‘Christianity has fought, still battles, and will go on to contend scientific discipline to the despairing terminal over development, because development destroys absolutely and eventually the really ground Jesus ‘ earthly life was purportedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original wickedness, and in the debris you will happen the sorry remains of the Son of God. If Jesus was non the Jesus who died for our wickednesss, and this is what development means, so Christianity is nil ‘ .

Does it truly count what one believes about God ‘s creative activity? Whether we believe in a actual position of Genesis or that God used development ; who truly cares? However, there are many grounds that deem this inquiry to be highly of import.

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Many of us have n’t to the full grasped the significance of God ‘s originative work. We may understand certain truths at an rational degree, but they have non been to the full assimilated into our Black Marias and lives. That ‘s why, throughout the Bible, God intentionally answers the inquiries of life like: ‘Where did we come from? ‘ ; ‘Where are we traveling? ‘ ; ‘How will we acquire at that place? ‘

God wants us to cognize who we are and who He wants us to go. In the visible radiation of these, this work will take to discourse the significance of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 for a Christian apprehension of creative activity, God, Man and Woman and their relationships.



‘In the beginning God created the Eden and the Earth ‘ . . .

‘And God said: Let us do adult male in our image, after our similitude ‘ . . .

‘So God created adult male in his ain image, in the image of God created he him ; male and female created he them ‘ .

( Genesis 1:1, 26-27, King James Version )

‘And the Lord God formed adult male from the dust of the land, and breathed into his anterior nariss the breath of life ; and adult male became a life psyche ‘ .

( Genesis 2:7, King James Version )

Genesis chapters 1 and 2 describe the creative activity and God ‘s relationship with adult male and adult female. However, the book of Genesis gives us two different histories for the creative activity of humanity. Given as portion of the debut to the book of Genesis, the first history is found in 1:26-31. Then, within the creative activity of the celestial spheres and the Earth, the 2nd history is found in 2:4-25. The first history emphasises God ‘s intent for humanity, supplying us with a wide overview of humanity ‘s creative activity. The 2nd history provides us, with inside informations, the model within which humanity sort finds its original purpose- viz. the household ( Longman III and Garland, 2008 ) .

God, contemplating the apogee of his creative activity, says: ‘Let us do adult male in our image, in our similitude ‘ ( Genesis 1:26 ) . Humans, someway, reflect God ‘s image in the same manner as kids might bear their parents ‘ image. In this respect, the creative activity of adult male was alone. It is interesting to observe that up to a point God has spoken things into being commanding: ‘Let there be ‘ . However, with adult male, God pronounces: ‘Let us do ‘ ( Genesis 1 ) . Then, in a really intimate and calculated act, God forms adult male out of dust in a really alone manner and breaths life into the organic structure he had formed ( Genesis 2 ) . This shows us that, although the animate beings were created after their sort, worlds were created after God sort or to state it in other words, after God sort. No other animal in the Bible is said to bear God ‘s image ( Sailhamer, 1996 ) . In the visible radiation of this, it is indispensable that Christians understand what it is in our make up that makes us like God. The Bible says that God is spirit ( John 4:24 ) and hence this can non be the comprehensiveness of what it truly means to be created in the similitude of God. However, Jesus was God in human flesh and possibly our organic structure reflects some of the elements that Jesus possessed physically ( Taylor, 1996 ) . Yet, surely this still does non embrace everything that being made in God ‘s image does, as even the animate beings have physical organic structures. However, the clearest differentiation between the animate beings and the human sort is that God has created adult male a rational being, with the ability to believe ; do judgements about world and besides pass on these worlds ( Gerlach, 1994 ) . This is because God himself is besides rational ( Colossians 2:3 ) . Furthermore, God has given mankind the free will which animate beings do non possess. Worlds can freely take what to make, finding their ain class in life, from make up one’s minding what they want to have on to the critical and personal determination of whether to follow God or non. Yet, when worlds exercise this free will and take to follow God, they can hold an familiarity with God on a degree deeper than any other animal ( Metzger, 2003 ) . In Genesis 3:8 we can see that before the autumn, adult male ‘walked ‘ with God and often met with him and the whole of Bible is a image of God seeking to hold that familiarity with world. This is because God has created world to be in particular relationship with him and being made the image and similitude of God ‘s image is entirely linked to this relationship ( Graffy, 1995 ) .


‘It is non good for adult male to be entirely ‘

( Genesis: 2:18 )

Genesis describes God making adult male foremost. However, looking at the elaborate position of the human making, adult male and adult female were created together in equality ( Genesis 1:27 ) and this shows that adult females were non an reconsideration at all. The creative activity of the adult female from the adult male ‘s rib expresses how adult male and adult female are closely related ( Graffy, 1995 ) . It besides demonstrates that adult female is vitally of import to adult male and without adult female humanity does non decently reflect the true image of God ( Rock, 2008 ) .

