He was a Shepherd, a instrumentalist, a lover, a hubby, a soldier, a hero and a male monarch. The narrative starts in 1 Samuel when we meet David, the boy of Jesse, for the first clip. From the first chapters David appeared as a immature male child who looked after sheep. He was the youngest of eight brothers in his household ( 1Samuel 17:22 ) . David was a really good shepherd: he loved his getaway, played and sang on his harp. Once, the king of beasts stole a sheep out of flock and David heard a call of the lamp. Then God was with David and made him strong and saved the lamp out of the king of beasts ‘s oral cavity and killed it. David demonstrated his personality from the childhood. He was superior in every title and got a really good repute. David was brave, weather, strong and faithful to The Lord. A David is known as a, “ adult male after God ‘s ain bosom ” ( 1 Samuel 13:14 ) .

There were some minutes when David showed his passion for the justness and glorification. Once the immature shepherd heard how Goliath mocked Israel and The Lord of Israel. Goliath was from Gath and was nine pess tall and really strong. When Eliab, the older brother was really angry because he saw that David came to watch at Goliath and said: ” Why have you come down here? And with whom did you live those few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your bosom is ; you came down merely to watch the conflict ” ( 1 Samuel 17: 28 ) . David decided to get the better of his enemy with no idea to neglect, but with all his religion and support of God. His determination to win Goliath was non made merely to the wealth and award, but instead because of the presence and award of God ( New Bible Commentary, 2006, England ) . When people saw that their enemy was lying on the land they understood that this immature male child was sap of bravery and religion to The Lord. He stayed alive because The Lord loved him and was with David.

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David was the 2nd and one of the greatest male monarchs of all the male monarchs of Israel. He was righteous and brave. However, his life was interesting and astonishing before he became a male monarch of Israel. David ever showed that he was better than Saul, and he had more strength and The Lord was with him. Samuel said to Saul, “ For now the Lord would hold established your land over Israel everlastingly, but now your land shall non go on, for the Lord has sought for Himself a adult male after His ain bosom andA the Lord has commanded him to be commander over His people because you have non kept what the Lord commanded you. “ ( 1 Samuel.13:14 ) .

David was chosen by The Lord and anointed to be a male monarch and to take people, to back up them. He was a individual who appealed people to be closer to The Lord. “ Be with God and be blessed by The Lord. David American ginseng of the clemencies of the Lord. With his oral cavity he made known the Lord ‘s fidelity to all coevalss ” . ( Psalm 89:1 ) .

David had a batch of boies and married womans, but he loved other adult females and had a lover whose name was Bathsheba. She was the married woman of Uriah the Hittite, a solder in David ‘s ground forces. When David saw Bathsheba, he fell in love with her and slept with her. When Bathsheba sent a message to David that she got pregnant, David sent her hubby to the topographic point where the conflict was the most formidable. Uriah died in the conflict and The Lord punished David for his workss. However, David ‘s life was an illustration for many people in Israel. No affair what happened, David ever returned to his religion. He knew about his wickednesss and ne’er gave alibis for his workss. David realized that he committed a great figure of wickednesss against The Lord and His Law, which he was maintaining during all his life.

King David was a great character in the Bible. His life was really interesting and pure, but when he became a male monarch, everything changed. How can a liquidator and an unfaithful individual be called “ a adult male after God ” . I strongly believe that he was forgiven by The Lord because David realized what he had done during his life ; he repented and turned back to the Lord. David was a strong, brave and righteous individual, he was ever ready to protect and back up his state. “ Bible is a history book of Hebrew people ” ( Jane Holslag ) .Having this in head, we can state that every individual has her or his failing and strength and it does non depends on a individual ‘s gender or age. It is because we are people who have a right to do errors and can larn largely merely through them.

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