1. There is such a thing as absolute truth. For starting motors, I think it is of import that we provide a definition for truth before continuing to reason the aforesaid any farther. Truth is merely that which corresponds to world ( a.k.a. the Correspondence Theory of Truth ) . As Dean Hardy says in “Stand Your Ground” , “truth merely is ‘the manner it is. ‘” Furthermore, I feel it best to review the other three positions of truth in order to solidify the cogency of our truth definition. The Pragmatic Theory of Truth provinces that something is true if “it works.” “If a statement is utile and good, so it is true, ” ( Hardy 33 ) . The first job with this lies in the word pick ( utile and good ) . Who defines what is utile and good? What is utile to you might non be utile to me. The deficiency of a definition for the two aforementioned footings in context pushes the matter-of-fact theory slightly into the kingdom of relativism. The Coherence Theory of Truth claims “a statement is true if the statement is consistent, or coheres, with the other statements in a system.” ( Hardy 35 ) This theory is unlogical. The Coherence Theory fails to lucubrate on this “system.” Therefore, it is possible for a statement to cling with a system and still be false if the system itself is false. Therefore, the Coherence Theory of Truth can non be used to specify truth. Which brings us to the concluding position of truth, the Subjective Theory of Truth. “In this position of truth the single decides what is true and false based simply on his ain personal desires.” ( Hardy 38 ) The Subjective Theory, besides known as relativism, is highly unlogical. Lashkar-e-taibas say, for illustration, that a relativist was to state that the truth of a faith is based on the person ( my faith is true for me and your faith is true for you ) . The relativist runs into many contradictions. State this peculiar individual believed in Hinduism. This single attacks me ( a Christian ) and says that Hinduism is true for him but he acknowledges that Christianity might be true for me. He fails to reply the job that my faith says that his faith is false. Another job that the relativist runs into is absolutes. Say the relativist was to state, “I believe there is no such thing as absolute truth.” One would react, “Do you believe that to be perfectly true? ” The relativist can non avoid absolutes because his statement in itself is an absolute. Therefore, relativism is debatable. Which leads me back to the original definition of truth. Truth is what corresponds to world. Yes there is such a thing as absolute truth.

2. Yes we should be slightly disbelieving about everything to a certain point. After all, a small spot of uncertainty is healthy. For illustration, if person were to state me that they merely developed a remedy for malignant neoplastic disease, I would be disbelieving ( and for good ground ) . However, if they were to show that this remedy worked and a patient was cured of malignant neoplastic disease, I would be less disbelieving. However, I can non be one hundred per centum sure that this remedy will bring around every individual individual with malignant neoplastic disease that it is used on. Therefore, I do believe a certain sum of incredulity is healthy. Particularly since there are state of affairss where purchasing into something 100 % can be bad. For illustration, say you are sing voting for President Smith in the 2014 election. Now, Lashkar-e-Taibas assume for the illustration, that you are idle. President Smith has merely made a promise that he will happen a occupation for every individual unemployed American. Upon hearing this promise, you vote for President Smith. Then, during his run, you remain unemployed and badly defeated. It is all right to be slightly disbelieving, so long as that incredulity does n’t impact your logic or overcast your judgement.