After every act of creative activity, God declares: ‘It is good ‘ ( Genesis 1: 31 ) . Then in Genesis 2:18, God all of a sudden comments: ‘It is non good for adult male to be entirely ‘ . At this point, God makes a cardinal observation which shows the importance of adult females in creative activity ( Deffinbaugh, 2009 ) . God designed work forces and adult females to necessitate each other. Furthermore, God ‘s determination to convey all the animate beings before the adult male was non so much for Adam to acquire to cognize the animate beings, but for him to detect that none of the animate beings was like him and to do it clear that no other animal would be a suited assistant for him, as no other animate being bore God ‘s image. Besides, God wanted adult male to see that being entirely without female was non portion of the normal order ( Deffinbaugh, 2009 ) . Having made His point, the adult female was formed out of adult male specifically to be, what God describes in poetry 18 as ‘a suited assistant ‘ ( Genesis 2:18 ) . As none of the animate beings were suited, God formed adult female to run into the specific demands of adult male. So, when the adult male awakens and sees the adult female, he demonstrates his joy in her creative activity by showing: ‘For now here is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh ‘ . In other words, Adam demonstrates his apprehension of what God has given and that the adult female is non like the animate beings, but God has created her to be like him and to be a suited assistant ( Graffy, 1995 ) .

Unfortunate, so many societies adult female continue to be treated as lesser animals to adult male and so many societal groups are oppressed and marginalised ( Graffy, 1995 ) . Besides, society today tries to demo that adult male and adult female do non necessitate each other to happen fulfillments and are encouraged to ‘go it entirely ‘ . Yet, this is a direct contradiction to what God was seeking to show in Genesis chapter 2 ( Taylor, 1996 ; Joas, 2000 ) .


‘And God blessed them. And God said to them: “ Be fruitful and multiply and make full the Earth and repress it and hold rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the celestial spheres and over every life thing that moves on the Earth ” . ‘ ( Genesis 1:28 )

Here, God gives humanity non so much bids, but approvals. God gives humanity the privilege and approval to be able to make full and repress the Earth ( Metzger, 2003 ) and those are approvals that come from bearing God ‘s image. Furthermore, God created mankind non merely as the apogee of his originative act, but to go on His originative act. Just as God filled the emptiness with the copiousness of life ( Genesis 1:2 ) , now we are to multiply and make full the Earth with his image and exercising rule over creative activity ( Deffinbaugh, 2009 ) .

Although worlds exercise rule and creativeness because we bear God ‘s image in the substance of our being, we do n’t obtain the image of God by exerting rule or creativeness ( Taylor, 1996 ) . Furthermore, while humanity has the right to subdue nature, we must guarantee that we are wise stewards of that God-given right. The constructs of human duty for the environment are immense issues originating from Genesis 1:28 are of important relevancy today. As Christians we need to recognize the of import duty that comes with this rule, so that hereafter coevalss besides have the Earth to bask and utilize ( Graffy, 1995 ) .


After making the existence and seting everything in its proper topographic point, God ‘s deliberation shows that He has decided to make adult male otherwise from any of the other creatures-in His image and similitude. This manner, God and adult male portion a similitude that is non shared by other animals. Merely as a coin is stamped with a swayer ‘s image and represents his presence and authorization in his kingdom, so we are all stamped with God ‘s image and should therefore non merely represent Him dependably but besides admit His rule over our lives ( Youngblood, 1991 ) . Those indispensable synonymous footings indicate the personality, moral, and religious qualities that God and adult male portion, such as: self-consciousness, God-consciousness, freedom, duty, address, moral and understanding.

God ‘s approval enables adult male and adult female to carry through their fate: to reproduce in malice of decease and to govern in malice of enemies. Besides, God gave adult male authorization and duty to modulate nature and to progress civilisation ( Youngblood, 1991 ) . Nature was to function adult male, non frailty versa. However, this does non give adult male the right to mistreat nature. Neither does it warrant giving animate beings and workss the ‘rights ‘ of human existences. Man is the flood tide of creative activity, and alternatively of adult male supplying the Gods with nutrient, God provided the workss as nutrient for adult male ( Genesis 1:29 ) .

In decision, Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 shows us that God has a great love for us and that He wants us to cognize and see this. However, the primary ground we do n’t, is because we are unsated with who we are and as a consequence we attempt to gain other people ‘s blessing for how we look, what we do, or what we will go. Yet, God wants you and me to cognize that He loves us and He has created us particular ( Joad, 1955 ) .

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