Let me get down this essay by stating how can a human to the full describe the true essense of who God is particularly when it comes to the account of the Trinity? There are so many description of what God is like which I believe is due to one ‘s personal preception of who God is, but since our human encephalons are limited, it ‘s a complex issue to to the full understand everything at that place is to cognize about a God who is the Godhead of all creative activity ; bigger than the universal of which adult male is a bantam spectrum of creative activity. There have been times when I ‘ve wondered to myself, how can I believe something that I ‘m non even certain I understand? How can God be one and God be three at the same clip? And even if I did understand it, how in the universe do I explicate it without doing everyone out at that place confused?

The god-in-three individuals was a widely belief practiced long before the initiation of Christianity by ancient faiths. Many of these faiths had minor Gods, but yet acknowledged that there is a supreme God who possesses the kernels of three individuals. The planet Venus for illustration, was worshipped in Babylon as a Trinity consisting of the Moon and the Sun which became the holy three of the Babylonians in the 14th century. Eventhough other faiths before the coming of Christ for 1000s of old ages have worshipped a triune God, yet such philosophy was non a portion of Christian tenet of the first three centuries after Christ.

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Not until in the 4th century the philosophy of the Trinity was to the full established as a to the full documented historical fact. ( 1 ) Since the philosophy of the Trinity is such an of import portion of Christian philosophy, it is striking to cognize that the term Trinity does non look in Holy Scripture ( the Bible ) , hence such term is non biblical. Likewise, the construct of three distinguishable individuals in the Godhead that was subsequently found in the preparation of the credos can non be clearly seen in the Bible every bit good. Hence, the Trinitarian philosophy of three distinguishable individuals of godly life and activity in one individual can nowhere be found. If this philosophy is n’t biblical than how did it come to be as a major portion of Christian philosophy? And why could be described as a basic foundation of Christianity be so difficult to explicate and confounding?

The word Trinity itself, nor such linguistic communication as one in three, three in one, one kernel or substance or three individuals, is non considered as scriptural linguistic communication. The existent linguistic communication of the philosophy can be attributed to the linguistic communication of the ancient Church, non taken from the Bible but possibly from classical Greek doctrine. It is believed that the Trinitarian bit by bit came about and grew in the late first through 3rd centuries as heathens, who were converted to Christianity, brought to their new found faith some of their heathen beliefs and patterns. However, the modern belief in the three originated in the fourth century at the Council of Nicaea, Constantine, the Roman Emperor presided over the Council intentionally to unify the Roman Empire by accomplishing understanding on Christian philosophy by advancing a cosmopolitan consolidation within the church. ( 1 )

The two distinguishable sides of resistance were Athanasius of Alexandria, recommending the three while Arius fought for the resistance. Following hebdomads of argument Constantine ruled in favour of the instruction of Athanasius of Egypt, one of the oldest civilisations in the universe, who had long earlier adopted the heathen belief of the three. The most popular Egyptian threes was that of Horus, Isis and Seb, ( HIS ) , a three that consisted of male parent, female parent and boy, and a construct that besides traces back to Babylonian lineage. ( 2 )

After declaring a mandatory belief in the three, Constantine tried to be more merciful with the determination, but it was excessively late the Nicene Creed had taken clasp. ( 3 ) Anyone who did non believe in the philosophy of the Trinity were persecuted and killed. ( 4 ) The Nicene Creed has since been admended and it is a demand to going a member of the World Council of Churches.

When we turn to the job of the philosophy of the Trinity, we are confronted by a state of affairs which seems contradictory. With such philosophy been unscriptural, it seems that it had to necessitate a heathen emperor to do Christianity get down encompassing this construct. It was at this phase that Constantine made his important suggestion in his look refering the relationship of Father and Son to be expressed by the term homoousios ( “ of the same substance ” ) . One may inquire why Constantine put it frontward we do non cognize. It is possible that Constantine may hold been utilizing it as a “ interlingual rendition ” of the traditional position held in the West, that the Trinity was composed of “ Three Persons in one substance, ” without asking farther into the significance of these footings. But as it is decreed one time the Emperor had spoken, no 1 dared touch the credo during his life-time.

The universe ‘s three monotheistic religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam portion a common belief that there is merely one Supreme Being who is the swayer and Godhead of the existence. Yet Muslim unfavorable judgment of Christinity is that Christianity has deviated from this accent upon the integrity of God through the philosophy of the Trinity which is argued to be one of late innovation falsifying the really thought of the integrity of God. The Three for quite sometime has been a controversial topic.

The word ‘trinity ‘ as we may cognize by now does non look in the Bible anyplace which makes it a semisynthetic term. However, to believe in the three is to believe that there is a integrity of three individuals – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, three co-eternal, co-equal individuals, the same in substance, and yet distinguishable from one another. In the Nicene Creed the three is refere to as ‘ … God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, though three properties, yet one individual. ‘ ( 5 )

Such rating of the three would take one to believe that the Father is His ain boy, and the Son His ain Father, and the Holy Spirit is equal to the first two, the three being one, yet different. I stand in understanding with McGrath ( p.243 ) that so the philosophy of the Trinity is one of the most hard facets of Christian Theology particularly when said philosophy is being critique on the logic of 1+1+1=1. Muslim contention is for a monotheistic faith like Christinity to believe in three Gods is both profane and nonsensicals.

