There ‘s a cunning narrative I one time heard about a female parent who had two kids – 3-year-old Sarah and 6-month-old Nathan. This female parent was speaking to a friend on the phone when she noticed that the kids were no longer in forepart of the telecasting set where she left them. She could n’t hear them anyplace, so she put the phone down, went looking through the house and found them playing back in Sarah ‘s room. The job with that was, though, that Nathan could n’t creep, and Sarah had been given really rigorous instructions non to transport him through the house. So the female parent knew she was traveling to hold to train her girl. She said, “ Sarah, you know you ‘re non supposed to transport Nathan! ” Small Sarah said, “ But I did n’t transport Nathan. ” The female parent said, “ Then how did he acquire back here in your room? ” Sarah said, “ I rolled him. ”

There ‘s normally an interesting narrative on “ how did you acquire from at that place to here? ” At one point in clip, Moses was a immature swayer in the most powerful state in the universe of his twenty-four hours. So how did Moses acquire from being prince of Egypt to being a runaway in Midian?

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Your Bible, supplies the reply in Exodus 2.

Hello and welcome to Good News Broadcasting, a programme where we take the Hebrew Bible open it, read it and take earnestly what it says because it ‘s relevant to our lives today.

My name is ( – ) And I ‘ll being come offing in from clip to clip.

Dr. Derek Stringer is our Teacher. He travels the universe instruction and prophesying the Scriptures as the National Director and Bible Teacher for Good News Broadcasting.


We have a short text today, but a really of import one in understanding who Moses was. There ‘s a batch here to assist us populate a worthwhile life. Thankss for being with us.


We ‘ll get down reading in verse 11 of Exodus 2:

“ Now it came to go through in those yearss, when Moses was grown, that he went out to his brethren and looked at their loads. And he saw an Egyptian whipping a Hebrew, one of his brethren. So he looked this manner and that manner, and when he saw no 1, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. And when he went out the 2nd twenty-four hours, behold, two Hebrew work forces were contending, and he said to the 1 who did the wrong, ‘Why are you striking your comrade? ‘ Then he said, ‘Who made you a prince and a justice over us? Make you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian? ‘ So Moses feared and said, ‘Surely this thing is known! ‘ When Pharaoh heard of this affair, he sought to kill Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh and dwelt in the land of Midian ; and he sat down by a well. ”

Over to Derek.


The Bible says that Moses lived to be 120 old ages old. In his discourse in Acts 7, Stephen divided Moses ‘ life into three 40-year sections. There were 40 old ages in Pharaoh ‘s castle as prince of Egypt, 40 old ages spent as a shepherd in the land of Midian, and 40 old ages as Jesus and leader of the Israelite people. Most of the scriptural record trades with the last 40 old ages of his life. But in today ‘s programme and the following 1, we ‘re traveling to take a expression at what we know about the first 80 old ages of his life.

I like what D.L. Moody one time said about Moses. He said, “ Moses spent the first 40 old ages believing he was person, his 2nd 40 old ages larning he was cipher, and his last 40 old ages larning what God can make with a cipher. ”

And God can make a great trade when we ‘re willing to remain in God ‘s will for our lives. That ‘s what I truly hope we come to understand today.

Let ‘s get down with Moses as prince of Egypt. We know that Moses was a individual of enormous power and influence because Hebrews 11:26 says that “ all the hoarded wealths of Egypt ” were at his disposal.

And you ‘ll detect that Moses was educated to be a great leader. Look at Stephen ‘s discourse in Acts 7. In verse 20,


“ At this clip Moses was born, and was good delighting to God ; and he was brought up in his male parent ‘s house for three months. But when he was set out, Pharaoh ‘s girl took him off and brought him up as her ain boy. And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and workss. ”


Moses was a major figure on the universe political scene the first 40 old ages of his life. It ‘s obvious he was raised to be an outstanding immature adult male of Egypt. In fact, the historian Josephus says Pharaoh did non hold a boy of his ain and that Moses was being nurtured for the throne. Now we do n’t cognize if that ‘s true or non, but we do cognize that Moses was educated, as Stephen says, in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and the Egyptians at that clip were considered to be the greatest pedagogues on Earth

Stephen says that Moses was “ mighty in words ” . That says something about his ability as a solon. Moses could stand before people and carry them and travel them. It ‘s interesting, by the manner, that 40 old ages subsequently at the firing shrub, Moses will state God that he ‘s non a good talker. But the Egyptians did n’t believe that was the instance. Young Moses was a powerful communicator.

