Person was stating me that when his girl was a kid they took her to a fun-fair. She saw the large wheel and she truly wanted to travel on it he said, so we did: large error. She hated it. She started to shout ; she grabbed onto my arm, he said, and hung onto it for comfort. But seemingly I was n’t making plenty in the comfort section because after a minute she let travel and she started contorting her custodies and speaking to herself. “ It ‘s all right, do n’t be scared. It ‘s like singing. You like singing. ” It made me experience like I was a bad male parent that my three twelvemonth old had to self parent in her minute of demand.

To me that is a image of how many of us go through life: contorting our custodies, worried, antsy about something.

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We worry about our fundss ; we worry about our kids or grandchildren, our reputes, our callings, our wellness.

We are a civilization of concern warts. Everything around us seems calculated to do us worry more. You merely snap on the eventide intelligence and it makes us worry about everything from planetary warming to bird grippe. You watch the Television commercials: their whole end is to do us worry that we have bad breath ; that we ‘re non have oning the right shirts ; that we ‘re traveling to hold a suffering life because we do n’t imbibe the right drinks. That ‘s why we ‘re non immature and good looking and larking on the beach like all the people on the commercials, so we better travel acquire the drink, or be consigned to societal snake pit.

What is the pay-off for all of this badgering? That would be – nil. We get perfectly nil out of it: it does n’t alter a thing, merely makes us dying. Worry is the involvement we pay on jobs we may ne’er hold. So would n’t you wish to be worry free?

Coming to Paul ‘s missive to the Philippians we will detect that we can.


We ‘re looking at Philippians 4 today and I hope that you ‘ll be able to follow along as we explore this cardinal transition in Paul ‘s missive.


Let ‘s read it and Brenda will assist me out.

Philippians 4:

“ Therefore, my brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and Crown, that is how you should stand house in the Lord, beloved friends! I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to hold with each other in the Godhead. Yes, and I ask you, loyal yokefellow, assist these adult females who have contended at my side in the cause of the Gospel, along with Clement and the remainder of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Rejoice in the Lord ever. I will state it once more: rejoice! Let your gradualness be apparent to all. The Lord is near.


Make non be dying about anything, but in everything, by supplication and request, with Thanksgiving, present your petitions to god. And the peace of God, which transcends all apprehension, will guard your Black Marias and your heads in Christ Jesus.


Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is baronial, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is first-class or praiseworthy-think about such things.


Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into pattern. And the God of peace will be with you.


I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you have been concerned, but you had no chance to demo it. I am non stating this because I am in demand, for I have learned to be content whatever the fortunes.

I know what it is to be in demand, and I know what it is to hold plentifulness. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every state of affairs, whether good fed or hungry, whether life in plentifulness or in privation.


I can make everything through him who gives me strength. Yet it was good of you to portion in my problems.


Furthermore, as you Philippians know, in the early yearss of your familiarity with the Gospel, when I set out from Macedonia, non one church shared with me in the affair of giving and having, except you merely ; for even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent me assistance once more and once more when I was in demand.

Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to your history. I have received full payment and even more ; I am richly supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable forfeit, delighting to God. And my God will run into all your demands harmonizing to his glorious wealths in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glorification for of all time and of all time. Amons.


Greet all the saints in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me send salutations. All the saints send you salutations, particularly those who belong to Caesar ‘s family. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amons.

Derek has been pass oning the Bible for many old ages to church folds, at bible conferences, in books – and of class on wireless. If you would wish more information merely reach us here at Good News Broadcasting and we ‘ll be happy to assist. But allow ‘s acquire into today ‘s subject here on Word Alive – Philippians chapter 4 is all about Heavenly-Minded Christianity. Derek!


Thankss Brenda – and delight assist me out as we explore this transition.

Well – I was waiting at an airdrome in Brazil. As people came to look into in for different finishs I was struck by how different we all are in our national features. You could clearly see it in the noise degrees, and whether people were standing in line – that sort of thing.

There ‘s a narrative told about an international conference sail. Emergency processs were to be explained but many of the people were non taking it earnestly, so the Captain took over and got the right response. The officer who had struggled asked him how he had done it. With a smiling he replied, “ Oh easy. I used psychological science with the Englishman and said that it was the clean thing to make. With the Frenchman I said it was smart. To the German ‘s I said that it was a bid. To the Italian ‘s I said it was forbidden. And to the American ‘s I said that if they did n’t make it they were n’t insured!

