The Bible is one of the most ancient books of all time written, that is in being and its moral value, message regard esteem analysis is still traveling on, coevals after coevals. It was created centuries ago, written in different versions, with different writers, translated in every linguistic communication and contains what no other book in history, has been able to roll up our narrative, the narrative of the human being from the really get downing. From the creative activity of the Earth, H2O, visible radiation to Adam and Eva, all the manner to our times and beyond. The bible is a book studied by every faith by every individual who truly wants to enrich cognition. it is used as a usher to moral behavior and negotiations about the effects of what is traveling to go on merely in instance we do n’t desire to follow the chief rules established through its chapters.

The first narrative in the Bible is a description of the events, the sequence in which Eden and Earth were created by God. The first narrative is to dry because merely god described the creative activity of the universe, and we can attemptA to memorise each event all the manner down and have the thought about of the creative activity of the universe. In the 2nd history which my sentiment is better than the first one and more interesting excessively, God created a adult male from the dust of the land, gave him a life. God created adult male in the image of him in footings of powers.A Harmonizing to Derison, God created the universe and abandoned it after the creative activities go forthing it to mankind to govern.

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A A In the Garden of Eden, described in generation, in the bible written by King James, Adam and Eve, experience a symbolic autumn which at that place has non been a reversal of luck. The narrative of Adam and Eve portrays them as two characters that did n’t possess a deep apprehension of the annihilating effects noncompliance would convey to their lives and the lives of the coevalss that would follow after them. Harmonizing to the Bible, AdamA and Eve were persuaded and convinced without much attempt to make the antonym of what they have been told, showing they did n’t weigh the negative effects of disobeyingA God. Eve ne’er questioned the veracity of the snake ‘s statements and did n’t even inquire for some timeout to seek to burden her possible in the center of a peaceable environment. A When Eva and Adam ate the fruit was some alterations. Before they were in the Eden, where they had everything they need to populate happy. They did n’t hold to worry about what to eat, and neither about apparels. When they decided to eat from the cognition tree, they were condemned to travel to work to gain their staff of life and pantryman. A They disobeyed specific orders to follow and the result the consequence that they were out dramatis personae and displaced from the Paradise from Eden. They were sent to earth to gain their staff of life and pantryman with their ain personal attempt. We are merely a continuance of that mission and we like Adam and Eve work hardtop sustain, to back up ourselves and our loves one. Should they hold obeyed the orders, likely we would be in different fortunes and with a different outlook.

A On the other manus, the narrative of occupation in the book of Job, reveals non merely a great adult male, but unlike Adam and Eve, he displays such a grade of religion to god unimpeachably singular. The snake in this instance had no opportunity of converting Job to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and would hold waited its clip. Job proved to hold forbearance and he is portrayed as a adult male who would idolize any clip whether he would be given good or bad intelligence. He proved to be person who possessed unsurmountable doggedness under emphasis and person who would n’t alter his point of position about God even under the presence of the worst.A

A A A A Joseph was a adult male that believed in God, because of that he was able to last while he was off from place. That love for God was what allowed Joseph to forgive his brothers for what they did to him. Job was a really rich but at the same clip he was besides a great adult male. He had everything he wished for money, household etc. He was besides known as the greatest of all work forces on the E. Job was perfect and unsloped ; he loved and believed in God. He besides feared God that kept him off from evil and ever making the right thing in order to hold God happy. Odysseus was a really smart Greek hero that went to war for 10 old ages. During those 10 old ages that he was at war, he faced many obstructions that made him maturate as a adult male and besides as a crew captain. He was really intelligent, he was n’t strong in mass musculus alternatively he used his intelligence as his best arm against his enemies.

Throughout this paper I will be discoursing the strengths and failings of these three of import characters. Joseph every bit good as Job was work forces that believed and loved God with a strong passion. Joseph was Jacob ‘s 11th kid. His parents were Jacob and Rachel she was Jacob ‘s 2nd married woman. His older brothers did n’t like him ; in fact, they hated him because Joseph was Jacob ‘s favourite son.A In order to acquire rid of Joseph his brothers sold him into bondage. They told Jacob that Joseph was killed by some unusual animal. Joseph was so taken to Egypt where he was sold to a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh put him on charge of his fundss increasing the Pharaoh ‘s wealth. Joseph ‘s life was n’t traveling to be that easy. The Pharaoh ‘s married woman tried to score Joseph but he rejected her. After that many jobs faced Joseph, he went to imprison, because the Pharaoh ‘s married woman accused him of seeking to ravish her.