And so Stephen says he was “ mighty in workss. ” That says something about what he was able to carry through. Again, Josephus has a batch to state about what Moses was like as a immature adult male. It ‘s non an historical record, it ‘s simply the Judaic tradition of his twenty-four hours. So we do n’t cognize if it ‘s what Moses was truly similar, but it ‘s what the Jews thought he was like. And one of those traditions was this – that when Moses was 30 old ages old, the Ethiopians invaded Egypt. They came every bit far as Memphis and all the Egyptian generals had failed to halt their progress. And so Pharaoh placed Moses in forepart of his ground forces because he was a adult male who was “ mighty in words and workss ” -he was a great leader of work forces. And the tradition says that Moses routed the Ethiopians and saved Egypt.

Now we do n’t cognize whether that specific tradition is true or non. But we do cognize plenty about Moses to cognize that he was a great leader of work forces. And it would hold been really easy for Moses to hold remained on that class for his life and wholly distance himself from his race and his people. But it ‘s obvious that the really best pedagogues in Egypt could n’t wipe out the heritage that Moses ‘ parents instilled in him as a immature male child.

Moses was dedicated to taking, but non in the manner that Pharaoh intended. And so Moses, at the age of 40, dedicated himself to taking Israel out of bondage.

Now most people think that Moses did n’t do that determination until the age of 80, when God spoke to Moses out of the combustion shrub.

But Moses decided a long clip before that — while he was still a prince of Egypt — that God wanted Israel to be delivered from their bondage and Moses was willing to be the instrument to do that happen.

I want to propose to you that when Moses murdered that Egyptian, it was non an unprompted act of choler. It was a public statement of whose side Moses was on.

Think about it. Why did Pharaoh respond the manner that he did? Why did he desire to kill Moses when he found out that Moses had killed an Egyptian? Egyptian royalty could make something like that if they wanted to.


Remember the narrative of Joseph ‘s comrades when he was tossed into gaol? If you ‘re king and you do n’t wish your pantryman or you do n’t wish your baker, you can throw them in gaol. And so if you want to hang your baker on your birthday, so you can make that.


I ‘m positive that if Moses had said to Pharaoh, “ This Egyptian annoyed me ” or “ He did n’t obey me ” , there would hold been no job with what he did. Pharaoh ‘s job was that he knew what Moses was up to. He recognized that in the slaying of that Egyptian, Moses was disowning his royal place and he was boldly placing himself with Israel and with the predicament of the Hebrews.

I think Moses saw himself as bravely striking a blow for God ‘s people.

Step one of his program was, “ I ‘m traveling to make something to do a clear identifiable interruption with Egypt and demo my people that I ‘m one of them.

And so step two, I ‘m traveling to travel back and rally the military personnels. ” But the Israelites did n’t wish adult male or the program. Moses was educated to take. And he was dedicated to taking God ‘s people. But it was a really defeated leading.

Expression at Acts 7 with me because Stephen helps us to understand what happened. Exodus tells us what happened, but Stephen tells us some of why it happened.


