Questioning about the ageless enigma about the being of one Supreme Being may look to be one of the most controversial subjects to discourse. Wherever one goes in the universe. people would ever be given to take this issue of a God as a really sensitive and insightful issue to debate about. With this perceived contention about the being of God. a batch of philosophers have dared explore and elaborate on the subject better. Some of them presented positively appealing positions ; nevertheless there were besides some who chose to show a instead contradicting and dismaying statement about the world of one Supreme God.

And in covering about this subject. one of the most surprising and instead challenging statements is from George Berkeley. Unlike any other. his claim appeared to be surprising as he argues that faith and scientific discipline are non ever two beliing Fieldss. therefore. the thoughts of God’s being and scientific discipline can so back up each other. God and Science: Idealism and Representationalism More frequently than non. people have ever encountered conflicting claims from faith and the Fieldss of scientific discipline. This may be brought by the conflicting bases of belief which the two Fieldss have.

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Religion as the more mysterious and supernatural field would be given to establish its credo on beliefs established by tradition. clip and holy Bibles. while scientific discipline on the other manus would be given to establish its decisions on difficult. cold facts. However. one interesting claim and statement is presented by the great head. George Berkeley who disputed that scientific discipline can besides be compatible and supportive of the thought about the being of one God ( Berkeley Reading. 2009 ) . He argues that the representationalist heads of work forces are the factors which make them disbelieving about thoughts such as a Supreme Being.

This is because representationalism promotes the belief in things which can be supported and explained by material things. And this is the thought which Berkeley chose to expose. He argues that. people can merely avoid incredulity if merely they will take non to establish things on stuff facts. because non all thoughts and constructs are really explained by these material bases. This is his account of Idealism and this is his first footing about his claim that a Supreme God so exist. Furthermore. Berkeley insists that “the being of God is far more obviously perceived than the being of men” ( Priest. 2007 ) .

Therefore this implies that as people try harder to explicate God being than men’s being it can be said that God appears to hold a more important world and being than work forces. As more people try to explicate God as a supreme being. the more that the thought proves to be stronger. Berkeley believes this statement since he supports the claim that the belief in God’s being is the merchandise of all men’s thoughts. as compared to the belief in men’s being which is but an illation of one’s thoughts. Therefore this logic implies that the grounds of God’s being if far greater that the grounds of men’s being ( Priest. 2007 ) .

And this is another strong point of Berkeley’s statement about God’s world. George Berkeley like Rene Descartes is a fan of scientific discipline which is innately a material fact-dependent field. This is the ground why it appears instead surprising how he can explicate such a supernatural construct with back uping thoughts from scientific discipline. It is besides surprising and really perplexing how Berkeley can reason that affair is non ever the footing of the account about the being of things. And this is because he instead believes in the thought of “sensible things” than of “matter.

” This besides shows that Berkeley believes more on thoughts over affair. However. he still relies on affair as footing of account since it can explicate the being of material things. And since God is immaterial. it supports his claim that God. so. can non be explained materially like any other things people perceive as stuff. In several ways. this claim of Berkeley besides shows that he supports the thought that non all things are material ; that there are things which will non be ‘visible’ but instead be ‘sensible’ .

Therefore for Berkeley. world does non merely stand on solid stuff bases but besides on strong reasonable perceptual experiences. Appraisal of Berkeley’s Claims In many ways. George Berkeley’s ways may look puzzling and inexplicable in some parts. This is rather apprehensible since people have been used to the impression that scientific discipline is merely based from existent. concrete facts. Unlike scientific discipline. faith and belief in supernatural forces has ever based its credo on unseeable. immaterial and instead intangible forces.

But although scientific discipline and faith appear to drive each other’s thoughts and positions. Berkeley was still able to unify these two Fieldss in explicating his ain perceptual experience on the being of God. Berkeley’s attempt of elaborating on the thought of God’s being roots from his demand of holding something that explains order and regularity in the universe ( Yuksel. 2005 ) . Berkeley himself believes that aside from the material things and forces. there is one intangible and unseeable thought whose being is far stronger and greater than any other stuff force’s being.

Therefore. since this illation is based on a personal demand. it besides appears that Berkeley really based his claims on what he chose to believe in ; that since he needed an account on the apparently unseeable force which promotes order in the universe. he instead chose to explicate it as God. It is undeniable that his distinction of materiality and esthesia has been a battle. Up to now. there are still some facets of this claim which appears like a fuzz. One adult male antecedently challenged this claim by inquiring that. if Berkeley closes his eyes and he can non see. does he besides closes an thought or does he eliminates a material thing ( Yuksel. 2005 ) ?

This challenges Berkeley’s statement that materiality is non ever the exclusive bases fro truth. instead there is besides esthesia. Although in many ways. Berkeley’s statements may truly look puzzling and confusing. it besides appears that he delivered his thoughts in such a really systematic and good expounded manner. Truly. people have their pick as to whether or non to believe in one Supreme Being. Peoples besides have the release as to how to comprehend this Supreme God. And in this context. Berkeley besides has his ain manner.

It merely so happened that the bases he chose are two of the most disgusting and beliing thoughts in the universe of world. Therefore. it is apprehensible why his statement remains challenging and perplexing in many ways.


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