Reverend Moon Sun Myung church was founded in 1954. Rev. Moon believes God has chosen him to finish the undertaking of set uping Gods land on Earth and convey peace to mankind ; for illustration like how God has chosen Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David and Jesus. Therefore the fusion church believes Rev. Moon is the 2nd christ after Jesus Christ and in his organisation, he became the male parent taking them to a impeccant life after the autumn ( they were removed from original wickedness ) and shortly after the members developed a new individuality ( changed individual ) . This paper will analyze the fusion church and its instruction to how it led to a societal unfairness globally through deprogramming its congregational members.

Rev. Moon one twenty-four hours in 1935 claims he saw Jesus Christ and gave him a mission to salvage his people ; after that he believed himself as the prophesier ( 2nd christ ) and when he was 15 he began to analyze the bible and other faiths to happen out what Jesus did non complete on Earth. The unification church was formed in 1945, with his philosophy ( godly Principle ) and after his philosophy was completed, he began to learn in North Korea nevertheless it was non successful since the Communist government arrested him for upseting the societal order and after the Korean War he built a church in Seoul and named it Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity. The church bloomed really rapidly at the same clip he was accused of sexual dealingss with many adult females nevertheless none was proven till today. In the 1960 ‘s Rev. Moon married his married woman Han Hak Ja and shortly they became the “ true parents ” in their organisation. Moon refers to himself as the male parent of the existence and in the 1970 ‘s Rev. Moon moved to the United States and it bloomed really rapidly, it attracted many immature adolescents to go forth place and fall in the fusion church because they want a sense of belonging. Most of them were lost and were tired of the society and needed to happen a true significance of life and unification church provided them with individuality. The members formed communal life and established brothers and sisters. These members believe that Rev. Moon provided them with replies and the unification church provided sense of satisfaction. Rev. Moon became really popular in the United States and his repute made him to see the White House and during that clip he was arrested by the IRS nevertheless was subsequently freed after Senate subcommittee investigated his instance.

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Today it is difficult to calculate out how many members exist in the World nevertheless we can gauge 100,000 members in the US and 3 million worldwide. Recent information about the household of Rev. Moon is the eldest boy, Hyo Jon was involved in substance maltreatments and every bit good as force and he is the chief concern adult male in the household. The 2nd boy name is Heung Jin Moon nevertheless passed off in a auto accident. The 3rd boy name is Hyun Jin, who is the current frailty president of the Family News World Communication which includes Washington Times and other newspaper companies in the World. Last his youngest boy, Hyung Jin is the president of the Unification Church since he is the lone boy that graduated from deity school. The fusion churches owes The colligate association for the research of rules, the cosmopolitan peace federation, Schools ( Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology, New World Encyclopedia, Sun Moon University, High School in Hawaii, Unification Theological Seminary in New York, Blessed Teens Academy in Colorado, Kyongi simple school ( e??e?°i??e“±i•™eµ? ) , Sunhwa in-between school and high school ( i„ i™”i??i¤‘ and e? e“±i•™eµ? ) , humanistic disciplines ( small angels, Manhattan Center, New York City Symphony, Universal Ballet ) , American Life TC, Ilwha Company, Isshin Hospital in Japan, International Oceanic Enterprises Inc ( Master Marine, ship edifice and fishing company ) , New World Communication ( Washington Times, The World & A ; I, The Middle East times, Tiempos del Mundo, Segye Ilbo, Segye Times USA, Chongyohak Shimmun, Sekai Nippo, Golf Styles and The World Peace Herald, New Yorker Hotel, Pyeonghwa Motors, Tongil Group, True World Foods and USP Rocketts LLC.

There is a batch of unfavorable judgment about Moon Sung Myung and cryptic and unresolved jobs. For illustration there are allegation about sexual maltreatments and maltreatments made towards its members such as labour, fundss and religious facets. Besides people who are Christian usage bible words to depict Rev. Moon ‘s action in the society. Peoples use the bible poetry 2 Corinthians 11:13-15: For such work forces are false apostles, fallacious workingmans, masquerading as apostles of Christ. { 14 } And no admiration, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of visible radiation. { 15 } It is non surprising, so, if his retainers masquerade as retainers of righteousness. Their terminal will be what their actions deserve. Outside of the fusion church, people believe Rev. Moon is a Satan, who misleads his congregational members. This will be further discussed of whether he is justified or undue, subsequently on this essay.

