Harmonizing the creative activity of generation there two narratives that differ from the other, but at the same clip both of them have similarities.Genesis is the first book of the book which provokes struggle about creative activity of Earth. The first narrative of Genesis is introduced to P ‘s vision and how the creative activity was. Throughout this narrative, God human creative activity was in the six twenty-four hours ; besides God created worlds by his ain image. In the other side there is the 2nd narrative of Genesis which represents the J ‘s vision of creative activity, based on this narrative human have different beginning from the first narrative. In Genesis II God did non created adult male by his ain image, it was created of “ the dust of the land ” ( Genesis 2:7 ) . Comparing both narratives there is a immense difference of power between the two Supreme beings. Furthermore these two creative activities show grounds in different manners of authorship and have conflict with it.

Both versions of Genesis have been contrasted, in the first narrative of Genesis, the order of creative activity differ from Genesis II. In Genesis I the Eden was foremost, so came animate beings, and eventually was the adult male. But in the other manus, Genesis II homo was placed on Earth before the animate beings and nature. ( generation 1:1, generation 2.1 ) After those different versions is truly hard to understand the truth of God ‘s creative activity. In comparing between these narratives is that God created the Earth like human sort, but in different ways. The most of import similarity is that God shows worlds complete love and adornment and merely gives them one rigorous step non eat from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. But they do non obey him, and they eat from it anyhow.

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Before the world comes, Genesis I have a batch of events such as celestial sphere, Waterss, workss and animate beings. Meanwhile, in Genesis two the readying for adult male ‘s place was truly emphasized and particular planning upon homo. ” There different accents in the two storiesaˆ¦. , but the ground for these is obvious. Genesis I continue the narration of creative activity until the flood tide, viz. , adult male made in the image and likelihood of God. In Genesis II gives certain added inside informations about adult male ‘s original status, which would hold been incongruous and out of topographic point in the expansive, declaratory in Genesis I ” ( Edward J. Young, 1960 ) .Therefore in Genesis II the centre of this creative activity was human, it involves his scene and how perfect God created him. And at the same clip in Genesis II there is no reference of creative activity of Earth and Oceans. There is no allusion to the Sun, Moon. The chief intent of this creative activity is to demo how adult male was developing around the Earth.

In contrast Genesis I explain us a general decision of this creative activity that have in conclusion a human without any inside informations that involves him. Therefore, it show a adult male which was created without any chief end, this narrative fundamentally describe an of import attention of environment as workss and nature. Furthermore, Genesis I the creative activity of human takes topographic point on the 6th twenty-four hours and is every bit follows, “ And God said, Let us do adult male in our image, in our similitude. As a consequence God created adult male in his image and besides male and female. “ ( Genesis 1:26 ) Be fertile an addition, make full the Earth and maestro it. The narrative of Adam and Eve portrays them as the two characters that did non hold adequate apprehension of the effects of noncompliance would convey to their lives and their following coevalss.

In comparing, there is another similarity is that in the first history, there was a preexistent watery pandemonium. ” The ocean was already present and a air current moved across the surface. The seas rested on the dry land, which appeared on twenty-four hours 3 when God gathered the Waterss together. ( Genesis 1:1 to 2:4 ) . The 2nd narrative says that there was preexistent dry land.AT foremost God created Adam, and so began to make all other living things. As a consequence God before created homo being, he had made the H2O around the universe.

In version P ‘s God was the Godhead, there was no reference of Torahs and redeeming, how this God had made everything and was omniscient. This contrast from the P ‘s vision God, the grounds of this is found in Genesis II, where J explain, ” You shall no eat from it and you shall non touch it, lest you died. “ ( Genesis 3:3 ) In this instance it is mentioning to the tree of Knowledge, in the Garden of Eden. This shows grounds that J ‘s God was the lawmaker and judgement giver. When comparing this to P ‘s God, we can detect that J ‘s God was non as all cognition. In J ‘s vision found this noncompliance from Adam and Eve, that ‘s why he started the judgement. It is in this facet that J ‘s God is non all-knowing.

Another large contrast as we can see in Genesis II, God require stuffs to do Earth. This is opposed to how God is doing Earth in Genesis I. “ in generation I, the Earth could convey forth flora, in Genesis II, there is no flora without rain and cultivated land of the land by adult male ; God has works the first garden himself ” ( Wybrow, 138 ) So, it demonstrates the difference in the Earth procedure to be set up. Furthermore, another difference is that in generation I God does n’t hold a really clear word picture because God was more a powerful and all-knowing being. While in Genesis II God was less powerful, merely because it could non merely conceive of something into creative activity.

“ The best manner to accommodate the histories was to presume that in the six “ yearss ” of creative activity, God created the possible for everything that unfolded, so that the potency for humanity was created on the 6th “ twenty-four hours ” , and this potency so became existent when activated by the breath of God. So it avoids contradictions between the two narratives. It is a truly interesting text which could be connected with the development. “ ( Augustine of Hippo ) .Therefore in existent life both narratives are based with a same intent, created the adult male and environment around him, but both creative activities did it at his ain manner.

In decision, to me understand in Genesis I and Genesis II there are great comparings and differences about the creative activity. Genesis I was written by the writer P who is known as Priestly author. Genesis II was written by the writer J. I believe that Genesis I and II are really of import to hold an statement to discourse and analyse the creative activity of the Earth and work forces.

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