Genesis 1:1 is an unbelievable gap poetry to the bible. God is introduced without any farther cogent evidence or account. In English it states in the beginning God… connoting that God did something extraordinary. This may be considered a simplistic position or is at that place such importance to those few words for anyone reading the bible to understand, appreciate and accept that God is the Godhead? I propose to see the subject under the undermentioned headers:

Without God, there can be no religion and belief in God. Yet our beginning, a ferociously debated subject between pro-creationists and those opposed to this belief, is explained for those who accept the bible as the important word of God that he is the Godhead. It is a foundational construct to hold faith in God. Alfred Edersheim commented

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‘It is of… greater importance for us, nevertheless, to cognize that God “ created all things by Jesus Christ ” ( Eph. 3:9 ) ; and further, that “ all things were created by Him, and for Him ” ( Col. 1:16 ) , and that “ of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. ”[ 1 ]This gives non merely integrity to all creative activity, but places it in populating connexion with our Lord Jesus Christ. ‘

PerAccording to Strong ‘s harmony, God as the Godhead or shaper is referred to straight on 25 occasions ( well more if indirect mentions are included ) . The mentions include Eccl. 12:1 ; Isa. 40:28 ; Isa. 43:15 ; 2 Tim. 1:9 ; Mark 10:6 ; Matt. 19:4 ; 2 Pet. 3:4 ; Rev. 4:11 and Rev. 10:6, showing the significance of the subject, and its interoperability within the bible.

The Godhead God is of great importance because God sought to make us to idolize him, for the manifestation of his glorification.[ 2 ]


Originally the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, so translated into Grecian from around 250-200BC and into English in the fourteenth Century AD. The Old Testament peculiarly is held out to be a good record of historical events, corroborating events at those times contained within other historical histories of that clip. ‘When the assorted books of the Bible were selected the people were non, in the chief, illiterate ‘ .[ 3 ]Some of the civilizations, at the clip of the authorship of the original bible texts were rather advanced and there were knowing bookmans around, peculiarly in Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Discrediting or non believing the gap words of the bible endangers the reader of non being able to accept other histories and statements. There is a great hazard of denying the program of redemption elaborately woven into the Old Testament, with the histories of the types of Christ recorded in the Old Testament Canons ie.Joseph, Moses, David and Jonah, as finally fulfilled in God ‘s program as recorded in the New Testament.

Whilst literalists will accept the Bible word for word, which may be considered inappropriate when reading certain parts, it is dubious that one could merely pick and take the parts of Bible to believe and the parts that are rejected or see mere fabrications or to be taken ‘with a pinch of salt ‘ .

In contrast, it is more likely that as the Bible is considered to be the divine word of God, as directed by God ‘s Spirit through his chosen writers, God really sought to record from the beginning that he is the writer of creative activity, that it is his design, his intents and that hence he seeks the reader to look unto him.


In a recent article[ 4 ], Lord Rees commented ‘A “ true ” cardinal theory of the existence may be but could be merely excessively difficult for human encephalons to hold on ‘ . Where human heads are unable to hold on the theory and practicality of beginning and scientific discipline is unable to supply univocal cogent evidence for or against God as Godhead, does that intend that the Godhead God could non be? It may look implausible to the human head, but considered another manner, God as the Godhead suggests phenomenal power that from the dust he could make adult male ; from nil he gave life ; from the beginning of clip he was in control and that at his appointive clip, in his power, he brought this universe, this existence and all that is in it, in to being as he wanted.

‘For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all Gods. In his manus are the deep topographic points of the Earth: the strength of the hills is his besides. The sea is his, and he made it: and his custodies formed the dry land. ‘ Ps. 95:3-5

God refers to himself as ageless ( Deut 33: 27 ) , and by its very definition, an ageless being has ever existed.[ 5 ]God is the self-existent 1. He pre-existed the creative activity, to enable him to make the universe around us. He is outside our clip dimension and any boundaries and dimensions we are governed by, as he created them. God as the exclusive Godhead, to some such a statement appears absurd, and remarks are frequent that to rational human heads that it was non possible.

So many people consider that scientific discipline is required to corroborate beginning, and that scientific discipline has the reply on other affairs of life. Humanity looks to understand everything, to give an reply on all topics and affair, yet Hastings commented[ 6 ]“ The same God that created has besides redeemed, even now sanctifies, even now encompasses us with clemencies, and will hereafter, in a manner and a mode yet to be revealed, restore. ” If God is non the Godhead we besides reject his other mighty and lauding properties including those of Jesus, sanctifier, and the apologist of our religion.


The option to God as the Godhead would propose that the universe, world and all else in it was formed via evolutionary agencies. Research published by Gallup[ 7 ]in February 2009 calculated that 39 % of the American population now considers development to be the account for the beginning of adult male and adult female. Even within certain Christian denominations there is now an credence of evolutionary theory, to the exclusion of engagement by God. Suggestions for our origin include:

Development: the development of the existence and all that is in it from an initial causeless hit of atoms, without engagement by God, followed by development over the class of millenia via natural choice / endurance of the fittest.

Theist development: the belief in God and that he used development as his agencies of creative activity.

Materialistic godlessness: considers the existence to be ageless and self-existent and bing because it exists. Any engagement by God is left out wholly.

Pantheism – The existence is the consequence of affair and force guided by opportunity, where everything is God, and denies that God is independent of the universe. God created flawlessness, and gave pick, but he did non make wickedness and immorality.

Eternity of affair ; the existence and God are both ageless, but if this be the instance where have the Torahs that govern the universe semen from?

God as the Godhead places these theories to one side and credits God entirely with the capableness, intent and cause.

Does the philosophy of creatio ex nihilo support God as Godhead?

Per Wesley commentary[ 8 ]‘The mode how this work was effected ; God created, that is, made it out of nil. There was non any pre – existent affair out of which the universe was produced. The fish and poultry were so produced out of the Waterss, and the animals and adult male out of the Earth ; but that Earth and those Waterss were made out of nil. ‘

The philosophy of creatio ex nihilo ( ‘creation from nil ‘ ) supports the position of God as the Godhead. Bible mentions to back up the philosophy of creatio ex nihilo include John 1:3 ‘All things were made by him ; and without him was non any thing made that was made ‘ , and Heb. 11:3 ‘Through religion we understand that the universes were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were non made of things which do look. ‘

It is acknowledged that something can non originate from nil of its ain, but that something must hold existed because it is scientifically impossible for affair to ever hold existed. Therefore a Godhead, non composed of affair must hold pre-existed to enable the creative activity that is known around us.


God as the exclusive Godhead is a foundational principal of Christian religion. Where God is non accepted as the Godhead the foundation of religion merely does non be. The Bibles open with a mention to God, and if one can non believe those first words, so the reader is restricting the power and divinity of the Godhead God. If God was non able and was non the Godhead he would non be God. God is large plenty to hold created the Universe in any manner he wished to and Genesis 1 explains how he chose to make it.

The King James Version is used for all scriptural mentions and citations.

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