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3. There is a batch of cogent evidence for the being. Possibly the best statement to get down with is the Cosmologic Argument. This statement is presented as follows: Everything that has a beginning has a cause ; the existence has a beginning, therefore the existence has a cause ; the cause of the existence must be causeless and outside of clip and infinite. We call this causeless being God. This being must be uncaused because if he is non causeless, so we have an infinite reasoning backward of causes. An infinite reasoning backward of causes is a state of affairs in which we have a series of finite causes that one can inquire, “What caused that.” This is debatable because an infinite reasoning backward ne’er reaches an ultimate starting point. The 2nd statement for the being of God is the Teleological Argument. The statement is presented as follows: Everything that has a design has a interior decorator ; the existence has design ; hence, the existence must hold a interior decorator. The Anthropic Principle states that the existence is finely tuned in order to prolong life. Minute alterations would destruct all life. This implies purposeful design ( Henson Introduction To Christian Theology Packet 20 ) . Take, for illustration, the O degree in the Earth ‘s ambiance. It is presently 21 % . If it were 25 % , we would fire up. If it were 15 % , we would smother ( Henson Introduction to Christian Theology Packet 20 ) . Another rule in support of design is irreducible complexness. “Cells and variety meats contain mutualist parts that must be at the same time for life to survive.” ( Henson Introduction to Christian Theology Packet 20 ) Irreducible complexness provinces that life is so clearly designed in that taking any little indispensable portion removes the functionality of life itself. The concluding statement is the Moral Argument. The statement presents itself as follows: Every moral jurisprudence has a moral jurisprudence giver ; there is a cosmopolitan moral jurisprudence ( a manner worlds ought to act and ought non to act ) ; hence, there is a moral jurisprudence giver. We can state that there is a moral jurisprudence non by our actions, but by our reactions. If I was to plug person in the face, odds are they will acquire huffy. This reaction serves as grounds to our apprehension of oughts and ought nots in society. Therefore, there is much grounds for the being of God.

4. The Bible is non simply fabulous narratives. For starting motors, all historiographers consider the Bible to be an accurate historical text ( whether or non one believes the religious facet ) . The bible is “God-breathed.” “God used the personality, manner, and vocabulary of the human writer to give us his words utilizing their words, ” ( Henson ‘s Intro to Christian Theology Packet 3 ) . 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable philosophy, for rebuke, for rectification, for direction in righteousness, that the adult male of God may be complete, exhaustively equipped for every good work.” 2 Peter 1:20-21 says “knowing this first, that no prognostication of Scripture is of any private reading, for prognostication ne’er came by the will of adult male, but holy work forces of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.” God tells us ( through the writers of the Bible ) that the Bible is His ain divine word and its narratives are non for “private interpretation.” Nowhere in history have we of all time seen anyone dice for what they knew to be a prevarication. The apostles died for Christianity. They died painful deceases and suffered much during their lives. However, they died for what they knew was right. The apostles, the writers of the New Testament, would non decease for Christianity if they wrote it cognizing it was false. Besides, the Bible is an highly influential text. “The Bible is the figure one best marketer every twelvemonth. It is the most read, most burned, most quoted, most influential, and most stolen book in the universe. It has influenced the doctrine of authorities, morality, instruction, the being of truth, and has shaped the apprehension of God and adult male in one million millions of people around the universe. Proper application of its rules result in order, felicity, and prosperity in society, ” ( Henson ‘s Intro to Christian Theology Packet 3 ) . Such would non be the instance if the Bible was merely a clump of fabulous narratives, as the writers themselves ( if they had made up the Bible ) are human and hence are flawed. They would be unable to develop methods and rules that would take to prosperity and felicity and order in society on their ain.

5. God must be an infinite being. Lashkar-e-taibas go back to the Cosmological Argument, presented in the reply to inquiry figure three: The cause of the existence must be causeless. Uncaused means infinite. This “uncaused” being must be outside of clip and infinite. This being must be ageless and infinite. The ground is because without the starting point being and causeless being, we end up with an infinite reasoning backward of causes. So, God must be infinite. Now, space, in context, is defined as limitless flawlessness. God is limitless flawlessness. Every quality he has, he has boundlessly. God has infinite love, justness, benevolence, power, cognition, etc. It is impossible for God to be missing in any of these features. If an space being is limited in any manner, so they are no longer an space being because that peculiar bound would in bend limit some of the other qualities of the being in inquiry. For illustration, it would be debatable to claim that God was infinite except in cognition. If he is limited in cognition, he is limited in power because he wo n’t be able to transport out his will with absolute certainty. If he is limited in power, so he is limited in justness because he wo n’t cognize for certain that he will be able to transport out justness. This creates a snowball consequence, restricting other features of his, therefore pass oning him to the place of a finite being. Therefore, an infinite being CAN NOT be limited in any manner whatsoever. Besides, it is impossible for there to multiple infinite Gods. The lone manner to separate between infinite existences is to compare them by what one lacks and what the other 1 has. Otherwise, there would be no manner to state them apart. And if one of those existences is missing, they are no longer an infinite being. Therefore, there can non be multiple infinite existences and God can non be limited in any manner whatsoever.