“ Now when he was 40 old ages old, it came into his bosom to see his brethren, the kids of Israel. And seeing one of them suffer incorrect, he defended and avenged him who was oppressed, and struck down the Egyptian. ”


Now notice carefully this following poetry –


“ For he supposed that his brethren would hold understood that God would present them by his manus, but they did non understand. ”


What Stephen tells us – though you may non hold realized it before – is that Moses saw himself as God ‘s appointed Jesus of the Hebrewss a long clip before he came to that firing shrub. And up until this clip, Moses had known nil but success in his life. He was a powerful adult male in words and in workss. And every clip he wanted to do something go on, it happened. And so he came up with a program. “ The Hebrewss are traveling to beat up around me. They ‘re traveling to acknowledge that I ‘m their leader. And I ‘m traveling to take them out of bondage. ”

But the following thing you know, Moses is running for his life out into the center of the desert. So what happened? How did the most talented and trained immature leader in the universe fail so miserably at what God destined him to make? After all, we know that it was God ‘s will that the Hebrewss leave Egypt. And we besides know that it was God ‘s will that Moses be the one to take them.

So how did Moses acquire from here to there?

How did he acquire from being prince of Egypt to being a runaway in Midian? After all, he was seeking to make the will of God. He was seeking to carry through what God wanted accomplished. I want to propose to you, that Moses may hold been more committed to God ‘s will than he was to God. Now I want you to believe about that for a minute. Moses was more committed to God ‘s will than he was to God.

In other words, in an effort to make what he knew God wanted done, Moses went in front with his program but he did n’t give much idea to God. Exodus 2 Tells us, “ He looked this manner and that manner ” , but it does n’t state anyplace that he looked up. And I think that, in that manner, Moses was like a batch of us. Because there are times in our lives when we have faith in God, when we are committed to making what God wants done, but our lives are more egoistic than they are God-centred. And it ‘s possible for us to go forth God out of his ain will. To to the full understand what God wants, to be to the full committed to making what God wants us to make, but still non include God.

Let me explicate what I mean by that with three statements.

1. God ‘s will must be done in God ‘s manner.

The Bible is filled with people who wanted to make what God wants in a manner they want.


And you do n’t hold to look really far in your Bible to happen an illustration of that. Look in Genesis chapter 4. God wants an offering. Cain says, “ I ‘ll make what you want, but I ‘ll make it the manner I want. ” Abel brought God the eldest of his flock, and God respected Abel and his offering. Cain brought fruit, and we ‘re told that God did non esteem Cain and his offering. Cain ‘s attitude seems to be, “ Here ‘s what I ‘m giving and it ought to be good plenty for you. You want an offering? I ‘m giving you an offeringaˆ¦..but I ‘m traveling to make it the manner I want to make it. ”

Cain was more impressed with what he brought than with what God thought.


Apparently, Moses ne’er thought to inquire God what he thought approximately how to present the Israelites. It was Moses ‘ thought to slay that Egyptian, non God ‘s. Possibly the Israelites did n’t react to Moses ‘ program because they ne’er did see God in it.

Now, think for a 2nd. Have you of all time done something because it ‘s what you thought God expected of you, but God was n’t truly a portion of how you did it? I think it happens all the clip. I think there are some churches that say, “ God wants us to turn, that ‘s evidently his will. ” ( and it is ) . And so they come up with all kinds of ways to convey about that growing without halting to inquire the inquiry, “ How does God desire us to make that? ” You see, it ‘s non merely growing that God wants. We ‘ve got to make God ‘s will in God ‘s manner.

And I think sermonizers can be guilty of the same thing. I believe it ‘s God ‘s will that people hear prophesying. In fact, I think it ‘s God ‘s will that people hear good sermon. But, you know, a sermonizer can fix a discourse without giving much thought to God. You can fix a discourse that people will chuck you on the dorsum for without of all time praying, without seeking God ‘s approval.

And I ‘m afraid that we have learned how to make ministry reasonably good without God. But why would we believe that God is obligated to bless our attempts if we ‘re non making things the manner he wants us to?

You ‘ve heard it said, “ Where there ‘s a will, there ‘s a manner. ” But we need to be concerned about more than merely a manner ; we need to be concerned about the manner that God wants it done. And we need to larn the lesson, merely as Moses did, that God ‘s will has got to be done in God ‘s manner.