A A A A A A A A A Joseph was a really wise adult male he was able to construe dreams. While he was on gaol one twenty-four hours two head retainers that worked for the Pharaoh ‘ house were imprison with him.A Both of these retainers had dreams that they could n’t understand what they meant. Joseph told them that the reading of dreams belong to God. The retainers told Joseph what they have dreamed and Joseph was able to explicate them what their dreams meant. After a short period of clip one of the retainers was restored to the Pharaoh ‘s house. Joseph asked him to state the Pharaoh about him and what he was able to make, but the servant forgot to state the Pharaoh.

A A A A A A A A A Luckily for Joseph one dark the Pharaoh dreamed neither something that he could n’t understand nor his wise work forces. At that clip the retainer remembered about Joseph and told the Pharaoh about him. Joseph was brought back to the Pharaoh ‘s house one time once more to construe the dream. God told Joseph that the Pharaoh ‘s dream was a prognostication of the following seven old ages. God told Joseph that the land will be blessed with seven old ages of plentiful crop followed by seven old ages of dearth. Joseph advised the Pharaoh to hive away everything he could during the seven old ages of plentiful crop so it can be used during the seven old ages of dearth. The Pharaoh trusted Joseph and put him in a place of power. These seven old ages of dearth were what opened the doors to Joseph to acquire reunited with his household. During the seven old ages of famine people from all around the universe began to come to Egypt for nutrient. Among those who came looking for nutrient were Joseph ‘s senior fuss. Joseph was the 2nd most powerful adult male in Egypt and he easy would derive retaliation for the manner his brothers treated him old ages ago. He tried to take retaliation but at the terminal the love for God and the love for his male parent allowed him to forgive them and assist them during the seven old ages of dearth. Despites the fact that God possibly did this to teased him. Joseph was able to get the better of those jobs and remained faithful to God.

A A A A A A A A A In the forenoon Job was the richest work forces on the E. He had everything he wishes for, but hours subsequently he became every bit hapless as anyone else. On the birthday of his oldest boy, his boy invited all his brothers and sisters to observe his birthday. They were eating and imbibing vino. On that twenty-four hours a courier came unto Job and say to him, “ the cattle were ploughing and the buttockss feeding besides them and the Sabena ‘s fell upon them and took the away ” ( Bible, 442 ) . They besides killed all your retainers, I entirely escaped to state you, while the retainer was still talking another retainer came to him and said “ the fire of God is fallen from Eden, and hath burned up the sheep and the retainers and consumed them ” ( Bible,442-443 ) . Many other retainers came to state him that he had lost something, but the worst intelligence was when a retainer came and said to Job “ thy boies and thy girls were eating and imbibing vino in their eldest brother ‘s house, and behold there came a great air current from the wilderness and smote the four corners of the house and fell upon the immature work forces, and they are dead ” ( Bible.443 ) . After hearing everything Job stood up ripped his apparels to demo God that he was really sad, shaved his caput to showed that he hold lost everything. He fell down to the land and worship God. Job said to God “ naked came I out of my female parent ‘s uterus, and naked shall I return there: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken off ; blessed be the name of the Lord ” ( Bible, 443 ) .

A A A A A A A A A Satan wanted Job to transgress but he did n’t as a consequence of this God was proud of Job. In one twenty-four hours Job lost everything he had, money, power, household but he still praised God, he did n’t acquire huffy and insulted God as Satan wanted him to make. In fact Job thought that all this was just because God have given him wholly he had and he thought it was just to God to take it off. But it was n’t God who did this ; it was Satan that was seeking to prove Job put him against God. I think that the best pick would be Joseph. He was such a great adult male he was able to assist his brothers during the old ages of dearth. If it was n’t for him all his household and 1000000s of people would hold die. Alternatively of taking retaliation over his older brothers for what they did to him he realized that God do everything for a ground.

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