6. The statements mentioned in the old inquiry set up a few facts about this infinite being ( as proved by the cosmogonic statement ) : he is the almighty Godhead of the existence ( cosmogonic ) , he is the interior decorator of the existence ( teleological, irreducible complexness ) , and he is the moral jurisprudence giver ( moral ) . As the moral law-giver, this infinite being must be, by nature, moral. Since we have established that this being is infinite ( via the cosmogonic statement ) , allow ‘s reexamine what we define as space. Infinite means limitless flawlessness. Therefore, this being ( being infinite ) must hold infinite perfect qualities ( infinite love, infinite justness, infinite cognition, etc. ) . The God of the Bible is the lone God that fits this description to a tee. For illustration, Allah does non suit this description because he is non all-loving ( in the Quran he says that he hates heathens and says that Muslims should kill heathens ) . The Bible describes God ‘s qualities as omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, etc. All of these qualities show this limitless flawlessness. God has all of his qualities boundlessly. God is pure actuality. This means that God has no possible to be anything other than what he is. God merely is what he is. In the Bible, the word Yahweh is used to depict God. Yahweh means “I am.” Therefore, God is the “I am.” All of these qualities show us that the infinite being proved by the cosmogonic, teleological, and moral statements is the God of the Bible and can merely be the God of the Bible. No other God or non other being can suit the description.

7. Many people struggle with the job of immorality in respects to their religion in God. “How can an all-loving, almighty, all-just God let evil? ” There is a really simple account for this. God has designed this universe in a manner that it is the best possible path to the best possible universe. If God were to make a universe where everyone believed in him, it would extinguish our free will and would therefore be un-just of God. In bend, God created a universe in which we would hold the freedom to take to love and idolize him. However, adult male, in its fallen province, is iniquitous by nature. So, free will allows people to make evil things. However, if God were to halt those evil things, he would besides be taking free will in that he would be taking the possibility of the individual accomplishing their coveted result through that evil act. One would reason that this would be unfair of God. Therefore, God has created this universe to be the best possible path to the best possible universe. Ideally, the best possible universe is a universe where everyone freely chose to idolize God. So, while evil exists, it does non take away from any of God ‘s qualities.

8. Natural choice is non the lone possible account for our being. In fact, it is non even a possible account at all. First of wholly, natural choice is non a force ; instead it is a procedure of alteration. Even if one were to accept natural choice as a jurisprudence and non simply a theory ( which it presently is ) , it merely answers the inquiry of alteration over clip. Natural choice does non explicate being or how we got here. Therefore, natural choice does non reason for being, instead it assumes being ( which is a necessary status for natural choice to even be a possibility ) and explains alteration over clip from at that place. Besides, for natural choice to be the account for all the alteration we have had and for the design we have today, one would hold to trust simply on opportunity. Chance is non a force. Chance is a statistical consideration of possible results. It is considered statistically impossible for all the design in this universe to hold occurred by random opportunity. Therefore, non merely is natural choice non a valid account of being at all, it is non much of a valid account for the design we see in Earth and in every twenty-four hours life.

