The tårm „ technology“ has been defined by the ancient Greeks as a corporate term of human accomplishments. innovations. creative activities. knîwledge and expertness. Without a uncertainty. engineering dramatically affects our lives in virtually each and every facet and country. One of the greatest and most het modern-day arguments has been: „Does engineering influence our lives in a positive or negative manner? “ In my sentiment. engineering by itself has neither positive nor negative effects. The lone shaping factor is how people use engineering. Nevertheless. I would instead back up the thought that technological innovations serve preponderantly good intents. It is truly difficult to indicate out the countries where technological accomplishments have been the most dramatic. Therefore. the present work will concentrate on three sectors: atomic engineering. cyberspace and medical applications. Since atomic power’s earliest find as a theoretical rule. and subsequently as practical applications. methods. equipment and devices. this exceeding discovery has played a great function in our lives. The lone large-scale and applicable option to fossil fuels for bring forthing electricity is the atomic power. Despite their legion defects. NPPs ( Nuclear Power Plants ) are so widespread around the universe. that without them immense parts in the Earth would be left in darkness and silence. Scientists have put tremendous attempts into overhauling and get the hanging non merely the rule of atomic merger and fision. but besides into the whole equipment and machinery buttocks. Such jobs as atomic waste disposals. taint. natural catastrophes. etc. make non discourage people from trusting on this reasonably-priced energy beginning. Furthermore. an easy accessible and moderately-priced energy beginning is of great significance for vast. overpopulated but hapless universe parts. as it contributes to developing these countries to accomplish higher life criterions. Even though there are many issues with atomic power production and waste direction. I believe it will stay a desirable beginning of energy in the hereafter because of its range and application. I believe that the developments and finds in medical scientific disciplines. appointed to salvaging human lives. betterment of quality of life and enlargement of the ifespan. are the greatest and most baronial achievemen The find of X-ray methods gave physicians the chance to look inside the human organic structure and cognize precisely where surgery is needed or see the broken castanetss.

Furthermore. another important discovery is lazer engineering which made bloodless operations possible and dramatically shorten ed the recovery period of patients. The MRI. ultrasound and computing machine imaging all provide a alone opportunity to detect and analyse infective tissues. cells. tumours. the fetus growing. and do highly complex bosom and encephalon surgeries more accessible. The outstanding combination of medical and technology research gave the universe incredible entree to sub-cell procedures. the find of the human genome and Deoxyribonucleic acid construction. This has widely opened the doors for cardinal familial research. powerful pharmaceutical development and by and large. the enlargement of life anticipation of worlds. Here it is a point to advert one extraordinary latest find in medicine- nanotechnology. and one particular application- Quantum Dots. Combined with the cognition about the human genome. this hi-tech method gives a dependable tool for contending different types of malignant neoplastic disease. First. QDs can descry and follow really little tumour formations. even separate tumour cells by taging them in different visible radiation from the spectrum. Later. all the tumour cells and tissues breathing fluorescence are traced and accordingly. being destroyed with the aid of similar points. Such QDs are charged with illumination optical maser beginning indoors. encapsulated safely and set into the blood watercourse. When observing the tumour cell or tissue. a optical maser urge is emitted. and within the tumour cell it is transfered into heat which destroys the tumour without harming the healthy cells. ( Wood. 2004 ) . Another absorbing application of nanotechnology is the so called polymeric micelles. which can assist the efficient bringing of drugs straight into cells and tissues. These compounds have much greater tissue perforating power. more controlled drug release and are less harmful. This recent find gave physicians a great hope to do all right remedy on cell and tissue degrees and do interventions much more effectual and less invasive. Computer innovation and development. combined with one of the greatest accomplishments in the modern technological universe – the Internet. have truly changed the nature of modern-day communicating and ways of making concern. ( Passion Computing. 2012 ) The find of computing machine rules and building is besides connected to the name of a scientist with Bulgarian roots – John Atanassov. who is considered a individual with great part to this discovery. Computer engineering gave people the chance to do mathematical computations with immence velocity and truth ne’er seen earlier. The undermentioned developments such as the ability to work out complex proficient. technological and scientific jobs ; visualizingprocesses and tendencies in concern ; transmission and reassigning information to each and in any point of the universe. – changed wholly the manner of thought and working in our globalised universe. The first 1 is undoubtedly instruction.

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This country has benefitted greatly from modern hi-tech innovations. First of all. pupils have the option to seek rapidly and easy information on the Internet about their academic surveies. written assignments and courseworks. legion undertakings and multimedia presentations. The assortment of options in visual image and graphical applications expanded the use of ocular AIDSs and the ability to interprete. discuss and predict different tendencies in the procedures under survey and research. Another great advantage is given to instruction by the opportunity to portion. exchange and pass on new thoughts. finds and suggestions with professors and co-workers. ( Lewis H. 2009 ) This manner. it became possible to do panel treatments. conference negotiations. even to take tests and trials during distant acquisition classs. These developments augmented vastly the boundaries of instruction and provided chances for womb-to-tomb acquisition and uninterrupted preparation and making for professionals of all walks of life. The entree to practical libraries. databases of cognition. archives and other beginnings of stored information made it possible to go to a university or class in a truly distant location. and acquire your sheepskin without even being physically at the educational establishment. Another country with great benefits from Internet engineering is concern and banking. The nature and content of modern concern trades changed dramatically due to modern methods. ( Passion Computing. 2012 ) . Nowadays. doing a complex trade and trade. even an export of goods. is possible without traveling off from the office. All the necessary paperss. contracts. bills. specifications and licenses can be transfered over the Internet. all the alterations can be negotiated the same manner within a twosome of yearss. Furthermore. the shipment certification can besides be transfered online and even gap of the Letter of Credit. money transportation and other payments can be done online by a service bank. What is more. immense undertakings with many drawings. strategies. charts and graphs can be exchanged over the net. and even great architecture undertakings can be made by international squads based in several states. The universe of money is besides of great usage from the Internet. Huge financess may be transfered from one bank to another with merely one chink of the button. This development saves attempts. clip and makes the modern concern payments easier than of all time before. All these trades are accompanied by the jobs with informations security. illegal entree to database. fraud jobs and maltreatment oj personal informations. but the work and attempts ne’er stop to decide these issues. Last but non least. we have to advert the domain of fabrication and production. Internet and computerised methods of processing metals. plastics. cotton and fabric. leather. veggies and fruit. gave the greatest of all time promotion in bring forthing all the necessary goods and services for the life of modern worlds. We are now able to make complex telescopes. planes. starships and equipment to research the procedures in infinite and Universe. and possibly to happen a new planet for humanity to settle and develop in the hereafter. To set it in a nutshell. advanced engineering is an built-in portion of our modern life and will be even more of import in our hereafter.

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