Whatever our nationality every Christian possesses two passports – earthly and heavenly. One helps us acquire around from state to state. The other, signed in the blood of Christ, gets us to heaven. And we are called to show our celestial citizenship here on Earth. To do it obvious to others people to whom we belong. Heaven ‘s features show through.

Have you heard person say of another individual, “ He is excessively heavenly-minded to be of earthly good. ” That is non true – The nazarene was the most heavenly minded individual to step pes on Earth but was besides the most earthly usage.

And the key to most things is in our heads.

Here ‘s Brenda with a remark –


Old ages ago fictile sawbones Maxwell Maltz introduced a construct of surgery he called Psycho-Cybernetics. He came to understand that he could utilize his accomplishments to alter facial characteristics but if the interior mental image was n’t right it would n’t last. He needed to assist people alter their mental attitude non merely the physical.

The conflicts we face are won and lost in our thought. What goes on in your head is who you truly are.


And here in Philippians 4, Paul outlines a mentality that will uncover our celestial citizenship. It ‘s a mentality which will maintain us traveling and turning.

We must non go so experience-orientated we stop believing. We may hold a deep Holy Spirit experience but if we do n’t utilize our head it will non amount to much.


In Romans 8 Paul enchantments it out: “ Those who live harmonizing to the Spirit have their heads set on what the Spirit desires. ”


And in Romans 12 poetry 2 he writes: “ Be transformed by the renewing of your head. ”

The Derek Stringer paraphrasis of that is: “ Do n’t be a chameleon be a caterpillar. ” In other words – do n’t be changed by your environment so you merge with the background scenery and therefore do n’t stand out – a chameleon. Be a caterpillar – alteration from the interior out into a butterfly.


Henry Ford was right: “ Thinking is the hardest work, and so few engage in it. ”


There ‘s a narrative I like about a adult male who said to his physician that he needed a encephalon graft. Reacting in sort to the adult male ‘s temper he said, “ Well, it merely happens that two encephalons are available. There was an accident and you can hold the hubbies encephalon for 60,000 lbs, or you can hold the married woman ‘s encephalon for merely 3,000 lbs. ” That ‘s 20 times more for the hubby ‘s encephalon than the married woman ‘s ” he said, ‘I suppose that ‘s because the male is more intelligent than the female! ‘ And the physician smiled and said, “ No – his was ne’er used! ”

Now – depending upon whom your stating the gag to you change by reversal the male and female linguistic communication O.K. ? But my point is this – some Christians worship and pray but do n’t believe as Christians. They go through the gestures on Sunday but there ‘s no difference on Monday because they ‘ve non applied their head and thought through what they have heard.


Romans 8 says: “ The head of a iniquitous adult male is decease, but the head controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. ”


Do n’t we want life and peace? It ‘s to make with our mentality.

Now – what does it intend “ To be heavenly-minded? ” How do we develop a heavenly-mind set? As we unpack Philippians 4 we ‘ll see the sort of believing necessary.

First: IT MEANS STABLE Thinking.

Expression at how Paul addresses them: “ My brothers ( that ‘s inclusive ) you whom I love and long for, you my joy and Crown ” Have you heard parents say that of their kids? And so Paul adds, “ Stand house in the Lord, beloved friends! ”

Paul has been warning against legalism and license. In our relationship with God we can acquire things out of balance. On the one manus – people who get excessively heavy and Christianity becomes rigorous regulations and how to populate. And on the other manus – people who have no regulations to obey at all. You merely merely inquire for forgiveness and loosen up – it does n’t peculiarly count what you do – God will forgive and bury.

But now Paul adds how careful we must be about our relationship with one another. We can acquire that out of balance merely as easy. We will non be able to stand if we are strike harding one another down.


Two adult females were making this in the church –


But it could easy hold been two work forces.

Womans were of import in the early Church. The Church at Phillipi had started when a concern adult female ( Lydia ) opened her bosom to Christ. And now here were two ladies who had quarrelled. Think of Paul ‘s bravery in authorship and calling these ladies.

“ Euodia ” and “ Syntyche ” were their names. And person has punned on their names and said that they were Odious and Soon-Touchy! The name “ Euodia ” means ‘sweet odor ‘ . And “ Syntyche ” means ‘friendly ‘ . But there was n’t much sweet smelling about their relationship now – and nil peculiarly friendly.