2. God ‘s will must be done in God ‘s clip.

In Exodus 2, God did n’t make up one’s mind it was clip to present the Israelites ; Moses did. Moses began “ Operation Deliverance ” without any signal from God. And I can associate to Moses. Let ‘s face it. How many of us think sometimes that God is slow? We ‘re certain we know what God wants, and we merely can non understand why it ‘s taking God so long to acquire it done.

Have you of all time seen a individual walking a small Canis familiaris on a tether? And that Canis familiaris is merely striving and striving. And that individual is holding to travel rapidly to maintain up with the Canis familiaris. The Canis familiaris wants to travel rapidly in front, but the proprietor wants to takes a nice slow gait. I think that ‘s sometimes what we want to make with God. We ‘re ever striving, desiring to travel faster than God wants to travel.

Merely God knew when the clip was right for the Israelites to be led out of Egypt. Moses did n’t cognize when that was. God did. And God was n’t ready for “ Operation Deliverance ” until it was clip. I think it takes wisdom and it takes adulthood to forbear from seeking to jump-start God ‘s will before God ‘s clip.


Let me give you a good illustration from the Bible — I Samuel 24. You see at that place that Saul was trailing David with his ground forces and his work forces are seeking to kill David because Saul perceives him to be a menace to the throne.

Keep in head that it was already God ‘s pre-determined will for David to be king. God has already sent his prophesier to anoint David.

But retrieve the narrative, how David and his work forces are concealing in a cave in the wilderness of Engedi. Saul goes into the cave. And David ‘s work forces say to David, “ Surely this twenty-four hours God has delivered him into your manus. Does n’t that look obvious? It ‘s God ‘s will that you be king. Here is Saul unprotected. It must be God ‘s clip. ”

Now David could hold rationalized.

David could hold said, “ Obviously this is an chance that God is supplying for me. ” But David said, “ No, we ‘re non traveling to touch God ‘s anointed. ”

David was wise plenty to understand, that yes, it ‘s God ‘s will for me to be king, but how can it be God ‘s will that I break one of his commandments to prosecute his will? And in this unbelievable act of adulthood, David says, “ No, it must non be God ‘s clip for me to be king. ”


Faith involves swearing God ‘s timetable even when it ‘s a batch slower than we would wish.

3. God ‘s will must be done by God ‘s strength.

Up to this point in his life, Moses was used to seeing his orders carried out and his programs executed, and I ‘m certain he thought this is merely traveling to be like every other program he had of all time come up with. He may hold thought, “ When I come up with a program to construct a metropolis, the metropolis gets built. When I plan out how to win a war, it gets won. So I ‘m traveling to be after how to present Israel. ”

At the age of 40, Moses was excessively large for God to utilize. It is a enormous enticement at times to state, “ I ‘m traveling to make something great for God. ” And so put out to make it in your ain strength.

There ‘s a narrative I heard about a lady who got a occupation in a fabric factory. There was a large mark in the workplace which said, “ When your yarn becomes tangled, name the chief. ” Well, she was new at the occupation and wanted to do a good feeling, so when her yarn got tangled, she thought, “ I ‘ll merely unbend it out myself. ” But the more she tried, the worse the muss became, until she eventually called the chief over. She explained what happened and she said, “ I did the best I could. ” He said, “ No you did n’t. To make the best, you should hold called me. ”

I think sometimes we think, “ I ‘m functioning God every bit best as I can when the truth is we ‘re doing a bigger and bigger muss of things because we ne’er called on God. ”


In Mark 9, Jesus took three of his adherents up on a mountain and was transfigured in forepart of them. Meanwhile, down below, a male parent brought a demon-possessed male child to the other adherents and they could n’t make anything about it. That seems instead unusual because if you read a twosome of chapters earlier, Jesus had given his adherents authorization over the devils. In fact, they had cast out devils on several old occasions. This was nil new to them. In fact, they had cast out devils without Jesus being around them before.