9. There are two chief things that Jesus did that set him apart. First of all, Jesus claimed to be God. John 10:30-33 says, “’I and my Father are one. ‘ Then the Jews picked up rocks to lapidate him. ‘Many good plants have I shown you from my Father. For which of those plants do you lapidate me? ‘ The Jews answered him stating, ‘for a good work we do non lapidate you, but for blasphemy, because you being a mere adult male make yourself God. ‘” John 5:18 says, “Therefore the Jews sought all to kill him because he non merely broke the Sabbath, but he besides said that God was his Father, doing himself equal with God.” These poetries show how Jesus claimed to be God and the obvious heat that he took for it. His claims that he was God set him apart. Philippians 2:5-8 says, “Your attitude should be the sane as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in really nature God, did non see equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nil, taking the really nature of a retainer, being made in human similitude. And being found in visual aspect as a adult male, he humbled himself and became obedient to death-even on a cross! ” Philippians 2:5-8 says that Jesus is, in nature God, but being found in human signifier, humbled himself in nature to that of a retainer. This shows us that Jesus is God in nature. Another thing that Jesus did that himself apart was that he fulfilled many prognostications. Isaiah 53:4-6 says, “Surely he took up for our frailties and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our evildoings, he was crushed for our wickednesss ; the penalty that brought us peace was upon him, and by his lesions we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his ain manner ; and the LORD has laid on him the wickedness of us all.” This transition predicts Jesus ‘ decease on the cross. This prognostication was written about 700 old ages before it was fulfilled. This transition tells us that Jesus ‘ decease on the cross was the ultimate forfeit that redeemed us from all wickedness. These two things are what set Jesus apart and made what he said so alone.

10. The three is non polytheism. The statement for Trinitarianism is as follows: “If there is a moral jurisprudence, there must be a moral jurisprudence giver. The moral jurisprudence giver must be moral. He can non give what he does non hold. If he is moral he must be relational. Ethical motives are absurd outside of a relationship. If he is everlastingly relational he must be in an ageless relationship. Otherwise, he would be dependent on his temporal creative activity for a relationship, and could non be everlastingly relational. If he is in an ageless relationship he can non be everlastingly entirely. If he is non everlastingly entirely he must be multi-personal. Therefore, God is an ageless community. Worlds are relational and communal because we are the look of a relational and communal being. Therefore, worlds are the look if a multi-personal God: the Tri-Person God of the Bible, ” ( Henson Christian Theology Packet 18 ) . The three is non polytheism because there are non multiple Gods, but there are three individuals in one. Genesis 1:26 says, “Then God said, ‘Letusdo adult male inourimage, inoursimilitude, and allow them govern over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the farm animal, over all the Earth, and over all the animals that move along the land. ‘” God says allow US do adult male in OUR image and OUR similitude. Our refers to the three, the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit all in one.

11. It is non adequate to merely be a good individual to acquire to heaven. One must believe in God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. John 14:6 says, “Jesus answered, ‘I am the manner and the truth and the life. No 1 comes to the male parent except through me. ‘” Jesus tells us really specifically that the lone manner to make the Father is through religion in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. God sent his lone boy to decease on the cross for our wickednesss, so that we might populate ageless life with him in Eden. Isaiah 53:5 says, “But He was pierced for our evildoings, He was crushed for our wickednesss ; the penalty that brought us peace was upon Him, and by his lesions we are healed.” God ‘s love for us is so powerful that he Sacrifice HIS ONLY SON so that we could be forgiven. All we have to make is believe in him and accept Christ as our Jesus.

