The media can do a batch of contentions among persons we consider different. Because of the media’s popularity. people tend to absorb merchandises of the media whether it is stereotypes. confederacy theories. urban fables. etc. Stereotypes are tools the media uses to pass on to the populace of a person’s “ideal” image. “Stereotypes make cognitive processing about our complex societal universes easier and more efficient” ( Connie Wolfe. “Stereotypes and Prejudice” ) .

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In the instance of the biass. the media gives an image to the audience of someone’s behaviour. physical characteristics. intelligence. and other features based on their background so the populace can generalise and topographic point persons into classs. Angeline F. Price. who wrote “Working Class Whites” . quotation marks. “The hatred and superciliousness of the hapless seems to be the last available method of bias in our society” ( parity. 14 ) .

In other words. she implies the existent ground for stereotyping is the resentment of human sort for the joy of holding negative attitudes towards any minority merely every bit long as it is non seen as excessively prejudiced by the public oculus. Another wickedness of human sort is the comparing of one’s ain life style to those who have a different manner of life in order to fulfill their demand of high quality. Whenever we stereotype. we are unconsciously concealing a guilty wickedness: pride.

The desire for high quality may do intolerance. and possibly detest offenses for a certain or several groups. Because of economic and cultural betterments. traditional stereotyping is non as popular and realistic as it was back so. For illustration. due to better instruction in public schools. low-income households have been shuting the spread between high and low-income that the coevalss before them could non carry through.

As more people who are ethnically or financially different are seen as possessing opposite features as the media’s word picture. the more we start to doubt what we seen on telecasting or movie is applicable to real-world fortunes. In add-on. we have educated our young person on hate offenses like racism and sexism can set down them in punishments in an attempt to raise future consciousness.

At a immature age. we were besides taught to digest and include others no affair their diverseness. Ueberroth quotation marks. “The challenge we have is to pull off alteration without losing tradition” ( quoted in parity. 45 ) . Although distributing consciousness will take to better chances and regard for minorities. it can besides do traditional values harder to continue. For case. the modern mean adult female is the working concern female parent opposed to the ideal traditional homemaker back so as adult females started to be more independent.

Even though human ecological modernisation is of import. some third-world states can non take themselves from their traditional values. fearing future economic jobs every bit good as spiritual issues. For illustration. a state with a below mean employment rate could non engage have presently married adult females hired unless if in acceptable fortunes ( i. e. excessively many kids for the hubby to financially supply for ) because working adult females increase workplace population. which makes it hard for idle work forces and adult females.

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