for being in Christ.A Under his Godhead words, merely as he had been sent by the Father, sends his adherents and all the Church, committed in the really motion that mission, to go on the offer of the Good News in the Black Marias of menA and in position of the progressive edifice of the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of evangelism is to give cognition of redemption through the forfeit of Jesus for all people ; others believe that it is informed about the shortly coming of the Kingdom of God.A Evangelism is carried out by obeying the Great Commission authorization of Jesus to his adherents to “ travel and do adherents of all states ” .

Harmonizing to Judy Wolff ( 2007 ) , spiritualty – is a withdrawal from the low-lying, unsmooth sense of involvement, committedness to internal betterments, and the tallness of the spirit. Spirituality – tradition of concern for himself around the people around the universe, handed down from coevals to generation.A Spirituality is nurtured in the family.A The stronger the household – the stronger is relationships between the coevalss, the higher are opportunities of instruction for her religious development of man.A Spirituality – belongings of the psyche, which consists in the predomination of religious, moral and rational involvements over the stuff.

Spirituality – is that contrary to the materiality, animalism, is the status of existential philosophy and the human society. Spirituality – a specific belongings of human life, reflected in the concern for ego and the universe around them, organizing a set of intangible values, characterized by opposition to devaluation.

Contextualization – is a representation instructions of the Bible in an apprehensible signifier for the people.A Presentation of subjects is bound to be different for kids and grownups, educated and uneducated, the urban and rural, for employees and for those who has power. It uses different manners, different linguistic communications, different speech patterns, and different statements. Everyone has the right to the Bible, so her linguistic communication adapts to the specific civilization and mentality.A Translation of the Bible – is besides to some extent contextualization, as translators of all the possibilities to take the closest to the people of this address, linguistic communication and metaphor.A In short, the formation of divinity is necessarily linked with contextualization.A Who determines the standards for taking one signifier or another? A Who decides what attack would be most suited? A From whom it all depends? A Again: the church, the human factor.

It is of import to understand and retrieve that the human factor includes three constituents: the heritage, the modern church and personal sentiment.

I think my apprehension of discipleship and the Bible signed in alleged Golden verse form of this holy book: “ For God so loved the universe that He gave His lone begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall non die but have everlasting life ” ( John, 3:16 ) . Many Christians believe that this poetry expresses the cardinal message of the Bible about God ‘s love and redemption of world from Him the power of wickedness and decease through the atoning forfeit of Jesus Christ.

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