12. I ca n’t believe of depicting my religious journey without get downing with the point where I foremost became a strong Christian. Turning up I had ever been a Christian. I went to church on most Sundays. Just like many childs, I ever though church was sort of drilling. I would travel merely if my ma forced me to acquire up in the forenoons to travel. I remember that twenty-four hours as if it were yesterday. It was August 18, 2006. I was running out to my pa, who was picking me up from cross-country pattern. I remember stepping into the auto, a 15-year old fresher in high school ; my pa handed me a piece of paper and merely said, “I ‘m regretful, Nick.” The headline, “15 Year Old “Golden Boy” Killed in Car Wreck.” Golden Boy was Alexander Hampton Waugh. He was a friend of mine. I was supposed to hang out with him that weekend. I remember non cognizing what to experience. At first, I felt slightly aghast. I could n’t penetrate that this child I had merely played baseball with last hebdomad was now no longer a life, external respiration, working human being. I remember that the feeling did n’t truly hit until the following twenty-four hours. I was cut downing the lawn. I remember about everything about that twenty-four hours. The Sun was pouring intense beams of heat on me. The pool looked so bracing that twenty-four hours. The grass was so green. It was so bright outside. I remember catching my iPod from my pocket and exchanging to a Billy Joel vocal. The vocal was called Vienna. All of a sudden, I stopped cut downing the pace, turned off the mower, and merely broke down and wept. I fell to the land, overwhelmed with feelings of unhappiness. I remember so acquiring up, walking into the cellar, sitting down at my computing machine, and opening up Microsoft Word. I stared at the clean white sheet in front of me for a few minutes. Then, I began to type. I typed my ideas. I typed how I felt. I typed how I felt about my friendly relationship with Alex. I typed myself through the first decease that I had experienced. I remember completing that paper. I merely stared at what I had written. I easy wiped the cryings out of my eyes. I remember the aftermath. I saw all my teammates at that place. I saw the adult female that was driving the auto that Alex was killed in. I saw the hurting on her face. I remember my pa giving me a clinch that seemed to last forever. I remember the funeral. I had printed off the paper that I had written about Alex. I handed it to his parents. I remember how happy I was that it brought them the comfort that it did. And so I remember one peculiar minute ; this crystallising minute in clip in which I realized that this was traveling to convey me closer to God than I of all time could hold thought I would be. At that minute, as a 15 twelvemonth old, I became a Christian. Since this clip, I have been through so many ups and downs that my life has felt like a ceaseless roller coaster on the most emotional drive of my life. That same twelvemonth, I tried out and ended up doing the junior varsity baseball squad for Fort Mill. I was the figure one hurler that twelvemonth. However, I had an issue with some of the participants. The participants on the squad did non handle me good. They made merriment of me and did at that place best to do me experience like an castaway. I did n’t care so much. I thought to myself, “I love the game of baseball, and no affair how they treat me, I am still traveling to come out here the following twenty-four hours and love it merely every bit much as I did the twenty-four hours before.” During the summer before my sophomore twelvemonth, I began to truly develop as a baseball player, as a hurler, and as a individual. I was to be the one of the pitching staff for the varsity squad as a sophomore at a trade name new school. I was highly pumped for the season. Unfortunately, my manager decided that he was traveling to de everything in his power to convey me down. I have no thought why, but for some ground, my manager did non like me ( although he feigned as though he did ) . I will ne’er bury the first incident that I had with Coach Corley. I do n’t even cognize how to depict it any longer, and I feel the lone manner to efficaciously portray the confidant inside informations of this incident is to infix into this paper a part of an electronic mail sent by my pa to the manager in response to this traumatic incident. The part of the electronic mail reads as follows: “Dear Mr. Corley:

