The Middle Ages are a period of European history from around 476 A. D. to 1453 A. D. when society and civilization declined. The in-between Ages is believed to be started from the prostration of the Western Roman Empire and was ended by the start of the European Renaissance. There are several cardinal factors that led to the terminal of The Middle Ages other than the start of the Renaissance. The Black Plague and The Crusades undeniably led to the terminal of the Middle Ages because of the lessening of population from The Black Plague and the addition of foreign goods and trade from The Crusades among many other grounds.

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The Bubonic Plague. Black Plague. and Black Death are names for a deathly disease that killed between 75 and 200 million people in Europe. This Disease started and was carried by flees in rats on trade ships. The fleas would be transferred onto the ships lading. which would in bend contaminate all clients. The disease was easy contagious and fundamentally if you were in contact with anyone who had this disease in their system. you would be dead really shortly. As a consequence of being highly contagious it was dispersed really rapidly and killed many people. Even though 1000000s died. there is a silver liner. Those who survived the pestilence were able to travel up in the European feudalistic societal circle. Peasants were able to derive more powerful places and in bend make more money. This scenario occurred in many other people’s lives and helped stop The Middle Ages.

The Crusades were a series of wars taking topographic point in Asia Minor between 1095 and 1291. Pope Urban II was the first individual that expressed a demand for The Crusades at the Council of Clermont where he said we should occupy the sanctum land and oppress the dwellers who have taken over the darling land of Jesus Christ. This was wrong because most of the inhabitants’ ascendants of Jerusalem had ever been at that place and this was their fatherland. The Crusaders did non prehend Jerusalem for long which is why The Crusades are frequently called history’s greatest failure. The reformers viciously murdered Jews and Muslims life in this country who had done nil incorrect.

Most reformers were Gallic provincials or helot who wanted to get away the feudalistic societal circle. If you went on The Crusades you became rich and made money. Even though The Crusades were non successful in the sense they didn’t prehend their fatherland. it was still successful because the reformers brought back many new things. These merchandises were brought back to Europe and people tried to do them there which helped repair the economic system in Europe. For illustration. soap was ne’er used in Europe until the reformers brought it back from the holy land. This was one of the many of import things that were brought back from the holy land. which drastically helped stop The Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages were a 977-year period where civilisation declined alternatively of lifting. The Black Plague and Crusades helped stop the Middle Ages even if they were both lay waste toing in their ain manner and killed a batch of people. It is up to sentiment if these two events were good overall because of some of the highly destructive consequences that took topographic point nevertheless. they decidedly helped stop The Middle Ages.

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