Harmonizing to Cummingham, the earliest Christians experiences of Jesus and the Spirit convienced them that eventhough God continues to brood beyond our clip and infinite, yet transcend in all of these classs, for God has however entered into a universe in a direct and definate manner twice. First, the Word of God became a human being ; God therefore walked and lived upon the Earth, sing the same joys and sorrows that we experience including agony and decease. Second, the Spirit of God became active in the earliest Christian communties giving them wisdom and strength to transport out God ‘s mission in the universe. These two manifestations of God within the created order in add-on to the belief of a transcendent God beyond all classs meant the people had known and believed in God in three different ways. As the Source of all things, God was surpassing and without a physical organic structure. As the Word incarnate, God was subjective in creative activity and was a animal organic structure. And as the Spirit animating the earliest church communities, God took on a new sort of organic structure ; non as a individual individual but a corporate organic structure, the church blended together through members ‘ common confederation to the good intelligence of Jesus Christ doing known to us three experiences of God – three ways of believing in God. ( 6 )

Many found within the circle of Christianity do non accept the philosophy of the Trinity, for the simplest of grounds that the Bible does n’t utilize the word three and others have shy away from it because the trouble in understanding what it is. The term “ Trinity ” has its beginning in the Latin and Greek linguistic communication and comes in two parts: Tri or three and Unity, so the ideal manner to wholly specify the term is “ Three in integrity ” which is compiled to depict the nature of the Godhead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. It is define as the nature of the One True God at the same clip exists in three ageless Persons, with all three Persons being co-equals in all the properties of the Divine Nature. The triune Godhead is expressed from the gap of creative activity, and so provinces that God is triune in nature and substance. The Plurality of God elohiym { el-o-heem ‘ } The name given unto God by the Hebrews “ Elohim ” is a plural noun and is best defined as Divine Ones. The plurality of God has everlastingly existed from before the creative activity of clip. For the members of the Trinity, being of wholly dependent and yet mutuality of each other work together in complete integrity. Such is seen confounding is n’t it?

However, merely because such philosophy is hard for the encephalon to understand, it does n’t intend that we should feign it does non be, for there is an rational side to Christianity of which we ‘re expected to believe through the instructions of Bible for ourselves. Eventhough there is n’t a peculiar Bible that reference the integrity of the Trinity yet there are several transitions of Bibles that give visible radiation on the Trinity particularly when it comes to the creative activity of the universe: In Genesis 1:26, it says, “ Let us do adult male in our image. ” ( 7 ) It does n’t state, “ Let me do adult male. ” It says, “ Let us! ” God is affecting the other members of the Trinity in the creative activity of world. How do I know he ‘s non mentioning to the angels because Genesis 1:1 stated “ in the beginning God created the celestial spheres and the Earth ” . ( 8 ) Immediately in poetry 2, we have “ the Spirit of God vibrating over the face of the Waterss ” . ( 9 ) And in Colossians 1:16, we ‘re told that “ Christ made the celestial spheres and the Earth ” ! ( 10 )

Now how do we explicate the diverseness of the Trinity? The members of the Trinity work together, but they do n’t ever make the same things. Let us take a expression at the diverseness each Person of the Trinity show in mention to redemption: God the Father governs the universe. God the Son redeems the universe ( on the cross ) and God the Holy Spirit gives us the power and grace to alter the universe. Three really different functions, yet all for the one intent of attesting God ‘s glorification in the universe. Each member of the Trinity contributes something particular and alone to our lives. Romans 8:28 says that “ God works for our good ” ( 11 ) Verse 35 says that “ Jesus prays for our good ” . ( 12 ) And verse 27 says that “ the Holy Spirit helps US pray for our good ” . ( 13 ) This shows the diverseness of the Three in our lives.

Another feature of the Trinity is its deity. The Bible is crystal clear that there is merely one God ; One Godhead being. Deuteronomy 32:39 says that “ There is no God besides me. ” ( 14 ) Isaiah 43:10 says “ before me no God was formed, nor will at that place be one after me. ” ( 15 ) But the same Bible that says that there is merely one God besides says that the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God, one true God everlastingly bing as three individuals: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Now how can one explicate such in order for others to to the full understand? What I have discovered is that there is no manner that the limited head of a human being can cognize all that there is to cognize about God. Romans 11:34 says “ Who has known the head of the Lord? Or who has been his counsellor? ” ( 16 ) And 1 Corinthians 13:9 says that ‘we know in portion and we prophesy in portion. ” ( 17 ) In other words, it is impossible for an infinite head to wholly grok every bit immense as the philosophy of the Trinity.

However, the deity of the Three can be comparing to the three phases of H2O: solid, liquid and gas. It map can be compare to that of our federal authorities, one authorities, three subdivisions: The Legislative Branch ( Congress ) , the Executive Branch ( The President ) and the Judicial Branch ( the tribunal system ) . These three subdivisions make up one authorities. It ‘s a small confusing at times but for the most of it I do n’t ever understands how the authorities works. But I accept the fact that we have one authorities in three subdivisions. Equally so, I do n’t understand how H2O is transformed into three phases, yet I accept the fact that it does be in three signifiers.

It ‘s the same thing with the Trinity. I do n’t ever understand how it works. But I accept it. Not because I can wholly understand it. But because I can see that it is taught in the word of God. The word of God does n’t halt being true merely because there ‘s something in it we do n’t understand. The fact of the affair is that the word of God is true whether we understand it or non. Can we to the full understand the deep things of God? No, we do n’t hold to to the full understand the things of God, but by religion we can accept those things we can non explicate. The philosophy of the Trinity even after two thousand old ages still remains slightly a enigma to the wisest of the wise.


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