  1. I am compelled to compose this electronic mail to you at this late hr from a snow bound hotel room in Montreal after passing the last 90 proceedingss on the phone with Nick and my married woman Kate. The incident they described has to be one of the most hideous narratives of intimidation and maltreatment that I have of all time heard and I am non certain how we are traveling to make a declaration of this that will be satisfactory to me but I will do one effort before naming a meeting with the Athletic Director, the School Board and whoever else I need to affect.
  2. Merely to clearly put the record heterosexual, these are the facts as I understand them to be:
  3. At pattern, Nick was running laps with the squad on the path have oning his cleats and his mortise joints became really painful as his Sever ‘s Disease flared up. Rather than discontinuing, he continued to gimp around the path until Stephen Simpson called out across the field impeaching him of being the exclusive individual to keep up the squad despite the fact that: ( I ) he was clearly limping, ( two ) there were other childs traveling at the same gait, and ( three ) it ‘s none of Stephen ‘s concern.
  4. Nick stood up for himself stating Stephen there were other people behind him and that he had an hurt.
  5. Stephen singled Nick out in forepart of the squad when there were other childs in the same state of affairs. Even though Nick would non state you this, I will state you that Stephen Simpson has been a dork to Nick for two old ages now seeking to publically rupture him down in forepart of the other childs at every juncture. As a former jock and manager myself, I am amazed at how this material is tolerated on a squad.
  6. Towards the terminal of pattern, I understand that you went down to the path where the squad was gathered and asked about childs buming, once more at which point Stephen accused Nick of idleness.
  7. Starnes admitted his hamstring was trouble oneselfing him and that he was n’t at full potency. No 1 questioned his hurt.
  8. Jeff admitted his dorsum was trouble oneselfing him and that he had told one of the managers about this the twenty-four hours before. No 1 questioned this hurt.
  9. Nick stated his mortise joints were injured and that he had told one of the managers about it the old twenty-four hours — seemingly he does non justify the same given as the other two as you did n’t believe him and so decided to do him the posting male child for maltreatment and humiliation.
  10. At that point, you pulled Nick out in forepart of the squad, made him stand entirely, confronting his teammates and intentionally and maliciously humiliated him stating, among other things:
  1. you are “the weakest link” on the squad,
  2. unless you buy into the plan, your teammates will ne’er back you on the hill,
  3. you ‘re non serious about our plan
  4. you would do the whole squad tally for three hours if there is another incident with Nick
  5. you did n’t understand how Nick could be pulling the attending of pro and college lookouts and yet non be serious about your plan, and eventually
  6. the childs did non necessitate to state their friends or parents about this incident.
  7. During this philippic, you did n’t allow Nick support himself stating him to “shut up.” Afterwards, you told Nick he should non “sulk” , he needs to develop a thicker tegument and that you are seeking to do a adult male out of him. “