We do n’t cognize what the battle was about – but they sat opposite sides of the Church. They would speak to the Lord but non one another. And even merely two adult females non acquiring along with one another can botch the family.

In the eighteenth Century the British Royal Navy was at the zenith of its power. But it lost more ships through worm that it did enemy fire. The worm eating off at it ‘s wood-work did more harm that onslaught from the exterior.

Peoples with chapped relationships frequently need a 3rd party to come aboard them. Paul entreaties to a “ loyal yokefellow ” – that ‘s likely a name. Paul must hold had a existent assurance in this adult male to assist out with the relationship struggle.


Certain non-biblical mentions suggest that it ‘s Paul ‘s married woman!


Yes – But as you know – there ‘s no existent substance to that thought. However, Paul does state of this individual: “ You ‘re well-named. You ‘re loyal and can assist raise loads. We ‘re team members, so along with Clement delight aid out here. ”

If our names are together in the Book of Life – Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s do certain they ‘re together now. In which book would you instead be named? One that tells of your struggles? Or, one that tells of you as a peace-maker?


Harmonizing to Malachi 3:16, God keeps records on us. He has a book of our attitudes and actions.


Do n’t we want those records to state a good narrative?

Now – Paul is non stating: “ Agree over what you have disagreed about. ” He ‘s stating, “ Agree with each other IN the Lord. ” This is non an entreaty for integrity at the disbursal of truth. Paul does non state, “ Regardless of what is coming between you bury the tomahawk. Doctrine does n’t count. Just love one another. ”

But they have common land. There are legitimate dissensions. But even there we must hold to differ without going disagreeable.

Agree more, argue less. Listen more, talk less. Promote more, accuse less.

To go heavenly-minded requires STABLE THINKING. Work hard to develop understanding, it ‘s of great importance.


We are “ non to be dying about anything. ” If God is a great and loving God ( and He is ) so our deficiency of repose is a deficiency of trust. It ‘s a denial of His character.

One adult male said that he had so many problems any new one would hold to wait several hebdomads before he had clip to acquire around to worrying about them.

How many of you think that you can better your life if you spend more clip worrying? Worry is like a swaying chair – it gives you something to make but you ‘re non traveling anyplace.

Can you associate to the Charlie Brown sketch – Linus is depressed and says to Charlie, “ I worry about school. ” And so he adds, “ I worry about my worrying so much about school. My anxiousnesss have anxiousnesss. ” I suspect that he is non entirely.


Society demands that we worry on a broader graduated table than of all time before. And that ‘s because we ‘re more cognizant of what is go oning around the universe.


The injunction of this transition has turned rancid for many people. They say, “ It ca n’t be done. ” It can be! Our job is we overlook the inside informations which tell us how.

How do we acquire this repose? Here is the reply. It comes by basking and biding the Lord. And we need both.

I use to hold a card that I kept in my billfold. It merely said, “ Hallelujah anyhow! ”

When everything is crashing we can ever joy “ In the Lord. ” We know that he is unafraid and strong. We must n’t disregard our fortunes but nor must we bury the Lord.

Do n’t cancel the ‘always ‘ and replace it with a ‘mostly ‘ . And retrieve it ‘s a bid. And we demonstrate our rejoicing in him by what we say and do.

So, “ Let your gradualness be apparent to all. ” Let the universe see you believe “ The Lord is close. ” That will assist in managing anxiousness.

When person says that they are riddled with anxiousness, here ‘s a tip on assisting them. Ask, “ What are you running off from? ” Normally there ‘s something the individual is n’t willing to face. As we intentionally bask and bid him, “ Do non be dying about anything, but in everything ” speak it out with God.


An old bible observer by the name of Bengel says it good: “ Anxiety and echt supplication are more opposed to each other than fire and H2O. I have yet to run into a chronic fuss-budget who enjoys an first-class supplication life. ”


If you pray you do n’t necessitate to worry. If you do n’t pray it does no good to worry. Make a pick to switch into prayer-filled trust. Some people do pray but still anxiety conundrums their lives, why?

They pray the incorrect sort of supplications. Paul is non recommending ‘fox-hole supplications ‘ . Like the adult male who prays, “ Get me out of this muss and I ‘ll ne’er trouble oneself you once more. ” God does and true to his word he ignores God. . . until the following crisis!