Subsequently on, when they asked Jesus in private, “ Why could n’t we make it? ‘ Jesus said, “ It takes supplication. ” What happened? The adherents had stopped depending on God and started trusted in their confident ability – seemingly they had developed the attitude, “ Look at what we can make! ”


And that ‘s the job with Moses. Moses was confident that he could make precisely what God wanted done. The job with his program, though, was this – if it had worked, the Israelites would hold trusted in Moses, non in God.

Bend over to Exodus 15. This is the vocal of Moses after the Israelites had crossed through the Red Sea.


Moses and the Israelites sang this vocal to the Lord: “ I will sing to the LORD, for He has triumphed gloriously! The Equus caballus and its rider he has thrown into the sea! The LORD is my strength and vocal, and He has become my redemption ; He is my God, and I will praise Him ; My male parent ‘s God, and I will laud Him. The LORD is a adult male of war ; the LORD is His name. Pharaoh ‘s chariots and his ground forces He has cast into the sea ; his chosen captains besides are drowned in the Red Sea. The deepnesss have covered them ; they sank to the underside like a rock. Your right manus, O LORD, has become glorious in power ; your right manus, O LORD, has dashed the enemy in pieces. ”


Let me rectify a really common error about the Exodus. Moses did non take the Israelites out of Egypt. God did. Moses merely followed God out of Egypt.

We sometimes sing the vocal, “ Stand up, stand up for Jesus, base in his strength entirely. The arm of flesh will neglect you. You dare non swear your ain. ” That ‘s great advice to retrieve any clip we get all excited about what we ‘re traveling to make for God.

There ‘s a sermonizer who tells a narrative about when he applied for his very foremost youth curate occupation. He was one of these truly gifted cats, one of those 5-talent people that impresses you right off the chiropteran. He was questioning with a group of seniors and it was traveling great until one of these seniors said to him, “ There ‘s merely one thing about you that truly makes me nervous. I think you could draw this young person ministry off all by yourself, and that scares me. ”

Folkss, we do n’t necessitate person who can construct a span over the Red Sea, we need person who believes that God can portion the Waterss, and there is a large, large difference between the two. One of qualities of great leading is a changeless declaration of dependance on God.


And we ‘re traveling to see following clip that that ‘s why God had to direct Moses out to wilderness for some preparation.


By the manner, have you noticed in the Bible that most of God ‘s best leaders felt unequal? It ‘s the people who know their insufficiency who are traveling to look for their adequateness someplace else. It ‘s the adult male who comes to the terminal of himself that God can get down with. And it ‘s astonishing what God can make with a cipher.


We need to larn to make God ‘s will in God ‘s manner, in God ‘s clip, in God ‘s strength.


There ‘s another great illustration in the Bible of person seeking to make God ‘s will, but go forthing God out – retrieve the narrative of Abraham, Sarah and Ishmael? It was God ‘s will for Abraham and Sarah to be parents. There was no uncertainty about that because God told them that several times. But after a long piece, Abraham and Sarah got a small disquieted. They said, “ It ‘s evidently God will that we have a kid. But we do n’t rather understand how it ‘s traveling to go on. So possibly we ‘ll make it a different manner, we ‘ll make it in our clip, and we ‘ll make while we ‘re still immature plenty for Abraham to make it in his ain strength. ”

And the program worked. They got a boy – but the male child was Ishmael. If they had waited to make it God ‘s manner, in God ‘s clip, in God ‘s strength, their first boy ‘s name would hold been Isaac. They meant good, they truly did. They were to the full dedicated to making God ‘s will, but they left God out.

Let me inquire each of you — Are you concerned about making God ‘s will? And I think all of you are, or possibly you would n’t be listening right now. The more hard inquiry is, Are you willing to make God ‘s will in God ‘s manner, in God ‘s clip, and in God ‘s strength? You ‘ll be amazed at what God can carry through if that ‘s the instance. But I can vouch that if you ‘re seeking to make God ‘s will in your ain manner, you ‘re traveling to be frustrated.


You have been listening to Dr. Derek Stringer the Bible Teacher for Good News Broadcasting.

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