I will ne’er bury that twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, incidents such as these became a common happening. My male parent demanded an apology for the first incident. I remember when Coach Corley called me into his office. He sat me down in a chair in the corner. Surrounding me was Coach Corley, Coach Matkovich ( our organic structure constructing fliping manager who was rather an daunting presence ) , and the child Stephen Simpson who had called me out in the first topographic point. I remember Coach Corley continuing to state me that he did n’t believe an apology was necessary. “Do you REALLY desire me to apologise Nick? Is that REALLY what would be best for the squad? ” Of class, after put in this place, I answered no. Then, both managers went on to state me that they thought I had the type of “flawed” personality that made people non like me, and that they “would learn me how to hold friends.” Following this, they asked Stephen ‘s sentiment on the topic, a child who had treated me terribly for the past two old ages. I ca n’t even depict how ashen I was. However, I continued to digest such incidents because I love the game of baseball. No affair what, I went out at that place and did my thing. Every individual clip I took the hill, I was at peace because I know that God gave me a gift and cipher is traveling to halt me from basking it. Towards the terminal of the twelvemonth, there was another incident, a concluding 1, which about put me over the border. Upon completing out the season, Coach called a concluding meeting. There was no manner I was go toing that. Alternatively, I decided to turn in my New Jersey a different manner. The twenty-four hours I went to turn it in, he was non at school. I opened the door to his office ( as I was told to make ; merely clear uping so it ‘s clear I was n’t interrupting herb of graces J ) , draped my New Jersey over the chair so he could see the figure, and put the chair right up to the door. That manner, when he opened the door following clip, all he would see is my figure, and he would cognize that I was ne’er traveling to play for him once more. Towards the terminal of the twelvemonth, I decided to travel to Charlotte Christian School for my junior twelvemonth. I though to myself, “God, now I truly see how you are working in my life. I have endured a batch and now I am traveling to hold the chance to play for one of the best baseball squads in the country and travel to a school where I can larn more about you.” However, I did non cognize that God had much more for me to larn and even more for me to digest. I remember when my first few months at Charlotte Christian. I loved it at that place. I made friends reasonably rapidly, I was throwing the ball great during preseason exercises, and I was loving all my categories. However, every bit shortly as the baseball season started, it seemed that EVERYTHING took a sudden bend for worse. Much worse. I remember my first game for CCS. It was an away game against Cardinal Gibbons. I was experiencing good warming up in the pen. However, when I got into the game, something was away. In the preseason bullpens my speed was someplace around 83-88. But on this twenty-four hours, I knew it was away. And it did n’t experience like a normal off twenty-four hours. I topped out at 79 this game. The following game, I topped out at 78 and dropped down to an norm of 74 in the 3rd frame. The 3rd game I pitched, I topped out at 74. Finally, the 4th game I pitched in, I topped out at 69. Here I was, four games into the season, approximately 18 miles per hour slower than usual. Every individual school that was interested in me rapidly lost involvement. My teammates resented me and hardly even spoke to me any longer. Peoples at school treated me different. I was wholly shocked. I had no thought what was go oning to me. It felt like my universe was turned wholly upside down. I worked indefatigably every twenty-four hours to seek to acquire it back. I went to physical therapy ( even though I was n’t injured, we figured it might be a strength issue every bit far as my shoulder ) . I worked every individual twenty-four hours for months. No betterment. I began looking to the Bible. I would perfectly rupture through the Bibles, merely looking for something to assist me understand what was go oning. I thought my calling was over. I grew angry. I became defeated. I began to oppugn my religion a small spot. I did n’t understand how, after all of the things that I endured, everything could merely come crashing to the land the manner it did. For a piece I struggled with this. I began to follow a new throwing manner that kept me in baseball. The job is I hated this throwing manner. I knew in my bosom that I could acquire back to what I used to be. I knew it was at that place. Fast frontward to December of 09. I went up to the local baseball installation to throw with my friend Tyler Lumsden. I try to throw with him frequently because, being a professional, I can larn a batch from him. Before we threw, he had me warm up with a football. It felt great on my arm and I had ever heard that throwing the football builds unbelievable arm strength. The following twenty-four hours I went out and bought a football. I began throwing it every twenty-four hours. Two hebdomads subsequently, I was throwing in the bullpen with my fliping manager, when I decided to seek throwing the manner I used to for merriment. We noticed that it really looked good for the first clip in a long piece. We decided that twenty-four hours that we were traveling to seek to acquire it back one more clip. Fast forward to February of 2010. I am about to the full back to where I used to be. Thankss to the alone throwing manner I was forced into for a piece, a college manager became interested from a college that, a twelvemonth ago, I would hold likely ne’er considered. However, God works in cryptic ways. I decided to do a visit to Macalester. I perfectly fell in love with the college. The people were great, the cats on the squad were great, and both my household and myself truly like the manager. Right now, I am waiting to happen out if I got in. I am besides fixing myself for my first start throwing the manner I used to in over a twelvemonth. So you ask where I am in my religious walk? I am standing right here, wholly thankful to God. I thank God every dark that everything in my life has turned out the manner it has. I thank God for all the lessons I have learned and all the experiences ( good and bad ) that I have had. I thank God for determining me into the adult male I am going. I love God and I want everyone around me to cognize that I have personally seen that God is ever beside you and he has a program for you and it is great. Through all of these experiences that I have mentioned, I have changed a batch. I have learned to forgive those who wronged me. I have learned to acquire rid of all my devils and concentrate on the hereafter. I am standing right here. I love God and I will ever be faithful to God. I will ne’er lose my trust in him, no affair what. 1 Peter 1:7 – “For these tests are to prove your religion, to demo that it is strong and pure.”


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