In the World where is a batch of idle talk about human rights, the rights of those who largely need a protection, are violated. Few yearss ago, in November 2010 the United Nations Organization has removed an amendment reprobating arbitrary executings for homosexualism. Before, there was a mention in the International Law about executings, which protected the rights of LBGT ( Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender ) people. More than 70 states – most of them Muslim, where now the sexual minorities ‘ rights are violated – voted for the abolishment of the mention from this law. “ This ballot is a unsafe and upseting development, ” Cary Alan Johnson, executive manager of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, A argues in his statement ( qtd. in Tencer, 2010 ) . Now the curtailing the rights of homosexual people approved at the international degree which will do their monolithic hunting and executings. In 7 states ( they are all Muslim states ) same-sex intercourse is sentenced by the decease punishment. The ground for the decease punishment, harmonizing to the spiritual leaders, is pointed from the Quran ( the chief and holy book of Muslims, which was granted by God ) and Sharia ( the organic structure of regulations in the Islam World ) . In my research paper I want to discourse issues and rights which sexual minorities have in Muslim states, and seek to carry that homosexualism should non be treated as a offense.

Homosexuality has existed long before the constitution of Islam as a faith. In ancient times, homosexual relationships were practiced among the opinion elite and affluent people and were considered non merely as something unusual, but instead as a privilege and a symbol of high position in society. Love between work forces was a common thing in hareems of Rulers of the East. Historical information studies the homosexual pattern of Caliph Muhammad al-Amin which proves how homosexualism touched the highest echelons of power. “ Amin shortly separated himself from the company and influence of his household, both work forces and adult females, and gave himself over entirely to debauched pleasance in the company of his castrate. He dressed some of these latter as misss and organized them into a group of inkinesss whom he named “ The Ravens, ” and another group of Whites who were called “ The Grasshoppers. ” ‘ ( qtd. in Martin, 1997 ) . Muhammad al-Amin ‘s female parent, Zubayda, tried to stamp down his involvement in same-sex love by dressing immature misss of the hareem in work forces ‘s vesture. Zubayda was motivated non merely with spiritual thoughts, but largely by her concern about the continuance of the royal dynasty. Another instance in the history testifies the accident about Turkish Sultan Murad IV, who came to power at age of 10. However, Kuisem ( female parent of the immature Sultan ) ruled the Ottoman imperium, because of his immature age. Then she forced him towards homosexualism to hold the incorporate power in the state ( Martin, 1997 ) . In add-on, there are instances where spiritual leaders were involved in homosexual relationships.A In most instances, Sufi monastics, who were hapless and did non hold adequate money to get married, practiced same-sex intercourse. Students, who were n’t able to pay for spiritual lessons, did it through the same-gender intercourse. Furthermore, homosexualism is extensively mentioned in the literature of Muslim states. Poets and authors of the East glorified the love between work forces in their verse forms and prose. For illustration, there is a narrative about Mubarak and Mudhaffar who lived in Middle Age Spain and fell in love. Despite the strong disapprobation of homosexualism by Islam, people were indifference to all these ordinances and in some instances they were in a favour of such relationship ( Martin, 1997 ) . All these historical and literary illustrations can be an grounds of the peaceable coexistence of faith and homosexualism. Besides, it can back up the thought that the beginning of homosexualism did n’t come from the West, as claimed by some political and spiritual leaders of the modern Muslim states.

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Today homosexual relationships are considered as a offense in more than 80 states, and penalty for that is assorted: bodily penalty, prison term and decease punishment. The evidences for such penalties are the Qur’an, Hadith and Shariah, which control non merely the legal facets of life, but besides the moral foundations of society. In their adjudication, the spiritual leaders claim that homosexualism is condemned in the Quran ( “ the word of Allah ” ) , but there is no expressed information in this book that homosexualism must be treated with the decease punishment. In fact, the Quran has poetries that reference merely the narrative about Sodom and Gomorrah.A Harmonizing to observers of faith, these metropoliss were destroyed for the fact that their occupants were engaged in homosexual relationships. Therefore, people who pattern the same-sex love should besides be killed as it was written in the Quran. If one merely examines those beginnings, one will happen that the occupants of these metropoliss were killed for disobeying the orders given to them by God.A These poetries demonstrate the power and might of Allah, but non an proclamation of a decease sentence to all homophiles. Many spiritual leaders, who are cognizant about the deficiency of these issues in the Quran, use the Hadith ( set of ethical motives and advices given by the Prophet Muhammad ) , or Shariah.A However, the Hadith and the Sharia were written after the decease of the Prophet and there is no grounds that these books contain existent words of Muhammad. Possibly, they were made up to accommodate the thoughts of some people ( West, 1997 ) . How the governments may enforce a sentence, if they are inconsistent with these books, construing the Torahs in their ain manner.