Notice Paul ‘s words, “ In everything, by supplication and request, with Thanksgiving, present your petitions to God. ” Notice how that is acquiring smaller.

Prayer is speaking to God. Petition is inquiring. And petitions is acquiring to the inside informations. One secret of calm believing through supplication is to acquire specific.


The Puritans usage to state, “ Descend to the peculiar. ”


Yes – It ‘s no good expression, “ Lord bless me. ” Explain how He can bless.

The ambiance of your praying must be “ with Thanksgiving. ” Do n’t convey a rumble supplication but a thankful supplication.

One Christmas a hubby gave his married woman the gift of a beautiful skunk-skin coat. She said, “ It ‘s beautiful, but I do n’t understand how such a fetid small animal can give such a beautiful coat. ” Her hubby said, “ I do n’t anticipate thanks, but you could put off the personal comments. ”

Paul gave thanks and writes, “ Show your petitions to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all apprehension, will guard your Black Marias and your heads in Christ Jesus. ” That is a promise. It ‘s non something we do but something He does around us.

A adult female ‘s hubby died in an air clang. After the funeral she said, “ Of class I miss him urgently. I now put out one knife and fork instead than two. But I have a peace that transcends all apprehension. ” She knew the world of this promise – non by something she did but something that was done to her.

Remember when Paul wrote this he was chained to a guard. He could n’t do any motion in privateness. But merely as cipher could acquire at him without acquiring at the guard – so it is with us.

A ‘peace ‘ you will ne’er understand can be yours. A ‘peace ‘ which understanding ne’er can give.

Enjoying and Biding the Lord leads to SERENITY OF MIND.


Covering with the pollution of our heads. This depends on how we think and what we do. A Christian can hold a new life but an old caput.

What must we believe in order to populate a sacred life?

Imagine the antonym of what Paul writes and you ‘ll acquire the thought: “ Whatever is untrue, dishonorable, disrespectful, awful, cheapjack and meriting disapprobation. Think about such things. ”

To acquire rid of incorrect believing replace it with what is right.


As Paul says, “ Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me, set it into pattern. ”


That ‘s it – Attend in deepness Bible survey do n’t do that an optional. Learn all you can from good illustrations like Paul. Get some wise mans into you life.

And make you cognize what is a major pollutant of our heads today? It ‘s the telecasting. We are now trained to watch instead than listen. We will ne’er develop a Christian head if we do n’t listen to God and let Him to regenerate our believing through His Word.

I sometimes think the distant control is non a good innovation because we can surf the channels. We can watch several channels all at the same clip – at least we work forces can! We must take control of our telecasting or it will command us. I ‘m amazed at what our kids are watching.

Readers are leaders. 25 % of Christian books are sold to work forces – so what does that tells us? 75 % of Christian books are sold to adult females! How really of import it is to acquire our caputs into the truth of God.

And when we know the truth do n’t state, “ How interesting. That ‘s given me something to believe about. Make something with that truth and what will go on? Paul says, “ And the God of peace will be with you. ” Not merely the gift but the giver. That will do for a pollution free head.

To be heavenly-minded showing heavenly citizenship this is what we need – A STABLE, SERENE, SACRED THINKING.


Paul is nervous over this point because he is covering with money affairs. And that ‘s ne’er easy. Paul has received a gift which has thrilled him because he knew that they cared.

He did n’t seek or inquire for it because he had learned a secret, “ I have learned to be content whatever the fortunes. ” How many people could state that?

By nature Paul was non a content adult male. In Romans 7 he writes of his battles with covetousness. But any complaining shows that we are non satisfied.


Here ‘s a verse form that sums-up the thought of many people:

“ It was jumping but it was summer I wanted,

The warm yearss, and the great out-of-doorss.

It was summer, but it was fall I wanted,

The colorful foliages, and the cool, dry air.

It was fall, but it was winter I wanted,

The beautiful snow, and the joy of the Christmas season.

It was winter, but it was jumping I wanted,

The heat and the flowering of nature.

I was a kid, but it was maturity I wanted,

The freedom, and the regard.

I was 20, but it was 30 I wanted,

To be mature and sophisticated.

I was middle-aged, but it was 20 I wanted,

The young person, and the free spirit.

I was retired, but it was in-between age I wanted,

The presence of head, without restrictions.

