The movie Gattaca fails to supply us with a character that can be clearly defined as a hero. By definition a hero is a individual of distinguished bravery or ability and is admired for their baronial qualities and exhibits certain traits that are deemed to be heroic. In Andrew Niccol’s movie the character Vincent freewoman at times display epic qualities but they do non systematically demo them to turn out to us that he is a heroes. Vincent takes on a whole new individuality altering from an in-valid to a valid which makes it hard to separate his true individuality from the borrowed 1 he has become.

Throughout the movie it is difficult to see Vincent’s true personality through the frontage he displays to the outside universe. And there are many instances where Vincent shows rather admirable qualities like when he is with Irene and he lets travel of the strand of hair stating “the air current caught it” . At first this may look a really bosom felt gesture but for Vincent this could be a signifier of insurance deriving Irene’s trust and if she was of all time in a place to protect Vincent’s individuality she might make so.

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Up until the point where Vincent decides to infiltrate Gattaca. he is merely an mean individual. an castaway of society. a alone individual with no life who’s survived on nil but a dream. Up until this point there are no features being shown by Vincent which show that he deserves to be classified as a hero. The character Vincent Freeman from the minute he was born was seen as weak and genetically imperfect but he is able to get the better of these restraints.

Vincent was labelled as an in-valid. a label which determined how long he would populate to what he could be able to make. Vincent’s strong character. finding and desire to accomplish his dreams expose his true heroic qualities. He refuses to stay by the regulations of Gattaca and with small vacillation finds a manner to do his dreams come true no affair what the cost. “They used to state that a kid conceived in love has a greater opportunity of felicity.

They don’t say that any longer. This leads us to believe that Vincent is person who can withstand the odds and have adequate finding to accomplish his dreams in a universe where individualism is eradicated and unwanted and all you need is good Deoxyribonucleic acid to win. Although Vincent is demoing tonss of bravery and finding. in world in order to accomplish his dreams Vincent has had to go a condemnable and resort to illegal steps and deceive many people to accomplish his ends. This so challenges Vincent to whether he is worthy of a hero position.

Vincent has gone through many adversities to acquire to the place he is in. By going a borrowed Ladder he gained entry to Gattaca to accomplish his dream of going an spaceman. He is so determined that he has gone to such utmost steps that he has wholly abandoned his ain individuality and in portion is ain personality and abandoned his household go forthing them to believe that he was dead. Anton stating Vincent that “our parents both died believing they’d outlived you” .

This is non the behavior or features that are looked creditably upon as heroic. As Anton begins to set the pieces of the slaying at Gattaca together. he gets closer to uncovering Vincent as the fraud he truly is. “You committed fraud. You’re in a batch of problem. ” Anton tries to assist out his brother and follows the regulations but even though Vincent has accomplished so much he is non content and still has to crush down his brother. Is this covetous quality something we look for in a hero? No heroes are modest and low unlike Vincent.

Like many of the people in Gattaca Vincent has something to conceal. When Anton and Hugo perform the foray at the Cavendish nine everyone flees and no one even knows what they want yet intending that everyone is concealing something and there are many people merely like Vincent concealment in the society of Gattaca. When Vincent hides his individuality he becomes a felon. purchasing an individuality illicitly on the black market and going like all the other borrowed Ladders. Vincent is no different from anyone else.

He has committed a offense and is far from being called a hero. He is make bolding but non brave and seems superior knowing that he has outsmarted Gattaca. Qualities which are non epic. “Just remember. Lamar. I could hold gone up and back and cipher would hold been the wiser” Vincent says this to Lamar merely after Lamar reveals that he has known Vincent’s secret all along. All Vincent has achieved is acquiring off with a offense. “We shed 500 million cells a day” says Vincent it merely takes one to demo Vincent’s true individuality.

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