There are four chief “ schools ” within Islam which have different positions about homosexualism. The Hanabalite School requires the most terrible punishments for homosexual intercourse. Sha’fi school puts about impossible conditions to turn out the guilt of the homosexual individual. It ‘s necessary to happen some informants who saw with their ain eyes the committee of a sexual intercourse. The Hana’ite and the Sufi schools wholly apathetic to homosexualism. Therefore, the Muslim states differ in their positions on same-sex relationships. The being of different currents in Islam is explained by the fact that the governments of some states are encouraged to hold an appropriate reading of the Torahs ; it helps to maintain under control the population in their states. The authorities badly penalize the weakest members of the society who are adult females, kids and sexual minorities. For illustration, in Iran, where along with civil Torahs the authorities uses the Sharia laws.A Many executings are performed in forepart of crowds of people like in the Middle Ages. Intimidating them, the authorities controls other occupants. Futhermore, hunting and penalty of people who have committed offenses against the moral foundations of the society, aid to deflect people from economic and political instability in the state ( Helie, 2004 ) . It occurs widely in some African states, where civil wars are common and people die from famishment.

The authoritiess of the most Muslim states are concerned about evident addition in homosexual spread among the population.A Homosexuality is regarded in many states as immorality, coming from the West. Religious leaders blame Western life style, manner and manners as the grounds for homosexualism among Muslim people. A However, history and literature abounds with illustrations of the being of homosexual love long before the Western influence ( Kligerman, 2007 ) . “ In Iran we do n’t hold homophiles like in your state, ” Persian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated at Columbia University ( qtd. in Cooper, 2007 ) . His words sound hypocritical after the executing of several Persian people for homosexualism. Harmonizing the Defender on homosexual web sites in Iran are registered more than 4000 Iranians ( Dehghan, 2009 ) . If the President of the state gives false replies, it is non surprising that Iran still has mass executings of people for homosexualism.

True, in some Muslim states, same-sex relationships are recognized as a mental unwellness. When A parents became cognizant about sexual orientation of their kids, they send them for a intervention to a psychiatrist.A As a consequence of force per unit area from relations and society many homosexuals commit suicide, while others flee from their states, trusting to happen a safety in Western states. Populating under the strong psychological force per unit area, many homophiles feel strong stabs of conscience.A Some of them prefer to be executed or punished badly, because they feel guilty before God. Although, some of them find power to fight for their rights to populate in peace and pattern Islam. They became unfastened to society, seeking to alter the sentiments of the other people towards homosexualism issue. Sexual minority organisations re-examine the sanctum Quran in order to put aside homophobic Torahs ( Sharma, 2007 ) .

I would wish to add in my research paper the words which my instructor told me. I was born in a Muslim state where traditions and faith are tightly intertwined.Nobody in my household was non surprised when I said that I was traveling to analyze faith. First thing what I learned from my instructor was that cipher does non hold a right to kill another individual. He said that life was given to us by God and merely he has the right to take it off from us. It ‘s one of the pillars of the Quran. Then why the decease punishment is still exist in some Muslim states. It turns out that some Torahs in the Sharia are in struggle with the Quran. The Quran provinces that Allah is great and powerful and ne’er makes errors. If God created worlds in His ain image, so homophiles are besides created in the image of God. As a consequence, homosexual people are non ill or insane.

It ‘s non the pick of the people to be homosexual or non. If they had a pick, cipher would hold become homosexual individual. It ‘s clip for the spiritual figures to revise Torahs that infringe the rights of homosexual people.

The one can be a informant that the gesture in support of sexual minorities raises in the universe. A There is no surprise, that even in Muslim states there are some madcaps who are ready to give their lives for the thought to be treated every bit with other members of the society. Despite the facts, turn outing that many authoritiess are incorrect in believing about homosexualism, spiritual and political leaders continue to force for international disapprobation of same-sex relationships. Under screen of spiritual traditions and moral values, radical authoritiess who came to power in many Muslim states commit flagitious offenses against humanity. We should halt the mass executings of guiltless people and the Hunt for their relations, which look like the Inquisition during the Middle Ages.

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