All the Covenants in the Bible stick to Jesus Christ who gives redemption to all people. There have been God ‘s bids, interrupting the bids of people and forgiveness of God in human history. God has a redemptional program. He will carry through His ain program giving compacts to the people of God and completing the compacts unfeignedly.

1. The Adamic Covenant

The Adamic compact is based on Genesis 3:15. The importance of the Adamic compact is the first compact that the souvenir of redemption is given by God. All people fall into a wickedness and make the decease, because the first adult male committed a wickedness. But the merciful God makes a manner to deliver them through the Seed of the adult female. Dennery summarise this incident about the compact,

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“ After Adam and Eve sinned, God pronounced judgement on the snake, on the adult female and on the adult male. However in the thick of the judgement, God gave them an unbelievable promise and massage of hope in Genesis 3:15. … It is non merely the first announcement of the Gospel, but it is besides the full Bible in seed signifier, every bit good as God ‘s covenant promise to direct the Seed of the adult female to pay the punishment for wickedness. ”[ 1 ]

The mark of the compact

After they commit a wickedness, they realize they were naked. So they tried to cover themselves run uping fig leaves together. However, “ Consequently, it could non cover them, nor could it conceal their shame or their nudity. Therefore God took the tegument of the animate being that was sacrificed and made an acceptable covering for them. Those coats of tegument became the mark of God ‘s forgiveness and of His compact promise. ”[ 2 ]

God sealed the compact with casting blood and doing coats of tegument of an animate being for Adam and his married woman. Perpetrating offense ever follows cost. In the Law of Moses, there is a manner of paying the cost: “ An oculus for an oculus, a tooth for a tooth. ” Harmonizing to the Law, for life must be cost by life. Cecilia B. Dennery said, “ God confirmed the compact with the blood of the first carnal forfeit. The blood non merely confirmed the compact, it besides provided forgiveness for their wickedness indicated in Hebrews 9:22. “ The Law requires that about everything be cleans with blood, and without the sloughing of the blood there is no forgiveness. ”[ 3 ]

The forfeit in this Bible has relevancy to decease of Jesus Christ who is symbolized as a lamb. The seed of adult female God promised is Jesus Christ who will come and salvage us from our wickedness. Because He shed His blood on the cross, we got let-off.

2. The Abrahamic Covenant

This compact is dwelling of three major elements: doing Abraham into a great state, blessing Abraham personally and blessing all states in Abraham. John Murray said about the importance of the Abrahamic Covenant, “ this Abrahamic Covenant underlines the whole subsequent development of God ‘s redemptional promise, word and action. ”[ 4 ]

The ceremonial of the compact

There is a ceremonial of compact in Genesis chapter 15. In the Abrahamic epoch when people make a compact between one and another they swear exposing their life to maintain the compact, because it is established with blood, walking through the divided dead animate being together. God establishes the compact with Abraham in this manner.

“ The Lord commands Abraham to take to Him certain animate beings. Abraham yieldingly complies, cutting and puting some of the animate beings opposite each other and protecting all the dead animate beings from scavenging birds. aˆ¦ Abraham seems to understand what the animate beings signify: the Lord ‘s confidence to Abraham would come through a binding “ compact ” in which both He and Abraham would curse to carry through certain duties to each other, acknowledging that decease would be the certain effect of their failure to carry through their binding committedness dependably. ”[ 5 ]

But God shows his power of determined will to accomplish the compact. Essex said, “ in the covenant-making ceremonial, merely God walked through the animate beings. Although He and Abraham were both parties to the compact, the compact was one-sided in the sense that He obligated merely Himself to carry through His committednesss. ”[ 6 ]

Then He eventually achieves the compact. It is written in the Bible that Abraham got a great state. He became the male parent of Israel. In add-on, the approval of redemption ranges to the all peoples and states those who believe in Jesus who is the Seed of Abraham.

The mark of the compact

God besides prepared the mark of the compact. He sealed to the people of Israel with Circumcision. Harmonizing to McGrath, “ The thought of a “ compact ” between God and Abraham and his posterities is introduced at this point. The rite of Circumcision is seen as the external mark of belonging to the covenant people of God. ”[ 7 ]This Circumcision which is outward in the flesh is non merely given for reminding the compact, but besides antitype of the Circumcision which is inward in the spirit in the New Covenant.

3. The Mosaic Covenant

The Mosaic Covenant is a record of disclosure of God ‘s righteousness to be given to the people of Israel. It is besides established in curse of obedient and in blood. Barrick said, “ The Mosaic Covenant is the most conditional of all the compacts. It promised approvals for obeisance and expletives for noncompliance. ”[ 8 ]God gave the Law to the people of Israel at Mount Sinai.