Differences in the instruction of Rev Moon and the Bible

The Christian community believes Rev. Moon instructions is absurb and it became incredible when Rev. Moon considered himself in 1992 as the Messiah. Messiah is the proprietor of this universe harmonizing to his statement in 1997 therefore people can acquire redemption through his line of descent ( unification church ) . Therefore people will hold to larn Korean, worldwide since Rev. Moon is the male parent of the universe. Peoples who reject Rev. Moon will die and he sets an illustration of the United States, since US strongly emphasizes “ one state under God ” nevertheless it should be “ one universe under God ” and this can merely work through Rev. Moon because he believes he is the true parent of the universe. How can “ one ” believe this absurb statements about Rev. Moon? Subsequently on this paper, it will discourse the procedure of transition but as of right now allow ‘s merely say, they bit by bit accept everything which Rev. Moon says.

The Unification of World Christianity provinces, Bible is non the lone beginning of authorization. Rev. Moon wrote sets of rules called the Divine Principle made by 536 pages. These principle directs them to right understand the Bible ; implementing the members to utilize Rev. Moon ‘s rule as the “ true beginning of authorization, ” within his congregational members. The philosophy is divided into three subdivision: the rule of creative activity, the autumn of adult male and the history of Restoration. This subdivision was taken from Professor Byung-Suh Kim ( e?ˆe?‘i„? eµ?i??e‹? ) article “ Ideology, Conversion and Faith Maintenance. ”


God created Adam in the image of God and Eve for Adam to hold a happy and perfect life. God bestowed three blessing on Adam and Eve: to be fruitful ( unite with God ) ; multiply ( unite with each other ) : and hold rule ( unite with creative activity ) . These three approval would be completed on the footing of four places ( God, adult male, Creation, and Kingdom of God on Earth ) . Man was created to hold religious organic structure and physical organic structure and they both grow together. God besides created the existence to convey joy to work forces.


Even was seduced by the Archangel, Lucifer, who envied Adam as His kid, yet loved the Archangel as retainer. Gradually, Lucifer drew Eve off from Adam and secluded her and Eve responded. The consequence was religious autumn of the Archangel and Eve by an act of fornication forbidden by God ‘s design. Eve desired to retrieve her old places in God ‘s favour. Feeling that she might idolize conditions by doing love with Adam- call offing the act of love with the Archangel- Eve tempted Adam to act as her hubby. Adam responsed and had sexual dealingss with her prematurely as they were in the period of growing as brother and sister, non as hubby and married woman. By this action, Adam and Eve were cut off from God. Since that clip, all world as descendent of Adam and Eve were besides cuff from God.


God has worked to reconstruct adult male from the fallen province since the Fall. In fact, history of adult male is the history of Restoration. The history of Restoration is divided into three parts: the Old testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Age of Second Advent- the completed testament. From the prehistoric age to the clip, of Abraham through Moses until the clip of Malachi, it was a uninterrupted “ sniping ” procedure of insurance and Restoration. Finally God sent Jesus, the 2nd Adam, the Messiah, to set up the Kingdom of Earth. Jesus was to carry through the Godhead authorization given to his original ascendant ; that is, to set up a God centered domination. The 2nd Adam, Jesus, should hold united with a adult female in the place of Eve married with godly approval and reared kids who would supply the karyon for a true household of God. Man could hold been restored to his original flawlessness by being grafted both spiritually and bodily into Jesus. But by his physical decease on the Cross. Jesus could non carry through the mission of Restoration both spiritually and physically. He accomplished merely the religious side. Jesus is no longer the Son of God as He failed to carry through mission. He does non hold the character of deity as the philosophy of Trinity indicates. For the complete Restoration both in organic structure and spirit, there had to be the 2nd approach of the christ, the 3rd Adam. This is the age of the Second Advent to set up the Kingdom of God on Earth. The new Christ of the Second Advent will repress Satan wholly and reconstruct the full existence.

Between God and adult male he emphasizes God is uncomplete: God can non be without adult male and adult male can non be without God, hence stressing the importance of adult male. Besides the three is denied since there is merely one God: one thing to see is in the bible there is no statement that states God needs worlds. God, itself is wholly self sufficient.

Besides Rev. Moon ‘s philosophy has another significance to evil, the autumn, salvation, redemption and Jesus Christ. First how Lucifer seduced Eve before God could finish his creative activity and the autumn was n’t merely about the fruit itself, it represents a more cardinal significance. The philosophy Teachs Eve had sexual intercourse with Lucifer and to be free from these wickednesss she seduces Adam and therefore wickedness started and the nomenclature true parent was ruined by the evil line of descent of Satan. True parent needs couple life in true obeisance and unseemliness and non holding original wickedness.