My life was over! But I ne’er got what I wanted. ”


Always seeking for contentment but ne’er happening it.

This was illustrated in a humourous manner truly by a bright immature adult male who got a topographic point at a esteemed medical school. As a wages his parents paid for him to go for a few months. He met a guru and decided to drop out. After 6 months he wrote a missive to his parents: “ Dear Dendranthema grandifloruom and pa, I know you were n’t happy with the determination I made last summer, but I want to state you how happy it has made me. For the first clip in my life, I am at peace. Here there is no viing, no hustling, no seeking to acquire in front of anyone else. Here we are all equal, and we all portion. This manner of life is so much in harmoniousness with the interior kernel of my psyche that in merely 6 months I ‘ve become the figure 2 adherent in the full ashram, and I think I can be figure one by June! ”

Well – the quest for contentment can be an illusory journey.

What is the secret of contentment?

Populating in plentifulness or privation is a “ erudite ” experience. Paul ‘s contentment is utterly independent of fortunes. His contentment is focused on all he enjoys of Christ Jesus.

“ I ‘ll take away your occupation ” – “ But you ca n’t take away my celestial wages. ”

“ I ‘ll mortify you ” – “ Merely every bit long as I hear God ‘s good done. ”

“ I ‘ll ache you ” – “ You can ache my organic structure but non my psyche. ”

The first regulation of the Christian life is this: He is God and we ‘re non! We are willing to allow him make his occupation and halt seeking to be God which merely leads to being suffering.

It ‘s non braggart stating, “ I can make everything through Him who gives me strength. ” Paul is non claiming to be super-human. He is stating, “ Everything He calls me to be He will beef up me for. ” Live content in Christ and we can make everything God assigns us to make.


Even though Paul did n’t seek the gift he was glad because giving and having makes us spouses. This was the lone church which thought about his demands and sent assistance. Giving to one another is non charity but a dealing.

When you give some money to the Lord ‘s work you are purchasing portions in his concern. You can give without loving but you can non love without giving. Our gift does something for God: “ They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable forfeit. ”

What smells do you wish? What about joint lamb? That ‘s a favorite odor of God ‘s.

And run intoing the demands of people makes God state: “ That smells good to me. ”

Sometimes we talk about “ conveying our offering ” . That may be a dishonorable statement if it does n’t be us much. But when our giving is a “ forfeit ” this is “ delighting to God. ”

Paul could n’t refund the gift given to him by the Philippian Church but he knew that God could add it to their celestial recognition history.

We will hold demands, but, “ My God will run into all your demands harmonizing to his wealths in Christ Jesus. ” Understand this and you ca n’t halt a vocal of congratulations, “ To our God and Father be glorification for of all time and of all time. Amons. ”

The missive is finished – but before Paul winds up – he wants these trusters to hold a SOCIAL MIND-SET.


“ Greet all the saints in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me send salutations. ”


In recognizing you acknowledge one another. Some people go to church, leave and say, “ No-one radius to me. ” We need to intensify relationships.

Notice Paul ‘s particular salutations: “ All the saints send you salutations, particularly those who belong to Caesar ‘s family. ”

A adult male in ironss is taking many of them to His Saviour. Wherever you are that is your mission-field.

You know, we move in the way of our most dominant idea.

Make a committedness to regenerate your head and develop your celestial citizenship. And “ The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amons. ”

I do n’t cognize where you are right now or what is binding you up in knots, but I do cognize God knows what you need and out of his great love for you, he will be faithful.

He promises to be faithful to you.


Dr Derek Stringer has been taking us through Philippians chapter 4 and the ‘heavenly head set ‘ discovering, among other things, the reply to our concerns. And Derek will be back in merely a minute with a reasoning idea.

I merely want to add here that we ever appreciate our contact with you. It will be really helpful to us to cognize your location as you listen to Word Alive – what portion of the universe you ‘re in. We know that people pick up this broadcast in many states – if you would see doing contact with us we would appreciate that.

And if you would wish a free transcript of these broadcasts we ‘ll lief direct them to an electronic mail reference. There are CD entering that you can acquire information on every bit good.

I ‘ll give you our contact inside informations in merely a minute – but back to Derek Stringer –


Thankss once more Brenda.

Let me state you a narrative about a adult female named Ruby. Her girl and her grand-daughter are long clip members of a church. Ruby trusted Jesus a batch, and because of that took some hazards.

