Religion plays a major function on peoples lives and human nature depending on your beliefs. Puritanism and Deism both found their manner to North America when it was founded. When people could non pattern their faith in England because it was outlawed they traveled to North America to pattern spiritual freedom and of these people were Puritans. Puritans were a spiritual group that believed that Christians were non following the Bible properly and came to North America to follow the Bible the manner they viewed was right. Everything that the Puritans did was either accepted by their faith or for their faith. Every twenty-four hours people were affected by their spiritual believes and it shaped all of their lives. Another faith that was in America that Benjamin Franklin was a follower of was Deism. Like the Puritans Benjamin Franklin acknowledged that a God existed nevertheless the freethinker beliefs and the Puritanism beliefs differed from one another greatly. . While both Benjamin Franklin and the Puritans viewed God as existing both Franklin and Puritans had different sentiments on what God was like and how God straight affected human nature every bit good as their lives.

While both believed in God they both had certain beliefs that differed from one another. Puritans believed in predestination which meant it was decided when they were born whether they were traveling to heaven or hell and they could non make anything about it. Franklin on the other manus did non believe in predestination. Franklin ‘s position on the hereafter is that the Soul is incapable of being destroyed so Franklin states “ Nevertheless, ‘t is non impossible that this same Faculty of contemplating Ideas may be hereinafter united to a new Body, and have a new Set of Ideas ” ( Franklin 9 ) . This new organic structure Franklin provinces will hold no affect on those who are presently populating.

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In a Puritans life everyday they would look for marks from God straight interfering or for marks of redemption. God was everyplace in a Puritan ‘s life and even when times were really bad for them they were ever faithful as Mary Rowlandson shows as she reflects after losing her girl while in Indian imprisonment “ I have thought since of the fantastic goodness of God to me, in continuing me so in the usage of my ground and senses in that hard-pressed clip, that I did non utilize wicked and violent mean as to stop my ain suffering life ” ( Rowlandson 4 ) . Even though her girl was merely taken from her she thanked God for forestalling her and giving her the strength for non taking her life, non one time is she in uncertainty about her spiritual religion or why all these bad events hold merely happened to her. Rowlandson ‘s opposition to suicide she wholly thanks God for.

In the puritan life they viewed God as everyplace, he gives them tests to prove their religion and punishes people for their wickednesss. Acts of hurting on a individual they viewed as the individual being punished for his or her wickednesss as the Puritan John Dane reflects after he had been stung by a WASP he states “ I prayed seriously to God that He would excuse my wickedness and mend my arm ” ( Dane 4 ) . A random happening of a WASP biting John Dane saw it as a direct mark from God that Dane has sinned. The WASP biting John Dane suffered, because he viewed it as penalty for his wickednesss it made him reassess his life and whatever he felt he was being punished for he would travel and repair it. Religion and church was the Puritan manner of life and if they were non in church they were either looking for Providences or following the bible to derive redemption in the hereafter. Puritans felt that they received direct intercessions from God called Providences that would go on throughout their lives. When the Puritan John Dane was a male child he took a gold coin out of a adult males britches and ended up returning the coin event thought no 1 knew about it he knew that God saw him so John Dane thanks “ I ca n’t but take notice of God ‘s goodness in so giving me keeping grace to continue me from such a enticement ” ( Dane 2 ) .

Benjamin Franklin believed that good behaviour was good in itself while bad behaviour was harmful. This belief shaped his character greatly and made character a primary concern of Franklin as he states “ I had a tolerable character to get down the universe with ; I valued it decently, and determin ‘d to continue it ” ( Franklin 10 ) . Franklin wrote a booklet about his beliefs and in it he stated that since God is all good hence immoralities can non be because he that is all good can non make immoralities. Franklin writes a booklet that included his beliefs and after he shows the booklet to his friends they wrong him greatly since immorality did non be they did non worry about making evil. Franklin even after being wronged by his beliefs believed that his booklet was still true but it did non make any good to demo it to people because they would mistreat it.

Benjamin Franklin did non believe in Providences from God and did non believe that God was so involved in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. He did non doubt that he existed but he did non experience it was plausible that he was invariably step ining in everyone ‘s life systematically. Alternatively Franklin was concerned with his character and being a adult male of virtuousness and overall become morally perfect. Even though in his head God was non invariably step ining he still felt that making good gave back positive feedback while making bad would be harmful to oneself. However, Franklin still believing that God is the all powerful Godhead he would pray to him to assist him suppress his list of 13 virtuousnesss as he declares “ Conceiving God to be the fountain of wisdom, I thought it right and necessary to beg his aid for obtaining it ; ” ( Franklin 14 ) . This shows that he believed in God being all powerful merely that he did non straight command his life wholly but still recognized his presence. Franklin feels people should make good Acts of the Apostless because it is good to them and one should non perpetrate bad Acts of the Apostless because it will stop up harming the individual in the long tally. This belief shows the affect that God has passively on human nature by his belief.

Puritanism and Deism both had it a strong belief in one God yet both varied in the manner they would transport out their lives harmonizing to religion. Puritans followed the Bible as rigorous guidelines to associate and populate their life by, and Franklin viewed the bible as fabrications and narratives that were used to assist people live their life good. Franklin nevertheless felt that since God was all-good than he can merely make good and hence immoralities can non be this belief the Puritans did non hold with. Both the Puritans and Franklin believed that Jesus existed nevertheless Franklin believed that he was merely a wise adult male while the Puritans believed he was the boy of God in order to obtain redemption. Puritans related everyday to the Bible in the tests they went through and the enticements they had to defy in order to remain pure to make redemption. Puritans believed that God straight would direct them Providences which would assist direct them to the way of redemption or to merely merely assist them. Franklin felt that making good would profit oneself while making bad would do injury to oneself. Off this rule Franklin wanted to go morally perfect so he tried to get the hang a list of 13 virtuousnesss he made up to assist him make this undertaking. While Puritans did non follow any list of virtuousnesss they nevertheless did follow the Bible to the best of their ability and tried to avoid wickedness and enticements at all costs so they one twenty-four hours they could obtain redemptions and avoid ageless damnation. Both Franklin and the Puritans had reasonably similar beliefs even though some thoughts differed. Both attempted to populate good lives and even thought the Puritans saw God as step ining in human nature more than Benjamin Franklin God still played a function in how they both lived.

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