Democracy is a signifier of authorities where people have a right enabling them to hold a say in everything that affects their lives. However. our authorities is non a direct democracy. and as such. persons are non empowered or able to hold a say in the inner-workings of their authorities. Their beliefs are non heard every bit frequently as they would wish. and they are given small to no chances to make up one’s mind what the authorities will make. The mean citizen has small entree to political power. and as a consequence small influence in the authorities.

But if one person chooses to alter the authorities. and places that as their end. so they have a opportunity of changing the system that governs their lives. If one such as Robert Reich works difficult towards their end. so they can perchance alter the authorities to some grade. Robert Reich was an mean adult male who had strong beliefs. and among those beliefs was the belief that to assist people was merely. His calling in jurisprudence began as a jurisprudence clerk to a justice. and he finally worked his manner to the place of Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton.

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All of the clip that Reich spent in Clinton’s cabinet was dedicated towards trying to do his idea’s bear fruit. Although in the book Reich is the Secretary of Labor. he did non get down out in this place. He worked his manner up from the place of a jurisprudence clerk. as I have antecedently stated. to a occupation that came with some step of power. Reich attained this topographic point in the authorities through his ain attempts. and by demoing that he had thoughts suited to make full in the function of Secretary of Labor. Reich is merely one illustration of an ordinary individual with true passion for their beliefs who was able to do a difference in the authorities.

In Reich’s book. he talks about how an mean individual named Steve Wandner had an thought to cut down unemployment. Reich explains that Steve’s thought was when unemployed people claimed that they were unemployed. that they had to be screened to happen out whether or non they were for good laid off so that they could happen new occupations faster. Steve worked hard in order for his thought to be heard. and after being ignored several times. Reich gave him the attending his thought deserved. Later. Wandner’s thought became an official jurisprudence. Anyone can do a difference in the authorities if they work hard to make a place where it is possible.

During Robert Reich’s remain a portion of President Clinton’s cabinet. he followed a strong belief in “putting the people first” . He cared profoundly about assisting the unemployed obtain new occupations and to retrain them in order to hold better working accomplishments. and in that same vena. better occupations further down the route. Reich besides wanted to raise the minimal pay. show people the inequality of income in America. and much more. Reich’s thoughts were non in any manner violative or unjust. he merely wanted to assist people foremost instead than seting full attending on authorities issues such as cut downing the shortage.

Because of this. many of his thoughts were igored and rejected by the members of Clinton’s moderate disposal. For illustration. during one of his meeting with Bill Ford. president of the House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee. Reich tried to explicate to him the thought of retraining American workers. Reich ended up being yelled at and his thought rejected. Although many of Reich’s thoughts were disregarded by other members of authorities he continued to prosecute his end of assisting the working category of America. Reich was instead successful in executing his responsibilities as Secretary of Labor.

One of his successes was assisting base on balls the Family and Medical Leave Act. It allowed working category households to hold more clip off from work if they were injured or had a kid. He was besides successful in converting President Bill Clinton in helping the people instead than the authorities. In making so Clinton decided to go through a jurisprudence in raising the minimal pay 90 cents. This pleased many of the working category of America. Finally. Reich was besides able to put up several reforms in order to assist supply more occupations for the unemployed. For illustration. Reich gave 3 million dollars to a occupation centre assisting people seeking to acquire employment.

Even though he want able to go through a jurisprudence to retrain workers. he still managed to work difficult and complete some of his ends. Reich was ignored by many authorities functionaries during his term as Secretary of Labor. and this greatly hindered his opportunities of acquiring his ends finished. But while this may be true. this was non the centre of his experiences as the Secretary of Labor. Reich was taking towards retraining Americans. and he is non the lone 1 who has seen this as a valuable thought. Freddie Ray Marshall was the Secretary of Labor for Jimmy Carter. and he shared many similar thoughts with Reich.

Both work forces were working to supply occupations for others. and they both were seeking to acquire workers to be retrained. ( F. Ray Marshall ) If workers could acquire more preparation. they can perchance acquire better occupations. He besides is a instructor. like Reich. However. unlike Reich. Marshall was able to go through many plans and to assist cut down unemployment. I would state that some of Reich’s experiences were alone to his clip as the Secretary of Labor. and that others were non. In decision. Reich was a adult male who fought all entirely for his beliefs. and was more successful in some countries than in others.

To name him a failure is a small harsh. and to name him a success depends on your political positions. All in all. Reich did what he felt would be best for the people who have small say in the authorities. Reich can be seen as a premier illustration of one who worked hard to hold their voice heard. and as one who made a difference. even if it wasn’t as large a difference as he would’ve liked. Reich truly seemed like he was a sort single ( but so once more. he wrote the book ) and even if he did non win in all his programs. he still changed some things for the better.

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