She went to seminary manner back in the ’30s when adult females did n’t make that. You can conceive of what people said to her, she got some unfavorable judgment. But she did n’t worry, because she cared more about the ageless things, like God and his people and his land, than she cared about what some folks thought about her. That ‘s impermanent.

Then she worked as a missional with Asians. She got married, she raised a household, but so her hubby died. But she did n’t worry, because she knew that God would supply for her basic demands. Then, subsequently on, she started to go. In her 70s and 80s she started smuggling Bibles into Communist states – A Bible smuggling Grandma! There were dangers, bad things could hold happened, but she did n’t worry because she believed that even if bad things happened God would utilize them for good. He ever does.

Well, several old ages ago Ruby got pancreatic malignant neoplastic disease. Even so she did n’t worry. Again, she knew that God would supply and she cared passionately about God ‘s land. She knew that even in her malignant neoplastic disease she would acquire to be a portion of God progressing his land in her life and in the universe.

That ‘s what he did. For starting motors, she ended up holding about no hurting, which is rare in pancreatic malignant neoplastic disease.

She kept on traveling into prisons and sermon as she had ever done, even in her unwellness. Besides along the manner she befriended a physician and his married woman. Told that she had malignant neoplastic disease by this physician, her response was to cite St. Augustine, “ We do n’t cognize what the hereafter holds, but we know who holds the hereafter. ” During her unwellness her household and church friends were all around her taking attention of her, and that was a immense informant to the non-Christian physicians and nurses who were handling her. In fact, the societal workers and the hospice attention suppliers were so impressed with the Christian community about Ruby that they told her they did n’t necessitate to come to her house any more, because the quality of her support group was so good. They said they had ne’er seen a community like that earlier. So even in her unwellness, even as other people were taking attention of her, Ruby was demoing people who Jesus was.

During her last yearss, Ruby ‘s girls would take bends reading the Bible to her out loud. One of her girls was n’t a Christian, but she would read the Bible to Ruby anyhow. It was while this non-Christian girl was reading the Bible that Ruby eventually died. Now her household gags that what made Ruby eventually comfy to decease was hearing her non-Christian girl read Scripture, that she could swear God even with

her girl ‘s psyche. It turns out that was a good trust because now that girl is coming back to household and religion.

Now, was everything easy in Ruby ‘s life? Absolutely non. She faced a batch of adversities but as her girl said, she ever trusted that whatever it was she faced, she knew that God knew what he was making, even when it was tough. The things that were most of import to her were ageless and could ne’er be taken away anyhow so she did n’t worry. She gave her needs to Jesus knowing that he would ever run into her physical, emotional, and religious demands, and he ever did. She cared passionately about what God was making in the universe and in her life, and knew that nil could halt that, and that he would ever convey good out of immorality.

Because of that she did n’t worry, and now she has the ultimate healing, which is to be with Jesus everlastingly.

So what are you worried about? How can you get down to diminish your concern quotient by puting in the things that can ne’er be taken off? How can you pattern swearing that God provides through supplication, through giving your concerns to him, and so seeing him take attention of your demands? How can you go on to affect yourself in what God is making in your life and in the universe, so that over clip ( it does n’t go on all at one time ) , so that over clip you will go worry free? The Bible says, “ You will maintain him in perfect peace whose head is stayed on you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is the stone eternal. ” And it is on that stone that we find remainder for our disquieted psyches. ”


I think we need to pray about this – please fall in me if you can:

Gracious Father, may we let ourselves to be stretched into greater trust and religion in you – through supplication, through your word, through the spirit-filled support and strength that we can be to each other as we offer Jesus ‘ love and attention to one another.

Help us to go spiritually-mature followings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Help us in the focal point of our heads to walk in faith-filled trust knowing that you did n’t save your ain Son, but gave him up for us all.

Thank you that you will fulfill our demands harmonizing to your wealths in glorification in Christ Jesus. We are so thankful that you promise ne’er to go forth us or abandon us.

So give us the grace to state with the psalmist, ‘Lord, you are my safety and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. ‘ We need you to be that aid. Thank you Lord. Amen.

Word Alive is a Good News Broadcasting Association production with Derek Stringer and I ‘m Brenda Critchley.

Dr Stringer will be back with another expression at the great epistle of Joy that Philippians is – but that ‘s following clip here on Word Alive. Until so – adieu for now and God bless you.

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