Besides Moon ‘s instruction of Jesus Christ, he was a mission sent to Earth. Rev. Moon considers Jesus Christ as one of us and believed he carried original wickedness every bit good. Rev. Moon believes Jesus had failed since he was crucified on the cross and the Resurrection did non travel our original wickedness. Therefore Jesus will come to earth once more which is mentioning to the 2nd coming. However this clip it will be different harmonizing to Rev. Moon ; he will hold a married woman and bare the agony and will be rejected, “ Jesus will be born in a state in the East ” stressing Korea. Rev. Moon provinces he is the 2nd coming, the lone individual who can forgive our wickednesss. In 1992, Rev. Moon made a public address that he is the true parent and his kids are born without original wickedness. Rev. Moon statement about Jesus Christ is incorrect since in Luke 24:44-48 Jesus explains that it was necessary for him to decease on the cross and rise once more. Luke 24:36-39 and Acts 2:29-31 are proof for the physical Resurrection of Christ. Acts 1:9-11 makes clear that Jesus will come once more from heaven and non be born on Earth once more. Redemption is found in no 1 else but Jesus ( Acts 4:12, Romans 10:9 ) and there will be no Lord of the Second Advent. So Sun Myung Moon ‘s is a contradiction to the Word of God.

Concentrating on redemption the fusion church offers a complex item. In Christianity Jesus is salvation nevertheless in Rev. Moon political orientation since Jesus did non finish his mission it can merely offer religious but non physically redemption. Therefore God has chosen Rev. Moon as the 2nd coming to finish what Jesus had failed to make in the yesteryear. Rev. Moon requires followings merely accept him as a “ true parent ” and by obeying their original wickedness will decrease taking them into flawlessness. Rev. Moon keeps stressing God and adult male must work together to carry through Restoration: which fundamentally means Rev. Moon is that one adult male, who can convey redemption. Another portion is by acquiring married, merely the adult male and adult female can stand for God and demands to be blessed by the Rev. Moon nevertheless something really dry is the true parent has to fit, marry and bless the twosome and some of these twosomes ne’er met in their life ( the twosomes ) which is in a manner arranged matrimony. Therefore Rev. Moon has made large nuptials events in the yesteryear. The major difference is merely Jesus can non supply fusion church members redemption.

The philosophy and Rev. Moon becomes a job because some of the members work many hours and fast for a long period of clip to take their original wickedness. Since all the member have strong committedness they follow Rev. Moon nevertheless at one clip they will get down to go forth the fusion church and face more troubles with their life than before articulation the organisation.

The three chief rules he establishes to construe the Bible in his ain apprehension which have nil to make with the true significance of the word of God. Basically he has re interpret or symbolically alter into his ain thoughts.

Mind Control in the Unification Church

The preparation plans consists of 3 twenty-four hours, 7 twenty-four hours, 21 twenty-four hours, 40 twenty-four hours, 120 twenty-four hours, 6 months, and 12 months. These developing plans involves hours of singing and praying. Harmonizing to Professor Byung Suh Kim ( e?ˆe?‘i„? eµ?i??e‹? ) , article on Ideology, Conversion and Faith Maintenance, People are non allowed to inquire inquiry alternatively they listen to the lector, utilizing the words “ insurance, ” “ Restoration, ” “ grafting into the Father, ” “ Religious parents, ” “ True Parents. ” Once they fulfill their responsibilities, they move on to the following phase and finally go full staff members.

These procedures are called brainwashing or spiritual deprogramming. The members of the unification church can non do rational picks ; they merely go the “ automatons ” of their cult Masterss. Harmonizing to Robert Cohen who works at the Institute for Scientific Information quoted Rev. Moon, “ I am a mind, I am your encephalon. When you join the attempt with me, you can make everything in arrant obeisance to me. Because what I am making is non done at random but what I am making is under God ‘s bid. ”

Some members voluntary go to unification church nevertheless some are kidnapped by their parents. These deprogramming sezession is really painful, yet youth grownups change their beliefs and go a head “ controlled ” or living deads to the fusion church.

They give four or five hours of talk on the Principle every forenoon and afternoon. It is non truly to learn the Divine Principle, but to empty your encephalons out and confound you. They are seeking to do you see that their image of the universe is existent, and the former image of yours is unreal. This is an perfectly knowing design. It wears you down, and at the same clip it builds up your pride ; that is, they want to construct up a sense of pride that you ‘ve gone through this. It ‘s like a crude induction rite. The more intense the induction rite is, the more that the people who went through it be given to be bound to the group. Interview with a former lector Star Ledger in October 1st, 1975, conducted by Professor Byung Suh Kim ( e?ˆe?‘i„? eµ?i??e‹? ) in Sociological Analysis, “ Religious Deprogramming and subjective world written in 1979.

Harmonizing to Professor Byung Suh Kim, brainwashing is an ideal arm used against a individual.

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