The ceremonial of the compact

Here is another ceremonial of compact in Exodus 24:6-8. It was besides made a contract the compact of blood between God and the Israelite. Peoples listened to the Law and agreed with that. There was a ceremonial of scattering blood of animate beings. Then God received and invited to the seniors of Israel.

After holding the ceremonial of the compact, the Lords of kids of Israel went up, saw the God of Israel and did eat and imbibe before Him. Brevard Childs brings up a contested issue with this event, “ The issue is whether the description is to be understood as a covenant repast. If the transition is isolated from its present literary context – so there are some obvious literary seams – so the exact map of the repast is unsure. ”[ 9 ]

However, I strongly believe that the repast portrays the Communion in the New Testament. Harmonizing to Bernhard W. Anderson, “ Sharing a common repast was one manner to seal a compact, as we know from the contract that Jacob and Laban made ( see Genesis 31:46, 54 ) Furthermore, the pattern of doing a compact by a forfeit was good known in ancient society. aˆ¦ The belief in the efficaciousness of blood figures conspicuously in the divinity of forfeit in the Old Testament, and is farther refined in the covenant divinity of the New Testament, as can be seen from such a transition as a Corinthians 11:25. ”[ 10 ]

Failure of the compact

William Barrick wrote about the intent of the Law, “ the Law of Moses had fivefold intent: ( 1 ) to uncover adult male ‘s wickedness ; ( 2 ) to uncover the horrid nature of wickedness ; ( 3 ) to uncover the sanctity of God ; ( 4 ) to keep wickedness so that the evildoer might come to Christ ; and ( 5 ) to restain incorrect making in order to protect the unity of the moral, societal and spiritual establishments of Israel. ”[ 11 ]Harmonizing to him, there is cipher to maintain the Law absolutely in his whole life. Surely the wickednesss of the people were revealed and they were about destroyed in the wilderness.

When it was proved that people of Israel has non ability and will at all to maintain the Law, God came to them and gave the New Covenant to them in His autonomous grace.

4. The Davidic Covenant

The Davidic Covenant

The major contents of the compact are the name of King David would be great, he would hold remainder from enemies, his line of descent would stay everlastingly and his throne would be established everlastingly.

Michel Grisanti said “ God ‘s constitution of His compact with David represents one of the theological high points of the OT Scriptures. This cardinal event physiques on the preceding compacts and looks frontward to the ultimate constitution of God ‘s reign on the Earth. ”[ 12 ]

The word “ Christ ” is the Grecian signifier of the Hebrew rubric “ the Messiah, ” which literally means “ the anointed 1 ” – person who has been anointed with oil. This Old Testament pattern indicated that the individual anointed in this manner was regarded as holding been singled out by God as holding particular powers and maps ; therefore 1 Samuel 24:6 refers to the male monarch as “ the Lord ‘s anointed. ” The basic sense of the word could be said to be “ the divinely appointed King of Israel. ” ”[ 13 ]

5. The New Covenant

“ There is two important features of the New Covenant that promised to Israel are its newness in replacing the Mosaic Covenant and its everlasting and irrevokable nature. ”[ 14 ]

There are the basic elements of the New Covenant. “ The religious commissariats include a transformed bosom of flesh, forgiveness of wickednesss and a consummated relationship with the Lord. ”[ 15 ]

Above all, i??e?­e??

“ The caducous blood of the Son of God provided the agencies of concluding and lasting forgiveness. Net Covenant forgiveness of wickednesss is of a different nature than forgiveness of wickedness under the Old Covenant. ”[ 16 ]

“ In the hereafter land, a perfect mediatorial male monarch, the Lord Jesus Christ, will govern, and the people will all hold experienced the new birth. The Lord therefore promises that those in the New Covenant will be changed from the interior out, and therefore “ they will truly be My people and I will truly be their God. ”[ 17 ]

The mark of the compact

The mark of this compact is the Holy Communion. It was given by Jesus Christ himself. Harmonizing to the writer of the Gospel of John, Jesus testifies himself that his flesh is existent nutrient and his blood is existent drink.


All the compacts fulfilled through the crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and will be fulfilled through his returning to earth in the hereafter.

There was a important event when Jesus died on the cross. His organic structure was split as it is that the drape of the temple was torn from top to bottom. Harmonizing to Alister E. McGrath, “ the drape therefore came to be a symbol of the barrier placed between God and humanity by human wickedness. The lacrimation of this drape at the crucifixion can be seen as a symbol of one of the main benefits brought approximately by the decease of Jesus: the barrier between God and humanity caused by wickedness has been torn down, so that there is now free entree for trusters to God on history of Christ ‘s decease. ”[ 18 ]

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