Psalm 23 is most popular and good known of all the Psalms. The Psalm was ascribed to King David and he wrote this Gospel towards the terminal of his life. The Psalm is said to be the favorite by Jews and Christians likewise, talking as it does of God ‘s attention and protection.

The Psalm started with a figure of address metaphor, the Lord is my shepherd. In a metaphor something is said to be something else that it clearly and accurately is non. And these words must repeat by every Christian. Jesus is so the Good Shepherd but if were to be serious about how to pray and read this Psalm we shall foremost cognize the significance of shepherd.[ 1 ]Centre our head on His proviso in the whole text we discover that three things appear. First, God is a personal Shepherd David declares the chief focal point in this great Psalm is because the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall non miss anything. This shows God being in love with His people as a sort, loving and caring shepherd. Because the Lord is my shepherd He supplies me with indispensable demands, and security. In the Psalm 23 David usually uses the name Yahweh who is ever seen as wholly devoted to His people. David is confident that God will ever run into and his present and future demand for the good shepherd provides all that his sheep demands.[ 2 ]This Psalm was much beloved Psalm of David makes by usage of shepherd form to explicate the deep religion and hope that is gettable to every kid of God. David begins by explicating the protection of the Lord as he made a journey through unsafe topographic points and in the presence of my enemies. He ends the Psalm with an look of religion and hope in the Lord ‘s protection, that God will supply the goodness and clemency needed all through life. Christians all over sees this Psalm as fantastic prefiguration of the good shepherd Jesus Christ, who gave His life for me and you even watches over us.[ 3 ]David confirms that God ‘s being his shepherd he concludes that he shall non desire anything that is good for him. It ‘s obvious that God takes good attention of the trusters because He is the good shepherd. David himself was a shepherd he knew by experience the attentions and loving fancy of a shepherd towards his flock. A good shepherd is ever kindness, adept and faithful and besides ventures his life to salvage a lamb. This nevertheless, David demonstrate God ‘s attention to his people, and to our Jesus. David has assurance that God will ever forestall him from confronting danger. This was non merely a unsighted hope that things would somehow work out. It was a critical and basic look of scriptural religion based on God ‘s ain self-revelation in Israel ‘s history, that God was a God who worked in the universe no affair the state of affairs. In this sense the metaphor of the lovingness Shepherd and gracious host are really different aspects of the same imagination, God who takes the duty to take attention of his people.[ 4 ]Psalm 23 is an exegetical illustration of the Lord ‘s shepherding for the proviso of David demands. The ageless truth of the Lord ‘s shepherding is God ‘s particular Providence for the trusters which is Lord ‘s taking attention for his people. We should observed some of the looks used in this Psalm get downing from v.1 “ I shall non desire ” as we all know that sheep are unagitated, fearful animate beings. They can non supply what they want and besides if they upset they do non do noise. If they serve with bad nutrient or H2O they normally take whatever intervention is given to them. But a good shepherd knows that his sheep wholly depend on him for a good attention. A shepherd must cognize his sheep good so as to observe when they are sick or hurt. When God is our shepherd we fill contented because He knows all our demand and truly attentions for us as a good shepherd attentions for his sheep. V.2 He makes me lie down in green grazing lands ‘ sheep are normally so nervous and easy hurt, they do non lie down easy unless if they sure all is good that could be fright of unknown. So when we say that God makes us lie down in green grazing lands, we are non merely speaking about a nice topographic point of remainder. Alternatively we are stating that God keeps us in a peaceable environment where we can rest. He leads me ‘ . The good shepherd is ever being the leader instead the follower he leads while the sheep follows. A shepherd foremost sees the H2O and found out if the H2O is fit for the sheep. So when we say that God leads us, we are merely stating that God moves in front of us to detect what is best for us in life all we needed is to follow His bid. Beside the still H2O ‘ . Water is really indispensable trade good which every life psyche need but it is much rescuer to imbibe from a clear, quiet pool. Our Lord Will leads to this unagitated places no affair the obstructions.[ 5 ]V.3 He restores my psyche ‘ . A good shepherd has a responsibility to care for his sheep and nurse and back up them when they are contacted with diseases. David confirms in this Psalm that God treated him in this mode. By the waies of righteousness, he means easy and simple waies. As he moves in front on this metaphor it would be out of topographic point to understand this as mentioning to the way of the Holy Spirit. Besides David maintains that God sustains us by his power, energize and accelerate us and removes every danger so that we can easy walk in field and consecutive waies. However, David represents the goodness of God as the cause of so great liberalness, corroborating that God give all these to him for his ain name ‘s interest. V.4 Though I should walk ‘ . Though every truster is under the umbrella of God protection we are exposed to many dangers and afflictions of enemy. David, nevertheless, made it clear that if any trouble should bechance him, he would bow upon the Providence of God. Following his metaphor, he compares the attention which God takes in regulating true trusters to a shepherd ‘s staff. David sound clearer that even though he exposed to any danger, he will hold sufficient defense mechanism and protection in being under the pastoral attention of God. First of wholly he say, I will fear no immorality ; but he gave the ground on this, he honestly admits that he inquire for a solution against his enemy all his hope focal point on his shepherd. Jesus Christ the boy God has reveal himself to us as our shepherd, which He made more openly as he did in olden twenty-four hours of our male parents who lived under the Law. However, we do non supply equal honor towards his protecting attention. V.5 Thou wilt fix a tabular array before me in the presence of my tormentors: David, nevertheless, maintains what he has antecedently declared toward the beneficence of God under the similitude of a shepherd. This verse simple tell us that God supply all that we needed to the care of this life. When it says, Thou prepare a tabular array before me, he means that God supplied him with nutriment without any problem merely as the male parent should demo extra attention to his kid. V.6 Surely goodness and clemency: Having seeing all the approvals which God has restored to him he pledge his undoubted trust towards the terminal of his life. But David does non state this with the purpose of enforcing God ‘s jurisprudence but to show his gratitude to Him. And the last yesteryear of the poetry I will brood in the house of Jehovah: At this reasoning poetry he intentionally proves that he does non attach his ideas to earthly pleasances.[ 6 ]

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Throughout the Old Testament God is being described as the good shepherd of Israel. Leader in Israel are being placed on duty taking attention, trustworthy and be a good shepherd to others. However, Jesus gives account in John 10 that He a good shepherd and besides Jesus informing the fold on how they can be saved through him and how He gave up his life to protect his sheep. The Lord satisfies all my demands because He wants us to be independently dependent upon him. As I was analyzing this Psalm I realise that in life there are two options. If the Lord is my shepherd so I shall non desire ; but if I am still in demand, so it clear that the Lord is non my shepherd.[ 7 ]

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