I used to believe that every bit long as I kept these commandments so everything in my life would be ok…that I am fundamentally a good individual and every bit long as I stick to this list so all will be good and I ‘ll populate a happy life. There ‘s nil incorrect with this peculiarly – there ‘s nil incorrect with avoiding making things that we know are bad for us and making the things that are good. There ‘s nil incorrect with lodging to the list of Commandments.

But life is more than a list. Life is more than a list of bash ‘s and don’ts. I ‘m non stating lists are bad things, in fact they can be really helpful and they can maintain us organised…shopping lists, the list of what ‘s on the Television, most of us maintain some kind of journal or calendar so that we know when a birthday is coming up or when the childs are off school or if there is something to make on a certain twenty-four hours. Lists can be good and can maintain us organised… but there ‘s much more to life than lodging to a list.

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Take for illustration one of the Commandments – 1000 shall non kill. No 1 would reason with that … no 1 would reason that it ‘s all right to kill person. But what ‘s behind this…what ‘s the motive for person to take the life of another person…what ‘s their purpose? Were they angry or afraid or covetous? What brought this about? What was in the individual ‘s bosom?

This is what Jesus is speaking about in the Gospel. He was stating interrupting the jurisprudence is one thing but it ‘s the purpose in your bosom that truly affairs. And he gave us a New Commandment…to love one another as He loves us. To follow His illustration. To follow Him. He did n’t give us a list…he gave us a manner of life.

For 2,000 old ages the Church has been dependably working out what this manner of life is so that we can follow Jesus ‘ illustration. The huge bulk of us here have been Baptised into the household of God and have been confirmed by the Holy Spirit. The huge bulk of us here receive Communion, the Body and Blood of Christ, at least one time a hebdomad. Through the Church we are here because we are seeking to follow Jesus ‘ illustration.

Yes, one of the Commandments is that we must honor the Sabbath. We do this by coming to Mass every Sunday. We do it because it ‘s a Commandment, a demand of our Faith…it ‘s a jurisprudence. But Jesus brought to us a new law… the jurisprudence of the Gospel, which brings true life and true freedom. This new jurisprudence brings us true love. So we come to Mass to seek to follow Jesus ‘ illustration of true love.

And what do we make while we ‘re here?

We welcome each other and garner together meekly as the People of God here in St Bernadette ‘s and open our Black Marias and say sorry to God… we say I confess to Almighty God and we ask God to forgive us. We listen to the Word of God and seek to work out and understand how Jesus ‘ Word affects our lives now. We profess our religion together and state to God that we believe in Him and love Him. We pray for each other and for the sick and the hapless in our parish and in the universe and inquire God to listen to our supplications and give us the strength for our journeys. We ask God for his Grace and peace in our Black Marias and we portion that mark of peace together. We praise God and we thank Him for all the approvals in our life. We meet God and receive Him in His Body and His Blood and are consumed by His Love. And we leave here in peace to love and function the Lord.

That ‘s what we do while we ‘re here. And the interesting thing is that… what we do at Mass for one hr each hebdomad is how we can populate our lives for every hr of every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad. We can welcome, we can open our Black Marias to God and to each other, we can pray, we can listen, we can forgive, we can portion, we can praise, we can function. This is non a list…this is a manner of life…a manner of life where we can make our best to love each other as Jesus loves us. Where we can open Black Marias to God and to each other. Where we can seek to follow Jesus ‘ illustration of true love.

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